Starts of the Week + Week 2 Breakdown

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Get ready for Week 2! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason preview a handful of Week 2 games! Find out which players have the juiciest matchups and the worst ones. Plus, injury updates, Starts of the Week, and Jason’s Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 14th, 2023.

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Starts of the Week + Week 2 Breakdown | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1460

NFL News and Updates 01:47

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming NFL games, including matchup previews and injury updates.
  • They mention the ongoing “Boom Boom Kicker” saga.
  • Jason shares that he no longer has Zach Moss on his team after a pick swap with Andy.

“And I guess an announcement this morning. Oh, really important one. Jason no longer has Zach Moss on his team.” 02:00

Christian McCaffrey Jersey Giveaway 03:19

  • The hosts announce a giveaway for a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey.
  • Listeners can enter the giveaway for free at
  • They playfully suggest that the jersey may come with “at least 30 fantasy points” in the corresponding week’s game.

“We have a signed CMC jersey, Christian McCaffrey. And we’re going to give it away… You can go to completely free to enter.” 03:29

Trade Talk and Bribery in Fantasy Football Leagues 03:57

  • The hosts respond to a listener’s question about trade talk involving real money in their work league.
  • They discuss the ethical and rule-related aspects of introducing real money into trades.
  • They highlight that, in most leagues, trades should only involve players and not external incentives like money or services.

“Yeah, collusion, bribery, illegal… In 99.9% of leagues, you cannot sweeten a trade with things outside of the world of fantasy football or without that league.” 06:16

Recap of Week 1 18:24

  • Week 1 had lower scoring and 12 out of 16 games hit the under in terms of their game total.
  • Only 61 total offensive touchdowns were scored, which is one of the lower totals in recent times.
  • There are eight games in week 2 with a total of 40 and a half or lower, which is not favorable.

“Week one was down, scoring wise, for the NFL. 12 of the 16 games hit the under in terms of their game total.”

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Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons 19:04

  • Green Bay Packers (1-0) will face the Atlanta Falcons (1-0) in Atlanta.
  • The line is close with Green Bay favored by one point and an over/under of 40.5.
  • Andy is curious about Jason’s prediction for the game.

“I was really curious your take, Andy. If you’re new here to the fantasy footballers and he’s had a really good track record of viewing game outcomes with his stupid almost upset to the week that are always nonsense and always work out or like 80% of the time.”

Thoughts on Green Bay vs Atlanta 19:45

  • Andy predicts that Green Bay will win.
  • Jason also believes Green Bay will come out on top due to Atlanta’s offensive limitations.
  • Atlanta is a good team, but they might not have enough firepower in this game.

“I think Atlanta, I think Atlanta is a good team…They could win this division. I don’t think they will have enough in this game on the offensive side.”

Analysis of Atlanta’s Defense 20:28

  • Jesse Bates was one of Atlanta’s defensive free agent pickups and had a high ranking in week 1 according to PFF.
  • While Atlanta’s defense is considered middle-of-the-pack, they may struggle against Green Bay’s offense.
  • The close line reflects the difficulty of predicting the outcome of this game.

“Jesse Bates. Yeah, highest ranked in week one according to PFF. But I don’t think Atlanta wins this game at home. It’s a close line.”

Evaluating Tight End Options 21:44

“I would still go Pitts…But I think Musgrave, Musgrave to me in this same game is the most interesting name.”

Playing Puka Nucua 24:56

  • Most people who spent a significant amount of FAAB on Puka would likely play him, even though the matchup is tough.
  • The decision becomes more difficult when considering alternative options who may be more reliable.

“I think you’re probably playing Puka…As concerned as I am for what could happen to Puka this week.”

Starts of the Week + Week 2 Breakdown 25:08

“I’m playing him over Drake London.”

Tee Higgins – Emotional Harm and Divisional Matchup 32:43

  • Despite occasionally emotionally harming fantasy players, T Higgins should still be in your lineup.
  • The upcoming matchup against a divisional opponent may result in a lower-scoring game.

“Yeah. I mean, T Higgins is it should be in your lineup. We’ll talk about him in a little bit. There’s no reason to really go away from him.” 33:00

Baltimore Ravens‘ Offense Disappointment and the Importance of Mark Andrews 33:27

  • The Baltimore Ravens‘ offense was disappointing in Week 1 against the Texans.
  • Mark Andrews‘ potential return is highly anticipated by fantasy owners.
  • If the offense improves with Andrews, it would benefit all the drafted Ravens’ players.

