First MOCK DRAFT of 2023!

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It’s mock draft time! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason battle it out in a 12-team mock draft! Get on-the-clock draft advice, strategies, and more! Plus, the latest NFL News, and a new edition of Best Ball Breakdown! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for May 25th, 2023.

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Introduction 00:00

  • The hosts introduce the episode as a mock-draft episode and encourage viewers to subscribe and comment.

Ultimate Draft Kit 01:57

  • The hosts talk about the upcoming release of the 2023 Ultimate Draft Kit.
  • They mention that there is one week until it launches and that viewers can currently purchase it at the lowest possible price.
  • They provide a brief rundown of what’s included in the kit, such as player projections, sleepers, breakouts, busts, etc.
  • They reveal that the kit currently contains about 70,000 words of original analysis and content and that the number will increase to over 80,000 by the time it launches.
  • They mention that there are over 100 player profile videos in the kit and that Jason barely survived their creation.
  • “We keep uncovering better statistics and more things about players, and I can’t wait for the public to see what we’ve put together.” 03:21

Micro nap 03:32

  • During the creation of the Ultimate Draft Kit, Jason takes “micro naps” to recharge.
  • This allows him to stay energized during the long hours of video creation.
  • “He’s like a teenager at night, but during the day, it’s micro nap time.” 03:50

Owl Borland gag 04:50

  • The hosts give credit to Owl Borland for a gag he performed prior to the show.
  • He pretended to be busy and commented that he had to do two people’s jobs and handle everything.
  • He then revealed that Brooks wasn’t there and it was just him and Ducers Alley.

Fantasy Football News 05:17

  • The “Fantasy Footballers” starts with some non-NFL related fantasy football news.
  • A dynasty podcast was released the previous day with discussions on top risers and fallers in the league.
  • According to their experts, even if you’re not playing dynasty, listening to the podcast will help prepare you for your fantasy football drafts.

“Another incredibly jam-packed podcast with a lot of really good conversations.” 05:25

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Austin Ekeler‘s Future 05:40

  • The Los Angeles ChargersAustin Ekeler is set to play in 2023.
  • He signed an agreement that tacks on some incentives to his contract, which is great news for fans of fantasy football.

“This is great news for fantasy football for the year.” 05:48

Foster Moreau and Incredible Comebacks 06:01

  • Foster Moreau is a full participant at OTAs, which is impressive given that he was only diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma two months ago.
  • His incredible comeback story has touched the hearts of many people and inspired them to keep pushing through tough times.
  • Although the “Fantasy Footballers” podcasters aren’t sold on him, they do acknowledge that he could muddy the waters in terms of playing time for other tight ends on the team.

“That is just such a cool story.” 06:13

Juwan Johnson‘s Inspirations 06:29

  • There’s news about Juwan Johnson, who has been inspired by Julian Edelman‘s routes while preparing for his upcoming season with the Las Vegas Raiders.
  • According to Saints beat reporter Mike Triplet, Johnson has been watching a lot of film on the former Patriots receiver to learn from him.
  • Although fantasy football fans are excited about this news, some experts suggest that Johnson, despite his impressive size and stats, will not be able to perform routes like Edelman.

“You’re six, five, 250 pounds. You can’t run Julian Edelman routes. It’s not happening.” 07:48

Brock Purdy‘s Starting Position 07:56

  • Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, announced that Brock Purdy will start a throwing program next week.
  • Although some are speculating that Purdy won’t be ready for Week 1, many fantasy football experts believe that he will be starting the season as the 49ers’ quarterback.

“At least that’s how I had my rankings from the get-go. So this hasn’t changed anything for me.” 08:40

NFL Rule Changes 08:49

  • The NFL has changed one of its rules to allow a third quarterback to be active on game day without expanding the game day roster to avoid last year’s controversies.
  • Last year, many positional players were forced to take snaps during the games when a team didn’t have enough quarterbacks.
  • The NFL wants to enforce its rules in a way that will not put teams in this position again in future seasons.

New NFL rules for player safety 10:02

  • The kicker turner can now signal a fair catch within the field of play and the ball will be brought out to the 25-yard line.
  • The rule aims for player safety as most concussions happen on those plays.
  • The situation eliminates the investments teams have made on kickers that can do that job well.

