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Our staff of writers delivers league-winning advice, insight, fantasy football news news and information for fantasy players all season long. Our articles dive into fantasy stats, top players, player rankings, NFL news, and everything that might benefit your fantasy teams in the coming season. Come back frequently to discover new fantasy football articles:

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Want to watch the show? Check out Andy, Mike, and Jason as they record fantasy football videos from the #FootClan headquarters, including the YouTube exclusive Show After The Show! Our YouTube Channel covers news from the NFL as it relates to playing fantasy and dominating your fantasy football leagues.

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    intro to fantasy football - #1 Fantasy Football Podcast

    Intro to Fantasy

    Learn the basics of fantasy football, the ins and outs and what you’re in for.
    Fantasy Football for Beginners

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    10 Tips and Tricks

    Strengthen your fantasy teams with this top tips and tricks article.
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    Fantasy FAQ: Part 1

    Answers to frequently asked fantasy football questions from listeners.
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    Fantasy FAQ: Part 2

    Answers to frequently asked fantasy football questions from listeners.
    FAFQ Part 2

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    Intro to Dynasty FFL

    Want to learn more about Dynasty leagues and playing Dynasty style fantasy football?
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    Player Rankings

    Take a look at our player ranks and get an idea of the most valuable fantasy players.
    Fantasy Rankings

Daily Fantasy
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    fd - #1 Fantasy Football Podcast

    Free FanDuel Entries

    If you haven’t signed up for FanDuel before, you can take advantage of our free offer. Claim your 5 FREE Entries

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    DFS Articles

    A wide assortment of weekly articles to help you in your DFS pursuits! Read the DFS Articles

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