“What we saw from the Baltimore Ravens offense in week one was probably the most disappointing thing I saw in week one because they went up against the Texans.” 33:33 “So hopefully Mark Andrews is back. And if that offense can go, then you’re going to play pretty much all of your pieces you drafted in these games.” 34:00

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Running Back Situation in Baltimore and the Impact of Todd Monken’s Offense 34:08

  • The running back situation in Baltimore is uncertain with Gus Edwards and Justice Hill.
  • Touches are expected to be split approximately 60-40 in Hill’s favor.
  • Justice Hill is likely to have more receptions and may be used at the goal line.
  • Both Hill and Edwards can be considered as flex options.

“What about the running back situation in Baltimore, though, where you have to make Philadelphia like decisions? Gus Edwards, Justice Hill.” 34:08 “Yeah, I think it’ll be 60, 40. Justice Hill, as far as the split goes because touches, touches.” 34:23 “I lean on the Justice Hill side, not a great matchup against the Bengals. This isn’t a smash like you have to start Justice Hill or Gus Edwards.” 35:01

Zay Flowers‘ Impressive Performance and the Impact of Mark Andrews 35:13

  • Zay Flowers had a standout performance in Week 1, despite the absence of Mark Andrews.
  • Mark Andrews‘ return may reduce Flowers’ target share, but it is expected that the offense will improve.
  • Currently, Flowers is considered a solid WR2 start every week.

“Obviously we were super impressed with Zay Flowers in week one, but it would be kind of silly not to consider what Jason said about the absence of Mark Andrews in this offense.” 35:13 “The expectation still extremely high for Zay Flowers in this matchup.” 35:23 “And of course when Mark Andrews comes in, Zay Flowers target share will go down. But I think that it’s counterbalanced that the offense will just be better.” 36:19

Detroit Lions‘ Offensive Potential and Seattle Seahawks‘ Concerns 36:29

  • The Detroit Lions‘ offense showed promise in Week 1, and Amon Ra St. Brown could be a strong start.
  • Sam Laporta is a viable option due to his consistent playing time.
  • Seattle Seahawks‘ offensive line injuries and inconsistencies raise concerns for their performance against the Lions.
  • Jared Goff and the Lions’ running backs are recommended starts.

“I think Amon Ra is going to be in your lineup. I think you can take the shot on Sam Laporta since he’s out there every single snap. I start up all of my Detroit Lions without hesitation.” 37:46 “Now the Seahawks. Yeah there’s a lot of there’s a lot of worries on that side. You have talented players. I mean Metcalf got into the end zone.” 38:27 “I think if Kenneth Walker goes down I mean the hullabaloo to get Zach Scharberna would be incredible. But he’s not going to do something. I don’t believe he’s going to really do something to be a weekly starter a flex option the way that we hoped he would.” 40:00

Concern for Tyler Lockett‘s performance 41:19

  • Tyler Lockett played 88% of snaps but only had 2 receptions for 10 yards.
  • The concern is the same for Jackson Smith and Jigba, who played 59% of snaps but had 3 receptions for 13 yards.
  • The question is whether to play Lockett this week or wait and see. 41:32

“The concern for Lockett is just if you have concern for the Seattle offense then that’s that translates to lock it if you’re you have some confidence that they’re going to figure out the offense of line situation then lock it is is back into being great.” 41:39

Breakdown of the Chargers vs Titans matchup 41:56

“You don’t want to start your season at 0-2 in the AFC.” 42:13

Assessment of Ryan Tannehill‘s performance and Derek Henry’s utilization 42:37

  • Tannehill had a poor game last week, which negatively affected Derek Henry’s opportunities.
  • The Titans’ success in this game depends on Henry’s performance and controlling the clock.
  • The utilization of Henry last week was concerning, with only 48% of snaps in a close game.
  • It is unclear why Henry’s reps were managed in such a way. 42:46

“His utilization was inexplicable… It is a big red flag of eyes on this matchup.” 44:30

