Top 10 Quarterbacks + Sneaky Good QB Values

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How early should you draft a QB in 2023 fantasy football drafts? Find out on today’s fantasy football podcast, as Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss their top 10 quarterbacks! Plus, favorite late-round targets, potential streamers, and the latest NFL news! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 9th, 2023.

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Punting the Quarterback Position 07:58

  • If you don’t draft one of the top 10 quarterbacks, you need to have a strategy in place.
  • Look for value at other positions and target players who drop in the draft.
  • Having a plan and being flexible is key in navigating the draft.

“You sometimes go in with the plan to get a top guy, but then a different running back value drops to you, a wide receiver value you have to pass. So, who are you targeting right now?” 07:55

Late-Round Quarterback Targets 08:25

  • In today’s fantasy football landscape, having an elite quarterback is crucial.
  • Look for late-round quarterbacks who have the potential to put up big numbers.
  • Target quarterbacks who score high amounts of fantasy points.

“If I don’t get one of those top guys, what I have found my strategy that I have been going to the most because in today’s day and age in fantasy football, you need an elite quarterback, you need someone that is scoring crazy amounts of points.” 08:36

Sneaky Good QB Values 08:42

  • Quarterbacks who accumulate stats but don’t win you weeks
  • Taking a shot on Anthony Richardson to be a differentiating player
  • Pairing Anthony Richardson with Geno Smith as a late-round target
  • Geno Smith finished as QB5 last year
  • Richardson might have a slow start, so waiting to see before playing him 08:49

“I’m taking a shot on Anthony Richardson…to be a [QB] who differentiates himself from your average [QB]s who at the end of the year will accumulate stats but won’t win you weeks.”

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“I pair him with Geno SmithGeno Smith is going really late…I think he has a chance to be really good.”

“I think [Tua Tagovailoa] has fantasy MVP potential…Tua in the eighth round, ninth round is very, very interesting.”

“it’s funny that we’re talking about these are guys if we don’t get one of our top ten these are the players that we’re gonna fall back on”

Top 10 Quarterbacks 17:57

“Being added to the Bills roster means that Damien Harris is less valuable than Murray. The Bills plan to use both of them.”

Marlon Mack‘s Injury 17:13

  • Marlon Mack has left practice.
  • Arizona Cardinals may need to consider signing him.
  • James Connor has been catching a lot of passes in practice.

“With Marlon Mack injured, the Cardinals could benefit from having him on their roster. James Connor has been performing well in training.”

Late-Round Quarterback Strategy 18:22

  • Late-round quarterback strategy is changing due to the performance of backup quarterbacks.
  • Last year, 45 different quarterbacks had a top 12 performance, the second most in over a decade.
  • However, the gap between elite quarterbacks and lower-ranked ones is too wide to overcome.

“Late-round quarterbacks can still be valuable, but the top-tier quarterbacks are outperforming them by a significant margin.”

Trevor Lawrence‘s Potential Breakout 20:17

  • Trevor Lawrence is a popular breakout candidate.
  • He finished as the QB8 last year with solid weapons.
  • Lawrence is viewed as a pocket passer with some rushing ability.
  • His rushing touchdowns were higher than expected.
  • There is concern that his ADP is too high, given the expectations for a breakout season.
  • Lawrence could potentially perform similarly to last year, which would be considered a disappointment by many.
  • He has the potential to reach top three if he exceeds expectations.

Trevor Lawrence‘s ADP is rising due to the expectations of a breakout season. However, if he performs similarly to last year, it would be a disappointment. But if Lawrence exceeds expectations, he could be a top-three quarterback.”

Top 10 Quarterbacks + Sneaky Good QB Values | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1435 24:25

  • The hosts are going to take a quick break and then discuss a couple of quarterbacks who are late-round targets in drafts. 24:25

“We’ll take a quick break and come back with a couple of guys, the only quarterbacks in our top ten with an ADP after round six.”

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Deshaun Watson 24:47

  • The first quarterback discussed is Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns. The hosts have varying opinions on Watson’s potential for the upcoming season. 24:49

  • One host is extremely bullish on Watson, ranking him at QB8, while another host has more reservations. 24:54

“I have him at eight, he’s being drafted as the QB10. Mike has him at 10, Jason at 13.”

  • The hosts acknowledge that this offseason has sparked strong disagreements between them regarding Watson’s outlook and potential return to form. 25:10

“Historically, this offseason has been a strong disagreement, in particular between Jason and myself, with what Deshaun Watson will provide for Fantasy managers as well as whether he can return to form.”

  • Watson’s recent performances with the Cleveland Browns have been a mixed bag. While he had a few disastrous games, he also had two strong finishes. 25:40

“His first four back were four unmitigated disasters, but the final two very good fantasy finishes in production.”

