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Editor’s Note: This article is from a series of guest posts highlighting what sets the Footballers rankings apart.

With the fantasy football season quickly approaching, fantasy owners across the map are searching for a way to get an upper hand on the competition. From new players looking to increase their knowledge, to avid players constantly looking to improve, all will likely turn to some sort of draft kit. 

Not all draft kits are created equal, in fact, at times many can seem more like a money grab rather than a tool to increase a fantasy owner’s likelihood of success. Thankfully, we believe we have found the cream of the crop in terms of draft kits, in The Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit. Below, we will break down some of the must-have features when deciding on a draft kit, as well as why we believe the Ultimate Draft Kit firmly sits atop the hierarchy of the best fantasy football draft kits available. 

Accurate Player Rankings 

Chances are a simple google search will churn up a generic list of fantasy football player rankings. Unfortunately, the chances of these rankings equating to little, if any, success when it comes to increasing your fantasy knowledge and team achievements, is very unlikely. This is because most player rankings are compiled basically on a whim, or on personal opinion. 

Fortunately for you, the Ultimate Draft Kit gathers the most accurate player rankings on a yearly basis, which helps lead you to long term fantasy success. 

Award-Winning Accuracy 

No draft kit has a more storied track-record than the Ultimate Draft Kit. Andy, Mike, and Jason, the trio behind The Fantasy Footballers,  have produced accurate player rankings year-in and year-out, which have withheld the test of time. For their top-notch rankings, the founders of the Ultimate Draft Kit have been presented numerous awards, including multiple “Top-5 Accuracy” awards from the Fantasy Pros expert competition.

Tier-Based Drafting 

Accurate rankings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to owning your league-mates in your fantasy draft. To better increase the chances of acing your fantasy football draft, you will need to select your players in a way that the masses have not caught up to yet. There is no better way to guarantee the best bang for your buck, pick in and pick out, than by drafting based off of player rankings separated into tiers. 

The Fantasy Footballers compile position rankings for each offensive skill position, and from there they separate players at the same position with similar projections into tiers. These tiers give you a better understanding of a player’s likely statistical output, while simultaneously eliminating name recognition and fandom from your draft decision. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

Drafting based off of tier-rankings allows you to easily access which player is the best available option left at the board once you’re on the clock. With the Ultimate Draft Kit’s tier-based rankings, you increase your chances of success exponentially come draft time. 

Scoring Projections Fit for Any League 

When looking for the best fantasy football draft kits, you should always pay close attention to their projections, and confirm that they will carry over to your league’s scoring format. 

Fantasy scoring projections should never be black and white, especially in a league that offers so many skill-specific players. Take New England for instance. It is not unusual for the Patriots to feature three to four running backs in a given season, hell sometimes even in a single game. While most of these backs may not offer value across fantasy leagues as a whole, their specific skill sets can carry over into fantasy production depending on particular fantasy scoring settings.  

Getty Images / Boston Globe

Another prime example would be Theo Riddick. Riddick was a serviceable PPR flex option at times during his tenure in Detroit, thanks in large part to his prowess as a receiving threat out of the backfield. Yet, you would have been hard-pressed to even roster Riddick in a standard scoring league. This high fluctuation in Riddick’s value and players similar to him makes it extremely important to base player projections off of specific scoring formats, rather than a generic setting. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit offers player rankings and player projections within a plethora of pre-set scoring formats. Available options include standard scoring, half-PPR, full-PPR, 4-point QB, and 6-point QB. If your league’s scoring system waivers off in any way compared to these settings, the UDK has you covered. The Ultimate Draft Kit offers a fully customizable option, where you can manually input passing, rushing, and receiving point settings to better reflect your league’s settings. From there, the Footballers’ projections and player rankings will automatically shift based off of the specific scoring format you have entered. Find out the Ballers QB rankings for various scoring formats.

Unique Tools

The best fantasy football draft kits always offer something specific to their platform. Something that helps set their product apart from the number of other available draft kit options available. The Ultimate Draft Kit puts clear space between them and the next best draft kit on the market with a plethora of high function tools. Market share, usage rates, and consistency charts are just a few of the marvelous tools available to fantasy owners within the draft kit. Yet, no feature may be more innovative than the Reception Perception tool. 

