10 Tips & Tricks to Win Your League – Ep. #417

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Fantasy Football Podcast for August 18th, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back again with one of the most important episodes of the fantasy football season! We’re bringing you 10 Tips & Tricks to win your league, and have a successful fantasy football season. We also discuss who are the least talented players in the best situations? And finally, don’t miss the latest Best Ball trip during Best Ball Bonanza. Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2017 with insights you can only get on the #1 fantasy football podcast. Check out this episode and don’t forget to check out previous episodes.

  • 02:10- Quick Takeaways from Thursday’s Preseason games
  • 10:15- 10 Tips & Tricks
  • 10:40- #10: Don’t Get Too Sentimental & Emotional
  • 13:30- #9: QBs Can Take a Number
  • 18:55- #8: Be a Stalker
  • 22:25- #7: Level up with Tiers
  • 25:40- #6: Know Your Surroundings, Know Your League
  • 29:50- #5: Drop Watch/Drop it Like it’s Hot
  • 32:45- #4: Backs to the Future
  • 37:00- #3: Master of Trades
  • 40:35- #2: You Don’t Win at the Draft, and You Don’t Win In Rounds 1 & 2
  • 44:25- #1: Enjoy Your League, Enjoy Your Season
  • 51:50- Best Ball Bonanza

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