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It’s here! It’s June 1st and if you were among the best and the brightest to get your hands on the Ultimate Draft Kit, today is the day you start your journey!

Whether you now have a new best friend sitting with you on the potty or you’re ready to kick back next to the pool and scroll through the new and improved UDK App, there is so much information packed into this thing!

I decided to tease you on UDK Launch day with 200 questions of projections, team situations, and statistical curiosity to prime the engine for your 2021 fantasy hype train. Many of these questions were part of the process of Andy, Mike, and Jason‘s precise method of “statting-out” every single player for the 2021 season.

Note: The 17-game NFL season brings on a whole new set of challenges when we think about projecting teams and offenses. It’s best to start using “per game” as a grid for fantasy production over previous milestones like 1,000 yards rushing or 30+ passing TDs.


1. Where do we think the tiers stop and start for fantasy QBs? If you’re using the tier-based drafting, can you automatically find a viable late-round guy for 2021?
2. How many QBs will hit 600+ pass attempts?
3. How many QBs will throw for 30+ passing TDs with 17 games in play? What is the new threshold for gauging passing TDs?
4. Will 2020’s TD rate continue an upward trend despite the passing volume being relatively stable over the last eight years?

Total Completions Total Attempts Comp % Total Passing Yards Total Passing TDs TOTAL INTs
2011 10454 17384 60.14% 125051 741 505
2012 10788 17706 60.93% 125333 750 465
2013 10938 17847 61.29% 127182 792 492
2014 11186 17845 62.68% 128494 802 449
2015 11522 18288 63.00% 132568 840 435
2016 11512 18263 63.03% 130591 779 414
2017 10846 17464 62.10% 122377 738 425
2018 11434 17626 64.87% 129644 834 418
2019 11302 17806 63.47% 128461 791 405
2020 11730 17977 65.25% 129951 863 394

5. How many viable rushing QBs will we have in 2021 and could there be ten legit guys with over 500 rushing yards?
6. How many starts do you factor in for rookie QBs eventually taking over as starter?
7. Which QBs have TD regression calling their names? How do we temper expectations after a QB like Aaron Rodgers put up a ridiculous TD season?
8. Which QBs currently projected outside the top-15 have the highest ceiling?
9. How many QBs are sustaining two WRs inside the top-24?
10. Which QBs being drafted inside the top-10 have a limited ceiling?


11. How many RBs do you have with 250+ touches or 15.6 touches per game? How many RBs have double-digit rushing TDs?
12. How many ancillary RBs (define outside the top-30) have 30+ targets?
13. Are we bad at drafting RBs in Rounds 3-7? Is Robust RB just a high-T move or a beneficial draft strategy?
14. What does an RB need production-wise to be a top-5 guy? Does Derrick Henry get an uptick in passing work?
15. Do we have at least two rookie RBs in the top-24? Since 2012, there have been at least two rookie RBs in the top-24 every single year.
16. Are RB targets becoming less and less efficient for fantasy? After RB averaged a decade-high 0.66 fantasy point per rush attempt in 2020, are we undervaluing the ground game?

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
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RB FPt per Rush RB FPt per Rec
2011 0.59 1.48
2012 0.59 1.45
2013 0.58 1.47
2014 0.58 1.54
2015 0.56 1.58
2016 0.61 1.53
2017 0.56 1.55
2018 0.63 1.56
2019 0.61 1.52
2020 0.66 1.48

17. How much does offensive line continuity play into offensive projections at RB? Are there any RBs that need to overcome poor O-Line play?
18. How many RBs on “bad teams” are in the top-20 ala James Robinson last year?
19. How many RBs are averaging over 5.0 yards per carry? Do efficiency backs like J.K. Dobbins regress this year?
20. Is it possible for RB teammates to still be effective for fantasy? Which backfields are straight-up committees and which ones can two play together nicely?

Wide Receivers

21. When should the first wide receiver come off the board in the 1st round? Does this change in full PPR formats?
22. Will wide receiver scoring continue to trend upwards across the board as it has over the last decade?

