Let’s Talk Trades + TNF Preview, Party Time

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The Fantasy Footballers are back with a new episode as we enter Week 10! On today’s fantasy football podcast, let’s talk trades! Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss a handful of the most asked about players and specific trade scenarios! Plus, the Week 10 edition of Buy or Sell, and a preview of Thursday Night Football. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast — Fantasy Football Podcast for November 10th, 2021.

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crazy says:

The Muth…A puzzle. Personally-I would go with “The Muth is Luth” per Jason. Allowing for the spelling and pronunciation to follow hand in hand.
I have an issue with the people who don’t know the nickname who say the spelling makes no grammatical sense.
Those are the ones I have to dumb it down for by using “The Muth is Looth”. Any way you say it Mr, Muth is on my team. I’m also playing him in week 10
Thanks! you guys are awesome!
From Team Blonde1

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