Week 14 Matchups + Wheel of Shame, It’s FRIDAY!

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Week 14 advice! On today’s fantasy football podcast, back into the matchup breakdowns and tough start/sit decisions for Week 14! Plus, injury updates, and Mike spins the Wheel of Shame during the Fantasy Faceoff!  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for December 8th, 2023.

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Dobbs’ Performance and Start-Sit Decisions 08:10

  • Dobbs has been playing poorly in recent games, with multiple turnovers.
  • Starting Dobbs is risky due to his inconsistent performance and potential for negative fantasy points.
  • Dobbs’ range of outcomes is wide, but it’s not advisable to start him over most other QBs.

“You cannot start Dobbs because there is an equal chance that he ends up with a negative fantasy day.”

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Minnesota Offense Performance 15:24

Jordan Addison takes a massive hit.”

Michael Mayer‘s Potential 16:55

  • The potential of Michael Mayer as a fantasy asset is discussed.
  • The hosts do not have confidence in Mayer for this week’s matchup.
  • Mayer is a promising rookie tight end but has not done enough throughout the season to justify starting him.
  • The matchup against tight ends has been challenging for the opposing team.
  • Aiden O’Connell’s performance has also not been consistent enough to support Mayer’s fantasy value.

“No, I don’t think so.”

San Francisco 49ers Offense 17:52

  • The San Francisco 49ers‘ offense is discussed.
  • The 49ers are described as playing borderline perfect football at the moment.
  • Key players like McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle are all healthy.
  • The hosts emphasize that all normal players should be started from the 49ers’ roster.

“If there’s a normal player that you play, you push them in your lineup.”

49ers vs. Seahawks Matchup 18:30

  • The upcoming matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks is analyzed.
  • The hosts expect the 49ers to take care of business and win convincingly.
  • They dismiss the possibility of a letdown after a dominant performance against the Eagles.
  • The divisional nature of the game and the 49ers’ pursuit of the number one seed add importance to the matchup.

“This is an important, you know, San Francisco is now in the running to secure the number one seed. I don’t think there’s a letdown here or a trap.”

Impact of George Kittle 19:19

  • George Kittle‘s impact in fantasy football is highlighted.
  • Kittle has had several top 10 performances among tight ends this season.
  • The hosts mention that Kittle benefits from defensive breakdowns during games.
  • Well-designed plays and motion are used to create opportunities for Kittle.

“He has said his last bad game though was Seattle.”

Uncertainty in the Seattle Seahawks‘ Offense 20:54

  • The uncertainty surrounding the Seattle Seahawks‘ offense is discussed.
  • There is no certainty at the running back and wide receiver positions.
  • Tyler Lockett‘s fantasy value has declined significantly, with many people benching him this week.
  • DK Metcalf is considered the only reliable fantasy option from the Seahawks.

“That’s the tier that Tyler Lockett is in whether you go down your face.”

Consideration of JSN in Fantasy Playoffs 21:59

  • There is some discussion about the relevance of Jaxon Smith-Njigba (JSN) in the fantasy playoffs.
  • While JSN had an encouraging performance last week, there is uncertainty about his role this week.
  • The upcoming matchup is expected to be challenging for JSN.

“I think it’s going to be a tough one.”

Lack of Certainty in the Seahawks’ Lineup 20:55

  • The lack of certainty in the Seattle Seahawks‘ lineup is emphasized.
  • Both the running back and wide receiver positions have question marks.
  • The hosts mention making a decision between players like Tyler Lockett, Travis Homer, and Rashad Penny.
  • They express hesitation to start any of the uncertain options.

“You just have to monitor that if you’re desperate and one of those two guys is starting, then certainly you have a starter.”

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Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Matchup 23:35

  • The Buffalo Bills (6-6) are playing the Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • The Chiefs are coming off a loss and the Bills are in desperate times.
  • The Chiefs are favored to win by 1.5 points, with an over/under of 49 points.

“When you’re targeting your start decisions and the landscape of the rest of the NFL, this is a game you want pieces in.”

Wide Receivers: Stefon Diggs and Gabee Davis 24:46

  • Stefon Diggs is a must-start, but Gabriel Davis is worth considering.
  • Gabriel Davis has played every snap in the last five games.
  • He has had big games against the Chiefs in the past.
  • However, there is a risk of him having a low-scoring game.

