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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by a #footclan member detailing why the UDK is one of the best fantasy tools.

The Ultimate Draft Kit by The Fantasy Footballers has reigned supreme in the draft kit field dating back to its inception in 2016. The UDK’s quality content and up-to-date model has garnered rave reviews over the years from fantasy players looking to take their game to the next level. With such a beloved knowledge-packed kit, what could possibly be missing? Simply put, it needed to be more portable. It’s 2019, we are constantly on the go, we live on our phones, hell some of us do full-round league drafts from our phones. 

With the technologically advanced world we live in today, why would we want to continue to print out player rankings? The simple answer is, we don’t. The days of carrying around a crumpled-up piece of paper in your pocket that became obsolete two days ago due to the lack of access to a printer are over. You need access to constantly updating information because those projections are already outdated in a day or two and chances are you haven’t been printing updates every few hours to keep up. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit answered our prayers, gifting us with a UDK app, but not any app. The UDK app is an ultra-flexible, particularly delightful app, and is a must-add for all fantasy players. In this Ultimate Draft Kit app review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the UDK app so great, so you can quit wasting half your paycheck on printer ink.


This Ultimate Draft Kit App review will discuss a number of amazing features, but nothing is quite so amazing as the advancements in technology that we have today. The tiny supercomputers in our pockets allow us to access just about anything we could possibly want to know. That is if we know where to look for that information! 

The UDK app provides you with a seamless interface to access all the information you could possibly want to know for your upcoming fantasy draft. It also keeps you informed throughout the season with numerous tools to help you set your lineup and work the waiver wire. The best part is, everything you need is easily available at the push of a button.


Information is only half the battle of winning your draft this season. It’s also incredibly important that you can move seamlessly between features and actually find the information you need. For this purpose, the Ultimate Draft Kit App is king. 

When you compare it to similar competitors, they simply can’t match up. Based on aesthetic value alone, the colors, organization, and delivery of your information are all superb on the UDK app. All of the most important tools and features are just a tap away when you access the home page. This allows you to seamlessly move between pages and features for some of the best usability in a draft kit on the market today. 

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The combination of easy usability, pleasing graphics, and clean interface makes it easy for us to write this Ultimate Draft Kit App review. When it comes down to it, the results speak for themselves, with a 5-star rating in the Apple app store, it’s no surprise that the Ultimate Draft Kit App comes highly recommended. 

Constant Updates 

When you sign in and open the UDK app, the first thing you will see is recent updates that have been made to the Ultimate Draft Kit. Here, the kit gives you all up-to-date noteworthy information and changes made to the UDK. This includes information pertaining to everything from App updates and added tools, to player ranking movement, injury updates, and more. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit updates at a rapid pace. Daily movement occurs on the ranking boards, as players move up and drop down based on breaking news and their expert insight.  

Tier Based Rankings & Expert Projections

The Fantasy Footballers have a long history of acing their preseason player rankings. In fact, they’ve been so successful with them over the years that they’ve been rewarded for it. The Ultimate Draft Kit boasts some of the most accurate player rankings known to man, and it’s finished within the top-5 of the Fantasy Pros accuracy competition for several years. 

So, what separates the UDK from the other “fantasy experts”? While all draft kits include player rankings, not all draft kits break each position down into tiers. 

With tier-based rankings, similar players at the same position are grouped together allowing you to see which player presents the best value come draft time. Don’t overspend on a specific player when you can grab the same or similar production multiple rounds later. Tier rankings help us move away from clouded judgment and see our picks more clearly. Don’t fall in love with a player because he has a flashy name or plays for your favorite team. When you follow the tier-based draft protocol you will draft specifically for value and grab the best players available, hands-down. 

Want to not make the same mistakes in 2019? Check out Six Draft Mistakes to Avoid in 2019.

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Risk Rating

When viewing the player ratings, you will come across a metric labeled “risk”, otherwise known as a player’s risk rating. You don’t have to wonder how trustworthy a player is, because with the UDK risk rating you know exactly how much risk they pose. 

Risk rating includes a number of factors, including but limited to, off the field conduct, scheme fit, and workload. The obvious major player in setting these ratings is injuries. Does a player have a history of lingering injuries? Or maybe he’s coming off of a fully healthy 16-game season, but it’s the first time he’s accomplished that in his six-year career. The Ultimate Draft Kit takes everything into consideration so you can have little to no doubt when selecting a player come draft time. 

Get Accurate Projections with Fully Customizable Scoring 

From here out, you will no longer need to try to fit a square peg into a round hole. With the Ultimate Draft Kit’s innovative custom scoring projections, the guessing game is no more. The UDK takes their tier based-positional rankings and player projections and allows you to apply them to your league’s specific point settings. 

Some of the available score settings include standard scoring, ½ point PPR, Full point PPR, 4-point QB, and 6-point QB. Those options should cover the needs of the majority of UDK users. For those of you who are still left wanting more, don’t fear! The Ultimate Draft Kit allows you to go in and fully customize the score settings for passing, rushing, and receiving stats. Are you in a league that gives points to running backs per attempt? Or maybe your league gives PPR points to running backs, but not wideouts. With the Ultimate Draft Kit settings, you can go in and completely mirror your league’s scoring. 

Player rankings, which tier they are located in, and point projections for the upcoming 2019 season all change to better reflect your preferred point setting.  

In-Depth Analysis & Research 

The team at the Ultimate Draft Kit lives and breathes football, and it shows in the amount of effort they put into supplying you with top of the line, quality content. When you visit the analysis and research sections on the app, you will be given the option to sort through a multitude of different features. 

You can find out who the UDK pegs as the potential breakout player for this upcoming season, or learn about a player that everyone else in your league may be sleeping on. Get ahead of the competition by following up-to-date listings of sleepers, busts, breakouts, and value picks for each skill position. 

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Tired of getting burned by one-hit wonders? Check out UDK’s target share, market share, and red zone reports for each team and player to see which players are truly integral in their team’s success. Check out each team’s strength of schedule, and how each position stacks up against their opponents. 

These are just some of the brilliant research tools available on the Ultimate Draft Kit.

Reception Perception – A One of a Kind Tool 

Speaking of research, there may be no more in-depth feature than Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception. This one of a kind tool is exclusive to the Ultimate Draft Kit and is located in the research tab of the UDK app. 

In this tool, Harmon does a complete deep dive into the wide receiver position. He tallies everything you could ever want to know, and everything you didn’t know you needed, to better determine the true success of a player. Reception perception offers brilliant insight into all aspects of a wideout’s game. From their success by specific route, to how they fair in bringing in the contested catch. 

To see all the available tools from this feature simply click on the player blurbs in the Reception Perception section of the UDK app. From there you will get percentage-based graph breakdowns of a player’s success rate, player notes, 2019 projections, and baller rankings. 


When it comes to Fantasy football, we are all looking to gain a leg up on the competition. Whether we’re new to the game, or we have numerous league championships sitting on our mantel, the ability to constantly improve and gain knowledge is what separates the great players from the mediocre. The foundation of a championship-worthy team is laid with stellar drafting. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit has always been a tremendous tool for fantasy players who are hungry for information, and this year is no different. Except that in many other ways, it is different. The Ultimate Draft Kit made improvements in multiple aspects by adding tools and other great features to their already streamlined kit.  The Ultimate Draft Kit App has taken these already amazing improvements and elevated the kit exponentially. If you are serious about winning, the UDK app is a must-add to any fantasy football player’s arsenal. 

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