Total WR Receptions
Total WR Yards Total WR TDs Total WR FPts
2011 5673 78439 472 13710.6
2012 5984 80117 488 14087.7
2013 6003 80319 475 14128.8
2014 6347 82851 485 14626.2
2015 6290 82412 519 14725.6
2016 6483 83001 498 14789.2
2017 5788 74709 435 13173
2018 6349 81485 532 14846.4
2019 6162 80780 480 14339.8
2020 6748 85088 535 15425.5

23. Who would we consider the final WR1 you could start for your fantasy team? Is it Keenan Allen? Could you get away with Terry McLaurin being that guy?
24. Is the Zero RB approach still in vogue? If you did go that route to start your draft, how many WRs should you take in the first six rounds?
25. How many wide receivers ended up with 100+ targets? With the 17th game added, this equates to 5.88 per game, which doesn’t sound like a ton. To put that number in context, 54(so close!) different WRs saw that average in 2020.
26. With the 17th game added, WRs need roughly 58.8 receiving yards per game to hit 1,000. How many wide receivers ended up with 1000+ receiving yards knowing 31 different WRs hit that average in 2020?
27. Should we be taking fliers on rookies later in drafts ala Justin Jefferson? Or should we swing for the fences with veterans with established roles?

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

28. How many WRs have a legitimate chance to be a WR1 this year? Can we tell ourselves a story for anyone currently ranked outside the top-24?
29. Is catch rate a bogus stat to use to compare between players? What other stats should we be utilizing to gain an edge for scouting WRs?
30. Who is this year’s A.J. Green: a veteran with a history of success but it’s time to realize now before your drafts that it’s over?


31. Will there continue to be a major chasm between the elite tier of TEs and the rest of the middling options?
32. Is punting TE in your draft a losing proposition? Who are the late-round guys worth looking at in 2021 with some upside?
33. Will TEs continue their red-zone efficiency after posting their highest percentage of TDs in the paint over the last six years?

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
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% of RB TDs in RZ % of WR TDs in RZ % of TE TDs in RZ
2015 13.89% 55.90% 30.21%
2016 14.50% 56.88% 29.00%
2017 15.45% 53.47% 30.30%
2018 14.43% 58.61% 26.78%
2019 14.12% 54.61% 29.76%
2020 13.19% 55.05% 31.43%

34. Only 19 TEs saw 60+ targets in 2020. Can we see that number increase in 2021 and more viable options at the position?
35. Are there any TEs that get a boost in PPR rankings with a chance to be the 1st to 2nd option on their teams? Does their name rhyme with Ranthony Berkser?
36. How many TEs will soak up more than 20 percent of their team’s targets?
37. Which TEs have sneaky double-digit TD seasons looming in their college production profiles like Robert Tonyan?

Defense/Special Teams

38. If no defense has repeated as fantasy’s No. 1 over the last ten years, who are some defenses with juicy opening schedules to target?


39. Who is this year’s Younghoe-Koo? Is there a way to figure that out? Wait, why are we talking about kickers here?
40. If kicker fantasy points strongly correlate with total team yards, which kickers should we be targeting at the end of our drafts?

Arizona Cardinals

41. Can Kliff Kingsbury stop out-thinking himself and actually
42. Will Kyler get his groove back and run the ball the way he did for the first 12 weeks of the season
43. With Chase Edmonds only seeing one goal-line carry in his career, is James Conner a sneaky value?
44. Is DeAndre Hopkins the most dependable WR in the NFL?
45. Will this team improve their play-action rate?

Atlanta Falcons

46. With all the debate about Mike Davis‘ quads, what if the running game is just as bad as it was in 2021? Is their offensive line good enough to support a viable fantasy RB?
47. Will the Falcons be able to the run ball effectively enough to take advantage of Arthur Smith’s mastery of play-action?
48. If Julio is traded, how does this affect the rest of the passing pie? Would that make Calvin Ridley a locked-and-loaded top-5 WR?
49. Do you dare be like Jason and question the greatness of Kyle Pitts?
50. Will their defense continue to put them in positions to play in shootouts?

