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August is here and the NFL season draws near! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a mock draft with Andy, Mike, Jason, and the Ducers! Fantasy football draft tips and strategies! Plus, what’s going on with Jonathan Taylor and the Colts? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 1st, 2023.

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Mock Draft Show Announcement 01:46

  • The hosts confirm that they will be doing more mock draft shows in the future.

“To the person who recently messaged on Twitter, they said, hey, are you guys going to do any more mock draft shows? Yeah.”

Reminder about Ultimate Draft Kit 02:02

  • The hosts remind listeners about the availability of their Ultimate Draft Kit, emphasizing the importance of preparation for fantasy football drafts.

“A couple reminders here at the top. We have a lot of news to talk about as well.”

Timeframe to Utilize Ultimate Draft Kit 02:41

  • The hosts mention that August 1st is a good time to start utilizing the Ultimate Draft Kit, as it contains valuable information for the upcoming month.

“But right now on August 1st, we got a couple weeks. There’s so much information in there. So much good toilet time that you can, you can have to yourself for this month.”

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Recap of Jonathan Taylor‘s Contract Situation 04:20

  • The hosts discuss the recent developments in Jonathan Taylor‘s contract situation, mentioning his request for a trade and the possibility of being placed on the non-football injury list by the Colts.

“Well, the big news from the weekend was the Jonathan Taylor escapades. Oh man. And let’s catch you up here and then tell you what happened over the weekend.”

Speculation on Jonathan Taylor‘s Motivation 07:19

  • The hosts speculate on Jonathan Taylor‘s motivation for voicing his concerns about his contract, suggesting that he wants to avoid potential franchise tagging in the future.

“I’m wondering if he’s doing all this right now, then plays out the season. This is like the, well, he’s hoping to get a contract extension, but this could be the, if you are thinking about franchising me after this year, I’m going to raise hell.”

Colts’ History with Running Back Contracts 09:09

  • The hosts mention the Colts’ history of not paying running backs and highlight Jim Irsay’s stance on the situation.

“And historically the Colts and running backs, they’ve, they don’t pay them. They don’t pay them. Yeah.”

Jonathan Taylor‘s Contract Situation 09:16

“They’ve offered no contract to be clear.”

Taylor’s Agent and Game Plan 09:24

  • Taylor’s new agent is likely employing gamesmanship and posturing to gain leverage.

“It’s a gamesmanship to get. It’s posturing.”

Publicity Moves and Taylor’s Playing Location 09:48

  • The public statements and the NFI (Non-Football Injury) situation might not hold up if Taylor is not actually injured.
  • Publicizing matters related to Taylor can be seen as an attempt to make him look bad.

“Yeah. So it’s more another posturing publicity move to make Jonathan Taylor look bad. So we don’t know where Jonathan Taylor is playing.”

Potential Replacements for Taylor 10:11

  • Zach Moss was expected to be the starter in case Taylor missed time, but he broke his forearm and will be out for around six weeks.
  • The Colts now have Dion Jackson, Evan Hole, and Jake Funk in the backfield behind Taylor.

“So he is expected to miss, you know, about six weeks… And you’re looking at the roster behind those guys. Dion Jackson. Dion Jackson, who got some play last year. He can catch the ball a little bit. Evan Hole was.”

Concerns about Zach Charbonnet and Kenneth Walker for Seattle 12:15

  • Zach Charbonnet is dealing with a shoulder injury and will be out indefinitely.
  • Kenneth Walker has a groin injury, and the team is awaiting updates on his condition.
  • The Seahawks have drafted running backs frequently due to injuries to their existing players.

Zach Charbonnet is dealing with a shoulder injury… Kenny Mackintosh is there. I would assume that DJ Dallas is now the acting one… And they drafted a few.”

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Uncertainty Surrounding Charbonnet’s Injury 12:43

  • The use of the term “indefinitely” raises concerns about the severity of Charbonnet’s injury.

“But the Charbonate news to me is something that whenever you use the word indefinitely, it makes me hold my breath.”

