10 Tips & Tricks To Dominate Your League

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There are a few things that separate the great fantasy football players from the ordinary.  On today’s podcast we share 10 expert tips and tricks you can use to dominate your league.  We’ve also listed these tips and tricks below in brief form so you can bookmark this page and remember them during the season!

#10 — The IR Stash
If your league has an IR spot, snag a guy that you know has a chance to come back later.  Do it at any time during the season.  Example:  Andre Brown a couple of years ago was designated as “O” after breaking a bone in the preseason.  I snagged him, threw him on IR and signed another guy to my bench.  In week 10 when he returned I had a viable starter for a couple of pre-playoff weeks!   

#9 — The RB Hoarder
Running backs are the most valuable commodity in the game. Wide receivers are fun and nice, but a fill-in WR is always available on the waiver wire. When you’re top tier RB goes down, you better have the handcuff. When your opponents top tier RB goes down, there is no greater feeling than taking to social media with a taunting post because you own the injured player’s handcuff. Take backups. Take fliers. There are only a few surprises at RB every year, maximize your chance to snag one. Also, never have more WR than RBs. EVER.

#8 — The Voyeur
During the draft, pay attention to other teams rosters as they fill them out. If you are in need of an RB, take a look at what position your opponent is scarce on before your turn. E.g. if everyone has a QB, no need to draft yours yet.  Being mindful of the opponents roster means not wasting a pick on someone you could get a round or two later!

#7 — Every Position Matters
Regardless of your opinions on kickers and D/STs, if they are a part of your league, they matter. Look for kickers on high power offenses, or even better, teams that can move the ball but tend to sputter in the red zone. Don’t lock yourself in to a D/ST, stream the team with the best matchup. Having trouble deciding which team to stream? Look to Vegas. See which teams are favored, preferably at home. Also, look for matchups against turnover prone teams.

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 #6 — The Eliminator
If you’re in a matchup with someone who is streaming a certain position, has an injury, needs a defense,  and you have roster spots, grab a couple of their options or what you might think are their best options on waivers.  Eliminate the chance of them snagging a great replacement and playing them against your team!  Then drop them to waivers Sunday morning (before the waiver period) and fill your bench back up.  Boom.

 #5 — Gordon Gecko
Trades can be crucial to the success of your season. What you shouldn’t do, is throw out outrageous when an unproven player has one great week. People will grow tired of your shenanigans and start to ignore you. It usually takes only takes 2-3 weeks of performance for someone to believe a player has gained value. The difficulty with this is you have to be careful to not buy your own player hype. Trading two-for-one is almost always a great idea when you get the best player in the trade. Be a little careful moving all of your depth too early in the year. When having doubts about a trade remember what Ricky Bobby said, “If you ‘aint first, you’re last.”

 #4 — Draft With Tears In Your Eyes
Rankings or simple cheat-sheets don’t cut it in a draft room. You need to know which players start and end value sets, or tiers. Tiers allow you know to know when to jump on certain positions before the value is lost. For instance, if you have a group of TEs that are all relatively the same for you, then you don’t need to worry about grabbing one until that group is mostly gone. It will give you the freedom to draft some high-upside wide receivers or running backs. Successful drafts come from getting the most value out of when you pick guys. Tiers are what allows you to do that.

 #3 — Quarterback Without A Name
Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” is a huge streaming-quarterback proponent.  Get value from each draft pick by not burning a pick on a Quarterback before it’s necessary!  Check out his article on this topic on FantasyPros here.

 #2 — The Boyscout 
Always be prepared.  Especially heading into playoffs.  Utilize your bench to stash the best matchups weeks in advance to set up  your playoff run.  Get ahead of your competition by preparing weeks ahead.

 #1 — The Traditional 
Traditions are fantasy gold. Around here, we all know what the Holloway is: it’s congratulating your opponent on their victory the MINUTE you get slightly behind to pull out the win. Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright is known basically as the worst winner of all time. He’s mouthy. And known for it. And we love it. I personally enjoy driving down the value of players who reside on the teams of good owners. It’s an all out publicity war against their trade value. Make traditions. Make joy. It might not help you win your league, but it will ensure you’re playing in a winning league.



Duane says:

I’ve been playing fantasy football for 23 years and I have read and listened to about every magazine, website and podcast. I must say you guys rank #1. Keep up the amazing work!!! I’m a loyal listen and huge fan. I listen on Podbay.

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