Week 3 Studs & Duds + Fields of Sadness, Divine Achane!

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BOOM performances in Week 3! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason recap an exciting Week 3 of NFL Football! Time to hit the panic alarm on Derrick Henry? Drop Justin Fields? Plus, injury updates, and a look ahead to Week 4 waivers & matchups! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 25th, 2023.

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The Fantasy Performances of the Week 01:41

  • The hosts highlight the exceptional fantasy performances from the weekend.
  • They mention the high percentage of positive puns this week compared to previous weeks.
  • They emphasize the unexpectedness and madness of the Week 3 games.

“This week was drunk. I mean, this was insane.”

Introduction to DFS Pass and Community 03:05

  • The hosts give a shoutout to Matthew Betz, Kyle the Borgogan, and the DFS pass community.
  • They mention the success and valuable tools provided by DFS pass.
  • They emphasize the benefits of the DFS optimizer tool and the invaluable discord community for reacting to news and discussing DFS plays.

“I wanted to give a quick shout out genuinely. The DFS pass this week. Matthew Betts and Kyle the Borgogan and the community there.”

Limited Time Code for DFS Pass 04:20

  • The hosts announce a limited-time code, “winner23,” for a discount on DFS pass.
  • They clarify that the code is for a one-year pass that goes through the playoffs.
  • They encourage viewers to experience the DFS pass and share their thoughts.

“And for the first time ever, if we want you to go experience that, it’s normally $50 for the year.”

Discouraging Performance of Justin Fields 07:09

  • The hosts discuss the disappointing performance of Justin Fields, citing his struggles with timing, rhythm, and play-calling.
  • They mention the potential availability of Fields on waiver wires and advise picking him up as a stash rather than an immediate starter.
  • They express cautiousness about Fields’ future performances and state that they would not start him despite potentially explosive games on the bench.

“Fields is someone that will be hitting waiver wires this week for sure.”

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Injury News and Headlines 09:05

  • The hosts tease upcoming injury news.
  • They initiate the “News and Notes from Around the League” segment but do not provide specific information in this section of the video.

“Well, let’s start with the headline that just formally broke.”

Mike Williams injury 09:14

Joe Burrow‘s Game Time Decision 18:03

  • Joe Burrow is expected to be a game-time decision for the game.
  • There are reports that he is campaigning to start.
  • His warmups this morning went well, indicating progress.
  • There was also a report suggesting he could be placed on injured reserve.

Joe Burrow expected to be a game time decision tonight.”

Cincinnati Bengals in Make or Break Season 18:29

  • The Bengals are not competing in their division with the Pittsburgh Steelers performing well.
  • The Ravens lost, making the Bengals’ chances better.
  • The hosts believe Joe Burrow will play as this season is crucial for the Bengals.

“And I think, you know, this is make or break season time.”

Justin Herbert as Quarterback One 19:00

Justin Herbert. Quarterback one on the season.”

Herbert’s Impressive Performance 19:11

  • Justin Herbert had a remarkable game, throwing for 405 yards and completing 40 out of 47 passes.
  • He scored the first 400-yard game of his career.
  • Despite being vultured on a touchdown, he still performed exceptionally well.

“So Herbert was 40 for 47, 405 yards. It’s the first 400 yard game of his career.”

Tua Tagovailoa‘s Great Performance 20:18

  • Tua Tagovailoa threw for 309 yards and four touchdowns.
  • He had a high completion rate, going 23 of 26.
  • Jalen Waddell was absent, but it didn’t affect Tua’s performance.

“To Atunga Vailloy 309 and four. He was 23 of 26.”

Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane‘s Incredible Performance 22:12

  • Raheem Mostert and Divine Achane both scored four touchdowns in their respective games.
  • Having them on the bench was a difficult decision, but understandable given their previous performances.

Raheem Mostert had four touchdowns… A-chain had four as well.”

Jason’s Bold Decision on De’Von Achane 22:35

  • Jason considered starting Divine Achane over Algier.
  • He was initially unsure, but later decided to start Achane.

“The morning of I messaged my co-manager and said, hey, I want to put Devon A-chain in over Algier.”

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“Hold on. I can quote Jason. I mean, I’ve got the receipts over here.”

