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The Mayhem is back! Mock Draft on today’s fantasy football podcast! Andy battles against Mike, while Jason injects plenty of chaos! Lots of draft strategy, player outlooks, and more! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for July 15th, 2023.

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Mock Draft Mayhem 02:14

  • The hosts are excited for a mock draft mayhem episode where they will engage in a mock draft.
  • This is the first time they are giving Jason the power to alter picks in a mock draft.

“Mistakes have been made you fools.”

Onesie Position 07:37

  • The hosts explain the term “onesie” used in fantasy football to refer to positions where you only need one player.
  • It originated from the idea of a onesie as a one-piece clothing item.
  • Typically, quarterback and tight end are considered onesie positions in most leagues.

“So, and then you button it. So it’s just, it’s a one piece… It’s a onesie quarterback and tight end in most leagues.”

Draft Strategy and Player Outlooks 08:48

  • Knowing the positions in fantasy football is crucial when drafting, as different positions have different roles and responsibilities.
  • In a fantasy football draft, the common positions are running backs and wide receivers.

“They’re running backs and wide receivers. But no one wears a two Z.”

  • The term “onesie position” refers to positions such as quarterback, tight end, kicker, or defense, where only one player is typically started in a fantasy football lineup.

“So that’s all we mean is that if you’re drafting a onesie position that is a quarterback generally or a tight end or a kicker or a defense.” 09:05

  • A fantasy football one-on-one guide can provide information about the acronyms, positions, and articles to help individuals prepare for their fantasy football drafts.

“We do have a fantasy football one on one explaining the acronyms and positions and articles to get people ready.” 09:17

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Mayhem Mock Draft and Draft Picks 11:51

  • The hosts of The Fantasy Footballers podcast, Jason and Mike, are participating in a “Mayhem Mock Draft.”
  • Jason has the ability to utilize three Mayhem powers, including the veto, the replacement pick, and the opponent’s choice.
  • Mike has the opportunity to make his first pick in the draft, choosing Jamar Chase as his selection.

“We are jumping in and we’re going to do a 12 team half PPR, one quarterback, two running back, two wide receiver, one tight end, one flex, four bench.” 12:51 “Justin Jefferson goes with the 101 Christian McCaffrey Austin Eckler at the 102 and 103.” 13:39 “Nick Chubb will be the selection if I am permitted to make it.” 15:38 “Nick Chubb can be the pick. You are allowed to make it.” 16:07 “Mike went with Jamar Chase, Cooper Cup. Next, Seyquan Barclay, Travis Kelsey at the 107.” 14:50

Jason’s Controversial Strategy 16:46

  • Jason is going quick in the draft because he believes it doesn’t matter.
  • He is making his own selections instead of letting the others choose.
  • Jason is confident in his ability to select the best football player.

“I’m just giving you the best football player on the planet.”

Andy’s Draft Picks 17:09

  • Andy drafted Patrick Mahomes in the second round.
  • Mike tells Andy that he shouldn’t have drafted him.
  • Andy is excited and riding a Super Bowl high into his pick.

Nick Chubb, Patrick Mahomes is the start that I was forced into.”

Mike’s Strategic Dilemma 17:46

  • Mike is deciding between Breece Hall and Ramon Drey Stevenson.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Dalvin Cook‘s situation makes it difficult to choose Breece Hall.
  • Mike considers Ramon Drey Stevenson as a top five running back choice.

“Ramon Drey Stevenson, I have him ranked as… a top five running back.”

Wide Receiver Options 18:54

  • Mike mentions several wide receiver options like Garrett Wilson, Jalen Waddle, and T Higgins.
  • Mike doesn’t want to stack his roster with too many Bengals players.
  • Mike ultimately selects Garrett Wilson as his wide receiver choice.

“If I had my pick, I am, I’m going to take Garrett Wilson.”

Quarterback Strategy 19:55

  • The hosts discuss the average draft position for quarterbacks in the 2023 season.
  • Taking a quarterback early in the draft is considered unusual.
  • Jason and Mike both end up selecting quarterbacks early in this mock draft.

“We’re doing a little bit of mayhem here.”

Evaluating Josh Allen 20:23

  • Mike chooses Josh Allen as his quarterback.
  • Josh Allen had top-five performances in 11 out of the last season’s games.
  • Josh Allen is Mike’s top-ranked quarterback.

