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Week 1 is here! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason preview a handful of Week 1 matchups! Plus, Starts of the Week, NFL News, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! It’s football time! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 7th, 2023.

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Excitement for the Start of the Season 00:24

  • The hosts express their excitement that it’s football time and the start of the 2023 season.
  • They mention waking up happy for the first time since last season and the pep in their step.
  • They highlight that fantasy points will count in the Thursday night game, signaling the start of the season.
  • The hosts are enthusiastic about reaching episode number 1,400.

“IT’S FOOTBALL TIME!” “Welcome in one and all the party lights!” “I woke up happy for the first time since last season.” “Oh man! Is there a pep in your step?” “Game one of the 2023 season. Fantasy Points will count tonight.” “This is incredible. Do you see what show number we’re on?” “This is a great day guys.”

Travis Kelce’s Availability and Speculation 02:00

  • The hosts discuss the uncertainty surrounding Travis Kelsey’s availability for week one due to a knee scare.
  • Andy and Mike express optimism that Kelsey will play despite the injury.
  • Jason leans towards Kelsey missing week one as a precautionary measure by his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • The hosts counsel fantasy managers to play Kelsey if he is active, even if on a snap count or limited to red zone usage.

“I am excited for Travis Kelsey to play tonight.” “If Travis Kelsey tells the team that he’s going to play, I imagine that the team goes, okay, Travis, you go play.” “They can beat the lines without Travis Kelsey.” “I lean that he will miss week one.” “If he’s active, I’m playing him.” “Travis Kelsey could finish this game with five yards and three touchdowns.”

Key Factors in Over/Under Betting 06:38

  • The hosts discuss the over/under score threshold that affects their excitement or concern for the teams they are playing.
  • They note that games with over 50 points are typically favorable for fantasy opportunities.
  • Only two games in week one have over 50 point totals: Detroit vs. Kansas City and Miami vs. Los Angeles.
  • They explain that over/under numbers can be influenced by team implied points, so it’s important to consider both factors.

“When looking at the over underscore for an upcoming game, what is the score threshold that either makes you excited or worried about who you are playing that week?” “Historically, 50 plus over under games are goldmines.” “There are only two of them.” “Anything over the 45 point threshold is perfectly fine.” “A game total under 42 is worrisome.” “You need to be looking at not just over under, but team implied points.”

Cooper Kupp injury update 08:52

  • Rams head coach Sean McVeigh ruled out Cooper Kupp for Sunday’s regular season opener and did not rule out the possibility of placing him on the injured reserve.
  • The injury was re-aggravated, and the initial prognosis of it being a minor issue turned out to be incorrect.
  • The most probable outcome is that Kupp will miss at least a month.

“We were saying from the get go here when he re-aggravated it, when they said it’s not a big deal is a minor thing. We said right off the bat, he’s missing at least a month.” 09:02

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Impact of Cooper Kupp‘s injury on fantasy football 09:24

  • The news of Cooper Kupp‘s injury came out just before the fantasy football draft, and some may have drafted him before the injury news.
  • The risk-reward calculation for drafting Kupp has changed with his injury.
  • It is advised to consider alternative options and plan accordingly if you have drafted Kupp.

“But, you know, hopefully our advice was helpful for people thinking about how do you handle Cooper cup if you’re drafting later.” 09:24

Mark Andrews‘ limited practice 10:29

  • Mark Andrews returned to a limited practice.
  • This is good news considering the high draft capital invested in him.
  • We will be monitoring his practice throughout the week to assess his availability for the upcoming game.

“Look, he gets the limited practice, I will absolutely take it. We’ll be watching him over the next couple of days.” 10:40

Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs injuries 11:20

  • Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs both missed practice due to hamstring injuries.
  • Watson’s injury has put his status as a potential “start of the week” in doubt.
  • If Watson is active for the game, he can still be considered as a viable fantasy starter, but there is a risk of re-aggravation.

“So I’m not afraid of that, but wide receivers that miss a Wednesday practice for a hamstring injury, slightly more than half the time, miss that week’s game.” 12:13

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons matchup 18:23

  • The Panthers will travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons 18:23
  • The Over/Under is set at 39.5 points 18:35
  • Atlanta is favored by three and a half points 18:29

“The DK Sportsbook line here, Atlanta minus three and a half. Over under is 39.5 points.”

Panthers and Falcons team analysis 18:46

  • Both teams have a chance to win their division 18:46
  • The Panthers had a great end to the previous season 18:51
  • The Falcons have a chance to surprise with improved defense and a competent quarterback 19:00

“Both teams have, I could see both teams 100% winning the division.”

Concerns around the Falcons’ offense 19:58

  • Desmond Ritter, the Falcons’ quarterback, only averaged 18 completions per game last year 19:58
  • There is concern about the utilization of the Falcons’ receiving options 20:05
  • Kyle Pitts, the Falcons’ tight end, fell in the draft and there are questions about his performance 20:23
  • The Panthers have a strong rush defense, which may affect the Falcons’ plans 21:48

“The storyline with the rushing Falcons offense is that he only averaged 18 completions per game in his starts last year.”