Studs & Duds: Week 3 Recap 23:02

  • The speaker mentions Kendray Miller who was stashed away on the injured reserve (IR).

“I didn’t see Kendray Miller was on your IR, stashed away.”

  • The speaker acknowledges that there are multiple players who they could make a case for, but it ultimately didn’t affect the outcome of their decision.

“I can make a case for any of them.”

  • The speaker reflects on benching Algier and expecting a poor performance, which unfortunately turned out to be true.

“I expect a putrid game. And I got it.”

  • Despite the outcome, the speaker remains positive and accepts that occasionally decisions will have an impact on the results.

“Sometimes you make a decision, it doesn’t affect your actual outcome.”

  • The speaker expresses the bittersweet feeling of seeing a player on their bench perform well, as they want the points but also want their own team to win.

“You watch a guy on your bench go off and it’s a real bittersweet thing because you obviously want those points.”

  • The speaker highlights the excitement of seeing a player like A-Chain perform well and potentially earn more opportunities in future weeks.

“The more that he proves himself, the more opportunity he’ll get in future weeks.”

“You were actively despising every snap he took.”

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  • The speaker believes that A-Chain should be started in the upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills, despite the Bills’ strong defense.

“Assuming that it’s Mostard and A-Chain as the only two active running backs that you presume are going to get work, yeah, I think both of those players need to be started.”

  • The speaker acknowledges the potential challenge of deciding who to start when Ahmed and Jeff Wilson return in future weeks.

“It will be something to watch when you get Ahmed back and Jeff Wilson back in week four and then A-Chain’s performing.”

“I certainly think that’s the right call for this week.” “He saved me at least from the shame.”

“I know.”

Kenneth Walker almost got you there.”

“He’s going to be so good guys.” “Christian McCaffrey, Big Week, James Conner, he’s so good.”

“Just ask Justin Fields.”

“They’re triple C as we call it, seems like it might be a good coach maybe, still a little early but the players are playing hard for him.”

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James Conner is getting it done.” “You can’t run against Tennessee.”

“He had two touchdowns.”

“Did you trade high on that with Hunts Snapshare likely to increase over time and Baltimore”

“He might just get Mike right.”

Baltimore’s Defense and Zach Moss’s Performance 30:22

  • Baltimore’s defense hasn’t been as strong as expected.
  • Zach Moss had a good game against Baltimore’s defense.
  • Injuries have impacted Baltimore’s performance.

“I think you can make the case for it with Baltimore which Baltimore’s defense right now. Obviously Zach Moss played good. We were expecting Baltimore to be better. They were trashed with injuries.”

Alexander Mattison‘s Performance 30:54

  • Alexander Madison had a mixed performance in the game.
  • Despite some drops and fumbles, Madison showcased his talent.

“Yeah baby Alexander Madison had the best worst best game that I’ve seen in a while 20 for 93 7 targets. Yeah you were watching the game screaming at the screen. Madison had more fumbles that didn’t count as fumbles that I’ve ever seen in my life. He was expertly timing his fumbles this week.”

Big Play by Amari Cooper 38:39

  • A wild ref mishap occurred during the game.
  • Amari Cooper made an impressive catch and was running for a touchdown.
  • The play was blown dead due to an incorrect whistle by the ref.

“If you did not see this game, there was one of the most egregious wild wacky ref thing mishaps that I’ve ever seen.”

“He should have had an even bigger game than his seven for one sixteen one.”

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Sam LaPorta‘s Breakout Performance 40:13

  • Sam LaPorte had an impressive game, with 8 receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown.
  • LaPorte has the most receptions for a tight end in the first three games in NFL history.
  • He is a consistent play due to his high target volume.

“Sam LaPorte eleven targets eight for eighty four in a touchdown the most receptions in the first three games for a tight end in career in history.”

“You gotta stay in the flames with him.”

Justin Fields‘ Struggles 42:25

  • Justin Fields had a poor performance, with 11 completions for 99 yards and 47 rushing yards.
  • Teams have figured out how to defend him as a runner, and he is struggling as a passer.
  • Jason believes Fields is not going to work as the quarterback for the Bears or as an NFL quarterback in general.

“It was abysmal 11 for 22 for 99 yards 11 for 47.”