Roster Depth and Potential Replacements for Seattle 13:55

  • DJ Dallas is expected to be the primary replacement in case of injuries to the running backs.
  • Kenny Mackintosh, a rookie with pass-catching abilities, may also receive playing time.

“Kenny Mackintosh, he was an interesting prospect. And now he’s going to get plenty of time to show who he is.”

Contract Uncertainty for Cook and Elliott 15:14

Dalvin Cook didn’t sign… We also don’t have a contract for Ezekiel Elliott.”

Tim Patrick‘s Injury and Contract 16:59

  • Tim Patrick has suffered an Achilles injury, but there is no official confirmation yet. It is usually easy to determine if the injury is a tear. 16:59
  • This is the second year in a row that Tim Patrick has suffered a leg injury during training camp. 17:12
  • Unfortunately, Tim Patrick, who recently signed a three-year, big contract, may not play a single snap under that contract. 17:34

“It stinks for him. It stinks for the organization.”

Impact on Greg Dulcich and Russell Wilson 17:44

“And it’s not good for Russell Wilson.”

Other Injuries and Roster Changes 18:05

  • Marvin Mims is returning to training camp, but it may be hard to trust him early in the season. 18:03
  • KJ Hamler has been waived by the team due to a non-football-related heart issue. 18:07
  • The condition KJ Hamler is suffering from is not considered serious and he would only miss weeks, not months. 18:37
  • Sterling Shepard is back off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. 18:42

“The condition he’s suffering with is not considered serious. He would miss weeks, not months.”

Zeke in New England 18:48

  • The hosts discuss the possibility of Ezekiel Elliott ending up in New England and his potential ranking in fantasy football. 18:48
  • They believe that Zeke would not be ranked very high and would likely have a similar ranking to Damien Harris in the previous year. 18:54
  • They suggest that Rhamondre Stevenson would be the number one choice for the New England Patriots and they would prefer him as the primary pass catcher over Zeke. 19:19

“No matter what, Rhamondre, the number one for the New England Patriots is just how annoying is the number two going to be and Zeke would probably get in there.”

Mock Draft Introduction 19:26

  • The hosts introduce the mock draft segment of the episode. 19:26
  • The Ducers, a group of three, will be participating in the draft. 20:12
  • The draft settings include a 12-team, half PPR format with various positions. 20:07

“The fantasy footballers mock draft.”

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Benefits of Mock Drafting 20:45

  • The hosts discuss the benefits of mock drafting. 20:45
  • They mention that mock drafting helps determine drafting strategy based on draft position. 21:32
  • It also helps in identifying the best rounds to target specific positions. 21:56

“It’s all about positions. It’s all about when to take what position, what rounds do I hate the running backs? What rounds do I love the wide receivers?”

The Ducers’ picks and YouTube feedback 24:36

  • The YouTubers receive feedback from YouTube and the listeners that make them feel important
  • The Ducers have a strong following on social media with the hashtag “team doosers”

“They receive feedback from YouTube and from the listeners that make them puffed up.”

Commentary on player performance 25:21

  • Bijon is being drafted at a high position due to impressive videos of him in one-on-one drills
  • In those drills, Bijon consistently outperforms linebackers with triple and quadruple moves
  • The expectation is that Bijon will perform well against linebackers in NFL games

“Yeah, but have you seen the videos of him in one-on-one drills against linebackers hitting him with like triple and quadruple moves and then shocking, shocking. The linebackers in one V ones can’t keep up.”

Picking Tyreek Hill and strategizing for the next pick 25:02

  • The doosers select Tyreek Hill as their first-round pick
  • Mike plans to play the ADP (Average Draft Position) game for his next pick near the turn
  • He believes Nick Chubb will come back to him based on ADP

Tyreek Hill is the pick… I’m going to play the ADP game here being near the turn and I’m going… Stefan Diggs.”

Draft picks in the first round 26:09

  • Travis Kelsey, Saquon Barkley, Bijon, and Jason are selected before Johnny Taylor at 201
  • Jason expresses disappointment in not being able to select Bijon at 110

“Digs, CD lamb, Patrick Mahomes round out the first round, then Johnny Taylor still going at 201 there, which look, he was the RB four off the board.”

