5 Reasons Why the Ultimate Draft Kit is a Fantasy Football Game-Changer

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
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Perhaps by now you’ve heard the hustle and bustle on the podcast about our Fantasy Football Draft Kit from a variety of famous friends of the show. Whether it be Morgan Freeman, Jon Snow or Conor McGregor, maybe you’re still not convinced that the UDK is any different than any other fantasy football website, magazine or content out there. But let me be clear, this is a game-changer and I’ll let Merriam-Webster inform you of what I mean.

Game-changer (noun):  a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way

A lot of people buy magazines or find rankings on other sites, but the UDK unveils how the Footballers came to their rankings and how you can apply them to dominate your league. It is, dare I say, a true game-changer. Since the UDK is constantly updated, you know you’ll be walking into your draft ready to dominate locked-and-loaded with the latest intel and fantasy insights.

Here are 5 reasons why the UDK is a game-changer in 2017. Or if you’d rather take the Ballers word for it, check out this short Show After the Show which highlights the benefits of buying the 2017 Ultimate Draft Kit.

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1. Constantly Updated Player Rankings and Stat Projections

Unlike a fantasy magazine that is basically out of date the moment it’s printed or any other draft guides, the UDK is a true living, breathing digital product that updates as the offseason goes along. That means when Eric Decker was released by the Jets and signed by the Titans, the Ballers had updated their stat projections so that he and the rest of those offenses were adjusted accordingly. These premium projections are the “meat and potatoes” of the UDK and something you want to dive into for hours upon hours. You’ll see projected fantasy points based on every imaginable statistic (targets, catches, yards, TDs, etc.)

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

If someone goes down in training camp or ascends the depth chart, your magazine can do little to help you stay with the flow of ongoing changes. Whether your league convenes in July or late August for your draft, the Ultimate Draft Kit is basically there as your best friend and optimized research guru to help no matter what the offseason throws your way.

2. Reception Perception is the Bee’s Knees

You won’t be able find this amount of data and WR scouting anywhere else on the internet. NFL.com’s Matt Harmon is arguably the premier voice in the fantasy industry when it comes to wide receivers. His Reception Perception content charts the success rates versus different types of coverage as well as the type of routes receivers are running routinely. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, like Harmon did with recent breakouts John BrownAllen Robinson, and Stefon Diggs, then his Reception Perception methodology is what you need.

The UDK includes Harmon’s exclusive full charting and profiles of the top 50 Wide Receivers for the 2017 fantasy football season as well as the top rookie WR prospects. You won’t be able to find this wealth of information apart from diving into the UDK.

3. Tier Breakdowns and Cheat Sheets

One of the main ways the Ballers recommend heading into draft day is organizing your draft board into tiers. They are in agreement that draft strategy centers more around tier-based drafting as opposed to a position-specific plan. We even have articles explaining how tier-based rankings work in the 2017 UDK and the benefits of approaching a draft this way. The cheat sheets are also upgraded this year in a colorful, 1-page printable that is downloadable and super easy to use.

4. Sleepers, Values and Breakouts lists that truly Breakout

Did you own LeGarrette Blount last year? How about Melvin Gordon? If you were among the fortunate souls that stole these RBs late, you most likely coasted to the fantasy playoffs. Those two names were among the many sleeper and breakout candidates selected in last year’s UDK.

2022 Ultimate Draft Kit
We do the work. You dominate your draft.
Get the 2023 UDK

The key to identifying sleeper candidates at every position is not simply giving hot takes but finding players drafted late but primed to emerge based on previous trends. Finding breakout players ready to make the leap into the fantasy elite is something Andy, Mike, and Jason spend all off-season honing in on. This is another piece of the UDK that will be constantly updated.

5. It is a proven championship commodity.

Here’s a couple of real-life users who swear by the UDK and the Baller’s expertise leading them to a #FootClanTitle. It’s unlike any other fantasy football draft tool on the planet.

Want extra podcasts as well? The Footballers have included extra podcast episodes only available when you receive the Ultimate Draft Kit including some of the most requested topics such as 10 Offseason Tips & Tricks and 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Fantasy Football.

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