The Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Tips for 2020

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Let’s face it.  We play fantasy football to win.  Period.  There is nothing better than hoisting that end-of-year trophy and boasting those well-earned bragging rights knowing the crown is yours and yours alone.  In addition to your given fantasy football genius, the number one weapon you can have at your disposal to dominate your league is The Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit.

There is simply nothing like it on the market.  It a collective brainchild of hosts Andy, Mike, and Jason who pour countless hours of research, analysis, and insight into one all-encompassing kit so you can bring home that title.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compares to the UDK.

I am not just saying this as a writer for The Fantasy Footballers.  I say these things as a fantasy football player who has used the Ultimate Draft Kit since it was introduced in 2016.  Every year, the Ballers add more data, more features, and upgrade existing content to make it even better.  Not only do I use the UDK in the many leagues I am a part of, but I also rely on the insights for my own articles to analyze and write about fantasy football.  I have yet to find a single kit that includes so much information in one place and even on an app that I can access from any mobile device.  The UDK is updated constantly in-season to keep you at the top of your game with the information that only analysts traditionally have access to.

On Thursday’s episode, Andy, Mike, and Jason discuss a few of these features available in the 2020 Ultimate Draft Kit.  These are just a handful of the powerful tools available.  Make sure to listen to Ultimate Draft Tips to see how the Footballers like to use these features to prepare for their drafts and some eye-popping stats they have uncovered.

Red Zone Report

The red zone report looks at attempts and touchdowns by a player from the 10 yard-line and the 5 yard-line.  By taking a deeper look at those touches and scores from the 10s instead of the 20s, you can see a clearer picture of who has the goal-line work.  Conversely, you can identify players who may lack the percentage of touchdowns to attempts.  For example, Nick Chubb should have seen a much higher touchdown percentage.  Why was that?  What, if anything, is changing this year for Chubb that may increase that percentage?  You can uncover trends among RBs, WRs, and TEs and identify potential goal-line superstars.

Strength of Schedule

The relevance of the strength of schedule metric is often debated.  Regardless of your personal feelings about it, the Footballers include this data in the Ultimate Draft Kit all the way through the fantasy playoffs.  Jason Moore uses this feature specifically to prepare for his draft when it comes to streaming QBs and DST.  Getting off to a strong start in your league is key and identifying which QB and DST have juicy matchups early can propel you in the right direction.  You can also look at the strength of schedule when it comes to who not to draft, especially if you stream those positions.  You want to avoid bad matchups as much as you want the good ones.  Recognizing who has an uphill battle the first four weeks of the season will narrow down your draft choices.

Video Profiles

Perhaps the most involved feature of the UDK is the over 100 video player profiles.  Andy, Mike, and Jason dissect each player and how their fantasy potential will pan out for the upcoming season.  This includes past performances, new teams, or changes in coaching, to name a few.  After each video, the Footballers inevitably emerge with new insight and narratives about a player by deeply scrutinizing their role in 2020 and listening to each others’ analysis.  Since these features are all included in the mobile UDK app, you can watch these short videos anywhere.  I mean anywhere.

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Consistency Charts

Hands down, my absolute favorite part of the UDK is the consistency charts.  This tool can provide some of the best insight into who to draft, who to look for on the waiver wire, and even who you should consider trading or dropping.  We want consistent players on our team who can give solid points each week.  The consistency charts show you fantasy finishes from last year and are color-coded for quick-glance convenience.  A new feature of this year’s consistency charts is the ability to sort by weeks.  For example, let’s say you want to look at fantasy finishes for the final eight weeks of the season.  You can sort this data and find some intriguing insights.  Did you know in the last eight weeks of last year QB Daniel Jones finished as the QB6 and Melvin Gordon the RB10 in points per game?  There was no early explosion out of the gate for these players, especially since Gordon didn’t even play, but it can give you an idea of how these players evolved in their offense.  You can recognize late-round potential or keep your eye on a player who may be sitting on waivers after your draft for a sneaky start later in the season.

Injury Reports

We never like to see it, but injuries are an unfortunate byproduct of an aggressive, physical sport.  As fantasy players, we may sometimes forget how injuries have affected a football player and their end of season rankings.  However, understanding the nature of their injury and how long it takes to effectively recover from said injury is critical in fantasy football.  Our very own Matthew Betz, a board-certified orthopedic specialist physical therapist creates this injury report every year for the fantasy footballers.  You can get inside knowledge from a medical professional, not coaches, about a reasonable timeline for return and how this injury could affect the player moving forward.  Not only is this valuable information about that particular player, but you can look at the surrounding offensive weapons on that team and identify potential in that player’s absence.

FootCast Preview

If you have ever wanted another podcast from Andy, Mike, and Jason, look no further than the FootCast.  As a FootClan member, you can access a slew of perks, one of them being an extra episode every week.  This year, the UDK features a free preview of a FootCast episode to listen to.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, these are simply a handful of the features available in the 2020 Ultimate Draft Kit.  You can also access Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception (exclusive to the UDK), target and market share reports, industry-leading stat projections, upgraded custom league scoring, and the ever-popular and useful tier breakdowns.  Please visit the 2020 Ultimate Draft Kit page for a complete breakdown of all of the features and tools you will have at your disposal.

Want some more information on the UDK?  Check out Ultimate Draft Tips 2019 for a breakdown of some more features

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