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It’s mock draft time on today’s fantasy football podcast! Andy, Mike, and Jason battle it out in a 12-team mock draft from spots 1, 5, and 9! Lots of draft strategy and on-the-clock decisions! Plus, the latest NFL News, and a look at which QBs will rise the most in fantasy football drafts. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for June 20th, 2023.

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Mock Draft Episode 02:42

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming mock draft on the episode.
  • They encourage the viewers to leave a comment on who they think won the mock draft.
  • The podcast features Mike Wright, Jason Moore, and Andy Holloway.
  • They mention that all three of them are wearing hats for the episode.

“Yeah, I mean, I didn’t get this in Arizona. The quatch is not in Arizona. That’s way further north.” 01:56

Latest News and Vacation 01:35

  • The hosts mention that the NFL decided to put all the big news on hold during their vacation.
  • They all returned from their family vacation and had a good time.

“Yeah, we, I think we had an excellent time and.” 01:51

Sasquatch Hat 01:08

  • The hosts discuss Jason wearing a Sasquatch hat.
  • They joke about him being the hat guy and mention the hat as a new addition from a city they visited.

“Yeah, I mean when you get a sweet new sasquatch hat, you gotta throw it on.” 01:13

ADP Changes 03:02

  • The hosts talk about the current ADP rankings for fantasy football.
  • They mention that the top five picks are different compared to previous years.
  • Christian McCaffrey is not the consensus number one pick anymore.
  • Justin Jefferson, Christian McCaffrey, Ja’Marr Chase, Austin Ekeler, and Travis Kelce are the current top five picks.
  • They note that this ranking is unusual and not as running-back heavy as before.
  • The hosts discuss the reasons behind the changes in ADP.

“Yeah, certainly. Right now, Christian McCaffrey is not the one on one in ADP.” 03:18

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Rise in ADP for Quarterbacks 04:42

  • The hosts discuss their expectations for which quarterback’s ADP will rise the most during the off-season.
  • They each select a low ADP quarterback they believe will see an increase in value.
  • Mike chooses Kyler Murray as the quarterback he expects to see a rise in ADP.
  • They talk about the uncertainty surrounding Murray’s health and how it affects his current draft position.
  • Murray is currently being drafted as if he will miss several games due to injury.
  • The hosts mention the possibility of Murray starting in week one if he recovers well from his surgery.
  • They attribute Murray’s low ADP to the assumption that the Cardinals may rest him to not rush him back.

“Yeah, for me, it’s Kyler Murray.” 05:01 “I find him on a lot of my underdog teams because the value he can provide when he’s back is worth grabbing him next to the other quarterbacks in the 20s.” 06:24

Ben Simmons Photoshop Incident 06:51

  • The hosts discuss the recent incident with basketball player Ben Simmons posting Photoshopped pictures of himself appearing bigger.
  • They bring up the possibility of not trusting all photos on social media.

“I only bring that up because did you see the Ben Simmons comeback hype photos?” 07:03

Potential Rise in Matthew Stafford‘s ADP 08:35

  • Jason mentions Matthew Stafford as a potential quarterback whose ADP may rise during the off-season.
  • Stafford was the QB5 in his last full season in the NFL.
  • He is currently being drafted as QB21.

“I will throw Matthew Stafford‘s name out there.” 08:32

Stafford’s Value and Offseason Workouts 08:43

  • Matthew Stafford‘s current ADP is quarterback 21 on Underdog and 24 on Sleeper.
  • The hosts believe he should not be drafted behind quarterbacks like Kenny Pickett, Sam Howell, and Derek Carr.
  • There is optimism that Stafford will figure out the offense and provide value for fantasy football players.

“Yeah. So Stafford, I think, I think they’ll figure the offense out.” 09:02

Discussion on Fake Muscles of Ben Simmons 09:18

  • The hosts briefly discuss the fake muscles of Ben Simmons, finding it amusing.
  • They comment on how his muscles don’t look natural and that he may have used Photoshop or other methods to enhance his physique.

“Like they didn’t just like, you know, do a little sculpting, do a little shading.” 09:32

Brock Purdy‘s Fantasy Value and Starting Potential 10:10

  • The hosts discuss Brock Purdy‘s potential as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.
  • While it’s not confirmed that he will be the starter, they project him to be.
  • They believe that Purdy has the opportunity to outperform his current ADP as QB25 on Underdog and QB27 on Sleeper.

“And to be drafted right now is QB 25 on underdog QB 27 on sleeper. He will certainly outproduce that should he be the starter.” 11:59

JK Dobbins and Rashod Bateman Injury Updates 12:22

  • JK Dobbins declined to comment on reports of his soft tissue injury during June mini-camp and expressed frustration with his contract situation.
  • Rashod Bateman has been dealing with a foot injury and had a court of zone-type shot, which has raised concerns about his recovery time.
  • There are questions about the impact of Bateman’s injury on his explosiveness and speed.

