Week 1 Matchups + TNF Reaction, Stack Boom!

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The NFL season is underway! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Thursday Night Football recap before diving back into the Week 1 matchup previews! Get Week 1 fantasy football start/sit advice. Plus, Andy, Jason, and Mike reveal their Week 1 DFS lineups during the “Fantasy Faceoff”!  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 8th, 2023.

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Chiefs vs Lions Recap 03:15

  • The Detroit Lions won the game 21-20, which was a surprise victory.
  • The absence of Travis Kelsey and Tyreek Hill had a significant impact on the Chiefs’ performance.
  • Fantasy managers learned important lessons from this game, including the value of having Travis Kelsey on their roster.

“Your Travis Kelsey pick was great. And you’re going to love having him soon.”

Cadarius Tony’s Performance 03:54

  • Cadarius Tony had a poor showing with only one catch for one yard and a carry for negative one yard.
  • Despite his lack of production, he still outscored Skymore due to his minimal catch.
  • Some members of the Fantasy Footballers podcast express frustration with Tony’s performance and discuss dropping him from their rosters.

“Cadarius Tony is getting the backstreet boot off the bridge from my team on Tuesday.”

Uncertainty in Chiefs’ Receiving Corps 07:00

  • The absence of Travis Kelsey leaves uncertainty in the Chiefs’ receiving corps.
  • It is unclear who will emerge as a consistent weekly starter besides Kelsey.
  • Fantasy managers can take chances on players in DFS lineups, but consistency may be lacking.

“The real fantasy message is that it is a completely agnostic target. It could be anyone or no one.”

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Jahmyr Gibbs‘ Performance 08:53

  • Jameer Gibbs had seven carries for 42 yards, but tripped on the turf during one play.
  • He would’ve scored a touchdown if he hadn’t slipped.
  • Gibbs’ role in the game was limited, but he showed promise as an outstanding athlete.

“If he didn’t slip, it was a touchdown and then anyone complaining about Jameer Gibbs wouldn’t be super upset.”

David Montgomery vs. Jameer Gibbs 09:30

  • David Montgomery had a disappointing performance, only gaining 18 yards.
  • The offensive line for the Lions was better than the Chiefs’ line, which impacted Gibbs’ performance.
  • It is expected that Montgomery will continue to be heavily involved, while Gibbs will be more of a change-of-pace back.

“And Gibbs will be more of the change of pace, but he’ll get enough work as the season goes on to be excellent.”

Sam LaPorta‘s Debut 10:28

  • Sam LaPorta had an impressive debut, being on the field for almost every snap and lining up out wide.
  • He had five receptions, which is one of the most by a rookie tight end in the last five years.

“He looked the part, was out there almost every single snap and lining up out wide a lot.”

Detroit Lions‘ Victory 11:22

  • The Detroit Lions, considered underdogs, emerged as contenders by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.
  • This victory showcased the Lions’ moxie and exceeded expectations.

“I mean, we said the stats yesterday morning, the Chiefs don’t lose openers… Detroit, you deserve this. And I’m so happy for, you know, as a Cardinals fan, I know what it’s like to be the Detroit Lions type of franchise.”

Coaching Decisions by Dan Campbell 12:14

  • Dan Campbell’s decision to go for a fake punt at the beginning of the game showed his aggressive coaching style.
  • This decision turned into a touchdown for the Lions.
  • Going for it on fourth down at the end of the game was also considered an optimal decision.

“And that’s optimal coaching, recognizing the situation of we, we got to do something here… It was the optimal play of, of you need to go for it right here. You can’t give them a home.”

Injury Updates 17:23

  • Beckham is dealing with an ankle injury but is back at practice.
  • The fragility of the pass-catching core of the Ravens has been an issue for years.
  • Mark Andrews and Bateman have been banged up, while Dobbins is also recovering from an injury.
  • If Beckham and Andrews are out, consider starting rookie Zay Flowers in week one.

“The fragility of this pass-catching core has been an issue for years.”

Running back matchups 24:20

  • Damian Pierce’s matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles last season, who had an exceptionally good run defense, led him to be a top 12 running back.
  • Against Dallas, he was the running back 16. Against Cleveland, who had a good defense, he was running back 21.
  • Despite the tough matchup this week, Damian Pierce should still be considered a solid RB2 or better.

“So if you drafted Damian Pierce, I’m not scared off by this matchup.”

Rookie quarterbacks in week one 24:41

  • CJ Stroud is making his debut as a first-round rookie quarterback. Historically, rookie first-round quarterbacks in week one have averaged 216 passing yards and 19 completions.

CJ Stroud gets to make his debut.”