Jason’s pick of Nick Chubb and wide receiver run 26:26

“Derek Henry, second-round pick back to Jason, played the ADP game, won the ADP game. I will select Nick Chubb… A run of wideouts after Nick Chubb, Garrett Wilson, AJ Brown, Jalen Waddle.”

Discussion on Garrett Wilson‘s draft position 26:53

  • It is a bit surprising to some that Garrett Wilson is selected before AJ Brown
  • However, the Jets Camp has been generating a lot of positive highlights for Wilson

“A little bit, but I get it. All the messaging… Like Jets publicity team is going to drive ADPs to an unhealthy place.”


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“The Jets Camp has been generating just nonstop highlights out of Jets Camp… Jets publicity team is going to drive ADPs to an unhealthy place.”

The Ducers second pick and potential threats 27:34

  • The doosers select Josh Jacobs as their second-round pick
  • Mike says that Josh Jacobs would have been a consideration for his pick
  • However, Mike ends up choosing Tony Pollard after the Ducers’ selection

“Team doosers is going with Josh Jacobs here… It would have been in consideration for my pick.”

Evaluating the risk of Josh Jacobs and choosing Tony Pollard 28:29

  • Concerns are raised about Josh Jacobs‘ potential absence in week one
  • Mike selects Tony Pollard as his running back after evaluating the situation
  • Pollard’s position is elevated due to uncertainty with Josh Jacobs‘ availability

“I will go with Tony Pollard, who the Dallas Cowboys, new starting running back… I’m going to go with Tony Pollard, who the Dallas Cowboys, new starting running back.”

Davante Adams‘ underrated status 29:32

  • Devonta Adams is considered to be significantly underrated in this draft
  • He is selected as the sixth to tenth wide receiver, which is believed to be very low

“He’s being stupidly underrated right now… He is the wide receiver six, seven, eight, nine, ten off the board.”

Inclusion of Tony Pollard and Deuce Vaughn‘s impact 28:47

“I’m going to go with Tony Pollard… It doesn’t seem like it’s come into fruition… Do you think that they look at Tony Pollard as a true workhorse because of Deuce Vaughn?”


“I think Deuce Vaughn is just really, really teeny… They’re definitely, he’s 55172. Do you realize that? There is an advantage. Like being that small, like he will disappear.”

Speculating on Deuce Vaughn‘s gameplay 30:53

  • There is an advantage to being as small as Deuce Vaughn, as it may be difficult for opponents to find and tackle him
  • Players on the team have expressed difficulty in seeing and locating Vaughn on the field
  • Vaughn’s small size allows him to hide behind the offensive line and use his agility to his advantage

“The players have been talking about how it is difficult to find him, to see him and there is an advantage here… He’s one of my favorite last-round picks right now in best ball.”

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Deuce Vaughn is just really, really teeny… he will disappear… The players have been talking about that… I think there is an advantage.”


“The players have been talking about how it is difficult to find him, to see him… there is an advantage here.”

Jason’s Third Round Picks 31:41

  • Jason is at the edge of the second round and will be picking quickly in the third.
  • Running back situation is his focus right now, but he also sees value in drafting Elman Ross St. Brown at wide receiver.
  • He decides to take Ramondre Stevenson and Amon Ross St. Brown with his picks.

“So I am at the edge here of the second round… I’m going to take Ramondre to go with Amon Ross St. Brown”

Drafting Players 38:05

  • A strategy I like is to continue drafting players that I think are great. 38:07
  • The host expresses that taking Terry McClaren as a pick is not surprising. 38:14
  • There is a discussion about the choices made in the draft so far. 38:35

The Titans’ Potential and Draft Strategy 44:58

  • The Titans’ potential is believed to be better than what people think 45:03
  • This doesn’t directly impact Hopkins’ value, but rather the Titans as a team 45:08
  • The hosts (Andy and Mike) had already predicted the Titans to win the division 45:08

