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It’s Mock Draft time! On today’s fantasy football podcast, draft strategies and tough on-the-clock decisions! Plus, NFL News, and tips for co-managing your fantasy football roster. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 25th, 2023.

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Welcome to the Fantasy Footballers Podcast 00:32

  • The hosts introduce themselves as Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright 00:39
  • They welcome listeners to the podcast and discuss the show format 01:00
  • The hosts mention the upcoming mock draft and the importance of being prepared for draft weekend 01:32
  • They highlight the opportunity to take advantage of league mates and make them feel stupid 01:46

“There are a lot of movers and shakers and opportunities for you to take advantage of your league mates and make them feel stupid.”

Draft Goals and Strategies 01:57

  • The hosts discuss their draft goals, with winning being the top priority 01:57
  • They emphasize the importance of shaming league mates and winning championships 02:19
  • The hosts share their personal draft strategies and metaphors to convey their competitive mindset 02:24

“One of my favorites is to win and then make my league mates feel stupid.”

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Tips for Co-Managing a Team 04:11

  • The hosts address a listener’s question about co-managing a team successfully 04:11
  • They emphasize the need for clear roles and communication between co-managers 04:24
  • The hosts share their personal experiences of co-managing teams and offer insights on effective collaboration 04:39

“The biggest tip is to establish clear roles and have open communication between co-managers.”

News and Notes from Around the League 07:57

  • The hosts provide updates on Ravens tight end Mark Andrews missing practice due to an unspecified injury 07:57
  • They discuss John Harbaugh’s comments about the preseason game and the Ravens’ loss 08:18

“John Harbaugh’s quotes suggest that Mark Andrews‘ injury is not serious nor specific.”

Jonathan Taylor rumors 09:08

“Yeah. A 20 plus preseason game winning streak.” “We have a variety of Jonathan Taylor rumors. Dolphins have some interest.” “Eagles have some interest.” “The Rams. The Rams have some interest.” “the cost is going to be pretty high.” “the Colts won him back and Jonathan Taylor has mutual interest in that.”

Adams to Aaron Rodgers instead of Devonte Adams 17:29

  • Aaron Rodgers opted to return to the Green Bay Packers, which is good news for fantasy football players.
  • However, this means that there may be some uncertainty surrounding the production of wide receiver Davante Adams.
  • The host of the podcast discusses the implications of this decision on their draft strategy.

“Adams to Aaron Rodgers instead of Davante Adams. All right. So you want Garrett Wilson.”

Strategies for Full PPR Drafts 17:45

  • The podcast hosts discuss their on-the-clock decisions in a full PPR mock draft.
  • They mention the importance of taking advantage of players who excel in PPR formats.
  • The hosts consider players like Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave, and DeVonta Smith.

“I’m staring down options at wide receiver. Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave, and DeVonta Smith.”

Evaluating Risk and Reward in the Draft 18:17

  • The hosts debate the idea of drafting multiple players from the same team, such as the Miami Dolphins.
  • They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, taking into account potential game outcomes and match-ups.
  • Ultimately, they decide against going “full Dolphins” due to the risk involved.

“If this was like second and third round or third and fourth round, you know, for that teammate combination, that would be more tempting.”

Selecting Josh Jacobs as a Running Back 19:14

  • The hosts discuss their strategy for selecting running backs in the draft.
  • They analyze the statistics and performance of Josh Jacobs, highlighting his consistent involvement in both rushing and receiving.
  • Despite some concerns about his weight, they express confidence in Jacobs’ potential for a successful season.

“I will take Joshua Jacobs. He’s falling into a place in the second round where I believe he’s a good value.”

Evaluating Injury Risks in Drafting 21:24

  • The hosts discuss the approach of drafting players who have been injured during training camp.
  • They caution against taking players who are still recovering from injuries, such as Jonathan Taylor.
  • They express confidence in Josh Jacobs‘ situation, as positive news has surrounded his camp participation.