“If it’s going to plan the recovery for the surgery which is a list Frank injury usually a six to nine months.” 14:59 “According to Matthew Betts our injury expert here at the fantasy footballers in his experience court of zone injection is not a part of the rehab plan.” 14:59 “He thinks the cortisone injection could signal that he’s taking longer than usual to get back which was the whole problem last year with Rashad Bateman multiple times which led to surgery.” 15:20

Opportunity for Zay Flowers in the Ravens’ Offense 16:15

  • With Rashod Bateman‘s injury, there is an opportunity for Zay Flowers to step up as the number one wide receiver.
  • The hosts believe that Beckham may provide high volume, but Zay Flowers has the potential to be explosive.

“But that could put I mean for me the message is Zay flowers opportunity.” 16:15

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Zay Flowers and Bateman’s potential 16:53

  • Investing in Zay Flowers could be a good idea.
  • If Bateman gets hurt, Zay Flowers could perform even better.
  • Nelson Aguilar is an alternative option, but the interest may not be there.

“So it’s like if you invest in Zay flowers he could be good.” (1013)
“And if Bateman gets hurt he could be better.” (1016)
“But can I interest you in Nelson Aguilar.” (1018)
“So no.” (1023)
“No I tried.” 17:04

Concerns about Mark Andrews‘ injury 17:05

  • Mark Andrews‘ injury, like the Lisfranc injury, can be reaggravated in year two.
  • A second surgery may be required, which indicates a long recovery process.
  • Missing two years due to injury can be detrimental to a player’s career and contract opportunities.

“You can interest me in Mark Andrews but this… injury has a pretty common reaggravation like the Lisfranc injury.” (1025)
“We’ve seen it a lot where year two they need surgery again and then after the second one you’re totally fine.” (1032)
“So risky is the Bateman situation right now… you’ve missed two years.” (1062)
“If you’ve missed two years due to injury.” 17:44

Positive outlook on Cam Akers 17:59

  • Cam Akers will be a central figure in the team’s offense.
  • The sentiment on him is expected to become more positive.
  • If drafting right now, there is a discount in his value that should be taken advantage of.

“Sean McVeigh said Akers will be a central figure to the team’s offense.” (1087)
“Cam Acres is necessarily a huge value… the sentiment on him will start to get more positive.” (1170)
“If you’re drafting right now, enjoy the discount while you can.” 19:34

Christian McCaffrey as the first pick 22:34

  • Christian McCaffrey is the top choice for the first pick in the draft.
  • The abundance of running backs available at the two-three turn makes him a safe pick.

“Mike thinks I’m picking Christian McCaffrey… I’m going to take Christian McCaffrey still.” (1271-1277)
“I’m not going to not take Christian McCaffrey.” 22:42

Questioning Austin Ekeler‘s elite status 23:09

  • Concerns about Austin Ekeler‘s ability to repeat as an elite running back.
  • Questioning his high touchdown totals and receiving performance.
  • Concerns about his market share when playing with other key offensive players.

“What is your full confidence that Austin Ekeler repeats as being an elite running back yet again?” (1401)
“I’ve had concerns this offseason… when Eckler played with both Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.” 24:54

Draft Strategy and Wide Receiver Selection 25:20

  • Andy discusses the strategy of drafting great players who are on a great offense, regardless of the team’s desires to involve more running backs.
  • The offense led by Kellen Moore is expected to be even better, which leads Andy to choose Austin Ekeler as his number two running back.
  • The group discusses their draft board and potential selections.
  • Jamar Chase and Cooper Kupp are mentioned as potential options, with Cooper Kupp being highly regarded but falling in draft rankings due to the lack of shine on the Rams.
  • Wide receivers are considered because of their elevated ADP on the Sleeper platform and the possibility of running backs making it back to them.
  • For fun, Jamar Chase is chosen, followed by Travis Kelce and Michael Robinson.
  • Cooper Kupp went earlier than desired, causing disappointment.
  • The selection process is affected by considering rankings and value.

“I’m choosing to look at the wide receivers here.” 26:45

Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry Consideration 26:25

“Diggs and Henry, I’m fine with it. They are both kind of the tried and true in fantasy right now.” 30:22

Running Back Consideration and Analysis 32:06

  • Mike discusses his selection of Jacobs and Wilson, followed by Davante Adams falling to pick 207.
  • Mike considers drafting a running back and reviews the wide receivers available.
  • Tua Waddle and Tee Higgins are mentioned but not considered due to wanting to avoid stacking players from the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The focus shifts to analyzing the available running backs and deciding between Nick Chubb and Rhamondre Stevenson.
  • Ramondre Stevenson is highly regarded, and Mike prefers him over Nick Chubb due to his involvement in both aspects of the game as a pass catcher and goal-line option.
  • Mike acknowledges that some may find it surprising, but he believes the situation and numbers support his decision.

