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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by a #footclan member detailing why the UDK is 2019’s top fantasy draft kit.

The NFL season is right around the corner, and with the season comes fantasy football, and more specifically fantasy football drafts. Fantasy football has morphed into an ultra-competitive contest of grit and well-rounded knowledge. The days of drafting a team based off of your league’s preset ranking system will simply no longer due. 

Instead, it’s time to find the best information and tools available to help reign supreme come draft time. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the top 2019 fantasy draft kit out there. Along the way, we came across some decent candidates and some others that were blatant, god-awful. What we eventually landed on was arguably the best draft kit ever created to date. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit by The Fantasy Footballers is an ultra in-depth kit laced with a multitude of different tools that can benefit every type of user. 

Top Features 

Let’s take a look at the plethora of features you have available to you that separate the Ultimate Draft Kit from the rest of the competition. 

Award-Winning Rankings

The Fantasy Footballers know what they’re talking about. There’s a reason why their podcast has been so successful over the years. Their ability to verbally convey their fantasy football knowledge has also carried over to their online player rankings. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit features arguably the most accurate rankings in all of fantasy. Andy, Jason, and Mike continue to nail their player rankings year in and year out. So much so, that they have finished in the top-5 of the Fantasy Pros expert rankings competition for several years in a row. 

With the UDK, not only do you receive a multitude of unique features and stellar advice, but you also receive information that is backed by years of proven accuracy. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK
Player Rankings Broken Up Into Tiers

The Ultimate Draft Kit found a way to further separate their player rankings from the pack, and that’s with the inclusion of tier rankings. Tier based drafting can potentially be what puts your fantasy football team over the top this coming season. In these tiers, players who play the same position and whom the experts have similar expectations for are grouped together. Tiers are not available with the UDK top 200, as grouping players at different positions would not correctly portray their fantasy value. Get the 101 on Understanding Tier-Based Drafting.

With rankings broken into tiers, you can now see your draft board so much clearer. There’s no need for you to reach for that tight end when you could wait for another round or two and grab someone of similar stature. These tiers will also help you from blindly falling in love with a player. 

For example, come draft time you may be leaning towards selecting Tom Brady, although a tier-2 receiver is still on the board, the last player available in his tier. When you check the QB tiers, you notice that quite a few top tier quarterbacks are still on the board. The tier rankings will help direct you towards selecting the wide receiver and allow you to come back around in the following round to select Brady or a QB with similar projections. This is hands down the correct and most logistical decision to make, no matter how thick your Boston accent maybe. 

Top Sleepers, Busts, and Value Picks 

For you to truly get ahead of the competition, you have to think ahead of the competition. That means you need to stay on top of the new studs coming up through the league and watch out for the ones that are entering their downfall. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit’s sleeper candidates are not be slept on. They provide a handful of players at each skill position whose ADP falls into the late rounds or even into undrafted territory.  Want to go one step further? Forget about a player that may become a viable flex starter, the UDK Breakout candidates let you know which players have the potential to win you your league. Find the right signal-caller to execute the late-round QB strategy flawlessly.

With new talent constantly coming into the league, certain players tend to drop to the backburner of fantasy players’ minds. Don’t be the one to overlook a veteran talent just because they may not possess the same flashiness as a rookie. The UDK’s expert value picks help you find valuable veteran players in rounds that they have no business being available in. 

Risk Ratings 

Many players come with baggage, and some of that baggage drags a player farther down the boards and offers potential value to your team later in the draft. Others are superb talents that are surefire first-round picks but have numerous questions hanging over their heads that could potentially spoil your hopes of a fantasy championship. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

The Fantasy Footballers developed the UDK Risk Rating to help get a better gauge of the amount of trust you should have for a given player. This metric is backed by data that the Fantasy Footballers accumulated by taking into consideration a number of different outlying factors. Injuries and looming suspension are just two of the many aspects that go into setting a player’s Risk Rating. A player like Kenyan Drake is a riskier proposition given the new coaching staff and Kalen Ballage creating competition.

