Mock Draft Mayhem Returns!

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An unpredictable MOCK DRAFT on today’s fantasy football podcast! Jason and Mike go head-to-head while Andy adds mayhem to the mix! Get advice on drafting from the turn, the latest NFL News, and a new edition of Best Ball Breakdown! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 17th, 2023.

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Mock Draft Mayhem Returns! | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1441

Introduction 00:40

  • Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright are the hosts of the Fantasy Footballers podcast.
  • They are excited to discuss mock drafts and football.

“It’s football time, boys.” 01:00

Mock Draft Mayhem 01:17

  • The hosts are about to conduct a mock draft.
  • The draft will be entertaining and informative.
  • It’s a battle between the 101 and the 112 draft positions.
  • There will be surprises thrown in by the host throughout the draft.
  • This simulates the unpredictability of drafting in real leagues.
  • They believe this will be the best mock draft of the off-season.

“I think this will be maybe the most entertaining and informative mock draft of the off-season.” 02:09

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Ultimate Draft Kit Giveaway 02:43

  • Listeners have a chance to win the ultimate draft kit for life.
  • The giveaway ends on Friday.
  • To enter the giveaway, listeners must purchase the ultimate draft kit from before the deadline.
  • Previously purchased kits are also eligible for the giveaway.
  • Additional prizes include a signed Derek Henry Jersey and T. Higgins mini helmet.
  • The winners will be announced during a live stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

“Enter by going to and picking up the ultimate draft kit by Friday.” 02:56

Nasty Boys of Summer in Dynasty 04:04

  • The Dynasty podcast released a new episode called “The Nasty Boys of Summer.”
  • This episode focuses on finding under-the-radar players who can perform well in dynasty leagues.
  • The hosts discuss the joy of discovering these “nasty boys” and their potential impact on fantasy teams.
  • They share examples of players who turned into starters after being picked up from waivers.

“That’s what it’s all about. And there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of investing in a nasty boy and having it pay off over the long term.” 05:13

NFL News and Notes 05:28

  • Joe Mixon has been found not guilty of aggravating menacing.
  • Mixon is expected to have a significant role in the offense and is considered a valuable fantasy asset.
  • Jonathan Taylor has left camp for personal reasons, but it’s not related to his contract.
  • There are concerns about Taylor’s availability and performance this off-season.
  • Traylon Burks suffered an LCL sprain during practice but is not expected to miss the entire season.
  • Burks’ recovery time is estimated to be two to four weeks.
  • Breece Hall is dealing with occasional knee soreness and is uncertain about certain cuts.
  • The team expects it to take time for Hall to regain confidence in his abilities.
  • Hall’s availability in the early weeks of the season may be limited due to his recovery process.
  • Jordan Addison is in the concussion protocol, and there is a chance he could return on Monday.

Joe Mixon is a screaming value this year.” 05:52

Rookies might not play in preseason 08:41

  • Rookies not playing in preseason is a disappointment.
  • New preseason structure may mean rookies are unlikely to play in week three.

“With the new preseason structure, it would surprise me a little bit if they put him into week three.” 08:47

Russell Gage‘s season-ending injury 09:06

  • Russell Gage suffered a ruptured right patellar tendon, a season-ending injury.
  • This injury is a setback for Russell Gage, who is 27 and a half years old.
  • Trey Palmer, a rookie wide receiver, and Kate Aten, a tight end, are expected to benefit from Gage’s absence.

“It was the season-ending injury ruptured right patellar tendon.” 09:06

Jameson Williams‘ hamstring injury 10:06

  • Jamison Williams has a hamstring injury and will not participate in the preseason.
  • Despite the strong reaction to his injury, he has six weeks to recover.
  • Williams had limited playing time and targets last year, but showed potential with a 41-yard touchdown reception.
  • It is uncertain when he will be ready to contribute, making him a risky pick.

“He has his six weeks suspension and now he can’t practice with the team while they’re trying to install the offense right now.” 10:49

Taren Armstead’s injury 11:52

  • Taren Armstead, the Dolphins’ left tackle, was carted off the field with a right leg injury.
  • Armstead’s presence significantly impacted the performance and protection of Miami quarterbacks.