“It does eliminate the investments team teams have made on like kickers that can do that well.” 10:19

Proposed XFL-like rule for kickoffs 11:14

  • The XFL rule benefits player safety by spacing out the teams and allowing both the offense and defense to start at the 20 and 30-yard line until the player catches the football.
  • The current kickoff rule should be abolished as it causes concussions.

“It feels like the beginning of a real start to the end of the kickoff.” 12:03

Benefits of mock drafts 13:11

  • Mock drafts help you implement different strategies based on where you’re at in the draft.
  • Doing mock drafts is essential before the actual draft to prepare for different scenarios.
  • Having the experience of trying multiple strategies based on situations will help when the actual draft happens.

Draft strategy and player picks 14:12

  • It’s important to practice before playing a competitive game.
  • Experimentation with different strategies is a good idea.
  • The mock draft consists of 12 teams, half PPR, with one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one flex, and four bench spots.
  • Christian McCaffrey, Justin Jefferson, and Jamar Chase are the first three picks in the draft.
  • Running backs are a dilemma due to what happened last year, but the top wide receivers are considered locks.
  • Cooper Kupp is picked at 1.04, over Austin Ekeler.
  • Travis Kelce, Stefon Diggs, and Tyreek Hill are also picked in the first round.
  • With the 10th pick, Jason is hoping Tyreek Hill will be available, but running backs are also a consideration.
  • This year, the wide receivers are pushed up and running backs are harder to come by.

“You would never show up to a game of any type, a competitive game without having practiced that type of a game.” 14:12 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Strategy 19:11

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  • The speaker is sharing his strategy for mock drafts when he has a pick near the turn of the draft.
  • He prefers not to draft two running backs or two wide receivers in a row, so he can have more flexibility in the next round.
  • The speaker reveals that he plans to draft two top-five running backs in his rankings.
  • He plans to draft Saquon Barkley with his first pick.

“And so I’m sitting here usually when I’m at the 10 11 12 and I’m so close to the turn I don’t like going double running back or double wide receiver just you know it gives me more flexibility the next turn if I split them.” 19:11 “But I believe I am going to end up with two top five running backs in my ranking. And if that is possible I will pull the trigger. So I am taking say Kwan Barkley with my first spot.” 19:27

Mock Draft Results 19:42

“Andy you can fill in the teams that draft Derek Henry went next. Devonte Adams to finish the first round. Josh Allen with the first pick of the second round and then AJ Brown. I believe your prophecy if I know the second name did come true.” 19:42 “I’m guessing Nick Chubb was that name. That name was not Nicholas Chubb but Nick Chubb does fit that bill. Let me see right now.” 19:58 “John in the second. Oh Bijon Robinson has in the drafts that I’ve been a part of usually been a first round pick and I think by the time August rolls around he will be creeping up to the first.” 20:18

Draft Strategy 20:31

  • The speaker reveals that he has Nick Chubb and Bijan Robinson back-to-back in his rankings.
  • He would be happy with either running back.
  • The speaker plans to stick to his original strategy.

“I have Nick Chubb and Bijon Robinson back to back in my rankings. What do you do. I’d be happy with either. I’m going to stick to the plan.” 20:31

First Mock Draft Pick 20:38

  • The speaker is sharing his first mock draft pick.
  • He wants to draft two pass-catching workhorse backs.
  • The speaker drafts Saquon Barkley and Bijan Robinson.

“First mock draft. Give me the young duo of Seyquan Barkley and Bijon Robinson past catching workhorse backs to start.” 20:38

Draft Decision 20:50

  • The speaker’s co-host reacts to his first draft pick.
  • Patrick Mahomes, CeeDee Lamb, and Tyreek Hill were drafted next.
  • The speaker has a difficult decision to make between two players.

“I didn’t I didn’t know where that was going like Seyquan and Bijon. What are your what are your reaction. I figured it was Bijon. Yeah.” 20:50 “So after Bijon went Patrick Mahomes CD lamb wins. I am back on the clock with Tyreek Hill at a VX up like a very difficult decision to make right here.” 20:56

Draft Decision 21:28

  • The speaker is excited about the running backs still available.
  • Josh Jacobs is one of the two players he is considering.
  • The speaker drafts Garrett Wilson instead of Jacobs.