Baltimore Ravens

51. The Ravens improved their offensive line. Is 11 wins too much to project?
Can Lamar be more efficient on deep passes?
53. Can J.K. Dobbins sustain this high of a TD rate? How much work do we give Gus Edwards?
54. When statting out the ancillary weapons, how much % of a small passing pie do they take up?
55. Is Mark Andrews a difference-maker a TE? By how much?

Buffalo Bills

56. Will their “1st place” schedule allow them to win 13 games again?
Can Josh Allen escape the blitz again after facing more blitzes (244) than anyone in the NFL yet his sack rate was tied for 9th lowest in the NFL?
58. Did we just see Stefon Diggs‘ best fantasy season of his career? Is expecting him to repeat foolish?
59. Will they run as many 3WR sets (90%) and give Gabriel Davis a chance at a breakout season?
60. Will they use Zack Moss & Devin Singletary in the red zone?

Carolina Panthers

61. Can Sam Darnold ignore every statistic and metric since coming into the league and lead an intriguing fantasy offense?
62. With an extra game, does this make Christian McCaffrey essentially three players in one?
63. What does D.J. Moore have to do to finish inside the top-15?
64. Will they use Robby Anderson differently in 2021 instead of 60 percent of his targets being under 10 yards?
65. Are they still the worst team in the NFC South and are there garbage time points available with a defense still super young?

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
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Chicago Bears

66. Did Chicago overachieve last year making the playoffs despite ranking 22nd in points scored and 26th in total yards?
67. How many games of Andy Dalton do we need to see until Justin Fields is unveiled?
68. Did the fantasy community undervalue David Montgomery for 2021 by assuming he’d be overvalued after a ridiculous end of 2020?
69. Is this the year we can’t use Allen Robinson‘s QB as an excuse?
70. Will Jimmy Graham-pa prepare his adult diapers and bedpan making way for Cole Kmet to be a TE1?

Cincinnati Bengals

71. Can we expect Joe Burrow to be a viable fantasy starter despite coming off several major injuries?
72. Why is Zac Taylor still the head coach of this team and is he on the hot seat?
73. If Joe Mixon stays healthy, why would he not end up inside someone’s top-10 at RB?
74. Does Jason truly hate Ja’Marr Chase? Or does his ranking of Chase temper expectations for a player ranked as a top-15 dynasty WR in the industry?
75. How much of a hit do Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd take? Do we still want to target them in drafts?

Cleveland Browns

76. Is this team the best team in the AFC North? Do they have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations or are we just blowing smoke here?
77. After both finishing in the top-10 last year, is it possible for both Cleveland RBs to be awesome once again for fantasy?

Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

78. Have we buried Odell Beckham Jr. or is there room for a resurgence for a top-20 fantasy season?
79. Is Baker Mayfield going to be a disappointing fantasy QB but good in real life?
80. Is the passing volume that HC Kevin Stefanski desires going to continue to be suppressed?

Dallas Cowboys

81. If Dak is back, how is this offense not a top-5 unit this year?
82. Is it ok to call Amari Cooper still the team’s WR1 and actually like Ceedee Lamb too?
83. Is Ezekiel Elliott “old and busted”? Or are we all forgetting he’s 25 and still looks like a fantasy difference-maker at the RB position?
84. Is the defense going to be slightly better than the 31st against the run? Will the shootouts and Jerry Jones’ heart-rate monitor lower in 2021?
85. Will Dalton Schultz remain on the bench and let Blake Jarwin have his moment in the spotlight we all wanted last year?

Denver Broncos

86. Regardless if it’s Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Lock, will it be a moot point for fantasy?
87. Is Javonte Williams going to be a 2nd half league-winner? Is Melvin Gordon still going to be a weekly FLEX option?
88. After a solid 2019 campaign and playing 20 total snaps in 2020, is Courtland Sutton still the alpha among the WRs?
89. Can we delete Jerry Jeudy drops from our memories?
90. It’s Year 3 in the Noah Fant experience. Does he still possess the upside that tantalized us a year ago despite there being major competition for targets?