Reception Perception

When you first come across Reception Perception, you may get flashbacks of staring blindly at your high school math exam wondering what the hell is going on. That’s because you’ve never seen anything quite like Reception Perception before, but once you soak in the tool, and all of its glory, you will be hooked.

Reception Perception is exclusive to UDK’s 2019 fantasy draft kit, and it is a major way to get an upper hand on your league-mates. To put it simply, this tool breaks down every possible aspect of a given wide receiver’s game. You can view everything from the percentage of plays that they line up at a given position in a formation, to how much they are targeted on specific routes. 

Reception Perceptions helps you get a better understanding of what a wide receiver does well, and what he may potentially struggle with come game day.

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Custom Scoring Projections for the 2019 Season

The Ultimate Draft Kit’s award-winning rankings and projections can be customized to fit across all of the different scoring settings. Do you play in a PPR league? Or maybe you participate in a league in which quarterbacks receive six points per touchdown rather than four. No matter the setting, the UDK has you covered. 

If your league’s specific settings don’t match up perfectly to the available options to choose from, you can simply customize them to your likening. With the UDK’s customization tool, you can set all passing, rushing, and receiving point settings to best suit your league’s rules. 

Once you change your customization, the player rankings and tier placement will change depending on the type of score setting you choose. This makes the ability to customize an unbelievable tool for players in all types of leagues and players who may participate in multiple leagues with different scoring formats. 

Dynasty Startup Guide

Have you ever drafted a star-studded unit, only to lose them once the season ends? In Dynasty leagues, you can hold onto that star-studded team as long as you want. Dynasty teams are built over time, and in many ways they represent the most realistic type of fantasy play available. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

The Ultimate Draft Kit wants to help you get started on the road to longstanding league dominance with their Dynasty Startup Guide. In the Dynasty Startup Guide, the Fantasy Footballers give you expert insight into how to evaluate a Dynasty league roster. They break layer rankings into both veteran and rookie rankings, as young age tends to reign dominant in many dynasty leagues. This guide also includes player age break down, to the decimal point, so you can know exactly how old a player truly is. 

Check out the Ballers Dynasty Start-Up Mock Draft from earlier this offseason.

The UDK Draft Simulator 

You shouldn’t go into draft day cold turkey, and with the Ultimate Draft Kit, you can get some practice runs in. The UDK offers a draft simulator to their users that allows you to get mock drafts completed in just a few minutes. In this simulator, you receive expert opinions on who you should select, and you also receive a letter grade at the completion of your draft to show you how you did. 

A Standout App 

The Ultimate Draft Kit App has 370+ reviews, a 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, and is constantly updated with the latest information and various new additions. The Ultimate Draft Kit has completely dominated the app game. The full UDK 2019 fantasy draft kit is accessible from your iPhone or Android device. With the app, you can check rankings, keep up with the latest breaking news stories, watch player profiles, and more, all while on the go. 

Tons of Other Tools 

The number of different tools available in UDK’s 2019 Fantasy Draft Kit is almost unfathomable. One of the many other tools you can use is the consistency charts to track a player’s fantasy consistency on a week-to-week basis. You can even view consistency by year, dating all the way back to the 2009 season.

Some other standout features include auction rankings, rookie reports, free agency reviews, breaking news, injury reports, the strength of schedule, and more.

The Ultimate Draft Kit – The Top Fantasy Draft Kit of 2019 

Whether you’re a newbie in the world of fantasy sports or a self-proclaimed guru, the Ultimate Draft Kit has something to offer everyone. From tools that are only available through their platform to award-winning rankings, a 5-star app, and up-to-date analysis and player projections, it simply has something for everyone. 

No fantasy season is won without a successful draft, and with the UDK you have all the tools you could possibly need at your disposal to dominate draft day. 

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

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