NFL Week 7 Weather Conditions (Fantasy Football)

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Another weekend of football is upon us and luckily it looks like Mother Nature is mostly cooperating. We’ll have some medium-impact games, primarily along the East Coast due to some wind. Hopefully, the games won’t be too impacted because there are some awesome matchups lined up this weekend. Take a look below to see what games are impacted and how you can best mitigate those weather impacts.

Check out the forecasts and bounce that off of Matt Disorbo’s Whether Weather Really Matters article to see how your game may be impacted by weather.

Remember – games in domes are NOT listed!

Early Afternoon Games

Las Vegas Raiders @ Chicago Bears

LOW impact. It’s shaping up to be a really nice day in Chicago on Sunday. High temps in the mid-50s with sustained winds in the high single digits gusting into the low-teens. Start all players with confidence.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

MEDIUM impactWinds are going to be in the mid-teens gusting up to the mid-20s throughout the majority of the game. No real chance of rain, but expect the winds to impact the passing attack of both teams as well as the kickers. High temp of 54° during kickoff.

Washington Commanders @ New York Giants

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MEDIUM impactAnother windy game along the East Coast, with winds expected to be sustained around 15 mph and gusting as high as 28 mph throughout the game. Winds that high will definitely have an impact on your pass catchers and your kickers so keep an eye out. No rain is expected and temps will be in the mid-50s.

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LOW impact. This will be a beautiful day for football down in Tampa. Calm winds with high temps in the mid-80s. Start everyone with no worries about the weather.

Detroit Lions @ Baltimore Ravens

MEDIUM impact. Yet another windy game along the East Coast! Sustained winds in the mid to high-teens, with gusts up to the mid-20s. Expect these winds to have an impact on all your pass catchers and your kickers. You still start your studs but if you are on the fence about starting someone, take the wind into consideration. There will be some minor rain in the morning, but it is expected to clear up before game time. The high temp will be in the upper-50s.

Late Afternoon Game

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

LOW impact. It’ll be raining on and off throughout this weekend, but it looks like the strongest rain will have moved through by the time the game starts. Looks like the majority of the winds will have dropped down as well, just keep an eye on this game before kickoff.

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos

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LOW impact. No rain, no strong winds, and a high temperature in the mid-70s. Looks like a beautiful day for football!

Los Angeles Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

LOW impact. There will be some slightly stronger winds with sustained winds in the high single digits and gusts up to 18mph but it’s not looking to be anything too significant. High temps in the low-70s.

Sunday Night Game

Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles

MEDIUM impactThe East Coast windy day continues into the evening. There are going to be sustained winds in the mid-teens, with wind gusts reaching up to the high 20s. With the nature of gusts, I think you’re still good with starting all your usual players. However, if you have another option at kicker, I would lean towards a less windy game.

Remember that weather, just like football, is a dynamic thing and can change!  Good luck!

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