Expectations for Justin Herbert and the Chargers offense 46:51

  • The Chargers’ offense in Week 1 resembled their performance from the previous year.
  • Herbert had a solid game but missed a few key plays that could have made him the top quarterback of the week.
  • This week’s matchup against the Titans is favorable for Herbert, given the Titans’ struggles against quarterbacks and wide receivers.
  • Mike Williams is expected to have a big week. 46:23

“This matchup is so much better for Justin Herbert this week… the receiving weapons here and the passing game for Justin Herbert are going to be on fire.” 47:52

Analysis of the Bears vs Buccaneers matchup 48:53

  • The Chicago Bears (0-1) face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0).
  • The Bears have lost 11 consecutive games.
  • The Buccaneers are 12.5-point home favorites with an over/under of 40.5.
  • Rashad Higgins and Justin Fields are not considered auto starts.
  • Evans and Godwin had plenty of targets and are still recommended starts.
  • There is excitement for Roche on Johnson’s potential, but Colio Herbert is still the starter.
  • DJ Moore is recommended as a start. 49:09

“Is anybody in this game an auto start? …I think there’s quite a few auto starts actually.” 49:29

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DJ Moore and the Chicago Bears 49:57

  • The host is excited to play DJ Moore this week. 49:57
  • He anticipates Moore having a bounce back game and being highly targeted. 50:03
  • The host humorously imagines Moore being upset with his lack of targets and flipping a table during a meeting. 50:08
  • He believes that the Chicago Bears will win this game. 50:36
  • The host expects the Bears to have a bounce back game and make adjustments, including giving Justin Fields more running opportunities and taking downfield chances. 50:38
  • The host asserts that DJ Moore is a good play this week. 51:02

DJ Moore should be a squeaky wheel. He should have gone into the wide receiver meeting just tearing the coach as a new one…you brought me here to be the one and you give me two targets?” 50:10 “This is a bounce back adjustment game for Justin Fields…I think DJ Moore is more highly targeted. I think they take more downfield chances.” 50:42

T. Higgins a recommended start 56:12

  • T. Higgins is a good start for fantasy football.

“you’re going to start T. Higgins because he’s good.”

Balance at wide receiver 56:14

  • It’s important to have multiple wide receivers performing well.

“And you don’t just have one wide receiver dominate everything.”

Favorable matchup for passing game 56:19

  • The Bengals are facing the Chiefs, a team known for high-scoring games.

“In a matchup like this against the Chiefs, where you know the Chiefs are going to be scoring, this game is going to be going back and forth.”

Expectation of high passing volume 56:25

  • The Bengals are likely to throw the ball a lot in this game.

“They’re going to be throwing a lot.”

Recommendations for alternative wide receivers 56:26

“I’m 100% fine taking a shot on Zay Jones or Christian Kirk.”

High expectations for Evan Ingram 56:31

  • Evan Ingram is expected to have a good game due to the Giants’ passing volume.

“Evan Ingram should be good.”

More confidence in Zay Jones 56:35

“I’m far more confident in Zay Jones.”

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Kaderius Tony expected to bounce back 57:04

  • Despite a disappointing previous week, Kaderius Tony is predicted to score a touchdown and perform well.

“I think Kaderius Tony gets into the end zone this week. In fact, I think he has a bounce back performance and has us talking about him next week.”

Divided opinion on Kaderius Tony or Christian Kirk 56:50

  • There is a debate between the hosts regarding whether to start Kaderius Tony or Christian Kirk.

“Kaderius Tony or Christian Kirk? Christian Kirk.”

Jason’s stance on Kaderius Tony 57:30

  • Jason is hesitant to start Kaderius Tony despite the positive outlook.

“I’m not. Will you put him in your lineup? Well, I did not make the contention. You should put him in your lineup, Jason.”

Mike’s insistence on Kaderius Tony’s potential 57:38

  • Mike strongly believes that Kaderius Tony will score a touchdown and encourages starting him.

“I think he scores a touchdown. Wouldn’t you want that in your lineup necessarily?”

Zach Moss favored over Kaderius Tony by Jason 57:55

  • Jason prefers starting Zach Moss over Kaderius Tony for this week.

“I’m playing Zach Moss over him.”

“All you got to do is you hear someone barking at someone.”

The hosts’ differing opinions on Kaderius Tony 59:19

  • Mike and Jason have opposing views on whether to start Kaderius Tony.

