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2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
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The Ultimate Draft Kit is a locked-and-loaded tool to help fantasy managers win their #FootClanTitles. I recently highlighted 200 questions that are answered in the UDK but I buried the lead of one of the most valuable parts. In this next part of the UDK Review series, we will unpack all of the different features of the Ultimate Draft Kit App including how it works, how to take advantage of it in your actual drafts, and the in-depth analysis that occurs.Mobile Draft Kit App

Some of the other UDK features were recently reviewed here:

Let’s review fantasy football’s best mobile app packed full of exclusive Fantasy Footballers content and research right at your fingertips. The 2021 version got a huge facelift and we listened to your feedback and worked with our development team to take this to next level.

Up-to-Date Information

After you have logged in with your Ultimate Draft Kit credentials, you will immediately see the latest player news and UDK Updates. Never miss an update on breaking fantasy football player news. Quickly see the fantasy implications of any depth chart changes, player trades, or injuries.

The news feed is now your best friend whether you have a couple of minutes to kill on your lunch break or you find yourself sitting on the toilet. Update yourself with the latest practice reports, player camp battles, and news items that upload in real-time. Instead of searching Twitter and trying to get your latest intel from one of your league-mates, everything is curated for you in the app. The Footballers also include updates to rankings that have changed for players. These up-to-the-minute updates show how the Ballers move players either up or down in their rankings indicated by the red and green arrows by their names.

Fully Customizable App

Does your league look different than others? 10-team 0.5 PPR with keepers? 14-team SuperFlex with no kickers or defense? We got you covered.

You can customize the fantasy draft kit app with your league’s scoring which automatically updates the player rankings and tier breakdowns, giving you the ultimate edge over your league-mates.  You can find this feature by tapping on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on the Ultimate Draft Kit Updates.  From there, select your league scoring, or you can get even more detailed and set custom scoring.  Settings are built out whether you are in a redraft, dynasty, or auction league.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
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Remember, these settings will automatically update rankings and Tier Breakdowns.

Tier-Based Drafting That Makes Sense

Perhaps the most valuable tool for you to use during your draft is the Tier Breakdown.  To make it even more convenient, the Ballers have combined their rankings and the Tier Breakdowns into one master list. We are huge proponents of tier-based drafting when comparing draft rankings during your draft. Tiers allow you to see more than just rankings and end-of-season points totals. In fact, the way fantasy is actually played out in season is you feeling the effects of having a player on your team like Dalvin Cook, who outpaced other RBs despite them finishing only a couple of other spots

  • It is great for identifying gaps in value at one position.
  • Tier-based drafting strategy shines when used to compare across different positions.
  • Not all tiers are created equal.

You can see and search players by position QB, RB, WR, TE, and even FLEX.  Plus, you can sort those players by projected points (PTS), average draft position (ADP), and their risk factor (Risk).  The Risk column is color-coordinated by green, black, and red to give you a visual of how risky these players are in 2019.

With new “swipe-to-mark” in player rankings, improved custom scoring, and faster consistency tables. It’s leaner, meaner, and even has dark mode! The marking features allow you to take the tiers and adjust them according to your own preferences.

  • Mark a player “drafted” and they will be washed out.
  • “Star” players you are targeting or favorites with a yellow star.
  • “Circle” others and give whatever distinction you want with a blue circle.
  • “X-out” players you want to avoid with a red X.

But rankings only give you a list to work from. We need to know who these guys are and the analysis is unending. Tap on a player’s name and you get a detailed report that covers Andy, Mike, and Jason’s rankings, 2021 projections, 2020 stats, a full individual Video Breakdown, and Player Notes full with their 2021 outlook and dynasty breakdown. The UDK is the only draft kit on the market with more than one hundred video player profiles. We dive into the biggest fantasy football names and share player commentary, predictions, and analysis.