“Like, I’m putting Gabe Davis in my lineup in League of Record.”

Tight Ends: Dalton Knox and Dalton Kincaid 27:16

  • Dawson Knox is returning, but Dalton Kincaid still has value.
  • The Chiefs have given up the fewest points to tight ends in the last six weeks.
  • Dalton Kincaid is likely to get around five or six targets.
  • David Nijoku is not a better option this week.

“I would stick with Dalton Kincaid this week. I don’t expect him to just be irrelevant.”

Rashee Rice Managers’ Advice and Other Wide Receivers 29:02

“Yeah, just not expecting that I have a wide receiver one. But, you know, top 24-ish.”

Isiah Pacheco‘s Availability and Alternative Options 29:46

  • If Isaiah Pacheco is not available, it is recommended to pick up and play an alternative option, but the extent to which you should do so is unclear.

“Pick up and play if Isaiah Pacheco is not available, but to what degree?”

Evaluating the Defense and Player Comparison 29:52

  • The defense has been performing well.
  • The question arises whether the player in consideration, James Cook, is on a similar level as Isaiah Pacheco or Breeze Hall, who has been struggling with injuries.

“Like, you know, the defense has been good here.” “Is he to the level on the other side of the field of James Cook or to a Breeze Hall who’s been struggling and has injured?”

Choosing Between Jerick McKinnon and Breece Hall 30:04

  • If Isaiah Pacheco is out, the decision boils down to picking between Jerick McKinnon and Breeze Hall.
  • Jerick McKinnon might be the better choice due to concerns over Breeze Hall’s struggles and bad weather conditions impacting his performance.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” “So last year when McKinnon turned into the- I mean, he might be ready to do it again.” “I guess, you know, he had a couple games here, 15 and 18 opportunities. It’s all targets.” “Yeah, I would play McKinnon over those low level options with Pacheco out.” “Who gets the targets?”

Travis Kelce‘s High Target Share 30:46

  • Travis Kelsey’s performance has been impressive.
  • He has maintained a high target share throughout the season, making him a reliable option.

“Travis Kelsey, weeks one through seven. 26% target share, actually above that.” “Yeah, you just play him and you hope that you just rotate into a higher usage.” “But he’s still Travis Kelsey and so he’s not really a question.”

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Impact of Chiefs and Bills’ Defensive Performance 30:58

  • When the Chiefs and Bills have allowed 20 or fewer points, they have a strong record.
  • However, both teams struggle when allowing more than 21 points, which could affect Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen‘s performances.

“When the Chiefs and Bills this year, when they’ve allowed 20 or fewer points, the Chiefs are eight and no, Bills are six and no.” “When allowing 21 or more points… 0 and 4 and 0 and 6.”

Uncertainty with the Chargers’ Running Back Rotation 31:59

  • The Chargers have discussed rotating the usage of their running backs to improve their ground game.
  • Josh Kelly’s underwhelming performance raises doubts about the effectiveness of the rotation.

“Chargers talking about rotating the usage of their running backs, trying to get something going on the ground.” “Josh Kelly has that robust 2.6 yards per carry… Maybe you don’t have somebody that can get it going on the ground.”

Evaluating Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler 35:20

  • Justin Herbert‘s fantasy outlook is not promising due to the strong Broncos defense.
  • Although Austin Ekeler has not met expectations, his consistent opportunities make him a viable starter.

“I am not ecstatic about Justin Herbert in this matchup.” “Acrequina has just been so good and he’s the only viable weapon in this offense that obviously you’re going to play him and unfortunately you’re going to play Austin.”

Evaluating Joshua Palmer and Joshua Kelley 36:33

  • Josh Palmer’s return from injury raises uncertainty about his role and productivity.
  • Josh Kelly, despite being an alternative option, may not outperform Josh Palmer.

“Even if he’s active this week… I give him a week.” “I mean, like I legit play Josh Kelly over him if he was active this week” “Javante Williams on the other side… You can play him.” “17 opportunities a game.”

“You don’t want to be me.” “Get a load of this guy.” “Look at this.” “He’s got Josh Kelly in his waiver priority.”