“When he was on the field, Miami quarterbacks were pressured on just 28.4% of dropbacks with him off the field that climbed to 46.5%.” 12:18

The Fantasy Footballers Mock Draft 12:55

  • The Fantasy Footballers host a mock draft mayhem episode.
  • The draft follows a preferred format of 12 teams, half PPR, with specific position requirements.
  • The hosts have special powers in the mock draft, including the ability to veto picks and replace them with their own choices.
  • Starting with the 101 pick, the hosts make their selections in a back-to-back format.

“We got a mock draft mayhem episode looking at a baller’s preferred format draft, 12 team half PPR, one quarterback, two running back, two wide receiver, one tight end, one flex, four bench spots.” 13:01

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Mike’s Picks and Strategy 16:43

  • Mike reveals his picks: Derek Henry and Nicholas Chubb.
  • He presents it as a “delicious combo” of running backs.
  • Jason is impressed and says “Wow.”
  • Mike emphasizes the guaranteed touches and acknowledges the risk involved.
  • Mike believes that selecting Chubb nullifies the risk associated with Henry.

“I’m going to give the respect to King Henry, the Yeti, and then I will take Nick Chubb in this second round pick.” 16:56

Risk and Reward of the Picks 17:03

  • There is a discussion about the fragility and risk associated with the chosen players.
  • Some uncertainty and disagreement arise regarding the actual risk.
  • Mike believes that the risk is present, while Jason is not so sure.

“The amount of fragility and risk with those two players… Yes, there definitely is.” 17:14

Jason and Mike’s Disagreement 17:21

  • Jason argues that selecting Chubb helps mitigate the risk associated with Henry.
  • He believes that Chubb serves as a backup and nullifies the risk.
  • Mike seems skeptical about Jason’s viewpoint.

“I mean, I feel like you essentially nullify the Henry risk with the Chubb selection in a lot of ways.” 17:17

Mike’s Second Pick 17:51

  • Jason is back on the clock for his second pick.
  • There is some disappointment from Mike regarding these picks.
  • Jason chooses Christopher Olave as his preferred wide receiver.

“I’m looking at the wide receiver position and I really do like one of them better than the rest. So if I could have my selection here, I would take Christopher Olave.” 18:11

Mike’s Disruption 18:36

  • Mike decides to use his first mayhem opportunity and hands over the pick to Jason.
  • He wants to disrupt Jason’s plan and prevent him from selecting his desired players.
  • Mike mentions that he would have chosen Olave and Pollard as his picks.

“I’m going to use my first mayhem. I’m going to hand the pick over to Mike, the fantasy hit man. You’re going to get one guy that you want here probably. But I don’t know if you’re going to get two.” 18:51

Mike Gives Jason Tee Higgins 19:20

  • Mike selects wide receiver T. Higgins for Jason’s team.
  • He views Higgins as a wide receiver 1B for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Mike states that Higgins will be an integral part of Jason’s roster.

“I’m going to give you T Higgins. Wide receiver 1B for the Cincinnati Bengals setting you up.” 19:20

Jason Selects Chris Olave 19:33

  • Jason finally chooses Christopher Olave as his wide receiver.
  • He expresses relief that Mike did not take Olave and Tony Pollard.
  • Both Olave and Pollard were highly desired players for Jason.

“So since I am on the clock, I guess Christopher Olave is still there. Yeah. I would select Christopher Olave.” 19:41

Mike and Jason’s Banter over Drafting Preferences 20:02

  • Jason jokes that taking his desired picks would make Mike cry.
  • Mike mentions that the automatic draft system often affects his strategy.
  • They discuss the options each other had at their respective turns.

“I mean you could have taken Pollard. That would have been a.”

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Mike Selects Joe Mixon 22:42

  • Mike selects Joe Mixon as his next pick.
  • Mixon is still within the top 10 running back rankings despite some concerns.
  • Mike allows Jason to take Mixon, highlighting his generosity.

Joe Mixon would be my pick right here. Joe Mixon the selection. I’m gonna let you take that player.” 22:42

Jason’s Excitement for Justin Herbert 23:21

  • Mike highlights that Jason loves a couple of quarterbacks in this draft.
  • Jason expresses his interest in selecting Justin Herbert.
  • Mike believes Jason wants to secure a strong quarterback situation early.

