Head-to-Head Mock Draft! + Kupp Concerns

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Final 2023 mock draft! On today’s fantasy football podcast, it’s Jason vs Mike in a 10-team mock draft! Get different draft strategies and find out when it’s OK to draft Kyle Pitts. Plus, where should Cooper Kupp be picked in fantasy football drafts after an injury setback? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 1st, 2023.

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Introduction to the podcast 01:01

  • The hosts introduce themselves and mention that Andy is absent, but they will still have a great show 01:09.

“That’s the fantasy footballer’s podcast.”

Mono E mono mock draft 01:30

  • The hosts announce that they will be doing a head-to-head mock draft 01:32.
  • They mention that they also have some big news to discuss regarding the Cooper Cup situation 01:37.

“It is a mono E mono mock draft today.”

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Updates on the Ultimate Draft Kit 01:56

  • The hosts inform the listeners that the Ultimate Draft Kit is still being updated and will be ready for their league of record draft 01:56.

“The ultimate draft kit is still being updated.”

Information about the Megalabowl draft 02:17

  • The podcast hosts discuss the upcoming Megalabowl draft, which is the largest fantasy football tournament in the world 02:21.
  • They mention that the drafts for Megalabowl go right up to the day before kickoff, making it the last fantasy football draft of the year for many 02:37.


Discussion on the Herbert-Ekeler-Allen stack 04:35

  • The hosts address a question from a listener about the viability of a Herbert-Ekeler-Allen stack in fantasy football 04:35.
  • They mention that going heavy on a team with a stack like this usually works better in larger tournaments 04:54.

“Is the pie going to be big enough for them all to be studs or be productive?”

Analysis of the Cooper Kupp injury setback 07:43

  • The hosts discuss the recent setback in Cooper Kupp‘s recovery from a hamstring injury 07:47.
  • They mention the risk of re-injury and the possibility of Kupp missing a significant number of games 08:37.

“The preseason nightmares have come to fruition.”

“It would not shock me if Cooper Kupp is out four to six games.”

Cooper Kupp‘s Injury Concerns 09:17

  • Cooper Kupp‘s recent injury setback is a cause for concern.
  • Even if he can be placed on the injured reserve (IR) and saved for later, using a high draft pick on him is still risky.
  • Kupp’s injury could potentially re-aggravate once he returns to the field.
  • Fantasy players need to approach drafting Kupp with caution.

“So how are you approaching Cooper Kupp in your draft now?” 09:29

Evaluating Draft Value for Cooper Kupp 11:00

  • Despite the injury concern, Cooper Kupp still holds second round draft value.
  • He has the potential to be a top wide receiver once he is back on the field.
  • However, there are other rising stars like Devante Adams, Chris Olave, and Garrett Wilson who could be better selections over Kupp.
  • Young superstars like Wilson and Olave have the potential to outperform Kupp this season.

“I would take both of them over Cooper Kupp easily.” 11:29

Impact on the Rams’ Offense 12:50

  • With Cooper Kupp‘s absence, targets will need to be redistributed within the Rams’ offense.
  • Van Jefferson and rookie Puka are players who could potentially step up in Kupp’s absence.
  • Tight end Tyler Higbee is also a late-round target with potential for increased targets.
  • However, Tutu Atwell‘s preseason buzz may not translate to significant production on the field.

“The ball’s gotta go somewhere.” 12:51

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Considerations for Joe Burrow‘s Injuries 13:53

  • Cooper Kupp‘s injury setback serves as a reminder of the risks associated with preseason injuries.
  • There is a possibility that Joe Burrow may be more cautious with his calf injury, resulting in reduced rushing attempts.
  • Tyler Higbee remains a valuable option in full PPR leagues due to his expected high target volume.

“I also think this is something that makes sense. It’s human nature.” 14:00

Contract Talks for Mike Evans 14:25

  • Contract extension negotiations between Mike Evans and the Buccaneers will cease on September 9th.
  • If an agreement is not reached, this may be Evans’ last season with the Buccaneers.
  • Evans could become a valuable midseason trade asset for a contender if he does not re-sign with Tampa Bay.