Detroit Lions

91. Will all of the kneecaps destroyed be donated to science and will Dan Campbell lose this locker room with his alpha approach?
92. Is Jamaal Williams going to be annoying & rip out the heart of D’Andre Swift truthers?
93. With roughly 22 targets per game up for grabs, is it possible that no one among the WRs steps up for fantasy? Do we rank a Lions WR inside the top-50?
94. Is T.J. Hockenson set up to smash this year and would you take him over Mark Andrews at TE4?
95. If Jared Goff is using play-action and he’s not at home in a dome and he doesn’t have everything on the play go exactly as planned…

Green Bay Packers

96. Who is the QB and why is it not named Aaron Rodgers?
97. Does this affect Davante Adams in any way in our rankings?
98. Can Robert “TD” Tonyan come anywhere close to double-digit TDs on fewer than 55(!) targets again?
99. With a fat stack of cash in hand, what’s keeping Aaron Jones from repeating as a top-5 RB for the 3rd year in a row?
100. Is Amari Rodgers going to be a thing in the slot? Or are we left to shoot our shot with MVS again? (Please no…)

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Houston Texans

101. If you are a Texans fan, what legitimately are you rooting for?
102. Is Brandin Cooks being disrespected after being a top-15 WR in five of his last six seasons?
103. Can David Johnson provide some sneaky FLEX appeal even on a bad offense?
104. If it is Tyrod Taylor, do we think we could stream him in a pinch knowing his rushing equity?
105. Are there rookies like Nico Collins and Brevin Jordan who could have some relevance on a team desperate for playmakers?

Indianapolis Colts

106. Can we count on Carson Wentz to return to at least league average QB play or is he donezo?
107. Is there any reason to not elevate Jonathan Taylor as the next RB1 in dynasty?
108. Are Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines going to be two of the biggest thorns in our side for fantasy?
109. Is T.Y. Hilton done or is it time to bury him like fantasy gold? Or can we get ahead of the Michael Pittman Jr. breakout?
110. The Colts and Frank Reich love utilizing the TE position. Is it Gigantor time or Baby Hands to the rescue?

Jacksonville Jaguars

111. Is Urban Meyer ready to coach in the NFL? Or are these weird offseason antics going to drive us crazy in-season?
112. Is Trev to Trav going to be a thing? Is Trevor Lawrence a top-15 QB for fantasy already?
113. In a contract year, can D.J. Chark Jr. regain that deep ball magic? Or is it Marvin Jones Jr. time?
114. With a surplus of playmakers, do second-year guys James Robinson and Laviska Shenault Jr. still have much fantasy appeal?
115. How much action is Tim “TE1” Tebow going to get in on?

Kansas City Chiefs

116. In a 17-game season, does projecting 45 TD passes for Patrick Mahomes seem reasonable?
117. Is Tyreek Hill arguably the greatest road WR in NFL history?
118. What is the earliest you would take Travis Kelce in a draft and how does it affect the strategy of the rest of your draft?
119. Can Clyde Edwards-Helaire shake off one of the most unlucky TD seasons ever and rebound with an RB1 season?
120. Who is the 2nd WR in this offense? Will Mecole Hardman not step up and claim his mantle?

Las Vegas Raiders

121. Is Derek Carr the QB beyond 2021 and is he still streamable in plus matchups?
122. Is Josh Jacobs a top-20 RB? If not, will you feel sick starting him every week?
123. Is Darren Waller going to return draft value in the early 3rd?
124. Who can breakout as the 2nd passing option on this team and why would it not be Henry Ruggs III?
125. Will their defense, which allowed 50.3 percent of opponent drives to end in a score (the highest rate in the NFL), force the offense to play in shootouts?