“I’ll be here all week.” “Thank you, everybody.” “Go back down in your chair, Jason.”

Note: The notes have been slightly edited for clarity.

Matchup importance and playoff implications 37:26

  • The Sunday night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys is crucial due to its playoff implications.
  • Both teams are competing for a chance at securing a bye and home-field advantage.
  • The Cowboys, in particular, are seen as having a must-win scenario to solidify their position.

“This is a must-win game for both teams. As far as you’re playing for the chance at the buy, that is everything for these teams.”

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Dak Prescott‘s performance and confidence 38:31

  • Dak Prescott is expected to perform well in this matchup, given his recent success and confidence.
  • He has been one of the top quarterbacks in the last six weeks.

“I feel like it is a must-win game for this team… I have confidence that he can get it done in this matchup.”

CeeDee Lamb and the receiving options 39:38

  • Ceddie Lamp has been the main target for the Eagles, but the other receiving options could also have opportunities against the Cowboys’ defense.
  • Michael Gallup has seen a decline in targets, while Jaylen Talbert has seen some involvement recently.

“I think that there is a world where the third receiving option here matters for fantasy… I like Jake Ferguson.”

Impact of Dallas Goedert‘s presence on Devonta Smith 40:59

  • Devonte Smith’s performance has been affected by Dallas Goddard’s presence on the field.
  • When Goddard is out, Smith’s production improves significantly, but he is still considered a good option when both players are present.

“It’s now two years in a row that we have seen when they’re both on the field… I definitely think it has an effect on him.”

Concerns about DeAndre Swift’s recent performance 43:23

  • DeAndre Swift has been struggling to find running lanes and the team has decreased their rushing attempts.
  • He also got injured in the previous game against the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Despite the concerns, Swift is still considered a viable option.

“Maybe you’re a little bit shook from Swift, but I’m still putting them in.”

Jayden Reed vs Romeo Dobbs 50:26

  • Jason prefers starting Jayden Reed over Romeo Dobbs.
  • Reed has been more reliable in previous games.
  • But, keep in mind that Dobbs is also a solid option with Watson’s hamstring injury.

Jayden Reed, I’m more concerned Jason would play Reed over Dobbs.”

Injury Updates 51:01

  • Dawson Oxley may play in week 14 after being on IR.
  • Christian Kirk has been put on injured reserve due to a core muscle injury.
  • David Najoku practiced on Friday after missing a practice previously.

“Some updates for you. Dawson Oxley could come off IR for week 14.”

Dontayvion Wicks 50:36

  • Wicks is considered a risky option.
  • Not recommended to play him, except for in deep leagues.

“Dantevian Wicks, somebody to pay attention to. Very risky. I wouldn’t play him.”

Wheel of Shame 51:54

  • The hosts spin the Wheel of Shame.
  • Mike ends up with the penalty.

“Wheel of shame. Spin the wheel. It’s got your fingerprints all over it.”

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Quarterback Selections 53:20

“My quarterback will be Baker Mayfield against the Atlanta Falcons.”

Running Back Selections 54:33

“My stupid running backs are Alvin Camara and Joseph Mixon.”

Wide Receiver Selections 55:31

  • Mike selects Mike Evans, DJ Moore, Drake London as his wide receivers.
  • Jason chooses Debo Samuel, Cortland Sutton, and Xavier Gibson.
  • Andy goes with DJ Moore, Cortland Sutton, and Xavier Gibson.

“I’m in the Baker Mayfield, so I definitely have Mr. Michael Evans at seventy seven hundred.”

Tight End and Flex Selections 57:05

“At tight end, Tanner Hudson of the Cincinnati Bengals. At flex, Parker Washington.”

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Fantasy lineup discussion 57:32

  • The speaker discusses their lineup choices for the week.
  • They mention having tight end Gerald Everett and the Browns defense.
  • They explain that they chose Everett over Isaiah Likely due to weather conditions.

“I’ve got Gerald Everett going against that advanced Joseph Denver defense at thirty four hundred… I could have spent a hundred dollars more and gone to Isaiah likely… And I chose ever over likely and interesting… And just because of the weather of the weather.”

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