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A special mock draft on today’s fantasy football podcast! The producers join Andy, Mike, and Jason in a 12-team mock draft! Fantasy football draft advice and strategy from six different draft spots! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for July 8th, 2023.

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Introducing the Mega Mocka Locka Ding Dong 00:03

  • The episode features a special mock draft with three members of the Ducers joining the hosts.
  • The Ducers will fill out the remaining teams in the mock draft.
  • The episode involves analysis, discussions about various players, and team projections.

“It is mega Mocka Locka Ding Dong.”

The Significance of Mock Draft Season 00:25

  • The mock draft season has arrived alongside the approaching NFL season.
  • Viewers are encouraged to leave comments expressing their thoughts on who won the draft.

“It is mock draft season because the NFL season is on its way. Leave us some comments about who you think won the draft.”

The Introduction of the Ducers 01:23

  • The hosts discuss the addition of the Ducers to the mock draft episode.
  • There is a lighthearted conversation about the special status of the mock draft.

“The mock draft is special… Yeah. Well, it’s great. And it’s like we’re doing them a favor that they get to mock draft.”

Mock draft introduction 08:58

  • The Fantasy Footballers are conducting a mock draft 08:58
  • The draft is a 12-team, half PPR league with typical roster positions 09:23
  • Mike has the first pick and selects Christian McCaffrey 09:28

“I’m going to take Christian McCaffrey, but it does not bother me in the slightest.” 09:58

Tyreek Hill pick explanation 11:05

“I’m going to take Tyreek Hill to compete with those top three guys that went just before him.” 11:15

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Bijan Robinson selection 12:29

  • Jeremy chooses Austin Ekeler with the 1.07 pick 11:50
  • He had hoped to select Bijan in front of Jason and leave him with Travis Kelce 11:50
  • However, with Ekeler available, Jeremy selects him instead 11:53

“But with Austin Ekeler on the board, I got to go there.” 11:53

  • Jeremy explains his decision to draft Bijan at the 1.08 pick 12:46
  • He believes Bijan is being drafted at his ceiling but wants to see how his roster turns out with him 13:00

“I want to see how my roster turns out with him.” 13:02

Running back holdouts 13:28

  • The producers discuss running backs Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley holding out 13:28
  • The franchise tag deadline is on July 17th for players tagged with it 13:41
  • Sanctions for not signing the franchise tag include missing camp 14:56

“If you have not signed your franchise tag, you are not under contract.” 14:56

AJ Brown pick 16:24

Running Back Strategy 17:18

  • The host wants to start the draft by selecting two running backs to see how his team looks, especially since he has Josh Jacobs available.

“I want to start running back running back and see how my team looks considering I’ve got Josh Jacobs available.”

Running Back Picks 17:25

  • The host decides to draft B. John Robinson and Josh Jacobs as his running backs, as he believes this will set him up to focus on selecting wide receivers later.

“You’re talking about I have two of my top five running backs so I’m going to take B John Robinson and Josh Jacobs.”

Wide Receiver Approach 17:31

  • The host plans to take a shotgun approach with wide receivers after securing his running backs. He feels confident with Jacobs and Robinson as his starting running backs.

“I think that will set me up to shotgun approach wide receivers.”

Positive Outlook on Running Backs 17:35

  • The host is pleased with the previous picks and would be content if his running backs were in flipped spots.

“Ultimately that’s a great start and I would be very content with them in flipped spots.”

Draft strategy 24:20

  • The group discusses their draft strategy, considering the players available in the mock draft.
  • They mention the names of several wide receivers and running backs they are considering in this round.
  • Jason expresses interest in drafting a top tier quarterback or tight end in the third round if available.

“In the third round, I am absolutely open to the three pack of the top tier quarterbacks. If they fall to the third, I’m also open to Mark Andrews.”

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Wide receiver considerations 26:11

  • Jason mentions that there are more interesting wide receivers available in this round compared to running backs.
  • He specifically mentions Devante Smith and DK Metcalf as players he is considering.
  • He believes Devante Smith is a talented receiver and decides to select him.

“I’m going to take my highest ranked wide receiver. He is only one spot higher than DK Metcalf, but I do believe Devante Smith is a world beating wide receiver.”

Continuing the draft 27:24

  • Kenneth Walker is selected right after Devonta Smith.
  • Brooks decides to add Joe Mixon in this round.
  • The selection continues with other players being drafted in a quick succession.

Lamar Jackson and DK Metcalf 28:45

  • Jason mentions that he was contemplating between DK Metcalf and Devante Smith, but his priority was to secure Lamar Jackson or Metcalf.
  • He thinks Lamar Jackson has the potential to be in the same tier as Hurts, Allen, and Mahomes.

“I wanted either Metcalf or Lamar Jackson. And they’re going in the second right now. So I like the value there.”

Additional picks 29:15

  • Jeremy selects Keenan Allen to strengthen his team.
  • Justin Fields and Aaron Jones are selected by other participants.
  • The draft continues with each participant making their picks.