“You’re picking three spots ahead of me. And I’m very excited about the running backs that are on the board right now. So the decision Cooper cop yours with Tyreek Hill at least the way my rankings are.” 21:14 “I think I’ll narrow it down to Garrett Wilson and Josh Jacobs. One of those. No both of those are upsetting to Andy. So that does give me.” 22:31 “Let’s get up. Let’s let’s dance. Let’s dance with the devil. I’m going Garrett Wilson. Wow. I’m going to start wide receiver wide receiver and see what this build looks like.” 22:57

Injury Concerns 21:42

  • The speaker is discussing his concerns about a player’s injury.
  • The player is Breeze Hall.
  • The speaker is unsure about how to draft him.

“I’m very excited because I have I’ve got my number three and four running backs still on the board.” 21:28 “I I’m struggling right now what to do with Breeze Hall because in like in my raw play you know this initial draft of projections and statistics.” 21:42 “He is a top five running back for me but we still don’t yet know for sure that he’s going to be good to go week one.” 21:55 “I am avoiding grease hall myself because I don’t understand. I don’t like the beginning of the season combined with the injury.” 23:43

Injury Risks 23:49

  • The speaker is discussing the risks associated with drafting Breeze Hall.
  • The speaker believes there are two risks: whether he is fully healthy and whether the team manages him at the beginning of the season.

“So I think that both of those are risks of whether he’s fully healthy and the schedule and whether the team manages him.” 23:49 First Mock Draft 24:25

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  • The video features the first mock draft of the Fantasy Footballers team for the 2023 NFL season.
  • The mock draft is a half PPR 12 team mock draft.
  • Josh Jacobs, who led the league in rushing last year, is picked in the first round.
  • The team believes there’s nothing that has happened on Jacobs’ team that suggests he won’t repeat his performance from last year.

Second Round Picks 24:34

Team’s First Mock Draft 24:45

Drafting from the 10th Spot 25:03

  • Jason Moore is the only one on the team with a pair of running backs.
  • Saquon, Bijan, is drafted from the 10th spot, which Jason is not happy about.

    “Jason you were you let out a bit of a groan when you saw that you were randomly chosen to be in the 10 spot.” 25:22

Third Round Picks 25:22

  • The third round begins with Tee Higgins off the board at 301.
  • Mark Andrews is still available after Higgins.
  • Joe Burrow is picked at 302.
  • Burrow going off the board this early is too high for the team.

    “It’s way too high for me personally.” 26:08

Tony Pollard Pick 26:42

  • Tony Pollard is the team’s pick in the third round.
  • Pollard is ranked fourth on the team’s list of running backs.
  • The team likes the backfield with Pollard and Jacobs.
  • Pollard’s ADP game was also a factor in the pick.

Mike’s Experimentation 27:50

  • Mike is experimenting with his picks in this mock draft.
  • He is trying to see where his build ends up.
  • Mark Andrews is picked in the third round.
  • Mike believes Andrews represents good value in the third round.
  • Andrews and Tyreek Hill are preferred over Travis Kelsey and Debo Samuel.

    “I would rather have Tyreek Hill and Mark Andrews rather than Travis Kelsey and Debo Samuel.” 29:09 Draft Strategy and Player Picks 29:30

  • The draft has progressed and several wide receivers have been picked.
  • The speaker is happy with their selection of two running backs and has been waiting for some specific wide receivers to come back to them.
  • The speaker hoped to get one of three wide receivers: Davonta Smith, Keenan Allen, or Chris Olave.
  • The speaker selects Davonta Smith since he is a great receiver and part of a great offense.
  • The speaker also believes that Smith has the potential to be a superstar if given the opportunity.
  • The speaker is also paying homage to Smith for helping them win a title last year.
  • The speaker is happy with their team so far, starting with Barkley and Bijon, having Davonta Smith and Keenan Allen in the third and fourth rounds.

“I’m going to take Devonta Smith. I think he’s obviously a part of a great offense. He’s a phenomenal wide receiver and he has the built-in Waddle, Higgins, and Davonta Smith, where an injury can thrust them into Superstar, and they’re capable of being ones on a roster.” 29:50

Draft Talk and Player Value 29:50

  • The speaker discusses the value and production of the players on their team.
  • They describe Smith, Allen, Barkley, and Bijon as a solid start to their team.
  • Amari Cooper and Dalvin Cook have been picked off the board and the speaker is upset about Cook being gone since they wanted to stare him down in the fourth round.
  • The speaker has yet to select a running back and notes that quality options are starting to become scarce.
  • The speaker expresses disappointment that they were unable to select Lamar Jackson to stack with Mark Andrews.
  • The speaker considers DeAndre Hopkins and Chris Olave as potential wide receiver picks, but Hopkins’ future in Arizona remains uncertain.
  • The speaker selects Chris Olave as another second-year wide receiver for their team.