“That’s the difference to me between Josh Jacobs and Jonathan Taylor. I believe Jonathan Taylor is still injured.”

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Making On-the-Clock Decisions 23:16

  • The hosts discuss the luxury of having a favorable draft position, which allows for more strategic flexibility.
  • They weigh the pros and cons of various players on their rankings list, including Ramon Dre, Jalen Waddle, and Joe Mixon.
  • One host ultimately decides to select Joe Mixon, while another passes on their pick.

“I’m going to take Joe Mixon here. I’ll get some exposure to the Cincinnati Bengals offense.”

Evaluating Running Back Options 25:13

  • The narrator is considering whether or not to select Ramondre Stevenson in the current round.
  • Jalen Waddle and Higgins have already been picked, narrowing the choices.
  • The narrator expresses their confidence in finding foundational running backs with high reception numbers.
  • Jameer Gibbs is mentioned as a potential pick, and the narrator consults their rankings to make a decision.

“I’m going to not be feeling Ramondre Stevenson myself right here because Jalen Waddle and Higgins just went next. I know. I know. It was going to be an easy slam on Ramondre. PPR League getting two foundational running backs here with 50 plus receptions each. Like you can, I think you can book it. But you’re speaking of Jameer Gibbs. Indeed I am.”

Considerations for Wide Receivers 25:40

  • The narrator believes wide receivers can be selected in the next round, as they are comfortable with several options.
  • They consult their rankings to determine where their preferred running backs are ranked in a full PPR league.
  • The narrator realizes that they have Ramondre Stevenson slightly lower in their rankings, making the decision easier to choose Jameer Gibbs.

“The wide receivers right now are a tier that I’m willing to wait till the next round because I’m very comfortable in a PPR with a handful of these guys. I want to go look and see where I have these two running backs that I’m deciding between ranked. In a full PPR, I’ve got Ramondre two spots lower. Oh, that makes it easier. Here’s I’m following the rankings. Jameer Gibbs it is.”

Drafting Mark Andrews and Ramondre Stevenson 26:32

  • The narrator describes their draft strategy and the players they selected.
  • The narrator’s initial plan included drafting Mark Andrews, but the pick was taken before their turn.
  • They express their happiness with drafting Ramondre Stevenson as a consolation prize.
  • The narrator discusses the value of acquiring a top 12 running back.

“So let me explain the grunts and screams. I took Gibbs, Metcalf, Lamar, Najee, and then I’m one pick away. Jason’s my guy Mark Andrews. Mark Andrews almost fell to the 311. That’s why I love him. So is Ramondre a consolation prize for you? Where do you have him in a full PPR league? Because it looks like 12 to me. Me and you have him at the same spot. That’s not so bad, is it? No. He’s no Mark Andrews, but he’s Ramondre at the back of the third.”

Targeting a Running Back 33:20

  • Interested in targeting a running back in this draft.
  • Likes Alvin Kamara but unsure of where he will go.
  • Values reception totals for running backs.

“I am more interested though in targeting a running back here. I have Jacobs and Gibbs. I like Alvin Camero. I don’t know where he’s going to go in this draft. The reception totals are going to be good.”

On Alexander Mattison 35:02

  • Likes Alexander Madison as a player but passed on him in favor of other options.
  • The tiebreaker for passing on Madison was having Barkley and Ramon Gray.
  • The color purple does not play a role in the decision-making process.

“I love that you didn’t think there was a running back good enough there. I love that because Alexander Madison was there. Yep. And you said it’s not good enough. Yeah, I like Alexander Madison, but the fact that I’ve got Barkley and Ramon Gray and I only had Garrett Wilson. That’s the tiebreaker for me. He was just, he was bad enough to pass on.”

Taking Mike Williams and Diontae Johnson 37:40

  • Focused on wide receiver options in the draft.
  • Took Mike Williams in the sixth round due to his potential.
  • Followed up with Deontay Johnson in the seventh round for consistency in PPR scoring.