Reception Perception

Yahoo fantasy football expert Matt Harmon has brought a one of a kind tool exclusively to the Ultimate Draft Kit platform. 

Harmon has formulated a research-driven, data-packed tool to better your understanding of the wide receiver position. Reception Perception details how and why a wide receiver is performing to the current level of their play on the field. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

Within Reception Perception, you can find player profiles written by Harmon himself, detailing the top 50-wideouts in fantasy football. From there, Harmon charts down to exact percentage how much of a specific route a wideout runs, along with his success rate by each route.

Editor’s Note: Check out the recent top-10 WR rankings for 2019 podcast.

Reception Perception is a phenomenal tool to help view how a wideout is used within their team’s offensive scheme. You can see how a player excels in bringing down the contested catch if they are a threat after the ball is in their hands, and much more, with the advanced metrics and usage data gathered by Harmon. 

Reception Perception stands on its own, as one of the most fascinating and exceptional tools within the Ultimate Draft Kit, and in fantasy football, period. It helps you better gauge why a stud wideout is a player he has become, while also gathering knowledge on who is on the cusp of climbing the ranks of fantasy football stardom. Reception Perception is a feature that clearly puts the Ultimate Draft Kit above the rest of the best fantasy football draft kits out there. 

Player Profiles

If you want to have an in-depth understanding of what is occurring in a football game, chances are you turn on the tv, rather than just checking the box score. In fantasy football, player rankings can at times be similar to box score watching. Don’t be a box score hero when it comes to fantasy football, you’ll regret it in the long run. 

Getty Images / Michael Zagaris

Player rankings are a great way to learn about who the experts are high on, and who they are wary about. Yet, wouldn’t you prefer to also understand why they feel the way they do about a specific player? 

The Ultimate Draft Kit offers 100+ player profile videos, where the fellas behind The Fantasy Footballers break down their outlook on a player, in a quick and efficient video format. Learn about the pros and cons of a given player, and whether you should buy into them come this fantasy season.  

Available on the Go

In this day and age, the best fantasy football draft kits must keep up with customer demands and requests. Nothing may be more sought after in a draft kit nowadays than a way to guarantee easy accessibility and high functioning ability, from anywhere you may be. The Ultimate Draft Kit nails all of these wanted tools from a draft kit with their Ultimate Draft Kit app. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

The UDK app is available for iOS and Android users alike, racking in a near 5-star rating across both the Apple app store and Google Play store. The app features a top-tier platform that allows access to all the amazing UDK features available on your desktop, but from your phone or tablet. 

Always Up to Date  

There is a reason why you and I don’t visit our local bodega when we’re in search of fantasy football advice for the upcoming season. The outdated approach of buying a fantasy football preview magazine from 7-Eleven or CVS has no way of keeping up with the ever-changing world of the NFL. Once the words have been printed to the paper, the opinions and advice of the magazine are locked in, regardless of trades, coaching changes, injuries, and depth chart movement. This inability to adapt to league-wide movement is why most have deemed this way of presenting fantasy football advice obsolete. 

Instead, to guarantee you receive the best knowledge and advice, in current time, you must find a platform that stays constantly up to date. No fantasy football draft kit is more in-tune with the NFL and fantasy football related topics than the Ultimate Draft Kit. The UDK frequently makes adjustments to their player rankings, projections, analysis, and more based off of real-time updates. Constantly receive up to date expert predictions and opinions at a rapid pace with the Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit. 

Constantly Improving

Something I’ve been pleasantly surprised by since using the Ultimate Draft Kit is the constant desire to fulfill their users’ wishes. The UDK clearly values their customer’s opinions and wants to constantly improve their experience while using the draft kit.

The Ultimate Draft Kit has continued to add numerous features to their platform, such as the addition of a league-size setting, and marking players as drafted within the UDK app. The latter of which helps you better keep track of available players on draft day. The Ultimate Draft Kit is continually making an effort to improve their already outstanding product, something greatly appreciated by fellow fantasy football fanatics. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit: A Draft Kit Above the Rest 

The name doesn’t lie, The Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit is just that, the ultimate draft kit. With unparalleled tools, award-winning rankings and projections, advanced metric research, in-depth analysis, and always up to date information, the UDK has cemented itself as the clear-cut best fantasy football draft kit to this day, reigning superior to their competition. 

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