“It’s not so much for Hopkins value, but the Titans that I think they’re going to be much better than people think.” 44:58

Selecting Miles Sanders and Stacking Talent 45:12

  • The host selected Ridley hoping to pair him with Miles Sanders 45:12
  • They were pleased to have Miles Sanders available in the top of the fifth round 45:16
  • The host opted for stacking talent rather than selecting a quarterback 45:24

Miles Sanders at the top of the fifth.” 45:16

The Balanced Draft Strategy and Quarterback Considerations 45:31

“Getting Justin Fields here at the 5.5.” 45:49

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Rising Up on Drake London and Atlanta Falcons‘ Risk 46:26

“But it’s the same as, it’s the same as like Deandre Hopkins.” 46:47

The Doosers and the Reach for Alexander Madison 47:24

  • The doosers are criticized for calling Alexander Madison a reach in the draft 47:36
  • Madison is deemed valuable and likely to be selected near that spot regardless 47:48

“How dare you call Alexander Madison a reach in the middle of the fourth round?” 47:38

Jason’s Regret and Cam Akers in the Running Back Decision 48:34

“This is my running back three. Who do I think could really be more special?” 49:25

Hollywood Brown for Consistency and Volume 50:04

“He’ll be better when Kyler is back. He’s going to be getting 10 targets a game.” 50:54

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Brandon Aiyuk and Tyler Lockett Off the Board 51:05

“Debo was the second pick of the fourth round. Ayuk the seventh pick of the sixth round.” 51:10

Taking Tua as a Quarterback Option 51:55

  • The speaker decides to draft Tua as his quarterback pick.
  • He also mentions that he will gamble on Darren Waller, a tight end, with his next pick.

“I’m going to take Tua here because the actual player I’m going to gamble on is a tight end named Darren Waller, who I’d like to take with my next pick.”

Valuing Darren Waller 52:16

  • The speaker expresses their interest in drafting Darren Waller, but decides to wait and see if they can get him later.
  • They also mention that another team already drafted Kyle Pitts, a tight end.

“I’m actually not taking Darren Waller here. There are a couple of tight ends. I like five tight ends off the board and I’m willing to figure it out later because I like the value once again in the seventh round of a player. I’m going to talk about a lot this offseason. Mike Evans in the seventh round of this draft.”

Javonte Williams Cleared for Contact 52:21

  • The speaker discusses the news that Javante Williams has been cleared for contact.
  • They highlight the significance of this development and mention that they did not mention this detail earlier.

“Did we talk about that Javante Williams was, they said he’s cleared for contact, or he said he’s cleared for contact? I know that we discussed on the show the fact that he didn’t go on the pop and the importance of that. Yeah. I think we did not mention the specificity of cleared for contact, which is really impressive.”

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Picking Antonio Gibson 54:26

  • The speaker chooses Antonio Gibson as their running back pick.
  • They mention that his former champion team may be making a comeback.

“But this is definitely an ADP stretch, but I’m going to take Antonio Gibson. All right, Mike gets his guy, Antonio, or our guy, Antonio Gibson.”

Considering Different Position Picks 55:01

  • The speaker evaluates their options after considering the available quarterbacks.
  • They decide to focus on tight ends and wide receivers, and mention some players they are considering.

“So I’m going to go look at tight end, see is there someone that stands out there. And to me, there’s, you know, Darren Waller, I know is, is the highest in ADP. My highest ranked would be Pat Friarmueth.”

Adding Jordan Addison to the Roster 56:52

  • The speaker selects Jordan Addison as their wide receiver pick.
  • They mention that they have some high upside wide receivers on their team.

“I’m going to add Jordan Addison to the roster. And so my wide receivers, I think are, I’ve got some high upside after knowing that Diggs is locking down my wide receiver one.”

Highlighting the Value of Rookie Wide Receivers 57:27

  • The speaker reflects on the success they had in drafting rookie wide receivers in a previous season.
  • They emphasize the impact rookie wide receivers can make early on.

