Thursday, June 14, 2018 - Podcast Episode

Early 2018 Busts, Backfields to Avoid – Ep. #557

Fantasy Football Podcast for June, 14th, 2018. Jason has the hate blockers on for today’s show as we discuss early Bust candidates for the 2018 fantasy football season! Which players will disappoint at their current draft price? What’s the latest news on Andrew Luck? Also, are there any backfields that you may want to avoid in fantasy football drafts all together? Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2018 with the #1 fantasy football podcast.

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  • 03:15- Quick Question: Are there any team backfields you’re avoiding for fantasy football?
  • 11:05- NFL News & Notes
  • 20:00- Early 2018 Bust Picks
  • 21:15- Deshaun Watson
  • 26:05- Corey Davis
  • 32:00- Derrick Henry
  • 35:00- LeSean McCoy
  • 42:00- Kenyan Drake
  • 44:30- Jarvis Landry
  • 51:45- Mailbag!
  • 52:00- Waterbet!

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