Los Angeles Chargers

126. Can Justin Herbert build on his 2020 and is this team playoff ready?
127. What is going to hold Austin Ekeler back from being an RB1?
128. Is this team better in real life? And does it hurt player’s fantasy ceilings?
129. Can Keenan Allen be your team’s WR1 if you’re in a non-PPR format?

Harry How/Getty Images

130. Is there a sleeper on this team and is his name Jared Cook?

Los Angeles Rams

131. With everything spent on acquiring Matthew Stafford, does that actually translate to a QB1 fantasy season?
132. Can Cooper Kupp bounce back and become a red-zone dominator once again?
133. Did Cam Akers‘ average of 24.5 touches per game in the playoffs drive his ADP too high for 2021?
134. Is this defense going to repeat as the #1 fantasy defense in 2021?
135. Can we find a TE in the later rounds to breakout and could that man be Tyler Higbee?

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Miami Dolphins

136. Is it too early to doom Tua Tagovailoa? Or does he have some magic
137. After being the only show in town, is DeVante Parker now the odd man out in terms of target competition in Miami?
138. Is Jaylen Waddle going to be dynamic yet not nearly startable for fantasy?
139. Can we trust Myles Gaskin, a former 7th round draft pick, to see 18.3 touches per game again? Can we trust their depth chart?
140. After tying for the most “end-zone” targets among TEs in 2020, does Mike Gesicki still have upside available in his range of outcomes?

Minnesota Vikings

141. Is this defense going to improve in such a way where Kirk Cousins becomes nothing more than a middling QB2?
142. Other than injury, is there any way Dalvin Cook isn’t one of the most valuable players in fantasy?
143. Is Justin Jefferson just a different dude or is repeating 1,400 receiving yards a tall task?
144. Will Adam Thielen regress in the TD department after seeing league-leading 20 “end-zone” targets?
145. Is it Big Irv time or will Tyler Conklin be on the field more than we think?

New England Patriots

146. How many weeks is Cam Newton going to run “iso” after visiting the end-zone 12 times on the ground last year? And is Mac Jones going to jump in sooner than later?
147. Despite all our frustration, is there a semblance of fantasy hope for Hunter Henry & Jonnu Smith?
148. Who will emerge from this backfield as a startable fantasy RB2/FLEX and why can’t it be Damien Harris?
149. Is Nelson Agholor going to continue to be a sneaky threat for WR2 value?
150. In dynasty leagues, is there any way we can get a do-over with N’Keal Harry?

New Orleans Saints

151. Is it Taysom or Jameis? How does that change projections based on who is under center?
152. Can Alvin Kamara continue to be the most efficient yards per touch (6.18) RB in the history of the NFL?
153. What can we expect as a rebound from Michael Thomas and is he still a top-8 fantasy WR?
154. Who else can emerge from the receiving corps? Is it time to start prepping my body for an Adam Trautman tattoo?
155. Will this team regress to becoming second fiddle to Tampa Bay in the NFC South?

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New York Giants

156. Fumbilitis aside, does Daniel Jones legitimately have a case to be a breakout QB this year on a team stocked with weapons?
157. How is Saquon progressing from his injury and is there any part of his game that might be hindered early on?
158. With a fat stack of cash, how smooth will the routes be with Kenny G in 2021, and is he still among the elites in the red zone?
159. Will Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, or dare we say Kadarius Toney make a mark to become FLEX-worthy?
160. Do I need to prepare myself to be disappointed again and again with Evan Engram with Kyle Rudolph in tow?

New York Jets

161. After just one QB1 fantasy week for all of 2021, can the Jets get competent play from Zach Wilson in Year One?
162. Do we want any of these Jets’ RBs? Is Michael Carter the best bet or does La’Mical Perine quietly fit the Zero RB narrative?
163. Can Corey Davis, Elijah Moore, or even Jamison Crowder give you enough production to warrant top-36 WR status by the end of the year?
164. How do new HC Robert Saleh and OC Mike LaFleur influence the outlook on the running game?
165. Should I prepare my body now for the laughter that might erupt from mentioning Chris Herndon‘s name?