  • The hosts discuss the impact of Watson’s performance on the fantasy value of his teammates, such as Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, David Njoku, and potentially Elijah Moore. 25:49

  • Watson’s preseason performance will be crucial in determining his potential this year. One host is skeptical until they see Watson perform well in live games. 26:11

“I want to see him perform in preseason and say, ‘He looks like his old self’ or ‘This is more of what we’ve seen.’ Until I see it, I just don’t want to predict.”

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  • Despite the uncertainty surrounding Watson, one host believes that if he bounces back to form, he could be the most valuable pick in fantasy football this season. 27:12

“I genuinely think Deshaun Watson might be the fantasy MVP this year.”

  • Ultimately, the hosts acknowledge that drafting Watson comes down to personal preference and comfort level with the off-field issues he has faced. 28:54

“If you don’t want to draft the guy, don’t draft the guy. If you simply want to draft players you enjoy rooting for, go do it. That’s always been the case.”

“It’s a hard thing to draw that line, to tell you whether you should root for him.”

“That’s not my job. My job is to tell you what I think he’s going to do on the football field.”


“I genuinely think Deshaun Watson might be the fantasy MVP this year.”

Daniel Jones as a Late-Round Quarterback 31:33

  • Daniel Jones finished last year as the quarterback nine.
  • He had a unique ability to score a lot of fantasy points in bunches.
  • He had 700 rushing yards last year, which contributed to his fantasy production.
  • However, he had a low consistency grade and only 29 of his games were games to be happy with.
  • He is considered a streamer and not a reliable starter.
  • Week one against the Dallas Cowboys is a tough matchup.
  • If you are in a two-quarterback league and looking for lower-tier options, he could be considered.

Daniel Jones is a wonderful streamer and great in best ball if you want to take that upside.” 33:23

Justin Fields and Justin Herbert as League-Winning Quarterbacks 36:26

  • Justin Fields and Justin Herbert are ranked seventh and sixth, respectively, in quarterback rankings.
  • They are considered the best picks at the quarterback position for the 2023 season.
  • Fields has DJ Moore added to the roster and another year in the system.
  • Herbert has Chase Claypool and the addition of Jared Cook.
  • They have the potential to win your league.

Justin Fields and Justin Herbert are the two best picks in my opinion for 2023 at the quarterback position.” 36:49

Justin Fields‘ Potential as a Quarterback 38:33

  • Fields needs to take a progression forward as a passer to elevate himself into the tier of a Jalen Hurts-style quarterback like Josh Allen did.
  • His rushing baseline is otherworldly, with the potential to rush for over a thousand yards or even more.
  • Fields had an impressive eight-game stretch in the middle of the season where he was on pace for 1,712 rushing yards.
  • With the level of rushing ability he possesses, Fields can do things that other quarterbacks can’t.

“He can rush for a thousand yards, he can rush for well more than that. He came on pace for 1,712 rushing yards.”

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Justin Fields as a Late-Round Value Pick 39:41

  • Fields has the potential to be the QB1 on the season if he takes a step forward as a passer.
  • While there is less confidence in his passing ability compared to last year’s Jalen Hurts, Fields still has the potential to be a good pick where he is being drafted.
  • He is currently being drafted around 46-48 overall on different platforms, making him a potential steal.

“He could be the quarterback one on the season and be someone you draft a little bit later.”

Justin Herbert‘s Potential for a Strong Season 41:02

  • Herbert had a rough season last year due to injuries and offensive line problems but showed promise as a mobile quarterback.
  • With a healthy receiving corps consisting of Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, Quentin Johnston, and others, Herbert has the weapons he needs to have a strong season.
  • The addition of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore adds to the potential of the offense.
  • While Herbert is primarily a pocket passer, he has shown the ability to rush and contribute fantasy points in that aspect.

“This is a super offense, and we have to remember how last season started for Herbert.”

Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson as Potential Top Quarterbacks 45:07

  • Joe Burrow has great weapons and throws the ball a ton, making him a strong fantasy option.
  • Lamar Jackson‘s rushing baseline is reliable, but there is hope for him to take a step forward as a passer with a strong wide receiver room.
  • However, the wide receiver room in Baltimore is a bit fragile, with Rashod Bateman still dealing with injury.

“I think it’s more fragile than it appears right now.”

The Outlook for Lamar Jackson 46:28

  • Lamar Jackson‘s fantasy value is heavily dependent on the performance of wide receivers like Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham Jr.
  • If these wide receivers can perform well, Jackson has the potential to bounce back to his previous elite fantasy status.
  • The addition of Todd Monkin as the offensive coordinator is projected to bring positive changes to the Ravens’ offense.
  • Jackson’s rushing ability remains a valuable asset in fantasy football.

“If just Zay flowers and Mark Andrews can get it done with the changes that I’m projecting for the offense, then I think Lamar Jackson is going to be in an absolute incredible fantasy pick.”

