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The Fantasy Footballers are back after a wild and unexpected Week 1 weekend of fantasy football. Andy, Mike, and Jason each pick a Week 1 Bust that they will be targeting in trades. We cover all the fantasy football Studs & Duds, and also pick out some Rising Stars. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with insights you can only get on the #1 fantasy football podcast.

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  1. Hey guys, since the podcast, which I assume is just audio from the filming of the show, is available, why not the whole video? Since I prefer visual entertainment, I’m just going to wait until the video posts on YT anyways, which kinda nullifies any benefit for early access to me. Thanks!

  2. mike says:

    Hey Jason, it’s just the logistics of the video. We have to edit it, compress it, then upload it. And the files are huge, so it just takes a while while the audio is easy to get up quickly.

  3. Mike, that makes sense. Thanks for the quick response! And by the way, love the visual quality of the vids you guys put out.

  4. I know that waivers will be addressed today:
    Looking down the barrel of two leagues that I drafted Luck (how long will he be out?) and Andy Dalton,should one in this situation or similar immediately drop their non-luck quarterback for the immediate streaming option for their value that week, even if they are not expected to perform better than Dalton/non-luck over the year?

    In getting into this situation RB position is solid, thinking about doubling down on Cohen, if nothing else for trade bait, for instance one of those Dalton/Luck leagues I have Lev Bell, Kareem Hunt, Doug Martin, Carlos Hyde (flyeri of Telvin Coleman, Jeremy HIll), this being a flex league I can only play 3 of those RB’s…what do you think of getting a 4th potential RB1, in hopes of using one to leverage into a QB1, WR1?

    Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:
    Unload Hooper this week, on teams that you also have Zach Ertz in?

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