“I think you’re going to take Justin. Herbert. Oh okay. Go ahead and select Justin Herbert Mike that is your pick here.” 23:41

Mike’s team and Kenneth Walker 23:56

  • Mike expresses his disappointment in not being able to take Justin Fields and not considering Justin Herbert as the best choice.
  • Mike mentions his team composition with Henry, Chubb, Mixon, and Herbert.
  • Discussion about Kenneth Walker and his performance in practice.
  • The group discusses their current opinions and rankings of Kenneth Walker.
  • The group discusses their outlook for Walker and whether he will be the primary running back.
  • The group feels confident that Walker will start as the primary running back.
  • Jason moves on to a different topic and mentions taking a break.

“This feels this is not this is not an ideal build.” 24:03

Draft Strategy 31:40

  • The hosts discuss their draft strategy and mention that they have tried to build up their team by selecting strong players in each round.
  • They mention the players they already have on their team, such as Dobbins, McCaffrey, Kittle, and Higgins.
  • They discuss the option of selecting a quarterback or a wide receiver for their next pick, and lean towards a wide receiver.
  • Jason considers selecting Mike Williams as his pick.

“So first kiddle one of the teammates of your first pick Christian McCaffrey so you have the option you could go some more 49ers here Jason but you are on the clock Higgins Olave Dobbins McCaffrey and kiddle.”

Jason selects Jordan Addison for Mike’s roster 39:13

  • Jason decides to switch from Dotson to Jordan Addison as a player he thinks is perfect for Mike’s roster.
  • Mike accepts the change and chooses one of the players Jason mentioned.

“I’m going to give you Jordan Addison… Okay… All right. I accept.”

Jason’s experiment with his team 39:37

  • Jason mentions that he wants his experiment to work and expresses his liking for how Mike’s team is.

“Yeah. You felt like he was benevolent with the D. Higgins… I really like how his team is. You’re rooting for my team now… I am.”

The surprising wide receiver picks in the fifth round 39:42

  • The hosts discuss the lack of wide receiver picks in the fifth round and the subsequent scarcity of options.
  • However, they note that Tyler Lockett, Mike Evans, and Jordan Addison end up going in the later rounds, providing viable choices.

“When you go into the fifth round without a wide receiver… It’s over. But this has actually turned out Tyler Lockett, Mike Evans and Jordan Addison going in the sixth, seventh and eighth round… That’s pretty nice.”

Mayhem is about kindness 39:57

  • The hosts reflect on the lesson they have learned throughout the mock draft: true mayhem is kindness.

“We’ve learned along the way the true mayhem is kindness.”

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Jason’s roster includes Tyler Lockett, Mike Evans, and Jordan Addison 40:05

The host’s relief of finally getting a wide receiver 40:14

  • The hosts express relief and humor as they finally secure a wide receiver pick after a long streak of other positions being chosen.

“Thank goodness I got one… Oh man. They just deleted Pickens. I would have perished… I was really hoping Babe Davis got to me.”

Mike’s roster and considerations 40:47

  • Mike examines his roster, which includes Watson as quarterback, Kittle, Dobbins, and McCaffrey as running backs, and Higgins, Olavi, and Williams as wide receivers.
  • With only two running backs, he considers selecting Khalil Herbert, who he believes offers good value.

“Given that I’ve only got the two running backs, I’m looking at that position right now… I would be selecting Khalil Herbert who I think at the eight, nine turn is just, he’s a really good value.”

Jason interferes with Mike’s pick 42:22

  • Jason uses his final mayhem option to force a change in Mike’s selection, preventing him from picking Zay Flowers as a wide receiver.

“I should have just made him take them with the next pick just for punitive… I mean, you got Zay flowers around after Jason… Yes. Um, you go ahead. You got one more… You got one more.”

Jason selects Zach Charbonnet instead of a wide receiver 43:06

  • Since Mike was unable to select Zay Flowers as planned, Jason decides to not pick a wide receiver and instead goes for Zach Charbonnet, a running back.

“I would never take a chain above Charbonnet… So I’ll add him to my roster.”

Mike surprises Jason with Zay Flowers in the final round 43:40

  • Despite Jason’s interference with the Mayhem option, Mike manages to secure Zay Flowers as his final pick, much to Jason’s surprise.

Jason selects Jake Ferguson as a tight end 45:41

  • Jason’s final pick is Jake Ferguson, a tight end, from the limited options available at this point in the mock draft.

“I would take Fergulicious. I would take Jake Ferguson right here.”

The draft concludes with Mike’s last pick as a tight end 45:58

  • Mike has the final pick in the draft and will select a tight end to complete his roster.