“I have Rhamondre Stevenson ranked very high. I would prefer Ramondre Stevenson over Nick Chubb.” 32:21

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Tony Pollard as a Top 10 Running Back 33:50

  • Tony Pollard is projected to be a top 10 running back in the 2023 Fantasy Football season.
  • With Zeke Elliott gone, Pollard is expected to have an increased role in the Cowboys’ running game.
  • He was the seventh-ranked running back last year while sharing the backfield with Zeke.

“They want to run the ball more. So he’s locked in.” 34:05

Draft Strategy Dilemma 34:14

  • The speaker has the first pick in the draft and is considering taking a quarterback like Josh Allen or Jalen Hertz in the early third round.
  • There is also temptation to draft Mark Andrews in the third round, as he provides value over Travis Kelce.
  • However, the speaker is concerned about waiting until the far side of the fourth round for their first wide receiver pick.
  • Ultimately, the speaker chooses T Higgins as their wide receiver pick.

Discussion on Joe Mixon‘s Salary Situation 35:40

  • There are reports suggesting that the Bengals might put pressure on Joe Mixon to take a pay cut due to his performance not matching his salary.
  • The article implies that Mixon may be requested to take less money in order to secure his role on the team.

“The Joe Mixon saga is not done. I think seismic things will happen.” 36:25

Draft Picks and Analysis 36:57

  • The speaker expresses frustration with their draft spot because many of their target players were selected right before their turn.
  • They mention missing out on players like Mark Andrews and Cooper Kupp.
  • The speaker decides to select Chris Olave as their wide receiver pick.
  • They feel disappointed that they couldn’t get some of their top choices due to the draft order.

“I lost out on Kupp by a pick. I lost out on Andrews by a pick.” 37:11

Selecting Players in Tier 5 38:10

  • The speaker discusses the available options at wide receiver and running back in tier 5.
  • They consider DK Metcalf, Devonta Smith, and other players as possibilities.
  • The speaker ultimately chooses Jameer Gibbs as their pick, indicating confidence in his potential.
  • Aaron Jones is selected shortly after.

Decision-Making Process at Spot Nine 40:02

  • The speaker expresses dissatisfaction with their draft spot and the limited options available.
  • They discuss the possibility of selecting a quarterback like Justin Fields or Justin Herbert, but acknowledge that they may be gone by the time it’s their turn again.
  • Ultimately, they decide to go with Keenan Allen as a wide receiver pick.

“I don’t feel like a dirty dog. I feel like a settling cat.” 40:52

Alexander Madison and the Running Back Committee 42:01

  • The speaker mentions reports of a potential committee situation in Minnesota involving Alexander Madison.
  • There are discussions about the Vikings’ running back situation and concerns about Madison’s role.

“There were some reports earlier today about them maybe ending up as more of a committee in Minnesota.” 42:08

Mattison Emerging as Top Running Back 42:21

  • According to reports from Minnesota, Alexander Mattison is getting the majority of the carries and is the top running back option, not Ty Chandler.
  • This is something to keep an eye on for fantasy football purposes.

Terry McLaurin as the Wide Receiver One 43:12

  • The speaker claims that Terry McLaurin should be the first wide receiver off the board.
  • There hasn’t been a player drafted so far who should go ahead of McLaurin.

Justin Herbert as Last Tier Quarterback 43:52

  • The speaker believes that Justin Herbert is the last quarterback in a tier and is drafting him in the fifth round.
  • The speaker anticipates that Herbert will have a bounce-back season and perform well.

Value Pick in J.K. Dobbins 44:20

  • J.K. Dobbins falling to pick 504 is seen as a steal.
  • The speaker, sitting at pick 505, is considering selecting Dobbins due to the running back position starting to empty out.

Miles Sanders Potential and Concerns 45:04

  • Miles Sanders is considered a good value pick in the middle of the fifth round.
  • However, the speaker mentions having cooled on Sanders a bit and has concerns about the Panthers’ offense with a rookie quarterback starting.

Cam Akers Chosen in the Sixth Round 45:43

  • The speaker selects Cam Akers with pick 509.
  • Akers is preferred over Alexander Madison due to the later round of selection.
  • Hollywood Brown is a consideration for the next pick.

