Week 4 Fantasy Football Studs

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Welcome to our weekly installment of Stud Muffins where we enshrine those players who dominated in Week 4 and likely helped secure a win for your fantasy team.  These players get the full attention they deserve in the Podcast version of this article every Monday.  Without further ado, let’s get to it.


Ben Roethlisberger vs KC
300 passing yards, 5 TDs

Matt Ryan vs CAR
-503 passing yards, 4 TDs, INT, 14 rushing yards

Russell Wilson @ NYJ
309 passing yards, 3 TDs

Derek Carr @ BAL
-199 passing yards, 4 TDs

Blake Bortles vs IND (London)
207 passing yards, 2 TDs, 36 rushing yards, rushing TD

Joe Flacco vs OAK
298 passing yards, TD, rushing TD

Brian Hoyer vs DET
-302 passing yards, 2 TDs

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Case Keenum vs AZ
266 passing yards, 2 TDs, 14 rushing yards

Andrew Luck @ JAX (London)
234 passing yards, 2 TDs, INT, 23 rushing yards

I am starting a petition to make the requirements for QB studs to be more stringent.  We can’t allow Brian Hoyer and Case Keenum to crack this list.  Can’t do it.  Although, to those of you who still don’t buy into streaming QB’s… See, anyone can do it.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones vs CAR
12 receptions, 300 receiving yards, TD, 15 targets
Matt Ryan had a field day against Carolina with 300 passing yards and a TD… what?… really?… Ok.  I’m being told that these are not Ryan’s numbers and in fact, Julio Jones did that all by himself.  I can no longer differentiate between Xbox and reality.

Michael Crabtree @ BAL
7 receptions, 88 receiving yards, 3 TDs, 12 targets
This is the #1 WR in Oakland.  Take your time.

A.J. Green vs MIA
10 receptions, 173 receiving yards, TD, 12 targets
He may be inconsistent at times, but games like this are why A.J. Green was a first-round pick in drafts.

Will Fuller V vs TEN
7 receptions, 81 receiving yards, TD, 9 targets, return TD
This kid is having himself a rookie season.  How long until they start talking about Odell Beckham’s records?

Dontrelle Inman vs NO
7 receptions, 120 receiving yards, TD, 11 targets
After emerging the back end of 2015, Inman had been surpassed by upstarts Williams and Benjamin, until now.  This will be a headache for fantasy owners going forward.

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Steve Smith vs OAK
8 receptions, 111 receiving yards, TD, 11 targets
Ok, who doubted this man?  Whoever you are, whatever you did, keep doing it because Steve Smith is going to keep proving you wrong.

Brian Quick vs AZ
2 receptions, 69 receiving yards, 2 TDs, 6 targets
I love seeing stat lines like this, 2 TDs and he never got tackled.

Eddie Royal vs DET
7 receptions, 111 receiving yards, TD, 7 targets
Chase these points if you want, but I don’t have the stomach for it.

Antonio Brown vs KC
4 receptions, 64 receiving yards, 2 TDs, 5 targets
Even in a game with putrid weather conditions in which the Steelers blew the doors off of the Chiefs, Brown was still able to get his.

Running Backs

DeMarco Murray @ HOU
-95 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 2 receptions, 24 receiving yards
The Tennessee Titans offense, ladies and gentleman.

Ezekiel Elliott vs SF
138 rushing yards, TD, reception, 19 receiving yards
Even with the Cowboys playing from behind most of the game, they stuck with the running game and Elliott delivered.

Matt Jones vs CLE
117 rushing yards, TD, 2 receptions, 21 receiving yards
It’s probably safe to chalk this one up as the result of a plus matchup, but it is encouraging nonetheless for his owners.

Melvin Gordon vs NO
36 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 6 receptions, 43 receiving yards
Gordon likes touchdowns.

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Isaiah Crowell @ WAS
112 rushing yards, TD, 3 receptions, 22 receiving yards
I’ve been saying this for a few weeks.  This is what a starting RB looks like folks. Buy in.

Le’Veon Bell vs KC
-144 rushing yards, 5 receptions, 34 receiving yards
He’s back!

LeSean McCoy vs NE
70 rushing yards, 6 receptions, 38 receiving yards, TD
With Watkins sidelined, expect to see more days like this from McCoy.

Mark Ingram @ SD
56 rushing yards, TD, 6 receptions, 49 receiving yards
Ingram’s performance is even more impressive when you consider that he managed to be this good even though…

John Kuhn @ SD
-5 rushing yards, 2 TDs, 2 receptions, 7 receiving yards, TD

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed vs CLE
9 receptions, 73 receiving yards, 2 TDs, 10 targets
When the Redskins target Jordan Reed in the red zone, good things happen. The more you know.

Greg Olsen @ ATL
9 receptions, 76 receiving yards, TD, 2 pt conv, 13 targets
Olsen’s TD and 2-point conversion came after Cam Newton left this game.  He will be fine if Cam misses time.

Jimmy Graham @ NYJ
-6 receptions, 113 receiving yards, 8 targets
Look Jimmy, I was wrong. Please take me back.

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Hunter Henry vs NO
4 receptions, 61 receiving yards, TD, 7 targets
Hunter Henry is starting to look like what we were hoping Ladarius Green would be for years.

Martellus Bennett vs BUF
5 receptions, 109 receiving yards, 6 targets
Because Bill Belichick knows you were excited to start Rob Gronkowski.

Kickers/Defense/Special Teams

Mike Nugent vs MIA
5 FGs, 1 PAT
This is why you should eliminate kickers from your league scoring.  To those of you who lost to Nugent this week: the support group is going to meet on Tuesdays at 6:30.

Honorable Mentions

Terrence West vs OAK
-113 rushing yards, TD

Jordan Howard vs DET
-111 rushing yards, 3 receptions, 21 receiving yards

Jeremy Kerley vs DAL
6 receptions, 88 receiving yards, TD, 9 targets

Emmanuel Sanders @ TB
8 receptions, 88 receiving yards, TD, 13 targets

Dak Prescott @ SF
245 passing yards, 2 TDs

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