“I’m going to go with Chris Olave. I’m going to get another second-year wide receiver on my team who’s statistically speaking was right behind Garrett Wilson.” 32:57

Quarterback Selection 31:28

  • The speaker discusses the recent addition of Derek Carr to the New Orleans Saints and believes it is a massive improvement over Andy Dalton.
  • They caution against overvaluing new quarterbacks but note that Carr has supported a top 12 option at the position for the past four or five years.
  • The speaker is a little upset that another player selected Luton over DK Mecow, knocking him off the board.
  • The speaker has yet to select a wide receiver and notes that there are a number of names they are fine with coming back around to them.
  • The speaker has Justin Herbert ranked highly but does not want to select him yet due to other available players.
  • The speaker is deciding between Miles Sanders and Jameer Gibbs and selects Sanders since they have him ranked higher.

“I’m deciding between Miles Sanders and Jameer Gibbs here, and I’m going to go with the player I have ranked higher. Miles Sanders in Carolina and very robust.” 34:15 Draft strategies and player picks 34:37

  • The hosts discuss their draft strategies, with one opting for a zero RB approach and another prioritizing a quarterback early on.
  • They mention some players they are targeting in the draft, including DJ Moore, Michael Pittman, Javante Williams, and James Conner.
  • One host admits to reaching for a player they are high on, Trevor Lawrence, in the fifth round, while another takes Calvin Ridley hoping to pair him with Lawrence.

“I’m going to take Trevor Lawrence and get the quarterback that I think has the ability to jump up into next year’s discussion of top options.” 37:51

“I’m going to take Calvin Ridley hope that he becomes a wide receiver one with Trevor Lawrence and you know I’m putting some eggs in the Jacksonville Jaguars basket.” 38:52 Calvin Ridley and Jacksonville 39:31

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  • Calvin Ridley, an elite wide receiver in the NFL, is only 28 years old.
  • The team discusses Jacksonville and how it’s historically a bad team to bet on in the middle of a draft.
  • The team notes that they are usually not betting on franchises like the Browns, the Jaguars, or the Cardinals, which are teams that lose more than they win.

Kyle Pitts and Alvin Kamara 40:11

  • Kyle Pitts, the tight end from Atlanta, is off the board at this point in the draft.
  • Alvin Kamara is up next for drafting.

David Montgomery 40:34

  • The team talks about a top-24 running back that is still available for drafting.
  • David Montgomery is selected by one of the team members and the team notes that he has the potential to have a workload similar to Jamal Williams.
  • The team member thinks Montgomery could score eight or more touchdowns on the ground and is happy to draft him in the sixth round.

David Montgomery joining James Connor on your roster” 41:13

Chris Godwin and Tyler Lockett 41:46

  • Chris Godwin is drafted by one of the team members following Mike Evans.
  • The team discusses Godwin’s projections and how he is higher than Mike Evans in the rankings.
  • The team member notes that Godwin is a good route runner with good hands and should be just fine this season.
  • Tyler Lockett is also drafted and the team member notes that while he was considering another player, he decided to go with Lockett because he is a guarantee.
  • The team discusses the dilemma of waiting for a lower-ranked player to be available for drafting versus drafting a higher-ranked player that is available.

“I’m going to go with Lockett and I’m going to play the game and see what comes around” 43:57 Jason’s Draft Strategy 44:32

  • Jason mentions that he has gambled many times in the draft but has not been successful and that Tyler Lockett was an instant pick for him.
  • He plans to pick Quentin Johnston next, but for this pick, he decides to go with Hollywood, who he thinks is a great pick.
  • Jason mentions that he has James Connor but doesn’t love the pick, but at this point in the offseason, it might be the right pick since they don’t know for sure if Hopkins will be present.
  • Jason explains that it’s like the Dalvin Cook-Alexander Madison situation, where if you’re drafting right now, and Hollywood Brown is available and getting value, you should take him because of his upside.
  • Hollywood Brown was fantastic as the wide receiver one for the Arizona Cardinals, and if things go right for him, he will smash his seventh-round ADP.
  • Jason plans to speed things up a bit after his next two picks, and the player he wants the most is Antonio Gibson.
  • Jason takes Darren Waller, assuming that Antonio Gibson will make it back to him, which he does.