“If it doesn’t happen, then this is probably his last season as a Buccaneer.” 14:52

Injury Update on Rookies 15:18

  • New Orleans Saints rookie running back, Kendra Miller, has now suffered a hamstring injury on top of previous knee injuries.
  • Miller’s preseason has been filled with injuries, raising concerns about his durability.
  • It is essential for Miller to take the necessary time to fully recover before returning to the field.

“Every time you think, ‘I’m guessing his hamstring is fine now.'” 15:40

Jason’s Draft Strategy in a 10-Team League 16:57

  • Jason decides to prioritize Jamar Chase over other options like B. John Robinson.
  • He takes into account that the robot controlling team five is unaware of Cooper Kupp‘s injury and hasn’t figured out what to do yet.
  • Jason believes that in home leagues, some people will still draft Kupp based on his average draft position (ADP), even though the injury is minor.
  • He suggests pointing out Kupp’s injury to other drafters after they make their pick, to add a competitive edge.

“You just still, you still got to bring up that injury. You got to be like, Hey, you know, risky.” 17:49

Jason’s Second Round Pick in a 10-Team League 18:12

Tyreek Hill could be the wide receiver one is far more guaranteed of success… I will start my 10 teamer with a wide receiver.” 18:40

Jason’s Third Round Pick in a 10-Team League 19:25

  • After starting with two wide receivers in the first two rounds, Jason contemplates his third round pick.
  • He considers going for a running back due to positional scarcity, but he believes there are still good options available in the third round of a 10-team league.
  • Jason ultimately decides to select AJ Brown, continuing to prioritize wide receivers.

“I will start with Tyreek Hill and AJ Brown. Start with the double up wide receivers as a test to see if this 10-team league at the seven spot goes well, kind of waiting on that running back.” 19:46

Jason’s Fourth Round Pick in a 10-Team League 20:05

  • Jason opens the fourth round by selecting Jamar Chase as his first pick.
  • He follows it up by choosing Tony Pollard, adding depth to his running back position.

“I open with Jamar Chase. It’s a pretty easy pick for me to take Tony Pollard right there.” 20:07

“Jamar Chase combined with Tony Pollard is a great start.” 20:07

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Breece Hall‘s performance 23:40

  • Breece Hall has not been knocked down by the defense yet.
  • He has already reached a massive top speed on the radar gun.

“Like there was one of like, Breece Hall still hasn’t even been knocked down by the defense. He’s already hitting massive top speed on the radar gun.”

Running back position 23:59

“So at the running back position for me, if I want to want to be Aaron Jones, Kenneth Walker, Damian Pierce, JK Dobbins, those are kind of the top ADP guys. And of course my sweet, sweet Alexander Madison is still there at the wide receiver position.”

Wide receiver options 24:13

“We’re looking at Debo, Calvin Ridley, Keenan Allen. Oh man. This, it’s a tough choice here for me between Calvin Ridley and Keenan Allen. Calvin Ridley, the two year layoff should be the number one immediately. And then Keenan Allen, I think, would you call Keenan Allen the number one? Like, how do you look at the Chargers offense?”

Keenan Allen as a pick 24:39

  • Keenan Allen is seen as the number one target in the Chargers offense.
  • Despite the possibility of other players outscoring him, Keenan Allen provides consistency.

“Sure. I definitely think Keenan Allen is the number one. When they were both on the field last year, Keenan Allen was outscoring them in fantasy points and targets. I mean, Keenan Allen is the absolute one for that offense. It’s not to say just like Devonta Smith could finish the year outscoring him. Mike Williams, you know, if he gets double-digit touchdowns, sure. He probably outproduces Keenan Allen, but I want the consistency and I want the number one target in the offense.”

Darren Waller and George Kittle 25:10

“And then I have to also, I love Darren Waller trying to target him here. I think he comes back. Oh, did we, we didn’t mention it in the news, but George Kittle is, is dealing with a groin injury.”

Jason’s picks 25:44

  • Jason selects Keenan Allen, followed by Debo Samuel and Damian Pierce.
  • Joe Burrow is also chosen at the end of the fourth.

“So I’m going to take Keenan Allen right here, followed up by Debo Samuel, Damian Pierce. Oh, and then Joe Burrow goes at the end of the fourth. You’re hoping to stack him up with Chase?”

