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For years, the #Footclan have asked for a dynasty start-up mock draft…and for years we have been told “No.” That all ended this week as the Ballers gave the people what they want. Andy, Mike, and Jason will draft one team together from the 6 spot. In a typical dynasty league, you would carry a roster of well over 20 players, but in favor of brevity, this start-up draft will only be 13 rounds.

Below we’ll review the thought process behind each of the picks but you can listen to the full episode here.

The settings will be as follows: 12 Teams, 8 Starters (QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-Flex-Flex), No K or DEF, .5 PPR – While the guys only drafted 5 bench spots in the mock, you would typically have 17-22 bench spots in a true dynasty start-up.

Round 1 – DeAndre Hopkins
Other players considered – Todd Gurley, Michael Thomas, Davante Adams
Andy starts by reminding us that this is a DYNASTY mock, so youth will be favored. The mock starts off with 4 RBs, which plays perfectly into the Ballers’ hands. Since they all favor going WR early in dynasty drafts, due to their increased shelf-life, DeAndre Hopkins was the runaway pick.

Round 2 – Keenan Allen
Other players considered – Antonio Brown, Nick Chubb, Stefon Diggs
As he was drafted to end the 1st round, the guys went over the dominance and under-appreciation of Mike Evans as a dynasty WR at this point in his young career. They love his chance to have a solid 2019, along with Jameis Winston, in Bruce Arians’ system. With the 7th pick in the 2nd round, they are looking for a player that will give them at least 3 years of production. Mike and Andy wanted AB, but Jason favored youth and Keenan Allen was the pick.

Round 3 – Zach Ertz
Other players considered – Sony Michel, Kerryon Johnson, Derrius Guice, Leonard Fournette
While initially, a young RB looked like it would be the pick, Jason chimed in with how badly he has been chasing Zach Ertz in real life dynasty leagues. With the bleak landscape of the TE position, there are far less streaming options in a dynasty league so the great TEs can be worth the premium price.

Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Round 4 – Devonta Freeman
Other players considered – Baker Mayfield, Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram
While there was some consideration in grabbing the franchise QB, like Baker Mayfield, it was decided that they couldn’t punt on RB much longer. It started as a debate between Mark Ingram and the much younger Derrick Henry, at the last moment Jason throws out Devonta Freeman. At 27 years old and being paid as the best back in a good offense, Freeman was the best choice.

Round 5 – Courtland Sutton
Other players considered – Mark Ingram, Chris Godwin, Jarvis Landry
While initially interested in Mark Ingram making all the way back to them, the fact that there are 2 Flex spots, meant that grabbing best player available is just as important as grabbing your 2nd RB. Jason made his plea for Chris Godwin but Mike had the pick, he liked Sutton’s safety as Denver’s WR1 and Brooks agreed.

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Round 6 – Chris Carson
Other players considered – Russell Wilson, Damien Williams
The fear of not landing a solid RB starts to creep in and the guys start to analyze the longevity of the available backs. Knowing that guys like Lamar Miller and Kenyan Drake could be out of a job after the draft, they start to lean to young guys that have shown RB1 flashes. With hopes of Williams making it back to them in the next round, they go with Carson

Round 7 – Damien Williams
No other player considered
You use mock drafts to see if gambles might pay off, this one did.

Round 8 – Golden Tate
Other players considered – Julian Edelman
This is about the time you need to start looking at QB and see if how they are holding up. In this mock, 11 QBs had went so far, so the Ballers felt fine holding off. While he may not have the longevity you seek in a dynasty, Tate’s upside and excellent opportunity was too much to pass on.

Round 9 – Jimmy Garoppolo
Other players considered – Jameis Winston, James Washington
QB starts to become more and more of a glaring need but there are a lot of pass-catchers to consider too. The allure of grabbing a still young QB this late is too much and Jimmy Handsome is the guy.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Show Note: At this point, the picks starting coming a little faster with less explanation in order to get more picks in. It is also noted that around this time that you throw ADP out of the window and go get your guy.

Round 10 – OJ Howard
Other players considered – Jay Ajayi, LeSean McCoy

Round 11 –Latavius Murray
Round 12 – DeSean Jackson
Other players considered – Geronimo Allison

Round 13 – Geronimo Allison

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The guys end the show with a debate around the young QBs they could have rostered: Jimmy G vs Jameis Winston vs Josh Allen. With Winston’s inconsistency, there was no consensus on where exactly he should fall in dynasty leagues. Garoppolo was looked at as the safer pick to remain in the same system for a longer period of time, whereas Winston may be looking for a new gig at the end of 2019.

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