“Like if Jackson Smith and Jigba comes out and dominates in week one, that will not be shocking to me. One of the best things I’ve ever done in fantasy was go all in on rookie wide receivers last year in our League of Record draft. It was Olave, it was Garrett Wilson, it was Traylin Burks and a couple others. And it proved so valuable for trade capital and for my team having some productivity because they do make an impact quick.”

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Selecting Rashaad Penny and Brandin Cooks 57:41

  • The speaker’s team selects Rashad Penney and Brandon Cooks as their running back and wide receiver picks, respectively.
  • They express confidence in their choices.

“We are going with Rashad Penney here. That’ll probably make Mike upset. So when they play you this year and Rashad Penney and Madison are going up against you, how will that feel? It will feel terrifying because they’re both going to be great. Okay. But the, I actually would not have taken Rashad Penney here.” “I’m taking Brandon Cooks of the Dallas Cowboys, just a reminder. They traded to get Brandon Cooks. They desperately needed a number two. I know Michael Gallops another year recovered from his, from his ACL and he still has that contract. But Brandon Cooks to me still looks like a receiver who has it.”

Being Sniped in the Draft 58:44

  • The speaker expresses frustration at being “sniped” or having their targeted player chosen by someone else before their pick.
  • They mention missing out on James Cook as their selection.

“Well, I’ve been sniped again. James Cook was the target at eight 11. He goes at eight oh nine.”

Zach Charbonnet off the board 58:48

  • The speaker mentions that Zach Charbonnet was selected by another team before the speaker had a chance to pick him.
  • This indicates that Charbonnet was a player the speaker had their eye on.

Zach Charbonnet off the board right before me.”

Brian Robinson as a value pick 58:59

  • The speaker chooses Brian Robinson as a value pick at the running back position.
  • They acknowledge that Robinson may not be the most exciting pick, but they believe he has potential based on his performance at the end of the previous year.

“I’m going to take Brian Robinson is the least sexy pick.” “There’s going to be value there… I wish I had more of them.”

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Rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers 59:28

  • The speaker decides to take a chance on rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers.

“I’m going to shoot a shot at a rookie in Zay flowers.”

Khalil Herbert chosen as starting running back for the Chicago Bears 01:00:10

  • The speaker selects Khalil Herbert as the starting running back for the Chicago Bears.
  • They express satisfaction with their pick, even referencing a disagreement with another person about the pronunciation of the player’s name.

“I will take the starting running back for the Chicago Bears. I will draft Khalil Herbert.” “It’s not Rochon. Take that, Brooks.”

Gabe Davis as a pick at wide receiver 01:00:27

  • The speaker mentions Gabe Davis as a pick at wide receiver.
  • They express uncertainty about their feelings regarding the pick but mention that Davis has had some impressive performances in the past.

Gabe Davis. Not sure how I feel about that.” “He has some Babe Weeks, but he’s like the Seinfeld episode.”

Devon A chain and Greg Dulcich picks 01:01:42

  • The speaker chooses Devon A chain as a running back.
  • They also select Greg Dulcich as their tight end.
  • The speaker explains their rationale for these picks.

“I’m going Deuce… De’Vonta Smith. Oh, boo. You’re seeing that Dell commercial.” “I am grabbing Greg Dulcich… I think he’s going to have a very good sophomore season.”

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Chigoziem Okonkwo
as a tight end pick 01:03:16

  • The speaker selects Chig as their tight end.
  • They mention that they are not deterred by the arrival of another player on the team, Hopkins.

“We’re going to grab our tight end here and take Chig… not scared off by Hopkins arrival.”

Geno Smith and Tyler Lockett stack 01:03:34

“I will take the Geno Tyler Lockett stack.”

Dalton Kincaid as final pick for tight end 01:03:55

  • The speaker selects Dalton Kincaid as their final pick for tight end.
  • They reference camp reports about Kincaid, indicating that he has been performing well.

“I will never do that… So, I am grabbing Greg Dulcich and I think he’s going to have a very good.” “The camp reports on Dalton Kincaid, which, you know, look, rookie tight ends are good at camp.”


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