“Yeah, nothing real exciting here, but I am going to take Keenan Allen and make sure he stays away from Kyle’s team.”

Considerations for running backs 30:00

  • The focus shifts to running backs as the next round of the draft approaches.
  • The host considers J.K. Dobbins and Miles Sanders as potential picks.

“I am looking at the running back room, and it’s between a few names, J.K. Dobbins and Miles Sanders.”

Drafting strategy 30:40

  • The host takes into account the factors for choosing J.K. Dobbins or Miles Sanders.
  • They discuss the strengths and potential of each player.

“When you look at those two players…”

Evaluating J.K. Dobbins and Miles Sanders 30:42

  • Dobbins is considered a bet on the offense and team in Baltimore.
  • Dobbins has the potential for huge success in Baltimore. 30:45

“A bet on Dobbins is a bet on the offense and the team.”

Comparison between J.K. Dobbins and Miles Sanders 30:55

  • Despite the popularity of Dobbins, the pick for fantasy productivity goes to Miles Sanders30:55
  • The speaker sees potential in Sanders due to his good opportunity. 31:06

“So I’m actually gonna go with the probably less popular for the listening audience pick, but the player that I think will be more fantasy productive in Miles Sanders.”

Bryce Young‘s Impact on the Panthers 31:13

“I’ve been very optimistic about the reports on Bryce Young of late… So I think Miles Sanders and the Panthers may surprise.”

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Todd Monkin’s Relationship with Winning Teams 32:31

  • Todd Monkin’s teams in Tampa, where he was responsible for play calling, were not successful. 32:41
  • Monkin was also with the Cleveland Browns in 2019, a team that was hyped but disappointing. 32:54
  • Despite Monkin’s lack of winning teams, he has been influential in driving passing game volume. 33:20
  • Speaker acknowledges that the Ravens may not dominate, despite their strong reputation. 34:11

“Freddie Kitchens was calling plays… But his influence was on that roster, and they were again a losing team… He’s just been an offensive influence that drives the passing game forward in terms of total volume… I picked them to win my fantasy heart.”

Terry McLaurin and Wide Receiver Options 37:17

  • Terry McClaren is mentioned multiple times in this segment.
  • Kyle’s team consists of Ja’Marr Chase, Garrett Wilson, and Terry McLaurin.
  • McClaren is seen as a good fit as a wide receiver three.
  • There is discussion about McClaren forming a wide receiver combination with Devonta Smith and DK McCaff.
  • Brandon Ayuk and Hollywood are also mentioned as potential wide receiver options.
  • Jason expresses his preference for running backs over these wide receivers.
  • Terry McClaren is consistently valued as a solid wide receiver option.

“Terry McClaren is consistently valued as a solid wide receiver option.”

Mock Draft Strategy 43:13

  • Andy asks about the number of animations they have currently. 43:13
  • Jason built 27 possibilities for different players. 43:15
  • Michael Pittman is discussed as a potential wide receiver. 43:19

“Well, I built 27 possibilities.”

Evaluating Picks 43:29

  • The hosts discuss their draft picks so far. 43:29
  • Jason’s turn to pick after Michael Pittman43:31
  • Wide receivers are popular picks in the fifth and sixth rounds. 43:40
  • Jason chooses Kyle Pitts and two running backs as his picks. 43:42
  • Jason explains his strategy for picking running backs. 43:49

“I feel more confident at wide receiver… several wide receivers are left.”

James Conner‘s Value 44:29

  • James Connor is discussed as a valuable running back. 44:29
  • The hosts analyze Connor’s potential and role in the Arizona Cardinals44:32
  • Connor’s ability to catch passes and get goal line work is highlighted. (tz.2674)
  • Jason believes that Connor would have been a good pick earlier. 44:42

“James Connor, like what you said…I think is a value.”

Dallas Goedert Pick 45:22

  • Jason shares his pick of Dallas Goddard. 45:22
  • The hosts discuss Goddard’s potential and the value of the pick. 45:33
  • Jason reflects on his previous consideration of Brandon Aiyuk45:56

“Dallas Goddard, the first potential tilt pick of the draft.”

Chris Godwin and Diontae Johnson Picks 48:09

  • Mike picks Chris Godwin as his first pick. 48:28
  • Mike considers Deontay Johnson and other players for his second pick. 48:36
  • Mike emphasizes the sure volume of Deontay Johnson. 49:53

Chris Godwin is one of a few wide receivers left…the sure volume of Deontay Johnson.”

Roster choices by Jason and Kyle 50:11

“Jamar Chase Garrett Wilson, McLaurin at wide receiver.” “You went Naji, JK Dobbins, and then Montgomery in the last round.”

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Evaluating available players 50:18

  • The group discusses the remaining notable players.

“There are some pretty big names out there right now.”

Mike Evans is Jason’s pick 50:21

  • Jason selects Mike Evans as his final wide receiver one.

“I’m going to go with Mike Evans.”

Jason’s reasoning for picking Mike Evans 50:24

  • Jason views Mike Evans as a locked-in player for his team.
  • Andy agrees with Jason’s selection.

