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Zeke and Dalvin Cook signed! On today’s fantasy football podcast, find out how Rhamondre Stevenson and Breece Hall will be impacted! Plus, a look at which players Andy, Mike, and Jason have changed their opinions on the most from this offseason! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 15th, 2023.

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Personal Anecdote and Confidence 03:12

  • Jason shares a story about his uncle acknowledging the initial skepticism surrounding the podcast but now congratulating them on their success 03:16
  • They discuss the widespread appeal and popularity of Fantasy Football 04:01

“So apparently, not a lot of confidence out there, just like the gentleman you were interviewed by, kind of shocked that Fantasy Football is that powerful.”

Updates and Giveaways 04:34

  • They thank their supporters and announce a giveaway of the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK) for life along with a signed Derek Henry Jersey and T. Higgins mini helmet 04:46
  • To enter the giveaway, listeners need to purchase the UDK or UDK Plus before the live stream on Friday 04:50

“We are giving away an ultimate draft kit for life, along with a signed Derek Henry Jersey and a signed T. Higgins mini helmet.”

Live Show and Q&A Session 06:21

  • They promote their upcoming live show in Los Angeles, presented by underdog fantasy, featuring a live Q&A session 06:27
  • They mention the date and encourage listeners to learn more about attending the show 06:23

“We have a live show at the end of August. You can learn about attending that. It’s in Los Angeles [at] ballerslive.com. We’ll be live with a very special episode, a live Q&A.”

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Player Opinions and Changing Minds 07:02

  • They discuss the players they have changed their minds about during the offseason 07:11
  • Darren Waller is highlighted as a player who has consistently moved up their rankings due to positive reports from practice 07:17

Darren Waller is a guy that when I first started my rankings out, he was leading the Giants in targets, but I just didn’t believe it was going to be quality targets, a lot of touchdowns, whether or not he still had it. And so he was like my Titan 8, Titan 9, and I just keep moving him up.”

“Here’s a quote from yesterday’s practice. Darren Waller was an absolute monster at practice Monday, caught three of Daniel Jones first six passes in live drills for touchdowns, finished with six catches on eight targets that day, also dominated one-on-ones.”

Darren Waller‘s Performance and Fantasy Outlook 08:14

  • Darren Waller is expected to dominate one-on-one matchups and receive a significant target share.
  • There is a consensus that Waller had the best training camp among all offensive players in the NFL.
  • Waller’s exceptional performance throughout camp has been consistently impressive.
  • Waller’s success in practice, combined with his high target share, makes him an appealing fantasy option.

“Which of course is going to dominate one-on-ones. 50% target share, that’s what we’re talking about.”

Changing Opinions on Players 09:22

  • The hosts discuss how they have been adjusting their opinions on players based on their performances.
  • Mike mentions changing his mind on Ramon Dré Stevenson without providing a specific reason.
  • The hosts express their surprise and curiosity about Mike’s change of heart.
  • Mike asserts that he has also changed his opinion on Alvin Kamara, mentioning concerns about Kamara’s declining efficiency in recent years.

“I don’t know what news you’re talking about. But the player really I want to talk about is like I just iced out this player. Yeah, he took it personally. Like you’re welcome everyone. I motivated Alvin Kamara… But Alvin Kamara, I was concerned over the past two years of what Alvin Kamara has done. The touches have gone up, the efficiency has absolutely plummeted. But, and we try not to let too much of real positive things affect things one way or the other…”

Alvin Kamara‘s Revised Fantasy Outlook 12:09

  • The hosts discuss the recent positive reports about Alvin Kamara from training camp.
  • They acknowledge that Kamara will serve a three-game suspension this season, which impacts his draft value.
  • Despite the suspension, the overwhelming positive reports about Kamara’s explosiveness in camp increase his fantasy appeal.
  • The hosts mention the uncertainty surrounding Kamara’s workload due to the presence of Latavius Murray and Tony Jones Jr.
  • Mike suggests that Kamara might not return to the top-five running back rankings but could still be a worthwhile draft pick.

“So I’m opening to the idea that Kamara will have another ride where he’ll be at least worth his ADP… I’m not putting him back into the top five where he’s been, but he might be an okay draft pick… You’ve got three weeks. You’ve got to wait with Alvin Kamara.”

Devon Achane‘s Fantasy Potential 12:42

  • The hosts discuss the changing perception of Devon A-Chain based on his solid performances in training camp.
  • A-Chain’s draft cost is minimal, making him an attractive fantasy option.
  • While acknowledging the competition from other running backs on the team, the hosts believe A-Chain has a chance to make an impact.
  • They highlight A-Chain’s potential to seize opportunities, especially if the other running backs struggle with injuries or performance issues.