“I think there are situations where you’re just going to say you want to have fun, you want to take that player that you want to enjoy, but the gap between those two right now is just too big.” 47:34

Mike’s Draft Strategy 46:33

  • Mike has Cooper Cup, Godwin, and Lockett as his wideouts, with Jacobs, Pollard, and Sanders as his running backs, and Herbert as his quarterback.
  • Mike is now in the eighth round, and he has four picks left.
  • He decides to go with Rashad Penny as his eighth-round pick, who is the starting running back for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Mike’s ninth-round pick is Alexander Madison, who he thinks is the right pick, despite the tough-looking running back room.

“If Rashad Penny stays on the team and takes that Miles Sanders role, he is going to be a screaming value.” 48:28 Draft strategy and player analysis 49:45

  • The video features a fantasy football mock draft for the year 2023.
  • The team is discussing their draft strategy and analyzing potential players.
  • The team member has already drafted Cadarius Tony, Michael Thomas, Brandon Cooks, James Robinson, David Montgomery, and Rashad Penny.
  • The team member is not deep at the running back position and is looking for a player with upside.
  • The team member selects Damien Harris as their next pick, believing that he is the primary goal replacement for Devin Singletary.

    “I think that he is the one A of the running back committee. Josh Allen steals rushing touchdowns but I think that the scraps will be picked up and given to Damien Harris.” 50:47

Miami Dolphins and Devon Achane 51:11

  • The team discusses the Miami Dolphins running back situation and how they haven’t drafted a running back in this draft.
  • Devon Achane is a player who is highly ranked by one of the team members, while the others have split opinions.
  • The team member believes that the ninth round is a good time to take a chance on a player from a nebulous backfield, like the Miami Dolphins.
  • The team member plans to draft Devon Achane in the next round, well ahead of ADP.

    “He’s going to be my next pick. I’m sure he’s going to get back to me. I’m drafting him well ahead of ADP but Devon Achane. I have him very, very high in my initial rank.” 51:58

Rookie picks and nebulous situations 52:29

  • The team member takes a chance on two rookies, Zay Flowers and Chig Conquo, hoping to get it right in two nebulous situations: the Baltimore receiving core and the Miami Dolphins running back room.
  • The team member believes that the 10th round is a good time to take a chance on a rookie player.
  • The team member mentions that Jeff Wilson will lead the San Francisco 49ers‘ backfield in carries without question, even though it’s uncertain if he will be more productive than other players like Devon Achane or Raheem Mostert.

    “I’m going to take a shot at both of them to hopefully get it right.” 52:40 Late round picks for quarterbacks 55:29

  • In the final few rounds of a fantasy draft, it is common to select a quarterback with high upside potential.
  • Mike, one of the drafters, decided to go with Geno Smith as his final pick.
  • Although he is not a guaranteed starter, Smith still has some upside potential.
  • Mike also considered two other options, a young rookie and Anthony Richardson, who has been compared to Josh Allen and Cam Newton.

Jalen hurts the true dual threat. But can he get it done through the air. I have Richardson ranked a little bit lower. The two guys I have ranked right next to each other. It’s Geno Smith and his Air Rogers.” 56:05

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Roster reflections 57:53

  • Following the completion of the mock draft, each of the drafters reflected on their final rosters.
  • Mike described his team as “top heavy,” indicating that he had strong players at the beginning of his draft, but may lack depth.
  • Jason described his team as “steady,” indicating that he was happy with his balanced approach to drafting.
  • The other drafter did not provide a description of their roster.

Best ball breakdown 59:22

  • The video transitions to a segment discussing best ball drafts on Underdog Fantasy.
  • Jason, one of the drafters, is currently participating in 13 drafts.
  • The segment will discuss players who are projected higher or lower in rankings compared to their average draft position (ADP) in best ball drafts.

“We’re looking at on today’s best ball breakdown players that we have projected much higher in our rankings or lower or lower compared to the actual best ball average draft position which is best ball ADP.” 01:00:13 Understanding Best Ball format 01:00:30

  • Best Ball format takes your best performing players in any given week and puts them into your roster without the need for lineup decisions.
  • Best Ball ADP (Average Draft Position) is not perfectly reflective of what you would get in redraft, as it favors players with higher upside.
  • Players like Mike Williams, who have big boom games and then completely disappear, are great picks in Best Ball format, while in redraft leagues, they may not be reliable.
  • Rookies like Anthony Richardson, Dalton Kincaid, or Z Flours may go a little higher in Best Ball ADP due to the hope of a breakout season.

