Introduction to the 2017 Reception Perception Project

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Matt Harmon's Matt Harmon is well-known as the creator of the Reception Perception methodology for evaluating wide receivers, which he brings exclusively to The Fantasy Footballers in 2017.

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  • Reception Perception: Assessing the Fit of the 2017 NFL Draft 1st Round Wide Receivers

    Apr 28Matt Harmon

    Much of the talk heading into the 2017 NFL Draft was that the class of wide receivers was deep but didn’t carry the top-heavy appeal of year’s past. Well, it appears the league begged to differ, as all three of the consensus best players at the position went off the

  • Reception Perception: Measuring Potential Reward that Comes with the Risk of Dede Westbrook

    Apr 10Matt Harmon

    According to longtime draft analyst Tony Pauline, a number of teams did not assign a draftable grade to Oklahoma wide receiver Dede Westbrook. Apparently, his interviews at the NFL Scouting Combine were “horrible” and turned teams off because he seemed “guarded and untruthful.” Westbrook needed those interviews to swing his

  • Reception Perception: Josh Reynolds & Ability Beyond the Assignment

    Apr 7Matt Harmon

    As the draft creeps ever closer, it’s been hard to miss the steady drumbeat growing among film watchers for Texas A&M receiver Josh Reynolds. Lauded for his ability to high-point the ball and make the spectacular grab, even a cursory glance at his game provides an easy piece of evidence

  • Reception Perception: Ryan Switzer and an Annual Archetypal Discount

    Apr 3Matt Harmon

    The clearance rack is a fascinating place. Without a doubt, a good half of the items curtained there belong in the department store’s version of the Island of Misfit Toys. Yet, it’s also home to pieces that serve as true finds for the keen-eyed shopper able to spot the gems.

  • Reception Perception: A Clouded Journey Lies Ahead for Ishmael Zamora

    Mar 31Matt Harmon

    In a class with the well-discussed Joe Mixon, there lies another character vs. ability riddle for NFL teams to solve. Despite not receiving much of the spotlight afforded to his running back draft class mate, Ishmael Zamora also presents the talent to flip a football field with the shadow of

  • Reception Perception: Understanding Chad Hansen’s Narrow and Limited Assignment

    Mar 27Matt Harmon

    Everyone sees things differently and that’s okay. As soon as you can accept that reality and be settled with it, the closer you are to finding peace in not just many social walks of life, but also in debates surrounding football players. A group of three individuals can watch a

  • Reception Perception: Taywan Taylor and Expecting the Unexpected

    Mar 24Matt Harmon

    One theme that continues to hold true throughout the process of evaluating this wide receiver group: Day 2 will be loaded with potential longtime NFL players. You can argue that the top of this class isn’t filled with high-end No. 1 wideouts; it’s a fair point to raise, but there’s

  • Reception Perception: Zay Jones is This Year’s Most Confusing WR Prospect

    Mar 20Matt Harmon

    Back in Cooper Kupp’s Reception Perception evaluation, we discussed the process of the NFL Draft season. At that time, the massive hype machine generated by the Eastern Washington receiver’s Senior Bowl week had hit an impasse with a poor combine performance. This served as a reminder that there are multiple

  • Reception Perception: Under the Radar Isaiah Ford is an Elite Separator

    Mar 17Matt Harmon

    Editor’s Note: Get full Reception Perception data and written evaluations by Matt Harmon on top 50 wide receivers for the 2017 NFL season in the 2017 Ultimate Draft Kit In my view, this is a strong wide receiver class. Last year, we saw four wideouts go in the first round. While

  • Reception Perception: JuJu Smith-Schuster and the Intersection of Different Departments

    Mar 13Matt Harmon

    Editor’s Note: Get full Reception Perception data and written evaluations by Matt Harmon on top 50 wide receivers for the 2017 NFL season in the 2017 Ultimate Draft Kit When at peak functionality, an academic department is a truly beautiful ecosystem to observe. Those in it work under the same subject

  • Reception Perception: Providing Context to Cooper Kupp’s NFL Projection

    Mar 10Matt Harmon

    Viewing the NFL Draft as anything but a process would be a mistake. Yes, it culminates in a singular event where the teams “put pen to paper” and select college players to join their organization, but there is so much that must play out to get to that moment. Prior

  • Reception Perception: John Ross and Going Beyond the Speed

    Mar 6Matt Harmon

    Coming off the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine, the biggest story is without question John Ross and his now quantified speed. Ross ripped off an official 4.22 seconds time in the 40-yard dash, which broke Chris Johnson’s previously held record of 4.24 from 2008. We already knew Ross was fast, but

  • Reception Perception: Chris Godwin is the Most Underrated WR in the 2017 NFL Draft

    Mar 3Matt Harmon

    Perhaps the biggest success story in Reception Perception history was identifying Allen Robinson as a future NFL star prior to his 1,400-yard, 14-touchdown 2015 season. The methodology revealed Robinson’s true abilities were on film before the massive production came.

  • Reception Perception: Carlos Henderson and Something Worth Believing In

    Feb 27Matt Harmon

    Sometimes it just clicks. You witness an event unfold and almost instantaneously it hits you that you’re taking in something different from the norm, perhaps even something special. In the best of cases, those feelings and a logical assessment of them afterward inspire us to take a stand, to believe

  • Reception Perception: Mike Williams & Completing the Story of the Unseen

    Feb 24Matt Harmon

    Evaluating college prospects is a tricky endeavor. Not only is there no exact scientific method to follow but we’re also attempting to oversimplify a process that revolves around the complex and unpredictable nature of human subjects, something that many evaluators appear to entirely forget. Making the matter even more difficult

  • Reception Perception: Corey Davis and the Universal Nod of Approval

    Feb 20Matt Harmon

    We’re a divided people. You can apply the statement to many sectors of our world, but it certainly fits the small group of individuals on this planet who gather on the internet to discuss the happenings of the National Football League.The beauty of the game lies in its ability to

  • Introduction to the 2017 Reception Perception Project

    Feb 15Matt Harmon

    It’s that time of year. With the NFL regular season in the rearview mirror and the offseason shadow casting further into every corner of our lives, we’re tasked with deconstructing the events of the past in order to help us look forward to what may happen in the future. My