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Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series of guest posts from #FootClan members highlighting the value of the Ultimate Draft Kit.

While you’re scouring the internet looking for the best fantasy football advice to help take your game to the next level, you may at times be left scratching your head. Many prominent fantasy draft guides can lead to numerous hits, but just as many misses. Unfortunately, in a game like fantasy football, where each decision weighs heavily on your team’s success, just one miss can be the difference between fantasy gold and fantasy blunder. 

That’s why I’m happy to talk about the most modern, in-depth, knowledge-packed, expert-run, all-in-one draft kit on the web. One that can help both seasoned and new fantasy owners alike find newfound success this upcoming fantasy football season. After plenty of research, I believe I have found the best fantasy football advice on the market with the Fantasy Footballers’ Ultimate Draft Kit. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit 

If you’re in tune to the landscape of fantasy football, chances are you’ve heard of The Fantasy Footballers, and more specifically The Fantasy Footballers podcast. Yet the widely popular podcast is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Footballers have to offer to fantasy owners worldwide. 

The gang has transitioned their expert knowledge in the field of fantasy football and award-winning player rankings into a fantasy draft kit unlike any other. The Footballers combine their fantasy football wit with new-aged draft tools and specialized research to create a hub for fantasy football, known as the Ultimate Draft Kit. Below, let’s break down some of the outstanding features included in the Ultimate Draft Kit and explain why the kit offers you arguably the best fantasy football advice in the realm of fantasy sports.  

Tier-Based Player Rankings 

Once you operate a fantasy football draft with tier-based drafting, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to go about drafting without it. Your fantasy team’s skill and future production will increase tenfold with the Ultimate Draft Kit’s tier-based player rankings.  

The Ultimate Draft Kit takes The Fantasy Footballers’ already phenomenal positional player rankings and breaks them into specific tiers. These tiers help you better determine which players are similar to one another, and which players stand superior. Players at the same position grouped into the same tier grade out as near parallel players based off of projections. 

Tier-based drafting will better help you avoid reaching for players, while still selecting the clear-cut best player available. In return, this enhances your team from head to toe. Find out more on understanding the basis of tier-based drafting.

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Custom Scoring Projections 

If you’re like me, you’re likely partaking in multiple fantasy leagues, none of which operate on the same scoring settings. Though all your top fantasy football sites and draft kits nowadays offer player rankings, they normally focus on one specific scoring setting like standard, PPR, etc. This puts you in the unfortunate situation of having to bounce back-and-forth between a plethora of platforms to gather your player projections for each of your leagues. 

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This is where the UDK separates themselves from the pack. The Ultimate Draft Kit offers the best fantasy football advice regardless of your league’s scoring settings. This is due to their exceptional custom scoring projections feature. With the UDK’s custom scoring projections, you have the ability to choose between a surplus of different league scoring settings, from half-point PPR, full PPR, standard, 4-point QB, and 6-point QB. 

Maybe your league operates on a scoring setting that slightly differs from the mainstream scoring settings. Don’t worry, the UDK has you covered. You can go in manually to fully customize scoring to match your league’s settings identically. Passing Touchdowns, passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, points per rush attempt, and points per reception, are just some of the various stats you can fully tailor in the Ultimate Draft Kit’s customized scoring projections. From there, player projections will adapt to your preferred settings, modifying and shuffling to best accommodate your league’s scoring settings. 

Editor’s Note: Check out some late-round QBs worth targeting at the end of your drafts. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit also allows you to choose between any of the three Fantasy Footballers’ expert predictions. This offers you multiple viewpoints to help you gather your own opinion based off of knowledgeable projections. With three different expert opinions, you can truly choose the best fantasy football advice for you.

A Tool Unlike Any Other: Reception Perception 

Let’s face it, wide receiver can be one of the hardest positions in all of football to evaluate, especially in terms of fantasy football. Or at least, it used to be the most difficult. Wide receiver guru Matt Harmon has helped bridge the gap in breaking down how and why a receiver is succeeding or underperforming on the football field. 