Analysis That Goes Deep

The UDK Analysis section takes this a step further and gives the Footballers’ league-winning players in a number of categories. Find diamonds in the rough, late round values, players to avoid, and players ready to win you a fantasy season.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK
  • Sleepers– Players who are drafted later or not drafted at all but are primed to emerge as fantasy football impact players in some capacity. Many of these players have a chance to excel due to a number of reasons, including opportunity, scheme, circumstance, and more.
  • Breakouts– a fantasy player that is primed to become a fantasy darling. A fantasy superstar. A fantasy game-changer. These are players who flashed, showed signs of success, and with another year under their belt might just surprise you with incredible seasons.
  • Busts– Guys not guaranteed to fail but have some things working against them and represent a high-risk situation for fantasy owners. Things might look beautiful on the outside, but beware, and at least consider some of the bust candidates below as you assemble your fantasy football roster.
  • Values– Values aren’t guys you should be reaching for, but rather guys who will drop to where they shouldn’t. When you draft these guys at their current Average Draft Position, we feel you’ll be getting a steal. Every team needs to have guys who represent solid value on their team, alongside their sleepers and breakout candidates.
  • Coaching Changes– Follow all of the off-season scheme changes and what this could mean for fantasy for 2021.
  • Rookie Reports– Get up to speed on the latest group of rookies ready to make an impact.
  • Free Agency Review– March is a whirlwind of activity in the NFL. Make sure you know who is on what team for 2021 and beyond.
  • Injury ReportOur injury expert Matthew Betz gives his professional medical opinion on recovery timelines, early-season insights, and how extensive each injury is related to the rehabilitation process.
Upgrade to the UDK+

Upgrading to the Ultimate Draft Kit+ is what all the cool kids are doing. Adding to the mobile app experience, the additions to the UDK+ make this the best draft kit on the market.

The Draft Analyzer- New for 2021, the Draft Analyzer tool will evaluate your team for strengths and weaknesses, dish out a letter grade, insights for team improvement, and expectations heading into the new season. For a full review of how the Draft Analyzer works.

Dynasty Pass– Get to know the new rookie class with this robust resource that features three separate updates, pre-combine, post-combine, and post NFL Draft. Dive into rankings, college production profiles, rookie mock drafts, and more!

  • Rookie Overview
  • Dynasty Startup Rankings
  • Rookie Rankings
  • Production Profiles
  • Rookie Mock Drafts
  • Free Agent Tracker

DFS Pass– This is the best deal in DFS! Our industry-leading experts help you build lineups, provide key insight, and have you ready to go each and every week. Receive season-long access with your DFS Pass including the lineup generator. Note: The DFS Pass is redirected from the app for full access on the desktop.

UDK App Feedback

We take the #FootClan seriously when they’ve made suggestions about how we can improve the features and utilities in the app. Take it from a couple of #UDK buyers who swear by the app and its upgrades for 2021:


I bought the UDK. How do I upgrade to the UDK+? The UDK+ is the upgraded version of the UDK where you also get access to the new Dynasty Pass tool for dynasty and rookie resources, the Draft Analyzer tool for grading your drafts, and the DFS Pass all season long for DFS picks and lineup building. You can upgrade from the UDK to the UDK+ at a pro-rated discount on your account page at www.thefantasyfootballers.com/account/.

Does it work for dynasty? The Draft Analyzer was designed to support rosters for all league types and formats including Dynasty leagues.  We’ll be working to expand with additional dynasty analysis for larger roster sizes as well into the future.

What is the risk rating? The risk rating is a consensus of each of our individual risk evaluations on a player. Part of managing a successful fantasy football team is mitigating risk and recognizing which players are concerns by way of playing time, injury risk, inconsistency, and the like. These scores are meant to serve as a guide as you build your fantasy team with a balance of stability and risk.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

How do I dunk on the rest of my league with this? At the bottom of your team’s analysis, you can share your report grade/findings on Twitter or Facebook. Heck, take a screenshot and consider how you can troll the rest of your league. You’ve set the foundation of your squad so a small victory wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

How can I share feedback? Our team is here to help, you can reach our support team via email: support@fantasyfootballers.com. We’re committed to rapid bug fixes, improving the product, and helping you maximize your fantasy football success. Reach out if you have any issues.


Mark says:

Does this sync with sleeper at all? It would be great if I make my custom rankings and then have the ability to import that to sleeper.

Adam says:

Do you guys offer a military veterans discount for the UDK?

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