Explain Yourself! Ranking Debates & Hot Takes – Ep. #550

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Fantasy Football Podcast for May 22nd, 2018. On today’s show, Andy, Jason and Mike defend their early fantasy football rankings, while demanding each other to “Explain Yourself!” Find out which players and hot takes are stirring up the biggest debates. We also discuss how much we factor in divisional defenses when drafting and take some time to answer some listener questions! Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2018 with the #1 fantasy football podcast.

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  • 05:30- Quick Question: How much do you factor divisional defenses when valuing players for fantasy football?
  • 10:45- Explain Yourself!
  • 11:20- Corey Davis
  • 18:00- Marlon Mack
  • 26:05- Robby Anderson
  • 30:00- Stefon Diggs
  • 33:40- Pierre Garçon
  • 38:10- Derrius Guice
  • 44:00- Emmanuel Sanders
  • 48:20- Jared Cook
  • 52:00- Drew Brees
  • 58:40- Mark Ingram
  • 01:03:00- Mailbag!

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The FootClan
Love the show? Join our community!
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