Set the foundation for your fantasy football future with these beginner articles.

  • The “Ballers Preferred” League Format

    Jul 7Jason Moore

    We get asked all the time what our opinion is for the best league settings. While there are many different types of leagues that are all great, we do actually have a preferred model for the usual league type. This information has been copied over from where we host a forum to bring fantasy football fans together to join great ...

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  • Auction Drafts for Beginners

    Jul 29Eric Ludwig

    Imagine you go to a restaurant and decide on a great sounding entrée. The waiter comes to take your order, but they apologize and tell you they already ran out of that dish. Not a big problem, the menu is huge and there are lots of options. You just pick out another dish and the waiter informs you they are out of that dish too. How many times would you order and be told that ...

  • Frequently Asked Fantasy Football Questions: Part 1

    Mar 16Travis Strickland

    Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions about the formation and execution of fantasy football leagues. When asking these questions, it helps to keep in mind that in most cases it’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong. There is a reason that there are so many options for how you can set up and design a league. On some of these questions you will find very strong opinions, whereas others are ...

  • Fantasy Football for Beginners

    Mar 20Travis Strickland

    Be sure to also check out: Fantasy Football for Beginners Pt. 2: Advanced Strategies I chose to write this piece because I’ve seen the amount of joy and excitement that can be incited in an individual who never thought that they would care about fantasy football. It’s a spark that can quickly ignite into a full-blown inferno when they suddenly realize all of the fun they’ve been missing out on all this time. Every year ...

  • Fantasy Football: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

    Mar 20Eric Ludwig

    One of the last season’s episodes of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast detailed several simple steps you can take to maximize your chances at a #FootclanTitle. Follow these 10 Tips and Tricks to help win your fantasy football league. 10. Keep an Eye on the IR The Injured Reserve (IR) spot can and should be used as a free roster spot. Make sure you understand the IR rules, but you can use the IR spot during ...

  • An Introduction To Dynasty Fantasy Football

    Mar 20Cory Evans

    For those that are interested in creating or joining a dynasty league, there is no better time than the present to do so. This article is dedicated to overviewing the basic components of such a league, while providing an in-depth introduction as to how the format differs from all other fantasy structures. Inaugural Startup Drafts Similar to that of a redraft league, dynasty startup drafts require an extensive amount of preparation. The main difference between ...

  • Frequently Asked Fantasy Football Questions: Part 2

    Mar 30Travis Strickland

    Welcome to the article form of the second FAFQ episode where the Footballers discussed some of the more common questions about drafting, playing, and trading strategies. For questions relating to league formations and settings be sure to check out Frequently Asked Fantasy Questions: Part 1. In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to point out that while some of Andy and Mike’s responses are direct quotes, some are slightly paraphrased for the sake ...

  • Fantasy Football DOs & DON’Ts

    Apr 8Cory Evans

    Although it would be ideal to follow, there is no set formula or amount of data mining that can guarantee success in fantasy football. Due to ever-changing variables like injuries and new offensive schemes, it is difficult to predict the future output of skill position players in the NFL. However, there are various rules to abide by in fantasy that can increase the likelihood of success on an annual basis. Below, I review a few ...

  • Fantasy Football for Beginners Pt. 2: Advanced Strategies

    May 3Travis Strickland

    Last year, I wrote a Fantasy Football for Beginners article that was intended be the “Intro to Fantasy Football crash course that I wish someone had written for me before going into my first season”. I thought that for this year, I would follow that article up and touch on some more advanced strategies, concepts, and philosophies that can help a new or more casual player in stepping up their game. Blocking your opponent If you’re ...