400th Episode! + Best Ball Tips, Mailbag, Show Highlights – Ep. 400

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Fantasy Football Podcast for July 22nd, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back again for Episode #400! Can you believe it? While we begin and end on a fun note, there’s plenty of fantasy football goodness in between. We dive into the listener mailbag to answer all types of questions, before jumping into the Best Ball Bonanza segment with special guest, Scott Barrett. Finally, to end the show we revisit some of the finest moments from the first 399 episodes. Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2017 with insights you can only get on the #1 fantasy football podcast. Check out this episode and don’t forget to check out previous episodes.

  • 02:50- Quick Question of the Day: What’s your favorite moment since starting the podcast?
  • 06:15- News and Notes, Chris Johnson
  • 07:40- Mike Williams
  • 09:55- Mailbag!
  • 26:55- Best Ball Bonanza with Scott Barrett
  • 33:00- Show Highlights!

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Brad Soll says:

Bonjour Ballers!

My good friend and I have a delightful debate that we need settled with your help!
Let me please start by saying that my friend and I are HUGE fans of yours and are avid listeners. For my birthday (September 30th), I purchased two Ballers T-shirts; “Withstanding victories” and the Back to the Future themed Ballers shirt.
So, last season my friend and I had made two or three Water Bets which I had unfortunately lost… My friend currently lives in Las Vegas which makes it difficult for us to fulfill the aquatic sentencing. Nonetheless, he had visited my home town, San Diego, 3 separate occasions. During his stay with me, it had slipped his mind of cashing in on his bets won, and no water was spilt.
Flash-forward to present time, my friend and I were talking about the current season and our players, when a Water Bet had floated to the surface of our conversation. After smoothing out the terms of our bet, my friend had said that if I win this one, that it would just subtract one of my bets lost from last season… I disagreed.
His standpoint was that from his perspective, a bet is a bet. If we had wagered money on the same outcomes, he doubted there’d be any discussion about whether the bet gets nullified at the end of the season. For him, the integrity of the bet doesn’t change based on the stakes. With that in mind, he decided that his stance wouldn’t change based on any input from the ballers. If I felt differently, he’d leave it up to me to reach out to you three.
My viewpoint was that the reward or consequence is to humiliate, or be humiliated with a cup of water, based on the outcome of the week’s matchup or season stats/rankings etc. during the competition(season).
I would understand no statute of limitations if there was money involved, because money is something of worth. But again, it’s a cup of water… A cup of water is not worth stockpiling for future distribution. Waiting months/years to cash in on throwing water on someone loses the spirit of the bet entirely.

All in all, it is supposed to be fun. If you treat it as serious as a monetary debt, then you have either lost sight of the purpose of Water Bets, or you don’t understand its nature.

I said that I’d write the letter because I still think it would a lot of fun to have the Ballers way in, being the creators of this amazing game, as well as it would be especially great if you guys were to discuss this debate on the podcast for other Footclan members to hear.

Win or lose, I have no problem taking it on the chin, and absorbing the loss.

Ballers, please settle this Gun Fight! Which one of us holds more water?!?…. Every PUN intended.



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