“Best Ball format takes your best performing players in any given week and puts them into your roster without the need for lineup decisions.” 01:00:30

Avoiding Overdrafting Rookie Tight Ends 01:01:04

  • Rookie tight ends are not great for fantasy football, and the best rookie seasons are just okay for fantasy.
  • Dalton Kincaid, a rookie tight end, is being overdrafted in underdog leagues.
  • The allure of drafting rookies, coupled with the stack of people who draft Josh Allen, is making Dalton Kincaid too high in ADP.
  • There are other tight ends going a little bit later, like Gerald Everett, who will get his touchdowns from Herbert.

“I am here to say it is a bad bet to swing on rookie tight ends. This shouldn’t surprise anybody. We’ve known this for years.” 01:01:46

Highlighting Undervalued Tight Ends 01:02:46

  • Dallas Goddard is being undervalued in underdog leagues, going as the tight end six, while Mike has him as his tight end 3.
  • Goddard has been number one in yards per target among tight ends two years in a row and has a quarterback we trust.
  • Mike projects Goddard for more receiving yards than Mark Andrews this year.
  • Goddard missed time last year, so he didn’t make the headlines he would have if he had been healthy throughout the entire year.

“Dallas Goddard is being undervalued in underdog leagues, going as the tight end six, while Mike has him as his tight end 3.” 01:02:46

Tyler Lockett: An Undervalued Wide Receiver 01:04:08

  • Tyler Lockett is being undervalued every single year, despite finishing as a top 15 wide receiver each of the last five years.
  • When a team drafts a first-round wide receiver, the market needs to adjust, but the market didn’t do that for DK Metcalf.
  • Tyler Lockett has dropped to wide receiver 33 on underdog, while a rookie wide receiver, Jackson Smith and Jigba, is being drafted ahead of him.
  • Smith and Jigba is a slot player who is not forcing DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett off the field, while Lockett is a deep threat weapon that scores a massive amount of points.

Tyler Lockett is being undervalued every single year, despite finishing as a top 15 wide receiver each of the last five years.” 01:04:08 Depreciation of Value in Fantasy Football 01:05:45

  • The fear and the depreciation of the value of a Tyler Lock it or players in the category is because when the end comes it comes.
  • The same thing happened to Doug Baldwin in Seattle three consecutive years in Seattle.
  • Players like that do get depreciated because you don’t want to hold the bag when they don’t hold the bag.

“The fear and the depreciation of the value of a Tyler Lock it or players in the category is because when the end comes it comes.” 01:05:45

“Players like that do get depreciated because you don’t want to hold the bag when they don’t hold the bag.” 01:05:45

Tyler Lockett‘s Value in Fantasy Football 01:06:31

  • Tyler Lockit is a player that doesn’t take hits and gets the football and just lays on the ground.
  • He has played 16 games recently without getting tackled, which makes him a Spoles-type player.
  • He may be perceived as a risk, but he is not really a risk as he has perennially proven to be valuable for teams.
  • He has finished as a wide receiver 33 for five straight years.

“Tyler Lockit is a player that doesn’t take hits and gets the football and just lays on the ground.” 01:06:31

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“He has played 16 games recently without getting tackled, which makes him a Spoles-type player.” 01:06:31

“He may be perceived as a risk, but he is not really a risk as he has perennially proven to be valuable for teams.” 01:06:31

“He has finished as a wide receiver 33 for five straight years.” 01:07:30

Best Ball Breakdown for Tyler Lockett 01:07:31

  • Tyler Lockit’s ADP is 20 spots lower than where he is drafted in redraft leagues.
  • There is a lot of room between wide receiver 13 and wide receiver 33 to take a shot on a player like Tyler Lockit.
  • Underdog fantasy is presenting a best ball breakdown where you can get your first deposit matched up to $100 using the code ballers.

“Tyler Lockit’s ADP is 20 spots lower than where he is drafted in redraft leagues.” 01:07:31

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“There is a lot of room between wide receiver 13 and wide receiver 33 to take a shot on a player like Tyler Lockit.” 01:07:31

“Underdog fantasy is presenting a best ball breakdown where you can get your first deposit matched up to $100 using the code ballers.” 01:07:52

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