“I am looking at, I could be the guy in this draft that takes a chance on Givante Williams in the seventh round. Got three running backs already. I could let him develop. He’s got the highest upside of anybody left on the board, most likely the wide receiver. Look, I’d love to take my guy in Johan Dotson, but I don’t have him ranked ahead of Hollywood Brown… I’m taking Mike Williams of the Chargers… I would get a PPR stabilizer in Deontay Johnson to be my wide receiver three, which is a great pick in the seventh round.”

Evaluating Lamar Jackson 40:31

“Also since we’re already detoured, Giants fans, you’ll be happy to know I’m really coming around on your on your team because I trashed you guys earlier this off. I thought that, you know, it was all a sham and window dressing and things were going to fall apart. But I’m believing in what I see from this offense with Darren Waller and buying back into the table and who’s thrown him the ball. Jay, I’m rising a little bit on Danny Dimes.”

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Taking Hollywood Marquise Brown 40:46

  • Taking a gamble and selecting Hollywood Brown in the draft.
  • Thought there was great value in the seventh round for Brown.
  • Wants to stack Brown with Tyreek Hill.

“I am going to do the dumb thing here on the sleeper mock draft and I’m going to try to gamble and draft two in the eighth round, not here to stack with Tyreek. So I will go Hollywood Brown. I think the value in the seventh round is ridiculous.”

Rounds of Missed Picks 41:06

  • The speaker expresses frustration about missing out on their desired players in multiple consecutive rounds of the draft.
  • They wanted Mark Andrews but he was picked just before their turn in the third round.
  • They also wanted Chris Godwin in the fifth round, but he was also picked right before their turn.
  • They mention that they don’t like their draft position at 11th and blame Team 10 for taking players they wanted.

“I wanted Mark Andrews. He went the pick before me in the third round. I wanted Chris Godwin. He went the pick before me in the fifth round. I don’t like the 11 spot. Yeah. And you should have picked at 10. That’s on you. Stupid team 10. I don’t like you.” 41:06

Playing the ADP Game 41:35

  • The speaker discusses their roster and mentions their liking for Jehan Dotson, Jordan Addison, and James Cook.
  • They decide to play the ADP (Average Draft Position) game and aim to draft two out of the three players.
  • Since they like both Addison and Dotson, they choose to take James Cook first to ensure his acquisition.

“I’m looking at my roster and I like Jehan Dots and I like Jordan Addison a lot and I like James Cook. So I’m going to play the ADP game here and try to get two of those three players. I’m giving the fact that given the fact that I like both Addison and Dotson, I’m going to take James Cook first. So that will add him to Saquon and Ramon.” 41:41

Disappointment and Entertainment of Player Picks 42:00

  • The speaker expresses disappointment and frustration as both Jehan Dotson and Jordan Addison are picked immediately after they select James Cook.
  • They emphasize their desire to have either Dotson or Addison, but now both are gone.
  • Despite the frustration, they find the situation entertaining and describe it as “ridiculous” and “beautiful”.

“Cook and then Dotson and Addison. So you got sandwiched. Cook and then Dotson and Addison. So you’re are you kidding. I wanted Dotson or Addison. That’s all I wanted. I’m like, Oh, there’s two of them. And and Dotson was really low in ADP. So I took Cook to make sure I was safe. And then both of them. Not one. Both. This is ridiculous. This is beautiful.” 42:00

Value and Fun of a Stack 43:17

  • The speaker discusses the value and strategy of having a stack in fantasy football.
  • They mention that a stack injects volatility into the game, which can help provide wins.
  • Additionally, they emphasize the enjoyment and entertainment that comes from having a stack, as it keeps you engaged in a game even when you’re behind in points.