“And my mind is changing on Devon A-Chain simply because the camp performances have been solid. The draft cost is nothing… Like this is an NFL full of committees… A-Chain is just not somebody that is a risk where you’re drafting them right now with tremendous positive upside, collegiate production.”

Andy’s changing opinion on Devon Achane 16:16

  • Andy’s opinion on A-Chain’s carry count per game has changed.
  • He originally believed A-Chain would not average over six carries a game.
  • Jason disagreed and believed he would.

“I’m victory lapping that your opinion has changed.” 17:08

Player Opinions and historical stats 17:11

  • Andy’s changed opinion on A-Chain’s carry count prompted him to look at historical stats.
  • The bet was based on A-Chain’s carry count per game.
  • A-Chain has had 98 rushing attempts so far.

“The bet stands. It’s carries. A-Chain will.” 17:37

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Evaluating draft capital and player potential 17:59

  • The hosts discuss the importance of draft capital when evaluating a player’s potential.
  • Jameer Gibbs was drafted in the first round and is highly regarded because of it.
  • Gibbs’ size, at just under 200 pounds, is seen as a potential obstacle.
  • However, no one has presented historical numbers to suggest he will fail.

“There aren’t a lot of guys that size that get drafted that high.” 18:31

The impact of Dalvin Cook‘s new contract 20:00

  • Dalvin Cook signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets worth up to $8.6 million.
  • This news brought joy and added pressure for Jason, who has Breeze Hall in his dynasty league.
  • The hosts discuss the fantasy implications of Cook’s arrival and how it may impact Breeze Hall’s workload.

“No, no, no, no, Mike is funny timing. Yeah, it’s like, OK, we’ll pull you off of that. I’m not feeling so good, coach. OK, great. We’re going to bring in some reinforc… We got Dalvin Cook coming.” 21:09

Split committee for Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook 22:50

  • There is a difference in opinion on whether Breeze Hall will see significant playing time.
  • Some believe it will be a pure split committee between Hall and Cook.
  • Others don’t see a world where Hall gets more reps than Cook when he’s healthy.

“I don’t personally see a situation where this isn’t a pure split committee for the duration of the year.” 23:06

Evolving Player Opinions and Dalvin, Zeke News 23:59

  • Recoils that when it comes to player evaluations, the coaching staff won’t favor one player over another, they will consider their contributions as a rotation. 23:25
  • Adds that this is his personal perspective, looking at the entire year. 23:34
  • Cites Jason’s commentary on Breeze Hall, who may finish at 21, but may only have a value of 10, 12, or 8 due to belief in him taking over. 23:37
  • Emphasizes that Dalvin Cook‘s value goes beyond the football field, as he is invaluable as a veteran, leader, and experienced player heading into the playoffs. 23:54

Dalvin Cook is invaluable not just on the football field, but as a veteran and as a leader and as an experienced player heading into the playoffs, which I think the Jets will be competing for.”

  • Suggests that unless there is a noticeable decline in Dalvin’s performance, he remains a valuable pick. 24:05
  • Mike expresses his interest in Breeze Hall, but acknowledges that ADP might affect his decision. 24:15
  • Suggests that Breeze Hall will still be the primary back even if Dalvin Cook is signed, but the timeshare could be around 50-60% for Breeze Hall. 24:37
  • Poses the question of where Dalvin Cook should be drafted based on his early value and potential decline later in the season. 24:46
  • Mike mentions the confidence expressed by Coach Sal in Breeze Hall’s readiness for week one, implying Dalvin Cook could have more value early on. 25:10
  • Mike ponders on the difference in value that Dalvin Cook may have at the beginning of the season versus the potential decline in value over time. 25:23
  • Jay adds that the people who think Dalvin Cook is washed up may be the first ones to draft Breeze Hall. 28:16
  • Shares the news about the Patriots signing Ezekiel Elliott to a one-year deal worth up to $6 million. 28:29
  • Mike expresses disappointment for Rhamondre Stevenson‘s goal-line opportunities now that Zeke is on the team. 28:56

“And if you have- even with Ramandre still getting the passwork, Zeke comes in and he takes over 50% of the goal line carries.”

“If that happens, Stevenson’s value takes a pretty major hit.”

Rhamondre Stevenson‘s Fantasy Value 30:12

  • Rhamondre Stevenson‘s ADP is now closer to the market value.
  • The draft won’t offer a great deal for selecting Rhamondre Stevenson.
  • His fantasy ceiling is now limited due to the current situation.

“I still want Stevenson on my team, but this certainly caps the ceiling.” 30:22

Rhamondre Stevenson‘s Rank 30:27

  • Rhamondre Stevenson is currently ranked at RB 12.
  • The expectations for him this season are high.