Draft strategy and player considerations 27:05

“You got Aaron Jones, right? He’s perennial top 12 type of guy. I just don’t believe in him that much right now… You got J.K. You got the player we both like. You love him a lot. You got the youth of J.K. Too well. You got the youth of Kenneth Walker. And if I’m going for explosive upside, I think he’s probably the best pick available. And then you got the presumed volume of Miles Sanders and Alexander Madison.”

Youthful and explosive athletes 28:38

  • Jason prefers selecting youthful and explosive athletes for his team.
  • The chosen picks are Kenneth Walker and Jameer Gibbs.

“So I am going to try to swing for the fences here. I want youthful, explosive athletes on my team. That is usually what works out the best. So I’m going to take Kenneth Walker and pair him with Jameer Gibbs. And hopefully those guys can hit. Because if those two guys are good, my team is outstanding.”

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Player selection considerations 29:02

  • Aaron Jones, Alexander Madison, and TJ Hawkinson were chosen during the mini running back run.
  • Jason considers Zack Moss and TJ Hawkinson for his pick.

J.K. Dobbins, T.J. Hawkinson and T.J. McLauren. Jason, you are back on the clock… So I was actually hoping, and this might surprise you, because I’ve talked a lot of trash about this player for a long time, but it was because he was a Zack Moss…”

Jason’s pick: TJ Hawkinson 30:17

  • TJ Hawkinson is considered a good value pick.

“The king of the forest. The king of the forest. TJ Hawkinson.”

Evaluating picks and regrets 29:21

  • Jason is confident in his selection of Jalen Hertz.
  • He would have preferred to select Justin Fields instead.

“No, I feel very good about the Jalen Hertz pick… But if I knew for sure that right here on the clock, Justin Fields is available, then of course, that’s where I was going.”

Drafting strategy and preferences 27:51

  • Jason doesn’t believe in Aaron Jones due to age concerns and unknowns of the Packers’ offense.
  • He prefers to select youthful and explosive athletes.

“Yeah, it’s more about the age cliff and the unknown of the offense… I find myself basically being out on Aaron Jones… I want youthful, explosive athletes on my team. That is usually what works out the best.”

Concerns about Cooper Kupp 30:22

  • The speaker mentions that since Cooper Kupp got his money, his earache has gone away. This suggests that Kupp was dealing with an injury or some sort of discomfort before.

“And now that he’s got the money, the earache has gone away.”

Player evaluation of Christian Watson 30:55

  • The speaker discusses their thoughts on Christian Watson and questions his talent level and potential impact on the team. They mention that Watson will have more opportunities this year due to the departure of other players.

“What in the world is this player? Is he awesome? Like top 10 type of talent? Or is he just a one trick pony and the hall of famers gone? I’m going Christian Watson.”

Increased opportunity for Christian Watson 31:29

  • The speaker emphasizes that Christian Watson will have more opportunity this year due to the departure of other players, such as Alan Lazard and Tavon Austin. They believe that Watson’s athleticism and talent make him a strong pick.

Christian Watson is going to have way more opportunity this year than he had last year. And even if he has a quarterback downgrade with his athleticism, his talent, I mean, that’s the theme of my team right now. Youthful athleticism.”

Risk and reward of Alvin Kamara 32:51

  • The speaker discusses the risk associated with drafting Alvin Kamara, particularly due to his three-game suspension at the beginning of the season. They mention that Kamara is considered a rejuvenated player and has the potential to be a top scorer on a per-game basis.

“The point where you take the risk on Alvin Kamara has nothing to do with what round you’re in. It’s what other players are available. Are there players that you think have the same upside? For instance, Javante Williams, does he, to you have the upside of Alvin Kamara and then isn’t missing three games? Well then, then you take Javante. And I do think we’re really, really close to the place where Alvin Kamara is good.”

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Optimizing team roster with wide receivers and running backs 34:23

  • The speaker discusses their draft strategy, which heavily focuses on selecting wide receivers. They mention their current roster, which consists of wide receivers like Jamar Chase, Chris Olave, Keenan Allen, and Christian Watson, and only one running back, Tony Pollard.

