Biggest Championship Weekend Studs & Stinkers (Fantasy Football) – SPECIAL EDITION

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With Week 16 mostly in the books, The Fantasy Footballers review and react to the Studs & Stinkers performances on the latest episode. Here, I highlight the best and worst fantasy finishes from Week 16.  Note that all fantasy points are in the 0.5-point scoring format. To get the full breakdown of Week 16 performances, don’t miss Championship Studs & Stinkers + #FootClanTitles! (+ Week 17 Waivers)

Special Edition of Studs & Stinkers

Championship week weekend was electric!  In this week’s special edition of Studs & Stinkers, I’ll discuss league winners and league losers.

I broke down Studs into the players that gave you the greatest advantage relative to others at their position.  This was calculated by comparing player production versus the average top-12 performance across the skill positions (QB, RB, WR, & TE).  By doing this, we can compare all skill position players on an even playing field. For example, Alvin Kamara was the RB4 overall on the week with 26 fantasy points.  The top-12 running backs on the week averaged 23.9 fantasy points. Therefore, Kamara gave owners a positional advantage of 2.1 points.

Similarly, I broke down Stinkers into the players that gave you the largest disadvantage relative to others at their position.  This was calculated by comparing player production versus the average production of players in their tier based on their weekly ranking.  For example, Allen Robinson was ranked as a WR1 this week and only scored 8.3 fantasy points. The average production from the top-12 wide receivers this week was 20.2 points, which means Robinson had a positional disadvantage of -11.9 fantasy points.  Conversely, D.K. Metcalf’s goose egg (0 pts) equates to a -13.1 point positional disadvantage because he was ranked as a WR2 (avg 13.1 pts). Therefore, Robinson hurt owners more than Metcalf because expectations were higher for Robinson.

For reference, here are the average points scored by position.  The columns are broken down by top-12 finish, finish 13-24, and finish 25-36 for each skill position.  This table illustrates the fantasy production landscape for Week 16 skill position players. Obviously the QB3 and TE3 columns carry little meaning…

Position Avg Points: 1-12 Finish
(QB1, RB1, WR1, TE1)
Avg Points: 13-24 Finish
(QB2, RB2, WR2, TE2)
Avg Points: 25-36 Finish
(QB3, RB3, WR3, TE3)
QB 25.1 13.3 5.8
RB 23.9 13.1 8.0
WR 20.2 13.1 10.9
TE 17.4 6.3 3.1

REMINDER: This article considers Week 16 weekend games only, as it was published on 12/23/2019 before the Monday night game.

Hopefully you got that #FootClanTitle.  Good luck tonight for fantasy owners with Vikings or Packers!  

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Biggest Studs – League Winners

The table below shows the players who gave fantasy owners the biggest advantage in Championship Weekend, in order.

Rank Position Player Fantasy Points Positional Advantage
(vs avg top-12)
1 RB Saquon Barkley 41.9 +18.0
2 QB Daniel Jones 35.3 +10.2
3 WR Tyler Boyd 29.3 +9.1
4 QB Andy Dalton 33.8 +8.7
5 RB Kenyan Drake 31.9 +8.0
6 TE Mark Andrews 24.3 +6.9
7 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 31.7 +6.5
8 TE Mike Gesicki 23.2 +5.8
9 WR Michael Thomas 25.6 +5.4
10 RB Devonta Freeman 29.2 +5.3

Saquon Barkley, RB Giants

Week 16 at WAS: 22 rushes for 189 yards & 1 TD | 4 rec for 90 yards & 1 TD on 4 tgts

Upcoming Schedule: PHI

Saquon Barkley leads the list of league winners for the 2019 fantasy championship weekend!  Saquon is one of the best players in the league, but he disappointed fantasy owners this year with injuries and inefficiencies at the running back position.  If you survived until this weekend, you were probably rewarded with a #FootClanTitle.