Reception Perception is one of a kind, exclusive tool available only in the Ultimate Draft Kit. Harmon breaks down the top-50 wide receivers in the NFL, along with the incoming rookie class, with top-notch research and data collection. 

You can learn about how a receiver is used within his offense, what routes he excels at, and what he may struggle at, in the “success by route” and “route tree percentage” charts. In these charts, Harmon breaks down the player’s success rate and route tree, down to the exact percentage. 

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Harmon takes his research even further with his route and success rate data. Here, Harmon breaks down a receiver’s success rate vs. an array of different coverages, along with which routes he excels at the most.

The benefits of Reception Perception don’t end there. Reception Perception digs into numerous other aspects of a wide receiver’s game, from their success in reeling in the contested catch and run after the catch, to how much they are targeted, and much more. Reception Perception is hands down some of the best fantasy football advice for the receiver position you can find, anywhere. 

In-Depth Analysis 

It’s the fantasy offseason, which means every so-called fantasy “expert” is blurting out names of potential sleepers and breakouts left and right, while correspondingly telling you which players to steer clear from. Most of the names that are brought up in the media have no merit of being categorized in this way. Instead, these “experts” base their takes off of personal opinion, or they simply backpack off of someone else’s hot take. Following these predictions is what will ultimately get you burned come draft day. 

The Ultimate Draft Kit is run by true experts in the field of fantasy football. The Fantasy Footballers take their knowledgeable information and present their Ultimate Draft Kit users with the best fantasy football advice possible. Learn about who the UDK’s fantasy specialists perceive as value picks based off of their low ADP. See which players are in prime position to excel despite being slept on in fantasy circles. Find out which player is on the verge of fantasy stardom with the UDK’s breakout selections. Lastly, not every player can live up to the hype bestowed upon them, the Footballers gather up the players that have a higher chance at busting this upcoming season.  

In addition to helping you gather a better perspective of the future duds and studs for the forthcoming year, the Footballers break down numerous other aspects within the NFL landscape. Within the Ultimate Draft Kit, you can find pristine analysis on things such as injuries, coaching changes, free agency, the NFL draft, and more. Every piece of information pertains to how it will impact fantasy football. 

Expert Research 

The Fantasy Footballers take their in-depth knowledge and dig even deeper to gather valuable research to better help your fantasy team. 

In the Ultimate Draft Kit, you receive numerous research features to help you get a better perspective of how a team operates on a weekly basis, and how a specific player is used within his team’s game plan. The UDK breaks down things such as a player’s usage rate in multiple facets of the game. Also included is a red zone report for all skill position players, broken down into three sections, passing, rushing, and receiving. Learn if a player is a customary threat to score within the red zone and if they are a readily featured go-to target inside the twenty.  

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While the elite players are essential locks within your fantasy lineups, they only take up so much of one team’s roster. Most fantasy football lineups are built off of consistency and matchups. The Ultimate Draft Kit breaks down the strength of schedule for all 32 NFL teams in a full season, partial season, and fantasy playoff breakdown. Each team’s strength of schedule is also broken down by specific position to help differentiate how a schedule suits each skill position’s likely success on your roster. 

Always Up to Date 

Never be late to the party again with the Ultimate Draft Kit. You receive only the best fantasy football advice, all in real-time. Always stay ahead of your league mates with breaking news, injury alerts, trades, projection changes, new research, and much more. 

Streamlined App For iOS & Android Users 

Receive all the amazing features and up-to-date fantasy football news you would on the Ultimate Draft Kit desktop page, but at the tip of your fingertips. Available for both iOS and Android users, the UDK app makes for a seamless carryover from your web browser to your mobile device. With a nearly five-star rating across both app stores, the pristine application features a locked-in menu at the bottom of your screen, allowing for easy maneuvering and efficient browsing. Receive updates to player rankings, expert analysis, draft research, and more with the Ultimate Draft Kit app. 

The UDK app is constantly updating its tools and features, to better improve their users’ experience. You’ve increased the likelihood of you hoisting a league championship thanks to the best fantasy football advice you could find. 

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