Josh Allen is, he’s currently my number one quarterback.”

Chris Olave as Wide Receiver Choice 22:50

  • Mike decides to draft wide receiver Chris Olave.
  • He prioritizes wide receivers over available running backs.
  • Mike believes T Higgins and Chris Olave are in a different tier compared to the remaining running backs.

“So I would be picking Chris Olave here.”

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Mike’s Running Back Dilemma 23:21

  • Mike discusses Naji ETN and the available running backs in the draft.
  • He acknowledges that none of the running backs may make it back to him.
  • Mike is willing to take the chance of not having a running back in the first three rounds.

“There’s a chance that none of them make it back to me.”

Mike’s Wide Receiver Strategy 24:03

  • Mike is considering downgrading his wide receiver picks due to a lot of them being drafted before his turn.
  • He notes that nine wide receivers have already been taken, making the pool of available players thin.
  • Mike mentions players like Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper as the top options based on ADP.
  • However, beyond those two, the quality of available wide receivers becomes uncertain.

“Once you move beyond those two, you enter a question mark.”

Choosing Between ETN and Gibbs 24:58

  • Mike likes both Travis Etienne and Jahmyr Gibbs as running back options.
  • He believes they are equivalent in terms of value.
  • Despite considering ETN for his next pick, he decides to go with Kenan Allen as his third-round choice.

“So I think my next pick is going to be Kenan Allen here in the third round.”

Following Rankings for Andy’s Pick 27:05

  • Mike is tasked with making Andy’s pick and wants to follow the rankings.
  • He considers selecting TJ Hawkinson but opts for Dallas Goddard instead, as the rankings indicate Goddard finishing higher.
  • Mike acknowledges that his pick may deviate from ADP but believes in sticking to his process and projections.

“I don’t want to abandon the way that you have projected these tight ends.”

Evaluating Dallas Goedert‘s Value 29:22

  • Mike accidentally selects Dallas Goddard in the third round.
  • While initially thinking it was a mistake, he realizes that Goddard’s ADP in the sixth round makes him a great value pick.
  • Mike acknowledges that in the Mayhem format, there can be unconventional and unexpected picks.

“I didn’t know was that egregious. I really enjoy the fact that he’s in great value then in the sixth round.”

Andy’s Struggle with Draft Outcome 29:48

  • Mike acknowledges that Andy’s draft has not been going well, with his top choices being taken by other teams.
  • He recognizes that the Mayhem format puts those drafting later at a disadvantage.
  • Despite Andy’s team having few wide receivers, Mike explains that selecting Amari Cooper is not feasible due to his roster already including Nick Chubb.

“I don’t, I can’t have my top two in the two positions.”

Sticking to Running Back Strategy 30:48

  • Mike realizes he needs to focus on acquiring running backs and can piece together his wide receivers later.
  • Despite the tempting wide receiver options, he decides to choose another running back, considering Jameer Gibbs, Joe Mixon, and Aaron Jones.
  • Mike sees Jameer Gibbs as a question mark due to David Montgomery‘s presence, and opts for another running back.

“The choice here is Jameer Gibbs, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones. Those are the three in consideration.”

Aaron Jones 31:11

  • Aaron Jones is a reliable player in fantasy football.
  • He is considered underrated by some.
  • He is currently ranked next in Average Draft Position (ADP).

Aaron Jones, you know what you’re going to get.”

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Joe Mixon 31:15

  • Joe Mixon‘s ADP could change if it’s confirmed he is back and in good health.
  • Considering taking Joe Mixon to replace a less secure pick in Goddard.
  • Trusting the rankings and going with Joe Mixon in the fourth round to secure a player with 300 touches.

“Because I took Goddard and I don’t feel as secure with the Goddard pick, I’m going to go with Joe.” “I’m going to go with Joe Mixon here in the fourth round.” “I’m going to go to secure that 300 touches along with Nick Chubb and bank on that, stabilizing my roster.”

Joe Mixon vs. Jameer Gibbs 31:46

  • The decision between Joe Mixon and Jameer Gibbs came down to the safer pick of Keenan Allen.
  • Jameer Gibbs would have been the pick if Keenan Allen was available.
  • Allen was considered safer than the Goddard pick.