“You start Kaderius Tony.” – Mike

Promising matchups for recommended quarterbacks 58:27

“All right, starts of the week this week, my quarterback’s Justin Fields.” – Andy

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“Yeah, I’m going to go with Trevor Lawrence from the game we just talked about.” – Mike

“For me, it is Jared Garf.” – Jason

Positive outlook for Justin Fields 58:41

  • Justin Fields is predicted to have a good game with significant rushing yards.

“He’s going to run for 70, 80 yards. It’s going to be good, Justin Fields.”

Trevor Lawrence‘s potential against the Broncos 58:50

  • Trevor Lawrence is favored due to his strong performance in Week 1 and a favorable matchup against the Broncos.

“And last year, they faced the Chief twice, played well against him in the playoffs, deep into the game. And in week 10, 259, and two, he was the quarterback eight on the week.”

Jared Goff‘s favorable home matchup 59:25

  • Jared Goff is recommended due to his favorable home game against the Seahawks’ defense.

“Lions have the fourth highest team applied total of the week. Jared Goff‘s at home. Jared Goff at home is delightful for fantasy football.”

Positive outlook for Jameer Gibbs 01:00:00

  • Jameer Gibbs is expected to have a breakout week against the Seahawks’ defense.

“Look, this is the week you’re going to be very excited that you have Jameer Gibbs on your roster.”

Damian Pierce as a recommended start 01:00:45

  • Damian Pierce is recommended as a start due to a favorable matchup against the Colts and the expectation of him receiving a significant workload.

“And in nine games last year, when he had 17 plus opportunities, he averaged 14.8 fantasy points per game. He’s going to get the ball a lot in this game.”

Zach as a strong start of the week 01:01:44

  • Zach is recommended as a start of the week due to a favorable matchup against the Texans’ run defense.

“You start, Zach. He’s taking on the Houston Texans.”

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DJ Moore as Wide Receiver Start of the Week 01:02:13

  • DJ Moore had a bad week one.
  • There will be more work designed for DJ Moore this week.
  • People who drafted DJ Moore are worried.
  • Moore’s situation will improve this week.

“Trust me on this one.”

T Higgins as Wide Receiver Start of the Week 01:02:57

  • T Higgins had a disappointing performance in week one.
  • He only had one and a half targets.
  • This week, he is going up against the Baltimore Ravens.
  • In a previous game against Baltimore, Higgins had 13 targets, 12 receptions, 194 yards and 2 touchdowns.

“You don’t bench him in a game where the Bengals are sporting a 25 point team implied total.”

Zay Jones as Wide Receiver Start of the Week 01:03:41

  • Zay Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars is the start of the week.
  • He led the Jacksonville wide receivers in snaps.
  • He saw 22% of the targets and 50% of the team’s red zone targets.
  • Jones had five receptions for 55 yards and a touchdown in week one.

“He’s in the highest over under of the week.”

Dalton Kincaid as Start of the Week 01:04:23

  • Dalton Kincaid is the start of the week at the tight end position.
  • In week one, Buffalo had a major change in their personnel with only 25% of plays in 11 personnel compared to 68% last year.
  • Kincaid ran 38 routes, the most by a rookie tight end in the last decade.
  • Kincaid is expected to have a big week against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I think that Dalton Kincaid is actually gonna have a big week.”

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Luke Musgrave as Start of the Week 01:05:04

  • Luke Musgrave, a rookie tight end for the Green Bay Packers, is a good start for week two.
  • Musgrave had three receptions for 50 yards in week one, with the potential for two more touchdowns.
  • With injuries to the Packers’ receiving core, Musgrave is expected to have a big game.
  • The Atlanta Falcons gave up five receptions for 41 yards and a touchdown to the Carolina Panthers‘ tight end, Hayden Hurst.

“I think Luke Musgrave, who is out there all the time, running routes, is a good start this week.”

Hunter Henry as Start of the Week 01:06:01

“The process says that Hunter Henry should have a good game and he’s talented on top of that.”

Rest of the Matchups and Fantasy Face-Off 01:08:57

  • The rest of the matchups and the fantasy face-off where one of us, not me or Mike, will be spinning the wheel of shame will be discussed in tomorrow’s episode. 01:08:57

“Don’t miss it.” 01:09:05

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