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Nico Collins‘ potential 25:10

  • Nico Collins, a rookie wide receiver for the Houston Texans, has shown promise and could be an interesting player to watch. Standing at 6’4″ and 216 pounds, he has the physical attributes to excel.
  • Some believe that Nico Collins could potentially emerge as a top wide receiver on the team.

Nico Collins has flashed at times and been a really interesting player.”

Bears as favorites against the Packers 25:54

“Bears being favorites in this matchup feels weird.”

Khalil Herbert and the Bears offense 26:37

  • The matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears presents an opportunity to answer several questions.
  • One of the questions is whether Khalil Herbert will be the lead running back for the Bears. This is widely believed, but confirmation is still awaited.
  • Additionally, they want to see how the Bears’ passing game develops and if it can elevate DJ Moore into the top 12 wide receivers.

“We want to know and have definitive proof that Khalil Herbert‘s the guy.”

Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon against the Bears defense 27:25

  • Aaron Jones is a definite start against the Bears defense, which struggled against running backs last year.
  • AJ Dillon, who was mentioned as a low-end flex option, could also be considered due to the Bears’ weaker performance against fantasy running backs.

Aaron Jones is for sure a start.”

Raiders vs. Broncos matchup 27:55

  • The Las Vegas Raiders have consistently come out on top in their matchups against the Denver Broncos.
  • With a new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, leading the Raiders, the result of this game is anticipated.
  • Questions surrounding the performance of Russell Wilson and Sean Payton’s offense will be answered in this matchup as well.

“The Raiders took both games against the hapless Denver offense last year.”

Outlook for Javante Williams and Cortland Sutton 29:11

  • Javante Williams is seen as a solid flex option against the Denver Broncos.
  • Cortland Sutton is also expected to perform well in a flex position.

“Javante Williams seems like a really good flex option as well.”

Marvin Mims and Jerry Judy 30:11

  • If Jerry Judy is limited or unable to play, Marvin Mims could be a decent start against the Raiders’ defense.
  • However, if Judy is active, Marvin Mims can still be considered a flex option.
  • Jason believes Marvin Mims is a good wide receiver who should be given a chance.

“If Judy’s back, is Marvin Mims a sit?”

Troutman is the starter 31:14

  • Adam Troutman is the starting tight end.
  • Mike is excited about Troutman’s potential.

“Mike is so happy you even have to think about it.” “I love it.”

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Flex options: Dulcich or Mims with Judy out? 31:22

  • Should you flex Greg Dulcich or Denzel Mims with Jerry Jeudy out?
  • It’s better to flex a wide receiver over a tight end.
  • However, if Dulcich is playing in the tight end role, he could be more important.

“Yeah, I would rather flex the wide receiver over a tight end.” “But you could argue that Dulcich is more important if you’re playing him in the tight end role.”

Josh Jacobs‘ success against the Broncos 31:58

  • Josh Jacobs performed well against the Broncos defense last year.
  • He was the RB1 and RB7 against them, with 175 and 160 rushing yards respectively.
  • Expect Jacobs to have a strong performance in Week 1.

“Absolutely massacred the Broncos defense last year.” “He’ll be an RB1 this week.”

Davante Adams‘ first game with Jimmy G 32:20

  • Devonte Adams will be starting alongside Jimmy Garoppolo for the first time.
  • Despite the new chemistry, Adams should still be played with confidence.

“You drafted him to play him.”

Rhamondre Stevenson‘s status for Week 1 32:43

  • Ramon Ray Stevenson is expected to play in Week 1 despite missing practice.
  • The absence may not be a concern, and Zeke could see more work against the Eagles.

“He is still expected to play Sunday despite today’s absence from practice.” “So that means Zeke could get more work in this game against an Eagles defensive front.”

Uncertainty in the Eagles’ running back room 34:32

  • The Eagles’ running back situation is uncertain, with multiple options.
  • The Patriots had a strong defense against the run last year, making it a tough matchup.
  • It’s advisable to have backup options if you’re waiting on Ramon Ray Stevenson.

“There’s absolutely no reason to play an Eagle.” “You have another option on your roster.” “I think Swift was like a six, seventh round pick.” “And his opinion of this backfield was that it is going to be gross.”

Fantasy implications for Dolphins vs. Chargers 35:32

  • The Dolphins and Chargers game is expected to be exciting for fantasy football.
  • Tua Tagovailoa is a recommended start this week due to the Chargers’ vulnerability to big plays.
  • Raheem Mostert is a lock for a strong start in this game.

“Tua was Mike’s start of the week.” “I think Raheem Mostert will get a ton of volume in a game you want pieces in.” “So for me, Mostert to me is like locked into a start.”

Gerald Everett: Mike’s start of the week at tight end 38:10

  • Gerald Everett is Mike’s recommended start of the week at tight end.
  • He is expected to perform well and have a productive game.