“My team build so far is very wide receiver heavy… I only have Tony Pollard as my one running back… So I’m going to bypass that position.”

“I cannot bypass what he [Mike Williams] represents to a team. So I’m taking him here. I am loading up on wide receivers.”

Successful ADP game picks 34:40

  • The speaker mentions their successful picks in the ADP game, where they were able to draft James Cook and Mike Williams. They express their satisfaction with these selections and their strategy in playing the game.

“Congratulations. I finally won an ADP game and everyone else loses.”

Analyzing Kyle Pitts in a Mock Draft 37:22

  • Kyle Pitts had a successful rookie season as a tight end, with over a thousand receiving yards.
  • Despite not scoring many touchdowns, Pitts showcased his talent and potential.

“He’s going to be out there capable of being the number one tight end and all football.”

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Drafting Kyle Pitts in Mock Drafts 37:45

  • It is recommended to draft Kyle Pitts in mock drafts to feel the excitement of having a star player on your roster.
  • Since mock drafts are not real teams, there is no obligation to actually have Pitts on your team.

“So here’s how you draft Kyle Pitts… because it’s great. It makes you feel like, man, I got a star on my roster.”

Post-Draft Clarity on Kyle Pitts 38:53

  • Drafting Kyle Pitts may seem like a fantastic decision initially, but the clarity of his performance may set in later.
  • It is common for fantasy managers to have a realization that Pitts may not perform as expected in his rookie year.

“It’s funny… you think you’re seeing clearly, but it’s only after you make the pick that clarity comes.”

Selecting Pat Freiermuth Muth as a Tight End 41:39

  • Pat Fryer Muth is an appealing option as a tight end in the ninth round of a draft.
  • Fryer Muth’s talent and potential, along with the situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers, make him a valuable pick.

“I think he’s my tight end five on the season and to get him here in the ninth round… I believe in the Muth as well.”

Considering Michael Thomas in the 10th Round 43:12

  • Michael Thomas is still worth considering despite doubts about his return to top form as a wide receiver.
  • With the potential for a Crabtree-Cooper situation with Thomas and Chris Olave, Thomas is a steal in the 10th round.

“I don’t necessarily think Michael Thomas is going to be his former number one wide receiver self, especially with Chris Olave on the field… But it doesn’t cost me anything to find out if Michael Thomas still has it.”

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Evaluating Quarterback Options in Mock Drafts 43:49

  • There are numerous options to consider when selecting a quarterback in mock drafts.
  • While Dak Prescott may be the highest-ranked quarterback, there is little separation between the available options.

Dak Prescott would be my highest ranked quarterback, but all the quarterbacks that I have ranked here, there’s barely any separation between the two.”

Drafting Quarterbacks and Running Backs 44:03

Tony Pollard is a pass catcher… I want to be rolling out a quarterback running back stack.”

Decisions on Quarterback Picks 44:38

  • Deliberation on drafting a quarterback, without revealing the final decision 44:38
  • Interest in seeing the progress of Daniel Jones and Tua Tagovailoa in Week 1 before making a decision 48:45
  • Strategy involving potentially trading a quarterback if one proves to be the clear starter 45:51

“I want to see what’s going on week one with both of those quarterbacks… One of them makes the step forward… this is my clear number one starter.”

Final Rosters and Potential Regrets 48:23

  • Discussion on the final rosters and potential regrets 48:23
  • Jason’s satisfaction with his roster except for the Khalil Herbert pick 48:56
  • Mike’s contentment with his roster and consideration of taking A-Chain over Tank Bigsby 48:13

“This is, I will be, this team would be reliant on the waiver wire… And if I could change one thing, it would be… It was in the Khalil Herbert pick.”

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Choosing between De’Von Achane and Tank Bigsby 46:20

  • Evaluation of Devon A-Chain’s potential based on his size and injury concerns 46:33
  • Analysis of Tank Bigsby‘s involvement and potential to win the number one job 47:39
  • Selection of Devon A-Chain due to the Jeff Wilson injury 48:16

Tank Bigsby or Devon A-Chain?… Because of the Jeff Wilson injury, I would go A-Chain.”

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