“We’ve talked about the value of a stack. The fact that it actually is injecting volatility that helps actually provide W’s. It’s a smart strategy, not just in basketball, but in redraft leagues. But we haven’t talked about the fun of a stack. The enjoyment and the entertainment and how long you get to stay in a game. You’re down by a ton in your weekly matchup. And it’s a Sunday. And it just you until that game is over, you still have the hope because one deep pass when you’ve got the quarterback and the wide receiver, you get a 60-yard touchdown and you score 20 points. It’s glorious.” 43:17

On-the-Clock Decision Making 44:16

  • The speaker discusses their decision-making process based on the draft board and the teams picking before them.
  • They analyze the roster composition of the teams picking before them to inform their own selection.
  • They mention considering Antonio Gibson and the potential PPR value he offers, as well as their interest in Zay Flowers.

“So I’m trying to make my calculator decisions of I love Antonio Gibson, especially in this PPR situation. The Brian Robinson is the starter, but at least through preseason, what it looks like, it looks like they’re alternating. Like not just a Antonio Gibson is playing only the McKessick role, only passing situations, but they’re just they’re they’re spelling each other and that could turn in if Gibson is the one who is a better pass catcher that could turn into some real PPR value. And then of course, Zay flowers, my darling. Yeah, my my my rookie love for this year. He is there.” 44:16

Justin Watson and Justyn Ross 49:44

  • Justin Watson is an exciting player to target in deeper leagues, but it’s worth noting that Justin Ross is also a name to keep an eye on.

“There’s some exciting other guys to fly on it with in a deeper league but Skymore is the starter.”

Late-round Rookie Pick 50:10

  • In deeper leagues, it can be valuable to take a late-round rookie with opportunities, such as Jonathan Mingo, who may have a chance to contribute from day one.

“Mingo is going to have a chance from day one and I love taking late round rookies.”

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Raheem Mostert vs. Zamir White 50:26

  • With Rahim Moser being the starter who will catch passes in Miami, it is a preferred pick over Zemmier White, especially considering what other options are available on the board.

“If this was your team in real life you’re drafting, I think you would take Rahim Moser over Zemmier.”

Uncertainty of Josh Jacobs‘ Availability 50:37

  • While there is some thought of drafting Zemmier White due to uncertainty surrounding Josh Jacobs‘s availability, it is still better to rely on Rahim Moser as the safer option.

“It just feels bad if Jacobs did miss some time and somebody else picks up Zemmier White.”

Handling of Josh Jacobs‘ Return 51:32

  • It is expected that if Josh Jacobs returns before the game and assures his presence with the franchise tag, he will immediately resume his role and receive a significant percentage of the snaps.

“Does he go right back into 70% of the snaps or does week one he get 50% of the? I think week one 80% of the. I think I’m going to go right back into the 80%.”

Human Factor in Player Treatments 52:39

  • The handling of players like Josh Jacobs who have been absent due to injury or other reasons can vary. However, it is generally believed that once they return, they will reclaim their role and receive a majority of the snaps.

“I think that’s how they treat it. He’s the rushing champ. Sure. He’s literally holding out because of his value on the roster and he’s by far the best running back.”

Tank Bigsby‘s Upside 53:35

  • Tank Bigsby is a high-upside pick at running back, particularly if there is an injury to Najee Harris. While Jaylin Warren can be a flex option, Tank Bigsby has the potential for something special.

Tank Bigsby who I think can do something special without an injury in front of sure Jaylin Warren can be a flex option on certain weeks without an injury ahead of him.”

Roster Overview 54:05

“I was really happy with the roster Tyree kill Kenan Allen Mike Evans in Hollywood at wide receiver. Josh Jacobs Jameer Gibbs Miles Sanders Khalil Herbert in Rahim Mostert and running back with Tua and Dalton Kincaid in the ones these spots.”

Final Thoughts on Drafting at the 1.06 Spot 54:24

  • Although there were some disappointments with not getting certain players, the overall team composition seems solid. The quarterback position is filled by Justin Fields, Dallas Goddard is the tight end, and the running back depth includes Saquon Barkley, Ramondry Stevenson, James Cook, and Tank Bigsby.

“I’ve got Justin Fields at quarterback and Dallas Goddard at tight end and running back I’ve got Saquon Barkley Ramondry Stevenson James Cook and tank bigs be.”


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