“I was curious whether you would go Mixon or Jameer Gibbs.” “Gibbs would have been the pick had I been able to take Keenan Allen because Allen was as much safer than the Goddard pick.” “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Chris Olave and JK Dobbins 32:16

  • Chris Olave was chosen as an elite wide receiver.
  • JK Dobbins chosen as a risky pick with the potential for a strong season.
  • Dobbins has shown promise with an average of over five yards per carry.

“I took someone who I think can be an elite wide receiver in Chris Olave.” “JK Dobbins, I think he will be this year going from one strong leg to two strong legs.” “I think he’s over five a carry. He’s just, when we’ve actually been on the field, he’s been incredible.”

Evan Engram pick 34:09

  • Evan Ingram was chosen based on his higher ranking compared to the current tight end.
  • A punitive move to ensure Andy doesn’t feel bad about his tight end pick.
  • Anticipating a run on Jacksonville players and securing the position by selecting Ingram.

“And so rather than go with Kyle Pitts on the board, I’m going to go with a player you have ranked higher than my tight end so you don’t feel bad because my tight end, you have ranked lower than this tight end.” “I just think that because Ridley’s off the board, maybe there’s a run on Jacksonville players.” “I think Ingram you grab here to secure that position.”

Miles Sanders vs. JK Dobbins 35:50

  • Miles Sanders was the pick despite the temptation to use the final mayhem and switch the pick.
  • The availability of Alexander Madison influenced the decision.
  • Sanders was chosen over J.K. Dobbins.

“I am not, and the reason I’m not is because if I use my final mayhem and allow you to switch your pick, I actually think Alexander Madison being there would become my pick.” “So I will allow you to have my. All right. Miles Sanders, baby. With Evan Ingram.” “I assumed when only one of them came back, I was actually going to use this.”

Jason’s Draft Picks 37:44

  • Jason’s first four picks are Mahomes, Goddard, Mixon, and Saquon Barkley (picked off-screen).

“So the Mahomes, Goddard, Mixon, Saquon Barkley mix and are my first four picks.”

Mike’s Draft Picks 37:48

“Mike took Miles Sanders and then London, Dalvin, Justin Fields, Cam Akers and Christian Watson went next.”

Jason’s Next Pick 37:54

  • Jason is about to make his next pick and he plans to choose a wide receiver who is likely to be the number one option on their team.
  • He mentions positive discussion about Kyler Murray‘s potential early return.

“My selection here, if I am permitted to make it, will actually be a wide receiver that has a firm grasp on the number one spot. There’s been some positive, you know, take it for what you will, momentum, video discussion about Kyler Murray getting back sooner than later. So if I’m permitted to make the pick, I’m going to go with the player I think is a guarantee with Kyler there to have 10 to 12 targets again because he’s just a go-to receiver. So Hollywood Brown will be the pick.”

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Ambiguity in draft strategy 44:48

  • The fact that there’s ambiguity in this area means that the speaker is not going to force any picks.
  • They are curious about why the best wide receiver on the board, Mike Williams, hasn’t been mentioned yet.

“I know we’ve been on this pick for a little while, but I am curious because we’ve named so many wide receivers…neither one of you have mentioned who I think is the best wide receiver on the board, Mike Williams.”

Antonio Gibson and Brandin Cooks 51:33

  • The speaker is torn between two players that they really want to draft, Antonio Gibson and Brandin Cooks, but they know they can only pick one because they are at the top of the ADP.
  • Antonio Gibson is a running back for the Washington Football Team and is expected to see a significant increase in targets with J.D. McKissic‘s role reduced.
  • Brandin Cooks is the wide receiver too for the Dallas Cowboys and the speaker believes he is being underrated in discussions.

Antonio Gibson should see the target show he was seeing towards the second half of the year, which was for an eighth-round running back. That is sensational.”

The value of Adam Thielen in fantasy football 05:51

  • Thielen is a good pick in the 10th round 58:07
  • But he’s not a good pick in any round 58:10

Adam Thielen was paid to come in and be the number one… he’s going to have the most targets on that roster.” 58:21

  • Thielen will be a top 40 wide receiver this season 58:31
  • But he’s only going to score you six fantasy points each week 58:37

“You get 6.1 fantasy points” 58:46

  • Andy argues for taking Allen Lazard instead of Thielen 58:41
  • Thielen’s scoring potential is too inconsistent 58:48

“I get either zero or I get eight” 58:48

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