“Your last pick in the draft will be your tight end.”

Draft Strategy Discussion 46:09

  • The hosts discuss their draft strategy, particularly regarding wide receivers.
  • One host considers taking another running back if DeAndre Swift is available.
  • The other host mentions Cortland Sutton as a potential pick.

“If I took a running back here, it would be tank bigsby, the backup for the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he’s been getting a lot of good reports as well.” 47:00

Post-Hype Players 48:05

  • The hosts talk about their experience with post-hype players who deliver in fantasy football.
  • They mention Cooper Kupp‘s breakout season.
  • They discuss their hope for Cortland Sutton to perform well this year.

“This is why everyone should be drafting Gabe Davis this year.” 48:33

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Final Selections 49:01

  • The hosts make their final picks with a focus on wide receivers.
  • One host mentions Alan Lazard as a potential pick.
  • The other host expresses disappointment about not being able to draft Elijah Moore.

“I’m going to select Alan Lazard.” 49:36

Draft Recap 50:35

  • The hosts review their drafted rosters.
  • They discuss the intensity of the mock draft.
  • Each host mentions their quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends.

“I’ve got at quarterback to Sean Watson, tight end is George Kittle, at running back Christian McCaffrey, J.K. Dobbins, Khalil Herbert, and Zach Sharpe, at wide receiver T Higgins, Chris Olave, Mike Williams, Alan Lazard, and Van Jefferson, at running back I have Derek Henry, Nick Chubb, Joe Mixon…” 50:43

Best Ball Draft Strategy 51:27

  • The hosts delve into best ball draft strategies.
  • They discuss the concept of drafting players with high volatility and upside.
  • They mention DeSean Jackson as an example from past years.

“I think that the Chargers offense I want pieces of, but for you know best ball where you need those monster weeks, you need super high upside like Keenan Allen. I prefer Keenan Allen over Mike Williams, but not in best ball. In best ball, I want someone that can go out there and drop a 30 burger at the wide receiver position. That’s what Mike Williams could do.” 52:46

Best Ball Player Picks 51:53

  • The hosts share their picks for best ball leagues, focusing on players who may not be favorable in redraft leagues.
  • One host mentions Mike Williams as a player he would reach for higher in best ball.
  • The other host expresses interest in Gabriel Davis as a player with high volatility and potential for big performances.

“I wouldn’t say I’m not touching him in redraft, but I would certainly reach for him higher in best ball because I think he’s so valuable there… the player I want the most in best ball is your answer Andy.” 52:22

Gabe Davis potential in redraft 53:29

  • Gabe Davis had an average of more points despite only having 48 receptions last year.
  • He was a disappointment in redraft due to limited involvement.

“More points on average despite only 48 receptions last year; that was the disappointment in redraft.”

Dalton Kincaid as a rookie tight end 54:17

  • Rookie tight ends historically do not produce well in redraft leagues.
  • Dalton Kincaid is a highly touted tight end rookie for the Buffalo Bills.
  • His camp performance has been great and there is high investment from the team.
  • In best ball leagues, it may be worth taking a chance on him as he could be the outlier.

“I’m scared to go for redraft because of knowing what the investment means that I have to take him, I probably have to ride it out for a couple weeks see if he’s actually going to turn into anything, and then more than likely I’m going to have to go to the waiver wire or make a trade and fill my tight end position that way.”

Rookie contribution in best ball leagues 55:51

  • Rookie wide receivers often make contributions in their first season.
  • Dalton Kincaid, despite being a rookie tight end, has potential to be involved in the passing game.
  • If he performs well, he can provide value in best ball leagues.

“Rookie wide receivers make contributions all the time… Dalton Kincaid, yes he’s he’s categorically a rookie tight end but the odds are he’s going to be running routes the majority of the time if he’s on the field.”

Comparing Dalton Kincaid to other rookie tight ends 56:32

  • Historically, rookie tight ends have been unreliable in redraft leagues.
  • Dalton Kincaid, being a first-round pick, has a higher chance of being involved early on.
  • The Bills traded up to acquire him, showing their interest and investment.
  • Kincaid’s training camp performance has been positive.

Dalton Kincaid, yes he’s he’s categorically a rookie tight end but the odds are he’s going to be running routes the majority of the time if he’s on the field gave Davis inconsistent.”

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