Philadelphia Eagles

166. Is it truly boom-or-bust for Jalen Hurts? Or does averaging 68 rushing yards per game make him a legit threat to be a top-5 QB?
167. Miles Sanders was a top-10 RB before getting injured last year. What happened and can we mentally recover and assume he’s still a star for fantasy?
168. Can we count on Dallas Goedert to brush aside the aged Zach Ertz and take the next step in 2021?
169. Can we stop talking about BMI and figure out if DeVonta Smith just a different cat? Would you FLEX him Week 1 versus Atlanta?
170. Will Jalen Reagor help us forget about 2020 and be one of the late-round dart throws at WR that pays off this year?

Pittsburgh Steelers

171. Will Ben Roethlisberger continue to get rid of the ball in under 2.5 seconds as he did in 2020?
172. Will Najee Harris see the biggest workload for a rookie since Zeke? Is he guaranteed to be a top-15 RB?
173. After leading the league in target share per snap last year, is the only thing holding Diontae Johnson back his teammates?
174. Can we project Chase Claypool for double-digit TDs and does projecting him as a top-24 WR feel about right?
175. Although Eric Ebron was “drafted to be great”, does 2nd round Pat Friermuth eat into any of his potential 2021 fantasy appeal?

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San Francisco 49ers

176. Looks aside, does Jimmy Garoppolo start more than five games for this team? Is he better for the team for 2021?
177. When Trey Lance does take over, is the passing volume for the offense going to be capped?
178. If Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk run basically the same routes, how do we differentiate them for fantasy? Who would you rather have on your team?
179. Can George Kittle stay healthy for the entire season and if so, why can’t he be the TE1?
180. Can Trey Sermon become a league-winner and wrestle away the backfield to fantasy glory?

Seattle Seahawks

181. Since Russell Wilson averaged over ten wins a season in his nine-year career, should we just go ahead and assume they’ll do the same in 2021?
182. With all the talk of running the ball, is Chris Carson being undervalued in drafts?
183. Tyler Lockett‘s 2020 consistency score is absurd. Does he right the ship and even out as a top-18 WR this year you can have confidence in?
184. Can D.K. Metcalf finish as THE WR1 in 2021? What part of his game can he improve to get there?
185. Does Gerald Everett‘s free-agent signing mean anything for fantasy? Or does “Big Montana” still have one last ride?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

186. Why is Tom Brady one of the best bets to outperform his average draft position at QB?
187. Did we see anything in Chris Godwin‘s production profile that should make us pause going into 2021? Why is Mike Evans a safe bet?
188. How do we even attempt to stat out these RBs and what if the answer for fantasy is none of them?
189. After seeing the most 20+ yard targets among TEs in 2020, does Rob Gronkowski continue to see that type of utilization with O.J. Howard returning from injury?
190. Is Antonio Brown going too late in drafts? What is his reasonable ceiling in this offense as the supposed 3rd target?

Tennessee Titans

191. Can they maintain their elite level of efficiency on offense after ranking 3rd and 1st in terms of yards per TD the last two seasons?
192. Is their pass defense and pass rush going to continue to be porous after allowing the 2nd passing TDs and 4th most yards per game?
193. Is Derrick Henry going to continue to be an outlier after averaging 340 rushing attempts the last two seasons?
194. Who besides A.J. Brown is going to catch the ball with 60 percent of their targets vacated?
195. What is A.J. Brown’s range of outcomes in 2021?

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Washington Football Team

196. Is Vegas too low on this division-winning team?
197. If Antonio Gibson sees an uptick in passing work, does he have a top-5 RB ceiling?
198. How will this team utilize Curtis Samuel?
199. Can we strap ourselves to the rocket known as Terry McLaurin and prepare to go to the moon?
200. With Ryan Fitzpatrick bent on peppering his WRs with targets, is Logan Thomas a regression candidate?

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