“He’s kind of the last wide receiver one that I view here as like he’s locked in for his team.” “Yeah, that would have been my selection.”

Kyle’s pick: Darren Waller 50:41

“It’s between two players for me. It’s Darren Waller tight end for the New York Giants.”

Jason’s evaluation of Kyle’s pick 51:08

  • Christian jokingly suggests that Kyle’s pick of Darren Waller receives no reaction from Jason.

“Christian, no reaction to Darren Waller whatsoever.”

Christian’s view on Darren Waller 51:17

  • Christian believes that Darren Waller carries risk but could be a top-five player.

“I think it carries a lot of risk going here in the seventh with the other players you could have picked. But he could certainly regain form and be a top-five guy.”

Kyle’s second pick: Antonio Gibson 51:44

“And I’m going to take Antonio Gibson.”

Jason’s evaluation of Tua 52:15

  • Jason explains that he would be happy to draft Tua.

“When I look at the quarterback position, Tua is the last guy that I really like. I would be happy to leave the draft with Tua.”

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Jason’s pick: Treylon Burks 53:06

  • Jason selects Trelon Burks.

“I’m going to go Trelon Burks, who I think is going to have a phenomenal season.”

Brooks’ pick: Khalil Herbert 54:08

Andy’s pick: Jackson Smith Njigba 55:50

  • Andy chooses Jackson Smith Njigba as his wide receiver.

“And I’m going to go Jackson Smith and Jigba. First wide receiver off the board in Seattle.”

Kyle’s pick: Deshaun Watson 56:12

“I waited and I went for Deshaun Watson here.”

Evaluating Evan Engram 56:40

  • The group discusses Evan Ingram’s selection by another team.

“You had been reacting to Evan Ingram off the board, which might have been one of your picks.”

Tight end is now 56:44

“That’s super dumb.” 56:55

Evaluating running back options 57:01

“Samaj P. Ryan can help me cover…” 58:31

Charbonnet and Perine are top targets 58:55

  • All three speakers have Charbonnet and P. Ryan as their top targets. 59:00
  • Mike manages to draft both players in his back-to-back picks. 59:06

“Both the targets.” 58:55

Devon Achane is selected 01:00:23

  • Jason drafts A-Chain, which surprises Mike who did not expect it. 01:00:30
  • Mike has never seen Jason draft A-Chain before. 01:00:32

“I’ve never seen you draft him.” 01:00:32

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Kurk Cousins is selected 01:00:57

  • Kurt Cousins is Davis’s choice for the vacant quarterback slot. 01:01:02
  • The team selected Cousins to maximize the connection with Justin Jefferson01:01:03
  • Mention of a quarterback documentary on Netflix featuring Cousins. 01:01:08

“Kurt Cousins off the board.” 01:01:41

Rashaad Penny is drafted 01:01:59

  • Jason selects Rashaad Penny, a player he sees potential for a great fantasy season. 01:02:12
  • This pick surprises Mike, who usually ends up with Rashad Penny. 01:02:26

“He’s freaking awesome.” 01:02:22

Tight end options Chig and David Njoku 01:02:35

  • Brooks selects Chig a con quo as his tight end. 01:02:35
  • David Najoka goes next, which Mike and Jason consider good upside choices. 01:02:42

“Both very good upside names…” 01:02:42

Courtland Sutton‘s fantasy value 01:02:56

  • Mention of Cortland Sutton as an overlooked player in fantasy football. 01:03:01
  • The speaker implies that Sutton is undervalued. 01:03:01

“Probably the most ignored player in the history of fantasy this year.” 01:03:01

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Team Evaluation 01:08:39

  • Kyle’s team has Jomar Chase, Garrett Wilson, Terry McClour, Mike Evans, Elijah Moore at wide receiver
  • Najee Dobbins, Montgomery, Kendra Miller at running back
  • Watson and Firemuth at the other positions.

“I’d say balanced and then I have those two young guns that I can win a week with.”

Mock Draft Show 01:09:37

  • Possible running back question marks if they don’t deliver on promise.
  • A strong three running backs to start with before resorting to the waiver wire.

“You got a strong three to start with before you get the waiver wire.”

Producer Borland’s Team 01:09:55

  • Running backs: Eckler, Henry, Gibson, Dillon, Mostard
  • Wide receivers: Waddle, Keenan, Hollywood, Dobbins
  • Tight end: Goddard, Quarterback: Cousins
  • He feels pleasantly surprised with his team and grades it a B plus.

“I was not happy to draw the seventh spot, but I think drafting from there, I’m really happy with the team I got.”

Brooks’ Team 01:10:33

Mike’s Team 01:11:13

“I feel risky. I think that it comes down to is Justin Herbert, does he bounce back to being a top five type of a quarterback if he doesn’t, then I will be scrambling.”

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Jason’s Team 01:12:04

“I think the top is really secure and safe. And then the back end is very risky.”

Host’s Team 01:12:42

“I can feel the thinness of the wide receiver room that comes from spinning two top seven picks on Allen and Waller.”

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