Tyler Boyd, WR Bengals

Week 16 at MIA: 9 receptions for 128 yards and 2 TD on 15 targets

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Upcoming Schedule: CLE

Tyler Boyd rewarded risky owners with the best fantasy performance of his career (29.3 points).  Boyd was up and down throughout the season but he has been great since Dalton has been back (excluding Week 15 vs NE).  The targets have always been there for Boyd (6th among WR on the season with 140), but his production has been lower than other WR who were top-12 in targets.  Boyd will be a difficult player to project in 2020 with variables in QB and competition around him (A.J. Green may or may not return to Cincinnati). For now, enjoy the boom performance.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Dolphins

Week 16 vs CIN: 31/52 for 419 passing yards, 4 TD, & 1 INT | 5 rushes for 9 yards

Upcoming Schedule: @NE

The bearded wonder delivered in the most important fantasy matchup of the year.  Mike Wright called this back in November: “My body is ready for Ryan Fitzpatrick to be a league winning streamer”.  For those taking the QB streamer approach, your hard work paid off with Fitzpatrick.

Getty Images / Mark Brown

Mark Andrews, TE Ravens

Week 16 at CLE: 6 receptions for 93 yards & 2 TD on 9 targets

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Upcoming Schedule: PIT

Mark Andrews was a beast this year.  He was one of the greatest values of any fantasy player this season, as he has been consistently excellent compared to other tight ends…and you probably drafted him in double digit rounds or grabbed him off the waiver wire.  Mark Andrews was Editor-in-Chief Kyle Borgognoni’s #MyGuy this season and he was spot on.

Michael Thomas

Week 16 at TEN: 12 receptions for 136 yards & 1 TD on 17 targets

Upcoming Schedule: @CAR

Michael Thomas does Michael Thomas things.  He broke the NFL’s single-season receptions record this weekend (145).  Michael Thomas deserves to be in the fantasy MVP discussion. He scored below 12 fantasy points once this season.  He scored over 20 points in seven of his last eight games. And he delivered at least 24 fantasy points every week during the fantasy playoffs (Week 14 – Week 16).  The guy is a freak.

Biggest Stinkers – League Losers

The table below shows the players who gave fantasy owners the largest disadvantage in Championship Weekend, in order.

Rank Position Player Fantasy Points Positional Disadvantage
(vs avg top-12)
1 Nick Chubb RB 4.5 -19.4
2 Tyler Lockett WR 1.7 -18.5
3 Deshaun Watson QB 9.1 -16.0
4 Joe Mixon RB 8.3 -15.6
5 DeAndre Hopkins WR 4.8 -15.4
6 Austin Ekeler RB 9.4 -14.5
7 Russell Wilson QB 11.0 -14.1
8 Jameis Winston QB 11.0 -14.1
9 Dak Prescott QB 11.3 -13.8
10 Courtland Sutton WR 6.6 -13.6

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If you had one of the above players, I feel for you.  Every seasoned fantasy player has experienced a heart-breaking loss.  If this is your first time with a gut-wrenching loss, just know that it is a right of passage.  I won’t go into detail on the above players…But I will say that you got unlucky – there’s no doubt about that.  Unfortunately, this is what makes fantasy so addicting – the high highs and the low lows. I believe that fantasy is broken down by 34% luck, 33% draft success, and 33% in-season moves.  Better luck next year, and don’t forget to tune in to The Fantasy Footballers Podcast throughout the offseason to fine-tune your skills and get an advantage over your league mates.

Other Championship Week Studs


  • Daniel Jones @WAS — 28/42 for 352/5/0 — 3/12/0 rushing
    • PHI
  • Andy Dalton @MIA — 33/56 for 396/4/0 — 1 fumble lost
    • @NE
  • Lamar Jackson @CLE — 20/31 for 238/3/0 — 17/103/0 rushing — 1 fumble lost
    • PIT
    • @HOU
  • Drew Brees @TEN — 27/38 for 279/3/0 — 3/-3/0 rushing
    • @CAR


    • PHI
  • Kenyan Drake @SEA — 24/166/2 — 3/18/0 on 4 targets
    • @NYG


    • @HOU
  • A.J. Brown vs NO — 1/34/0 on 2 targets — 49-yard rushing TD
    • @NE


    • @SEA
Other Championship Week Stinkers


    • SF
  • Dak Prescott @PHI — 25/44 for 265/0/0 — 1/7/0 rushing
    • ATL


  • Nick Chubb vs BAL — 15/45/0 — zero catches on 1 target
    • @CIN
  • James White vs BUF — 3/5/0 for 4/24/0 on 5 targets
    • @KC
  • Joe Mixon @MIA — 21/50/0 — 2/23/0 on 2 targets
    • @MIN


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    • PHI


    • NO

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