“I think we’ve seen enough to know Justin Fields is not going to work for sure he’s not going to work for the Bears he’s not going to work as an NFL quarterback.”

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Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence 46:54

  • It is important for fantasy managers to be able to move on from players who are not performing well.
  • Fields has upcoming favorable matchups against Minnesota, Las Vegas, and Denver.
  • Lawrence had a disappointing performance against Houston, and it is uncertain if he will improve.
  • It may be wise to look for better options on the waiver wire than starting Fields or Lawrence.

“It is important to be able to move on and…start someone else.”

Disappointing Performances 49:19

  • Calvin Ridley has had disappointing performances after a strong start in the first half of week one.
  • Jacksonville’s offense, led by Trevor Lawrence, has been underwhelming.
  • It is important not to overestimate the potential of young quarterbacks and expect consistent improvement.

“This is the time of year where you don’t want to make conclusions…but you also need to stay water.”

Derrick Henry 50:54

  • Henry has been underperforming and had a particularly bad game, raising concerns about his performance.
  • He was dealing with a toe/rest injury and had limited snaps in the game.
  • With the emergence of Tajae Sharpe, there is uncertainty about Henry’s workload and performance moving forward.
  • It may be a good opportunity to shop Henry for a premium and have someone else deal with the risk.

“This could be the beginning of the end…winter might be full of poop.”

Trade Options 54:50

  • There may be trade offers available, such as Raheem Mostert, Kyren Williams, or Zack Moss for Derrick Henry.
  • Selling high on a player like Mostert could be challenging due to his strong performance and role in the top offense.
  • It is important to carefully consider trade offers and weigh the potential risks and rewards.

“That’s the hardest thing, to sell high on a player like Moser…he’s the number one running back on the number one offense.”

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Studs and Duds recap 55:55

  • B. John had a disappointing performance with 10 carries for 33 yards and 4 receptions for 27 yards.
  • Detroit’s defense shut down Kyle in Week 3.
  • Tyler Al Jir’s snaps increased, but there are concerns about his usage moving forward.
  • Al Jir may be a viable flex option in upcoming games against Jacksonville and Houston.
  • However, B. John is the clear lead back in the Lions’ backfield.

“Detroit yeah they shut down Kyle Kyle’s on the microphone right here”

Concerns about Tyler Allgeier‘s usage 56:37

  • Al Jir’s increased snaps in Week 3 may not translate into consistent production.
  • Week 1 may have been a trap game for Al Jir, as the Lions dominated and had more rushing opportunities.
  • Al Jir may have fewer touches in games where the team is not leading.
  • Playing matchups may be necessary with Al Jir in the upcoming Jacksonville and Houston games.

“for sure this is B John’s backfield…what happened in week one…could have been a trap for Al Jir…I think what happened in week one was that it was a game script where they dominated…in games where they’re up they are going to have so many carries that even if B John is 70% of the market share Tyler Al Jir will end the game with 15 carries”

Disappointing performance of Joshua Kelley 58:12

  • Kelly’s performance was as bad as it gets with 11 carries for 12 yards.
  • Despite the opportunity presented by Austin Echler’s absence, Kelly failed to deliver.
  • Avoid investing too much in backup running backs as they can be unreliable.

“this is why I like insurance running backs…it can be very difficult…when it hits it feels really great but when it does not hit…it feels very bad…that was…a terrible performance”

Lack of production from Derrick Henry 01:01:29

  • The age and history of running backs suggest that their production may decline.
  • The Titans’ offense is not functioning at a level to support a top-tier running back.
  • Consider trading Henry for other players while he still carries value.

“the history of like usually the wheels fall off…Titans…just don’t look like that…team that’s going to say hey Derek Henry you’re going to be the top three running back rest of season…just doesn’t seem like that’s what the recipe is going forward”

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Disappointing performances from wide receivers 01:01:19

  • Several wide receivers, including Calvin Ridley, Tyler Lockett, and Hopkins, had disappointing performances in Week 3.
  • The overall production of the Falcons’ offense has been lackluster.
  • Monitor the quarterback situation before deciding to start or bench certain wide receivers.