Miles Sanders and the Panthers’ defense 22:50

  • The Falcons were not good against the running back last year, which bodes well for Miles Sanders 22:50
  • The Panthers had a solid rush defense and may pose a challenge 23:00

“Last year, the Falcons were not good against the running back. The Panthers were.”

Potential fantasy options in the Falcons offense 23:49

  • Jonathan Mingo, a rookie receiver, could be a player to watch and potentially stash on the bench 23:56

Jonathan Mingo is very interesting.”

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Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns 24:36

  • The Drafting Sports Bookline here Cincinnati minus two and a half, the over unders 48 and a half. 24:40
  • Joe Barrow said, I’m good to go. 24:50
  • Irv Smith is going to be the Bengals’ tight end, who has had some good games. 28:45

Joe Burrow said, I’m good to go.

Jefferson and Baker Mayfield 38:36

“I think Baker Mayfield could surprise this week against a putrid past defense from the Minnesota Vikings with a high over-under where they’re going to need to throw and he’s got weapons to throw to.”

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin 39:45

Sean Tucker and Rashad White 39:52

  • Keep an eye on Sean Tucker, the running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has shown promise and could be worth watching. 40:01
  • Rashad White also has an opportunity to showcase his skills, but it remains to be seen how the workload will be split. 40:16

“It’s going to be interesting to watch Sean Tucker with excitement and see how Rashad White gets involved.”

Tennessee Titans vs New Orleans Saints 40:28

  • The Saints have a favorable matchup against the Tennessee Titans. Their defense performed well at the end of last season and could produce a lot of fantasy points. 42:46

“The Saints’ defense is one of my favorite plays this week. This and the commanders, they were my week one targets.”

Michael Thomas 41:52

“Does he become one of Derek Carr‘s favorite targets? Or does he get lost in the non Olave options and the pile of tight ends that they have to throw out there on the field?”

Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers 44:26

“I really think this is going to be just an angry, mean-spirited game.”

Brock Purdy‘s Performance Last Year 45:41

  • Brock Purdy had a great season last year.
  • He beat several teams including the Commanders, Raiders, Seahawks, Buccaneers, and Cardinals.
  • However, he hasn’t faced a team like this yet.

Brock Purdy, who was just so great, he was a revelation.” 45:47

Defensive Game Predictions 46:06

  • With J.J. Watt on the defense, this game could turn into a defensive battle.
  • Fantasy assets might disappoint in this game, including players like Najee, Debo, and Christian McCaffrey.

“So with Watt bearing down, I think this could be really a defensive game where you’re disappointed with a lot of the fantasy assets.” 46:06

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George Kittle‘s Injury 46:21

  • George Kittle has an ongoing injury and was limited in practice.
  • If he’s active, it is advisable to start him.
  • Tight end options are limited, and a bad game from Kittle can still be decent.

“If you drafted George Kittle, you did it with a fifth or a six-round pick… You start him if he’s active.” 46:38

Evaluating Christian McCaffrey 47:03

  • Christian McCaffrey has been performing well in games where he plays over 40% of snaps.
  • There has been discussion about potentially trading him, but some still believe in his superstar potential.
  • It may be best to keep him until signs of decline show.

“Debo, IEuk, McAfrey… McAfrey, over the last four years in games, with 40 plus percent of snaps has averaged 22.6 fantasy points.” 47:03

Kenny Pickett vs. Baker Mayfield 47:52

  • Kenny Pickett has potential in two-quarterback leagues, but there are doubts due to his inexperience.
  • Comparatively, starting Baker Mayfield might be a safer choice given the matchup.
  • Howell is a risky option and should be approached cautiously.

Kenny Pickett over Baker Mayfield and I wouldn’t… I would start Baker Mayfield because of the matchup.” 47:59

Gamble on Commanders Upset? 49:41

  • The Washington Commanders are favored to win by 7 points against the Cardinals.
  • While the Cardinals’ starting quarterback is unknown, the sportsbooks seem confident in the Commanders’ victory.
  • There is a chance that turnovers by the Cardinals could change the game’s outcome.

“The way the commanders lose this ballgame, I can tell you it right now… It’s same hell.” 49:41

James Conner and Antonio Gibson 50:56

  • James Conner is a starting running back for the Cardinals and should be played despite a tough matchup.
  • The Cardinals’ unfavorable matchups will be a recurring theme, but Conner’s volume and potential receptions make him a viable option.
  • Antonio Gibson is also a good play, especially if the game script goes in Washington’s favor.

James Conner, you’re playing him… Antonio Gibson is going to get plenty of work.” 50:56

Terry McLaurin‘s Injury 52:02

  • Terry McLaurin‘s ability to perform may be compromised by a turf toe injury.
  • Starters should weigh their options while considering the severity of his injury.
  • John Dodson presents a good alternative as the projected wide receiver one.

“Terry McClourn, even if he’s active, we just don’t know how much he’s going to be hampered by that… John Dodson… is a great start this week.” 52:22

Dotson as a Start/Sit Option 53:20

  • Dodson is receiving a lot of attention as a start/sit option among fantasy football players. 53:20

“Dodson is actually seven of the top 10 start sit questions on the website right now are Dodson related.”

