A shadow lurks beneath the surface

The largest fantasy football league on Earth will return with a splash in the fall of 2024! This year’s winner not only gets the honor of being Megalabowl Champion, but they also win a coveted 2025 Fantasy Footballers Listener League Spot!

Megalabowl Rules

Commissioner Contact


  • Players will pick from predefined slate of draft times, you will be placed into a league 1 hour before draft time, these are the ONLY draft times available.
  • Once you join the Megalabowl you will be placed in a draft queue, this will show up above your leagues on the Sleeper App and you will receive a message from Sleeper. If you do not have these, you did not join correctly.
  • 2 minute pick clock
  • 14 round snake draft

Basic Rules

  • 12 team league
  • Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 D/ST
  • Bench: 5 bench, 2 IR
  • Trading has been disabled to preserve league integrity
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding
  • Waivers LOCKED in playoffs. No ADDS will be allowed
  • In addition to winning or losing your head-to-head matchup you will receive a win or loss based on how you scored against the league average. The top 6 scorers each week will get a victory, the bottom 6 scorers will get a loss.



  • 6-Point Passing TD
  • 1-pt per 25 yards passing
  • .1-Point per passing completion
  • 2-Point Bonus for 40+ yard TD
  • -1 pt per Interception


  • Half Point PPR
  • 1-pt per 10 yards receiving
  • 2-pts per 2-pt conversion
  • 2-Point Bonus for 40+ yard TD


  • 1-pt per 10 yards rushing
  • .1-Point per rushing attempt
  • 2-pts per 2-pt conversion
  • 2-Point Bonus for 40+ yard TD


If you violate any of the following infractions MORE THAN ONCE your team will be replaced. NO exceptions will be made, NO warning will be made. If you see any manager makes this infraction, please reach out to Megalabowl Commissioner.

  • There is no player in starting lineup spot
  • Player on BYE started
  • Player started who is listed as OUT on the Sleeper platform BEFORE game start


If any manager is determined to be guilty of collusion via lineup manipulation, waiver manipulation, dumping of roster etc, ANY manager involved in colluding will immediately be removed from the league and be banned from future participation. Collusion will be determined by the Megalabowl Commissioner and involved parties.


Getting in to playoffs:
Top 3 in division (12 team league)

  • Week 15: Top 50% Move on
  • Week 16: Top 50% Move on
  • Week 17: Championship

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up through the invite link, you will receive a message from Sleeperbot on the Sleeper app confirming your admission.  If you do not get a message contact the Megalabowl Commissioner, please do not try to sign up again as that will cause a double entry.

All leagues are generated 1 hour before draft time. Draft orders will be randomized at the start of the draft. If you have signed up for a draft time and were not placed in a league, then you signed up with a different account.

At the end of Week 14, the top 3 teams in each league (record, with a tie breaker of Points For) will be added to the pool of playoff teams. You can find the pool of playoff teams as well as scores throughout the playoffs at Megalabowl.com

Playoffs are by points only. All teams will continue to have matchups on the Sleeper app but only the playoff teams points will matter. You do not have to win your matchup to move on!

You should draft both times as if you were going to use that team. Contact the Megalabowl Commissioner and they will resolve the double entry. Please do not leave the league for any reason without contacting the Commissioner.