Week 5 Waivers + Burnt Toast, Full Stream Ahead

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Week 5 Waiver Wire! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss the top waiver adds at each position and players to consider dropping. Plus, Monday Night Football recap the latest injury news, and QB Streamers! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. Fantasy Football Podcast for October 4th, 2022.

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CashKetchem says:

@Dante, You all need to eliminate the idea of vetoing trades in general, its bad for fantasy. The only person that should be involved with vetoing any trade is the commissioner of the league. The only reasons to veto a trade is for collusion or some sort of issue thats jeoparizing the league’s integrity. For an example, the person making a trade has never done fantasy, and they have no clue on what they are doing etc. As far as a trade that both sides see as valuable for their particular team, like in this case you mention, it’s an instant approval in my league. Trades are always personal perceptive anyhow, if both these players want the trade then send it through. You could be vetoing a trade that works out completely opposite of what you perceive to happen, and thats devastating for a league. As you get closer to the trade deadline, you can be a bit more analytical if you want. But thats only to look for attempts at collusion. If a team has little to no shot at making playoffs and sending a lop-sided trade, that would warrant investigating. If i have some sort of trade i question, i call both parties and ask them individually why they want the trade. I dont add any of my personal thoughts, but if they both seem like they want it to go through and nothing seems sketchy (cheating), i push it through. Its a rare case, i would even do this though. Some decisions in a league shouldn’t go to votes or the opinions of all members of the league for this very reason. It’s too many opinions that always leave a split decision. And the truth is, neither side is right or wrong, because none of us can predict the future. 90% of the time anyhow, someone vetoing a trade has an invalid reason to veto, like they are sour they didnt get a trade with the person through themselves. Send the trade through, eliminate voting on trades and make it commissioner decision based only. If your league cant trust your commiss with this decision, then you need a different commiss or a different league.

Dante lambros says:

I need help with a big league argument they are trying to veto a trade
Joe burrow + Jd McKissic for AJ Dillon and reinjured Michael Thomas
The person who acquired joe burrow was starting marcus Mariota. They are voting to veto because the side that got Dillon and Michael Thomas “robbed him”
Please help

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