“I still have Rhamondre Stevenson at RB 12. I think he’s going to be great this season.” 30:27

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Ezekiel Elliott‘s Impact on Rhamondre Stevenson 30:48

  • Zeke won’t hurt Rhamondre Stevenson‘s fantasy value as much as other backups.
  • Zeke is the weaker asset in the backfield compared to Rhamondre.
  • The Patriots’ unpredictable coaching decisions add a variable to consider.

“But he [Zeke] is the weaker asset in that backfield compared to Rhamondre…The only variable that exists that hasn’t been discussed is the fact that Bill Belichick and the Patriots are, they’re wild.” 31:05

Rhamondre Stevenson’s Relevance in the Passing Game 31:07

  • Ramandre Stevenson’s involvement in the pass-catching game increases his value.
  • He has shown impressive skills in preseason, like catching a shallow cross for a 40-yard touchdown.

“You already had someone [Damien Harris] that was taking some of that early downwork so that they could focus Ramandre Stevenson and let him really be part of the pass-catching game.” 30:42

Zeke’s Touchdown Production 31:29

  • Zeke is a consistent touchdown scorer.
  • He scored a total of 12 touchdowns last season.
  • He scored 11 of them in just nine games.

“Zeke scored 12 times last year. He had a run of nine consecutive games scoring touchdowns.” 31:29

Ramandre Stevenson’s Lack of Consistent Carries 31:53

  • Ramandre Stevenson’s box scores from last year reveal fluctuating usage.
  • When Damien Harris was missing time, Stevenson had games with as few as 3 carries.

“He had games where he had 11 carries, 7 carries, 3 carries, 8 carries, 6 carries…I think Zeke could get a lot of the between-the-tackles first, the second-down work.” 31:44

“And obviously Rhamondre was still very valuable, but he finished at 11 last year, and that was on the back of 69 receptions.” 32:00

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Favorite Draft Spots 37:13

  • The speaker changes their favorite draft spot multiple times.
  • Initially, their favorite spot was number three, but then they changed it to number four, then number three, and finally settled on number two.
  • The reason for the change was winning their league.

“My favorite spot is now number two because you won.”

CMC and Jefferson Decision 37:25

“I would like the CMC Jefferson decision made for me.”

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Opinions on Players 37:35

  • The speaker mentions that they share the same opinions as someone else.
  • Specifically, they mention having identical opinions as someone else about Tyreek Hill (WR for the Kansas City Chiefs).

“You said exactly my opinions right now. 100% identical.”

Position Premium in Smaller Leagues 38:12

  • The speaker explains the concept of position premium in smaller leagues, such as 10-team and 18-team leagues.
  • In smaller leagues, each team’s roster is generally stronger, making it important to have elite players who can separate you from the competition.
  • The player pool is also smaller, which means fewer high-quality options are available.

“There are only a few players in all of fantasy football that are outliers. Like your Christian McCaffrey, your big three at quarterback. Like you have to, usually when you look at who wins in a smaller league, they’ve got one or two of those type of players that set them apart because everyone’s roster is great.”

Superflex Strategy in Drafting Quarterbacks 40:56

  • The speaker addresses a question about drafting quarterbacks in a superflex league where the quarterback position is undervalued.
  • They suggest taking advantage of the situation by drafting top-tier quarterbacks early.
  • This strategy allows you to secure a positional advantage at quarterback and then focus on running backs and wide receivers in later rounds.

“If you could start your draft with Josh Allen and, you know, another one of those guys, the top seven guys. I mean, you’re going to be at such an advantage. That’s the way I would personally play it.”

ADP Platform Comparison Tool 43:23

  • The speaker highlights a new research tool added to the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK) called the ADP Comparison Tool.
  • This tool allows users to compare the average draft position (ADP) of players between different platforms like ESPN, Yahoo, Sleeper, and Underdog.
  • The tool is currently available only on the web version of the UDK and will be added to the app later.

“We have now added an ADP comparison tool which shows you the differentiation between ESPN, Yahoo Sleeper, Underdog. And that is found under the research ADP platform comparison tab in the UDK.”

“We added a new research tool to the ultimate draft kit that allows you to… compare ADP between different platforms.”

Dalvin Cook value in early drafts 44:47

  • In ESPN or Yahoo leagues, Dalvin Cook‘s value might be undervalued in early drafts.
  • ADP may not adjust quickly enough to reflect Cook’s true value.
  • Cook could be a good value pick if drafting in the next couple of weeks.

“So Dalvin Cook could very easily, if you’re playing in an ESPN or Yahoo league, those are the type of players where they probably won’t adjust in ADP quick enough where if you’re drafting anytime in the next couple of weeks, it’s probably going to be a value.” 44:47

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