Evaluating Joe Burrow‘s Fantasy Value 47:14

  • Joe Burrow is now considered the leader of the Bengals’ offense.
  • In the 2021 season, the team transitioned from a run-heavy approach to relying more on Burrow’s passing skills.
  • Burrow’s ADP is pushed up due to the popularity of the top three quarterbacks (Herbert, Lawrence, Fields).
  • When compared to players available in the third round, Burrow’s value may not be as enticing.

“I’d rather have the Herbert-Gibbs combination there; that’s the gamble.”

Taking a Closer Look at Lamar Jackson‘s Consistency 49:13

  • Lamar Jackson has struggled to consistently provide usable fantasy points, ranking in the top 10 only 35% of the time in his last 17 games.
  • While there is potential for improvement with the addition of Todd Monkin and better weapons, it is still a projection.
  • The increased pace of play for the Ravens’ offense could be a significant factor in enhancing Jackson’s fantasy performance.

Lamar Jackson has three straight years of not finishing as a top 10 quarterback, which is a longer run than Deshaun Watson.”

The Upside of Lamar Jackson‘s Fantasy Potential 51:16

  • The first three weeks of the 2021 season showcased Lamar Jackson‘s potential as he reached QB1 status.
  • Rashad Bateman’s presence in those three games contributed significantly to Jackson’s success.
  • Even with some uncertainty surrounding the new offensive system, Jackson’s rushing ability and increased pace of play offer a high ceiling.
  • However, his ADP being in the same range as Joe Burrow may not make him the preferred choice.

“I think that this is the year that he does return to being a top five guy; he’s gonna have every opportunity this year with the offensive system and the fact they’re trying to equip him.”

Are the top three quarterbacks worth the draft pick? 55:44

  • Last year, the top quarterbacks outperformed the rest by a significant margin.
  • In 2021, the point differential between the top three and the middle was only two points, making it less clear if drafting one of the big three is worth it.
  • Taking one of the top three quarterbacks may not give you the edge it seems, especially considering the exceptional seasons of players like Devonte Adams or Derrick Henry.

“I believe that these three guys will be great picks and great players, but they won’t be on the championship-winning team in your league.”

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The value of late-round quarterback targets 58:26

  • In contrast to the top three quarterbacks, there is value in targeting quarterbacks in the later rounds.
  • Quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and the Justins (Fields and Herbert) have the potential to produce similar numbers but can be drafted later.
  • Picking up a quarterback in the second round can cost you an opportunity to draft high-performing players like Devonte Adams or Derrick Henry.

“The championship-winning team in your league is the one who, in the second round, grabbed Devonte Adams or Derrick Henry and paired them with a quarterback who hit.”

The importance of the Ultimate Draft Kit 58:43

  • The Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit provides a wealth of resources, including player profile videos, sleeper, breakout, and value picks, and player projections.
  • Over 100 players are profiled in the kit, helping you make informed decisions about your draft strategy.
  • The projections in the Ultimate Draft Kit are based on attempts, completions, total yards, and touchdowns.

“We break down over 100 players in the ultimate draft kit that goes along with all of our sleeper, breakout, bus, and value picks at every position.”

Anomalies in the quarterback scoring in 2021 55:52

  • Last year, the top three quarterbacks averaged almost 29 points per game, while quarterbacks four through six dropped to under 23 points per game.
  • The point differential between the top three and the middle tier quarterbacks was six points in 2021, a significant increase compared to previous years.
  • The lower-tier quarterbacks scored just over 20 points per game, the lowest mark in at least five years.

“Last year was an outlier when it came to quarterback scoring.”

The value of Josh Allen in fantasy football 57:11

  • Josh Allen is a safe and reliable option who can provide 395 or more fantasy points.
  • His rushing ability adds to his value, making him a highly sought-after quarterback in fantasy football.
  • Getting Josh Allen in the early third round or top of the second round is a great pick for fantasy football teams.

“I will get 395 or more fantasy points from Josh Allen because he’s safe.”

Understanding Different ADP Rankings 01:00:03

  • ADP stands for Average Draft Position, which indicates the average position at which a player is being selected in fantasy football drafts.
  • Sleeper, Yahoo, and ESPN are platforms where people can participate in fantasy football leagues.
  • The ADP can vary between different platforms, meaning that the order in which players are drafted may differ.
  • The sleeper ADP is generally considered to be sharper and faster compared to Yahoo and ESPN.

“Some of the times you know a player like Christian McCaffrey is going lower on ESPN than they’re then they’re going on I need to make some ESPN drafts on sleeper so we’re working on getting you like a more comprehensive ADP report inside the Ultimate Draft Kit.”

Importance of Customizing Projections 01:01:01

  • Projections in fantasy football are predictions made about player performance based on various factors.
  • Customizing projections allows players to account for the scoring system used in their league and understand how certain factors may affect the player’s performance.

“Those projections that we make, you can customize them to your scoring so you’ve got an extra thing here or an extra thing there and you wonder how that would affect your league, you can have it exactly what it really is.”

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