Garrett Wilson disappointing…Hopkins three for forty eight doesn’t have it anymore…Tyler Lockett three for thirty four disappointing…the manders offense in general…Terry McClaren six for forty one…John Dodson two for twenty one…Mark Andrews has not got it going”

Mark Andrews‘ performance and the correlation to the team’s loss 01:04:26

  • Mark Andrews has not been performing well, and the team’s loss may be correlated to his struggles.
  • There may be other factors affecting Andrews’ performance, such as his health or play-calling.
  • It is important to consider the team’s overall performance when evaluating individual players.

Mark Andrews has not got it going and they lost and I can’t help but look at this situation and say those are correlated right”

Monkens’ Offensive Decisions 01:04:37

  • Monkens have been making decisions on the offense that do not make sense.
  • Despite Mark Andrews being a key player, his usage has been questionable.

“Monkens making decisions on this offense that are not making sense because Mark Andrews.”

Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews‘ Performance 01:04:49

  • Lamar Jackson has been performing well as a passer, completing 73% of his attempts.
  • However, Mark Andrews, although talented, has not been fully utilized.
  • In the absence of Odell Beckham, Zay Flowers has been getting a lot of targets.
  • With Beckham and Flowers as the top weapons, Andrews only saw five targets.

“That’s not enough watching it I think that Lamar that Mark Andrews is still not fully healthy like Lamar in terms of just as a passer he is completing 73% of his attempts list he was 22 of 31 that’s 71% over 200 yards Otto Beckham wasn’t there now I mean I know like Zay flowers is soaking up a lot of cheap easy targets but the point is how when Beckham was out and it was just flowers and Andrews as your two top weapons how did Mark Andrews only see five targets this offense is putrid right now.”

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Disappointing Offense 01:05:39

  • The Monkens’ offense has been disappointing and not working as expected.
  • It was expected to be one of the most exciting and talented offenses in the league.
  • The wide receivers, including Beckham and Bateman, are either hurt or unproven.
  • Nelson Agholor may have to step up in their absence.

“That offense has been disappointing and people came in saying all the wide receivers they’re so much better Beckham’s hurt Bateman’s hurt they’re neither of them are proven neither of them are on the field.”

Tough Schedule Ahead 01:06:05

  • The Ravens’ upcoming matchups are challenging, starting with the Cleveland Browns.
  • The Browns’ defense has been performing exceptionally well, ranking number one.
  • Then they face the Pittsburgh Steelers, which won’t be any easier.
  • The absence of Rashod Bateman adds to the difficulties.

“The matchup coming up is in Cleveland against the Browns whose defense looks so legitimate, oh they’re number one in everything, in Pittsburgh that’s it’s maybe no Rashad Bateman yeah I think it’s going to be a bad couple of weeks here.”

Mark Andrews‘ Startability 01:06:18

  • Mark Andrews should still be started every week due to his position as a tight end.
  • However, lower target volume may affect his production.
  • He still has a chance to score touchdowns, as he did in the previous week.

Mark Andrews you could start him every week he’s a tight end you don’t you know if maybe if you have La Porta you could make a decision but outside of that you’re starting Mark Andrews every week and he’s still got a chance for touchdown had one last week.”

“I thought that Andrews returning would drop the short area targets for Zay flowers and it seems like the short area targets for Zay flowers shorter are shorter and hurting Andrews a little bit.”

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Other Offensive Players 01:07:12

Hunter Henry with a splat, two for 17. David Njoku, probably time to move on, it hasn’t happened.”

Kyle Pitts, honestly, 5 for 41’s pretty good for Cal Pitts baby.”

Zach Ertz, nothing for Zach Ertz.”

Variety of Topics 01:08:15

  • The hosts mentioned that the next episode will be focused on waivers and decision-making.
  • They discuss the challenge of watching multiple Monday night football games.
  • They joke about their preferred setup for multiple televisions.

“Tomorrow is a huge show, it’s a waiver show, more discussions on these players, more decisions to be made and we got two Monday night football games that we will be watching.”

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“For a guy who watches nine games on nine televisions on a weekly basis, you do a lot of complaining about two games on one night.”

“What if you have one game on the left for TVs, one game on the right for TVs, that’d be great, and then you could watch one of your fair movies in the middle. Oh, I could be a movie hang.”

“Lots more to talk about tomorrow, please join us in the meantime, head over to footclangiveaway.com, got some good stuff over there, talk to you soon, goodbye.”

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