Other Wide Receivers to Consider 54:21

  • If Hollywood is inactive, keep an eye on Zay Flowers against Houston. However, Dodson would still be the preferred option. 53:41

“I would go Dodson.”

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  • Another option to monitor is Michael Wilson in Arizona, especially if Hollywood is out. Trey McBride could also see playing time if Zacharates does not play. 53:59

“I don’t think Zacharates is going to play,”

Quarterback Starts of the Week 55:30

  • Derek Carr is recommended as a start of the week at quarterback, facing the Titans with their vulnerable pass defense. 56:17

Derek Carr, new home, new uniform…The Titans were a plus matchup last year for quarterbacks and they allowed the most passing yards per game.”

  • Geno Smith is also highlighted as a strong start option, facing the Rams with their favorable matchup. 57:08

“I’m starting Geno…There were draft that is the top eight quarterbacks off the board that you’re clearly going to start.”

  • Tua Tagovailoa is mentioned as a sleeper start option due to the high over-under and the Chargers’ vulnerable pass defense. 58:19

“I’m going with Tua…It is the highest over under the week again, besides the Thursday Chargers defense.”

Brian Robinson as a Running Back Start of the Week 59:28

  • Brian Robinson is recommended as a strong start option for week 1 due to his improved health and expected role in the offense. 59:32

Brian Robinson is my running back start of the week…He is coming into his second season without the recovery process that he had last year.”

Brian Robinson is poised for a big week 59:45

  • Robinson is projected to have at least 18 touches.
  • Ron Rivera has shown a strong commitment to Robinson.
  • Antonio Gibson has acknowledged Robinson as the primary backup.
  • Robinson is a great value in fantasy drafts, typically going in the ninth round.

Brian Robinson is going to get it done this week.”

JK Dobbins is a must-start in Week 1 01:00:48

  • Dobbins faces the Houston defense, which allowed the most rushing yards in over 40 years.
  • The Texans gave up 5.05 yards per carry and 25 rushing touchdowns last season.
  • Even if the Ravens are in a commanding lead, they will rely on the run game.
  • Dobbins is a definite starter and should have a productive Week 1.

“My week one start. We’ve been waiting for this all year.”

Alexander Mattison is an excellent fantasy option 01:01:51

  • Madison is the starting running back for the Vikings in Week 1.
  • He has a higher percentage chance of scoring a touchdown than many other running backs.
  • The Buccaneers’ defensive front struggled against the run last season.
  • Madison has proven to be a top-12 running back in multiple games.

“It’s Madison time.”

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Chris Olave and Jahan Dotson are strong wide receiver picks 01:02:32

  • Olavi pairs well with the Raiders’ quarterback, Derek Carr, against the Titans’ defense.
  • The Titans allowed the most fantasy points to wide receiver ones last year.
  • Dotson is projected to be the number one wide receiver for his team regardless of Terry McLaurin‘s availability.
  • Dotson has great hands and is a skilled playmaker.

“It’s time to get him out there and get him going.” “He projects to be the wide receiver one for this team, no matter what.”

Tyler Lockett and Juwan Johnson should shine in Week 1 01:03:15

  • Lockett historically performs exceptionally well against the Rams.
  • He managed to have multiple big games against them last year.
  • Joann Johnson has received positive buzz during training camp and is a favorite fantasy pick from the Saints.
  • Johnson has a favorable matchup against a defense that struggled against tight ends last year.

“He’s going to crush in Week 1.” “Joann Johnson is a good bet for a big game.”

Tyler Higby and Gerald Everett are solid tight end options 01:03:34

  • Higby is a great play in PPR leagues due to his expected volume and lack of other options for the Rams.
  • Everett is an under-the-radar streaming option with a good matchup against Miami’s defense.
  • Miami struggled against tight ends last year, making Everett a potential low-end TE1.

“Tyler Higby will get volume and is a great play in a PPR league.” “Gerald Everett is a low-end potential streaming type of option.”

Jason declares himself the true boom boom kicker 01:06:28

  • Jason Moore humorously declares himself the top kicker analyst.
  • He references Patrick Swayze and “Point Break” to emphasize his confidence.
  • Jason expresses his motivation to target kickers this year, calling them all “nonsense.”

“Like Patrick Swayze, boys, I may go crazy. I wonder if I will hit my point break. Kickers are dirty when they’re dancing past 30.”

The Fantasy Footballers app 01:07:30

  • The Fantasy Footballers have launched a new in-season app, available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. 01:07:46
  • The app includes rankings, start set tools, articles, podcast episodes, and fantasy player news. 01:07:49
  • It is an upgraded version of the previous app, offering all the features available on their website. 01:07:53
  • The app aims to make managing fantasy football easier for users. 01:08:02

“If you search for the Fantasy Footballers on the App Store or the Google Play Store and you download the new app, it has been upgraded. It is a brand new app for your pocket. And all of those things, everything on the website is available there.”

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