Tyler Lockett as a Consistent Performer 47:52

  • Tyler Lockett is chosen as a top 15 wide receiver and has had consistent performances for five straight years.
  • The speaker is surprised that Lockett went ahead of other available players, including Mike Evans.

Kyle Pitts and David Montgomery Selections 49:00

  • Kyle Pitts is chosen over Deontay Johnson, and Jamar Chase is chosen over Andy’s pick.
  • The speaker believes David Montgomery will have a strong season and secure double-digit touchdowns.

Javonte Williams and Wide Receiver Dilemma 50:11

  • The speaker considers selecting Javonte Williams in the seventh round, despite concerns about his readiness at the start of the season.
  • With options like Mike Evans and Deontay Johnson available, choosing a wide receiver becomes difficult.
  • Tight end options like Pat Freiermuth and David Njoku are also discussed.

Please make sure that the summary follows the formatting guidelines and that the language used is English.

Javonte Williams and Samaje Perine 51:19

  • The speaker mentions that they are not taking Javante Williams over some other running backs in the draft.
  • They compare P. Ryan’s production to how Madison has performed, stating that P. Ryan has been the better player.
  • The speaker believes that P. Ryan will start the season and considers him the most valuable late-round running back.

“P. Ryan is the most valuable late round running back that can be had.” 51:35

Antonio Gibson and Brian Robinson 53:20

  • The speaker is considering drafting Antonio Gibson, but also mentions Brian Robinson as an option.
  • They discuss how Robinson’s numbers improved over the final five weeks of the season and note that he was recovering from being shot.

“I’m going to take Antonio Gibson.” 54:01

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AJ Dillon and Jamaal Williams 54:32

“I will take Kenneth Gainwell.” 55:16

Post-Hype Sleepers and Upside Wide Receivers 55:53

  • The speaker discusses their strategy of looking for post-hype sleepers and upside wide receivers in the later rounds.
  • They mention Gabriel Davis and Zay Flowers as players with potential upside.

“I will take Gabriel Davis and Zay Flowers for some upside.” 56:31

JuJu Smith-Schuster and Concerns in New England 56:40

  • The speaker states that they like JuJu Smith-Schuster but are looking for more upside in their roster construction.
  • They mention concerns about reports of a 12-heavy offense in New England and how it could impact JuJu’s role.
  • The speaker believes JuJu will still be involved due to the importance of the slot position in the Patriots’ offense.

“I can’t imagine especially with the involvement that you saw from Jacobi Myers last year that JuJu is not going to be the leading target getter there.” 57:46

Quarterback and Tight End Selection 58:05

  • The speaker mentions that they need to fill the quarterback and tight end positions to complete their roster.
  • They discuss their decision to wait until the later rounds to draft these positions.
  • The speaker chooses Tua Tagovailoa as their quarterback and Chris Herndon as their tight end.

“I’m going to take Tua Tagovailoa… and Chris Herndon.” 58:41

Please note that the timestamps provided in the captions indicate the time at which each chunk of text appears in the video, not the specific time of each quote or note.

Mike on the clock 59:29

  • Mike is on the clock and needs a tight end.
  • They discuss the available tight ends such as Tyler Higbee, Greg Dulcich, Cole Kmet, and Dalton Kincaid.
  • Jason suggests Dalton Kincaid as a possible pick.
  • Mike talks about the slim tight end options and considers taking Dalton concade.
  • Jason mentions other tight end options like Gerald Everett, Tyler Higby, and Greg Dolcich.
  • Mike decides to go with his preferred pick, Adam Trautman, instead of other available tight ends.
  • They discuss the final two picks and Mike chooses Kendre Miller as a running back.
  • Mike’s last pick is Elijah Moore as a wide receiver.

Rankings of Available Players 01:01:32

Draft Recap and Player Selections 01:03:24

  • Mike recaps his drafted players, including Matthew Stafford as his final pick.
  • He mentions that he ended up with garbage for his second quarterback.
  • Austin drafts Aaron Rodgers with his last pick.
  • Russ makes the final pick of the draft, selecting Higbee, a tight end.
  • They discuss the challenges and tough decisions faced during the mock draft.
  • Each person shares their drafted players in different positions.

Opinions on Kyle Pitts and Dalton Kincaid 01:05:19

  • They discuss the contrasting opinions on picking Kyle Pitts and Dalton concade.
  • Andy believes Dalton Kincaid may have more touchdown catches than Kyle Pitts.
  • Jason shares his lack of confidence in Ritter’s offense and his limited involvement of Kyle Pitts.
  • They express their hopes of Kyle Pitts being more involved in the offense this year.
  • Andy mentions how he drafted Pitts because he wants to see him catch a pass in the end zone.
  • The conversation ends with a discussion about upcoming episodes and community engagement.

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