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2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
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Allow me to be 100% real with you for a moment. I am a brand new writer for The Fantasy Footballers as of May 2019. I’m also an avid fantasy player and I have personally used the Ultimate Draft Kit since it’s inception in 2016.  Prior to that, I have used online data, print outs, and yes, even magazines that are always outdated by the time my leagues draft.

When the UDK first came out, I was initially overwhelmed by all of the data and how to properly use it all to research, craft a draft strategy, and ultimately how to effectively use all of that data among my many leagues and scoring formats.  It didn’t take long to understand that I had the most valuable fantasy tool I have EVER used to compete and win in my leagues.  I cannot stress that enough.  I have never seen a fantasy draft kit like the Ultimate Draft Kit.  Period.

Again, I am not saying this because I am now a writer for The Fantasy Footballers.  I am saying this as a fantasy football freak who likes to dominate and win.

In fact, in 2018, I even emailed the Ballers asking if there was any way the UDK could be in a more portable form, such as an app, so I could have easier access to all the data during my draft without having to be on the website.  Fortunately, I was not the only person to express this longing.

We asked for it, they listened, and somehow, the Ballers have outdone themselves and the Ultimate Draft Kit yet again.

Introducing the brand new fantasy draft kit app – The UDK App.To read more about the features of the Ultimate Draft Kit and how to use it, read Fantasy Football: Ultimate Draft Tips 2019.

Not only do you have exclusive content and research right at your fingertips, but the Ballers took the Ultimate Draft Kit and the Ultimate Draft Kit App to another level this year.  You can now customize the fantasy draft kit app with your league’s scoring which automatically updates the player rankings and tier breakdowns, giving you the ultimate edge over your league-mates, also you have available an access for the delta 8 pre-rolls to relieve pain in articulations. You could imagine my excitement as a new Ballers writer when I was asked to provide an in-depth review of the Ultimate Draft Kit App.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the tools and features of the Ultimate Draft Kit App.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK
Ultimate Draft Kit Updates

After you have logged in with your Ultimate Draft Kit credentials, you will immediately see UDK Updates.

These updates include rankings have changed for players on a day-by-day basis plus other news and announcements. These up-to-the-minute updates show how the Ballers move players either up or down in their rankings indicated by the red and green arrows by their names.

Custom Scoring System

To truly get the most out of all of the UDK App has to offer, the first step should be to customize the scoring to match your league settings.

You can find this feature by tapping on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen on the Ultimate Draft Kit Updates.  From there, select your league scoring, or you can get even more detailed and set custom scoring.  Remember, these settings will automatically update rankings and Tier Breakdowns.

Rankings (with Tier Breakdowns)

Perhaps the most valuable tool for you to use during your draft is the Tier Breakdown.  To make it even more convenient, the Ballers have combined their rankings and the Tier Breakdowns into one master list.

You can see and search players by position QB, RB, WR, TE, and even FLEX.  Plus, you can sort those players by projected points (PTS), average draft position (ADP) and their risk factor (Risk).  The Risk column is color coordinated by green, black, and red to give you a visual on how risky these players are in 2019.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

Of course, the Ballers didn’t stop there.  Tap on a player’s name and you get a detailed report that covers Andy, Mike, and Jason’s rankings, 2019 projections, 2018 stats, that player’s Video Breakdown, and Player Notes.


The Analysis section is a comprehensive evaluation from all of the Ballers’ fantasy football Research (covered next).

You can sort Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts, Values, Rookie Reports, and Free Agency Review by QB, RB, WR, and TE plus read about the impact that Coaching Changes will have for a teams fantasy production.


Note: Some of the features in Research are still “Coming Soon” but you can access all of the information online in the Ultimate Draft Kit.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
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Welcome to the lab of endless fantasy football knowledge.  The Research section gives you the same tools and information the Ballers use for their analysis.  This includes the exclusive Reception Perception by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports’ Matt Harmon.  YOU CANNOT FIND THE RECEPTION PERCEPTION ANYWHERE ELSE.

Harmon dives deep into the league’s wide receivers to give you a detailed evaluation for your fantasy draft and draft strategies.  Players are sorted by the first name alphabetically.  If you tap on a player, you can read the Ballers’ player analysis.

Target Share and Market Share reports compile data from the 2018 season for each team.  Target Share gives you the percentage of targets per position so you can have a better understanding of how each position is targeted in a given offense.

Market Share gives you the percentage of the team’s total numbers to give you each players usage.  For example, Aaron Jones had 47.3% of the Packers’ running back attempts in 2018, with 56% of the total running back yards, 56% of the team’s touchdowns, etc.

These reports help you predict how an offense will target certain positions and then narrow down which players on those offenses get the majority of their team’s yards, receptions, touchdown, and attempts.  Combine these reports with the Reception Perception and the Tier Breakdowns to have a better strategy to draft productive players and when to get them.

NFL Draft section is pretty self-explanatory and it never hurts to have a list of the rookies debuting in 2019.  Again, you can use Harmon’s Reception Perception to get an idea of how new wide receivers could be used moving into this season.

Don’t forget to utilize the Target Share and Market Share reports to the offenses trends of these rookies’ landing spots.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

We don’t have any NFL data on these players yet and rookies can be difficult to predict on the professional level.  Having expert advice and analysis on these players is crucial in any fantasy draft kit and draft kit app, and the Ballers take it a new level in the UDK.

Strength of Schedule may not be the “stickiest” stat around but you can still use this feature to give you even more knowledge on your players.  Jason prefers to use the Strength of Schedule to help him draft a defense.  The Vikings, for example, are known for their powerful defense and special teams productions.  But, the first 2 weeks they face the Falcons and then the Packers while the Cowboys play the Giants and Redskins.

The final feature in Research is a snapshot of each team’s bye weeks.  I don’t know about you, but I have been in a pickle once or twice because I didn’t pay attention to the bye weeks.

Not only can you use this feature to prepare for your draft, but keep it in mind during the season as you target players during the “Bye Week Blues”.  Week 12, for example, will see the Cardinals, Chiefs, and Chargers all on a bye week.  Plan accordingly if you have David Johnson, Damien Williams, and Melvin Gordon as your starting RBs.


What would The Fantasy Footballers Ultimate Draft Kit App be without quick access to their award-winning podcast?  The final section in the UDK App is one-tap away from more fantasy football news, analysis, and of course, humor.


We all want to have an edge, preferably a very sharp one, in our fantasy drafts.  The UDK and the UDK App are fantasy draft kit tools unlike anything else you may have used in the past.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and purchase the Ultimate Draft Kit if you want to crush your league this year.


midwaymonsters says:

Are there tools that can be used throughout the regular season on the UDK? LOVE the app btw

Kyle says:

Does the UDK have the mock draft tool?

Jeremy says:

Where is the mock draft feature?

Andy Holloway says:

Coming VERY soon!

rollyd says:

Patterson, I asked the same question. “Instead of printing out the UDK rankings and then crossing out each player when they are drafted, I would love to just use the app. But I need a way to “gray out” each drafted player. It seems in each draft, a player gets overlooked in a tier (league members are drafting players in lower tiers) and I can nab them by using this technique. Anyway to do it with the app? By the way, I think the app is fantastic!”

Patterson87 says:

Love the UDK so far, first time user is there a way to mark players off as drafted on the website or app as the drafts are going? I cant seem to figure it out if so

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