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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by a #footclan member detailing why the UDK is 2019’s top fantasy draft kit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve probably heard of The Fantasy Footballers. The world renown podcast is hosted by three experts in the field of fantasy football, and delivers quality content on a regular basis. This helps further listeners’ education and knowledge on the NFL landscape and the eventual fantasy implications that will follow. 

The Fantasy Footballers have helped many fans reach league-wide dominance amongst their respective friends, and now they have furthered their assistance by creating the one of a kind Ultimate Draft Kit. 

What Makes the Ultimate Draft Kit the Best Draft Kit on the Market?

A Tool Like No Other

If we’re discussing why this is the best draft kit, let’s kick things off with a tool that can only be found on the Ultimate Draft Kit. That tool is none other than the wildly impressive Reception Perception. This innovative feature was created by wide receiver mastermind Matt Harmon. Harmon created the system to help you better evaluate one of the more tricky positions in fantasy football, the wideout position. 

Reception Perception breaks down every aspect of a wide receiver’s game. You can learn about virtually anything, from where he lines up the majority of the time, to how he separates versus man coverage compared to how often he gets open vs. zone. Reception Perception takes into consideration numerous advanced metrics, such as how many times a receiver is targeted compared to the number of routes they run, to the number of receptions they bring in with space to run. 

Have you ever wondered how big-bodied receivers like Alshon Jeffery continue to succeed in the NFL despite struggling to get much if any, separation from the defender? Reception Perception takes the guessing out of the equation and breaks down how many times a receiver is contested, along with their rate of success on bringing those passes in. 

Tier Based Drafting for the Win 

Tier based player ranking is an amazing tool that is not used nearly enough in fantasy football drafts. The Ultimate Draft Kit breaks their expert rankings into tiers, combining players with similar projections at the same position. 

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

Don’t ever overdraft a wideout again when you could have waited for an extra two rounds to scoop up a similar player who will likely put up the same production. With tier-based drafting, you can get the most out of your fantasy draft. For more info, check out Understanding Tier-Based Drafting.

Video Profiles

The Ultimate Draft Kit delivers over 100 player profile videos which are available over desktop and on the UDK app. These quick to the point clips break down all the positive and negative aspects a player brings to the table in a visually pleasing format. The videos are normally just a few minutes long, yet pack in all the information you need to know about a player in that short time. 

All player profile videos are also offered in an audio-only version.

Scoring Projections & Rankings for Any League Type 

Most people in the general public were likely introduced to fantasy football with your standard scoring settings. However, as fantasy players’ passion for the sport continues to grow alongside their knowledge, these users tend to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with other, more complex and exciting scoring settings. 

I would argue that PPR scoring has supplanted the old school standard settings as the general scoring setting in most leagues. Unfortunately, not many draft kit providers have delivered rankings and projections to back its ever-growing popularity. With the Ultimate Draft Kit, you no longer have to worry about how standard rankings will transfer over to your league’s custom scoring. 

The UDK gives you the option to filter their rankings between standard settings, .5-point PPR, full PPR, 4-point QB, and 6-point QB. If you’re in a league where these choices still don’t match your score settings to a tee, UDK also allows you to go in and fully customize the settings to match those of your league. You can customize all passing, rushing, and receiving score settings until they are identical to the ones your league operates on. 

When you are done inputting these settings the player rankings will scramble to give you the best projections for your league type. Along with the projected player outputs, players will also change tiers at times. A dominant slot receiver who catches passes in bunches yet struggles to stretch the field or be much of a red-zone threat will likely rank in a higher tier in PPR scoring formats compared to standard. 

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK
Dynasty Startup Guide

Speaking of many fantasy players breaking free of the standard league types, Dynasty leagues have continued to grow in popularity over the years as well. The Ultimate Draft Kit took notice of this and gifted us with the Dynasty Startup Guide. In dynasty leagues, you retain the majority, if not your complete roster from one year to the next. This means that your initial draft in Dynasty leagues is extremely important for many years to come.

Production mixed with age is a major player in determining a player’s value to a Dynasty team. The Ultimate Draft Kit delivers an exact age breakdown to the very decimal to help you better determine a player’s true age. With this tool, you don’t have to get stuck drafting a running back who is listed at 29 but turns the dreaded age of 30 two weeks after opening day.  

[Editor’s Note: Check out the Ballers Dynasty Start-Up Mock Draft from earlier this offseason.]

The Dynasty Startup Guide gives you tips and breakdowns on how to successfully draft a team for the long term. Rankings for veteran players and rookies are also separated into different categories to give you a better understanding of the new talent worthy of a draft pick in your Dynasty league.  

A Metric to Determine how “Safe” a Player Really Is

There are many outliers that equate to a player being a bust for your fantasy team. If only you could see those outliers before you pulled the trigger on draft day. With the Ultimate Draft Kit’s Risk Rating your chances of being burned to dissipate exponentially. Risk Rating is a metric to show the confidence level that the UDK experts have for a given player, along with the projections they bestow upon them. The Ultimate Draft takes into consideration different aspects such as injury history when calculation these ratings. 

Don’t Sleep on Future Studs, Only to Fall for the Duds

We all think we know who will become the next face of a franchise. We get excited thinking about scooping the 6’5 quarterback you watched on the NFL draft red-carpet in your upcoming fantasy draft. Unfortunately, things like collegiate accolades don’t always carry over into pro success. 

Getty Images / Kevin C. Cox

When it comes down to it, the majority of fantasy users only notice this once it’s too little, too late. For example, when that aforementioned QB is supplanted on the depth chart by an undrafted journeyman. When you’re using the best draft kit in the game, you will be supplied with expert information to learn what potential busts to avoid come draft day. You will also be the first to know which unheralded players are ready to emerge into bonafide fantasy starters.  

UDK analyzes the top sleepers, breakouts, busts, and best value picks available for this upcoming fantasy season. If you use these tools properly, it could be you who drafts the next Pat Mahomes with the late-round QB strategy, before anyone else sees it coming. 

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK
Draft Simulator

Practice makes perfect, and with the Ultimate Draft Kit’s Draft Simulator you can hop into mock draft mode in seconds. Get suggested expert opinions on who to select, complete mock drafts in just a number of minutes, and receive an instant draft grade for your selections. 

An App to Rule Them All

Let’s be honest, a draft kit can be top-notch, but if it lacks an app, a fully functional app at that, can it really be the best draft kit for you? Probably not, but no worries, because with the Ultimate Draft Kit you get access to a state of the art, 5-star app backed by over 370 downloads in the apple app store. 

The UDK app, which is also available for android users offers all the brilliant features we’ve gone over in this article, and even more that we haven’t touched on. The fluidity and ability to quickly jump from section to section is unparalleled. 

While the UDK app is already head and shoulders above their competition, they still continue to improve on their features to fill all of their users’ needs. Updates and new features are constantly rolling in at a rapid pace to help you be as prepared for your league’s draft as you can possibly be. 

The Best Draft Kit…Period

No other draft kit available on the web offers the abundance of worthwhile tools and features that the Ultimate Draft Kit has at their disposal. With constant, up to the minute updates based off of breaking news and trending topics, the UDK continually updates rankings, projections, and more. This allows their users to get the best grasp on a player’s value in real-time. 

The kit is extremely easy to use and is useful for any type of fantasy player. Whether you’re an avid player who is looking to capture a second consecutive championship or one who is brand new to the world of fantasy football, the UDK will fill your needs and help you learn everything you need to know to succeed. These are just some of the reasons why it is hands-down the best draft kit on the market. 

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