Gerald Everett, Mike’s start of the week at tight end.”

Rams vs. Seahawks Matchup 39:06

  • The Rams will be without Cooper Kupp, which had a significant impact on their offense last year. They ranked 30th in yards per game and passing yards per game without him.
  • The Rams rely heavily on the run game when Kupp is out, and their passing game struggles without him.
  • Seattle’s defense is better than people give them credit for, making it a good matchup for the Seahawks.
  • Van Jefferson may see increased targets in this game, but it’s hard to expect a high level of production from him.
  • Matthew Stafford‘s performance without Cooper Kupp is yet to be seen.

“The Rams have a terrible defense and without Cooper Kupp, they’ve had a terrible offense. I don’t know what there is to really like on the Rams side of the ball outside of Cam Akers.”

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Giants vs. Cowboys Matchup 43:28

  • The Giants offense will be tested against the tough Dallas Cowboys defense.
  • Daniel Jones had the fewest 20 plus yard passes last year, opting for safer plays to avoid turnovers.
  • The addition of Darren Waller gives the Giants a reliable target and boosts their offense.
  • Key players for fantasy consideration on the Giants side include Saquon Barkley and Darren Waller, while the wide receiver situation is still uncertain.
  • Tony Pollard is expected to have a good matchup and could have a strong start to the season.
  • Dak Prescott has an impressive record against the Giants, winning 10 straight games.

Tony Pollard is the guy in the backfield for Dallas. This is a good matchup for him to get the season off on the right foot.”

Fantasy Football Start/Sit Advice 45:16

“I’d go Gino.” 45:26

Draft Day Strategy 45:33

  • The hosts drafted their quarterback very late in the draft.
  • They were hoping to get Gino Smith.
  • Ultimately, they had to choose between Dak Prescott and Kurt Cousins due to having a Minnesota Vikings pass catcher on their team.

“And the fact that we had a Minnesota Viking pass catcher, we drafted Jordan Addison. That moved us over to Kurt Cousins for just the potential of a week one stack boom.” 45:46

Playing Gabe Davis over Jordan Addison 45:54

  • The hosts discuss the strategy of playing Gabriel Davis over Jordan Addison for a potential “stack boom.”
  • Jordan Addison is still a viable option.

“No, Jordan Addison could still be in.” 45:57

Punishments for Draft Choices 46:02

  • The hosts discuss their disappointments in their draft choices.
  • Jason mentions that he has already received his punishments.

“Look, it didn’t work, Jason. I already received my punishments.” 46:05

Thursday Night Loss 46:09

  • The hosts reflect on their loss in the Thursday night game.
  • The loss was not just meant as punishment, but also for bragging rights.

“I mean, I’m not just trying to punish you. I’m trying to victory lap myself as well, Brandon.” 46:11

Disappointment in Skymore 46:24

  • The hosts express their disappointment in Skymore’s performance.
  • They criticize Skymore for dropped passes, poor throws, and lack of targets.
  • DJ Chark is reported to be out for week one with a hamstring injury.

“Yeah, but Skymore sucks. Yeah, so… Tony dropped passes. Skymore was overthrown, underthrown, and then didn’t get targets, which is an earned stat. So he is still not good. By the way, update, DJ Chark is out for week one with the hamstring.” 46:26

  • The hosts discuss their weekly matchups in their fantasy football league.
  • The loser of each week’s matchup will spin the Wheel of Shame and wear something ridiculous. 51:50
  • The hosts comment on a photo of a combination of themselves, describing it as horrific and terrifying, but also well done. 51:59

“That is a combination of you and me. It is horrific. It is terrifying. It is really well done.”

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  • Losing in fantasy football sucks and can be embarrassing. 52:17
  • They encourage listeners to try out different lineup strategies and have fun with fantasy football. 52:25
  • They mention their DFS/betting podcast and DFS pass for more help. 53:00

“But if you do need some help, we have best of the business. We have the fantasy footballers DFS/betting podcast that comes out on Tuesday and Friday every week. And we have the DFS pass on the website.”

DFS Lineups and Player Picks 53:15

“He [Jason] went with Tua Tagovailoa […] and I paid only $200 more and got the guy across the field from him who’s at home, who’s favored Justin Herbert, baby.”

  • Jason and Mike both have Tyreek Hill in their lineups. 54:29
  • They discuss the commanders defense as a popular choice, given their low price and matchup against the Cardinals. 56:15
  • All three hosts have Tyler Higbee as their tight end. 57:05

Tyler Higbee at tight end. It’s hard to PPR. I mean, $4,800 so many targets.”

Overlapping Player Picks and Wrap-Up 57:10

“I have Marvin Mims, Jr. in my flex. So I was very happy to hear you have him at the Stone Cold 3000.”

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