Thursday, January 5, 2017 - Podcast Episode

The 2016 “Footies” Winners! + Pump the Brakes, Playoff Picks – Ep. #341

You voted and the winners are in!  The 2016 Footies Awards are given out on today’s show.  We cover a ton of fantasy football categories and distribute the prestigious hardware, including the Nickname of the Year award and much much more.  We also talk “Pump the Brakes” on today’s show and give you some 2017 perspective on fantasy football names we’re a bit worried about.  Don’t miss our playoff and super bowl picks alongside the Footies on today’s show as well!

02:15- Review-a-Saurus Rex

04:25- Playoff Challenge/Playoff Picks

09:45- Pump the Brakes

LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Brandin Cooks

18:40- 2016 Footie Award Winners!

20:00- Performance of the Year

22:10- Fantasy Reaper Man of the Year

25:30- Poopiest Pants Award

29:30- Waiver Wire Wonder

32:45- WR of the Year

34:50- RB of the Year

37:50- TE of the Year

41:10- QB of the Year

44:40- Breakout of the Year

47:00- Rookie of the Year

49:05- Comeback Player of the Year

51:00- Steal of the Draft

52:50- Nickname of the Year


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