Week 2 Waivers + Full Stream Ahead

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Week 2 waiver wire pickups! On today’s fantasy football podcast, find out which players should be added and dropped! Plus, reactions to the Aaron Rodgers injury, the latest NFL News, and QB Streaming options!  Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 12th, 2023.

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Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury

Josh Allen’s performance and turnovers 08:22

  • Josh Allen had a disappointing performance, committing a ton of turnovers.
  • He threw many interceptions throughout the game.
  • This was unexpected considering the tough defense he was up against.

“I think, you know, Josh Allen deserves a lot of criticism. He has been committing a ton of turnovers.”

Jets defense and their great game 10:06

  • The Jets defense played incredibly well.
  • They were able to limit Josh Allen and the Bills’ offense.
  • They played a big role in keeping the score low.

“Great game by the Jets defense. Like incredible game.”

Importance of targeting true alpha wide receivers 09:06

  • Targeting true alpha wide receivers consistently is crucial.
  • It’s surprising when teams don’t take advantage of their top receivers.
  • Kirk Cousins frequently targets Justin Jefferson, and it works.

“Whenever you have a true alpha wide receiver one, it blows my mind that you don’t just target them over and over and over and over.”

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Criticism towards Josh Allen‘s performance 09:32

  • Josh Allen‘s performance in the game warranted criticism.
  • He has been prone to turnovers lately, similar to Dak Prescott‘s career trends.
  • The game against Jets was one they should have won easily.

“I think, you know, Josh Allen deserves a lot of criticism. He has been committing a ton of turnovers. Like we give Dak a hard time over the trends in his career. Josh Allen is heading that direction.”

Joshua Kelley‘s Performance 15:32

  • Joshua Kelly was looking fantastic in the back half of the third quarter.
  • He had been getting snaps up to that point.

“Joshua Kelly was looking fantastic.”

Evaluating Aaron Jones‘ Hamstring Injury 15:42

  • The evaluation of Aaron Jones‘ hamstring injury is ongoing.
  • The team did not need to put him back out on the field.

Aaron Jones hamstring, they’re still evaluating it.”

Kenneth Gainwell‘s Rib Injury 15:51

  • Kenny Gainwell is dealing with a rib injury after having 18 opportunities in Philadelphia.
  • Fletcher Cox is expected to be fine, but Gainwell’s status is a wait and see.
  • If Gainwell is sidelined, Deandre Swift and Rashad Penny would likely be the focus.

“Kenny Gainwell after 18 opportunities in Philadelphia, dealing with a rib injury.” “So if he’s out, you’re starting to look at Deandre Swift and Rashad Penny.”

Diontae Johnson‘s Hamstring Injury 16:55

  • Deontay Johnson will be sidelined for a few weeks due to a hamstring injury.
  • There is a possibility he could be placed on the injured reserve (IR) list.

“Deontay Johnson sideline a few weeks due to the hamstring injury.”

Waiving Diontae Johnson 17:37

  • The decision to drop Deontay Johnson depends on the availability of an injury reserve (IR) spot and the available options on the waiver wire.
  • If there is no IR spot and valuable players are available, it may be worth considering dropping Johnson.

“Jonathan, do you drop them? Deontay? Yeah. Like let’s say you don’t have an IR. Obviously we’ve got an IR. You just throw them on there. But if you’re in a league that doesn’t have an IR, do you hold on to Deontay Johnson for, uh, save that question for waivers?”

Evan Hull‘s Knee Injury 18:04

  • Evan Hall will miss some time due to a knee injury.
  • Zach Moss is expected to return this week for the team.
  • It is important to wait a few weeks before making roster decisions on players who have underperformed or are injured.

“Evan Hall will miss some time due to the knee injury.”

Puka Nacua‘s Potential 22:19

  • Puka Nakua is likely to have a game here or there. However, he will probably only have a game when he scores.

“He’s probably only going to have a game when he scores.”

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Considering Puka Nacua‘s Value 22:37

  • Puka Nakua’s value is influenced by the absence of Cooper Kupp. If Kupp was out for the season, Puka Nakua would be a valuable pickup.
  • It is important to call your shot when it comes to players like Puka Nakua.

“Yeah, it’s not great. The targets, man. Oh, yeah. I’m kind of… It was incredible. I’m really into targets.”

Puka Nacua‘s Inconsistency 23:24

  • Although Puka Nakua has shown promise, his value is uncertain due to the uncertainty surrounding Cooper Kupp‘s return.
  • It is estimated that Cooper Kupp will not return until week five, which means Puka Nakua may not be the best pickup in the long run.

“If he comes back in week five, Puka might not be the best pickup. If he comes back in week eight, Puka’s going to win you some weeks in the meantime.”

Recommended Spending on Puka Nakua 23:42

  • Investing up to 25% of your budget on Puka Nakua is advisable given the current variables and circumstances surrounding Cooper Kupp‘s return.

“So I would spend at least, like right now with all of those variables involved, I’m willing to spend 25% on Puka.”

Top Wide Receiver Pickups 23:52

  • Puka Nakua is considered the number one wide receiver pickup by the podcast hosts. They also highly recommend Romeo Dobbs and Jacoby Myers.

“That was the number in my head as well. He is probably my number one wide receiver pickup, but to me there are… He is easily my number one.”

Concerns about Jakobi Meyers‘ Concussion 24:22

  • Jacoby Myers’s value is affected by his concussion and being in the concussion protocol.
  • There is uncertainty regarding his availability and it is expected that he may miss some games.

“My worry with Jacoby is the concussion. Who is in the concussion protocol? We won’t have information. We will not have any concussion information. If we knew that he was healthy and active this week, I would be all in on him.”

Kendrick Bourne as a Waiver Pickup 24:50

  • The podcast hosts express low interest in Kendrick Bourne as a waiver pickup.
  • While Bourne has had big games in the past, the hosts are skeptical about his consistency.

“And Kendrick Bourne, I’m completely not in on him.”

Kendrick Bourne‘s Potential 25:48

  • Despite the hosts’ reservations, Kendrick Bourne‘s potential lies in his opportunity and the fact that he ran the most routes among all wide receivers in the NFL in the previous week.
  • The hosts are cautiously interested in Bourne and are considering him as a cheap or potentially free waiver pickup.

“I’m interested in Kendrick Bourne. I’m not pushing chips in but I’ll throw him for a cheap maybe free waiver out.”

Drake London‘s Value 26:27

  • Although the hosts love Puka Nakua, they are not willing to drop Drake London for any of the wide receiver pickups mentioned.
  • They believe that London’s role as the number one wide receiver on his team remains intact.

“And Drake London is the number one wide receiver. I don’t, like I said, Puka’s the guy I’ll spend up on this week because the upside is tremendous.”

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“And Drake London is the number one wide receiver.”

Kendrick Bourne and Van Jefferson 28:49

  • Kendrick Bourne is not considered an alpha player and may not be a dominant force.
  • Van Jefferson had a high snap count towards the end of last season.

“And so, you know, that’s kinda the thing with Kendrick Bourne and not going after him is we know he’s not that dude.” 28:57

Puka and Cooper Kupp‘s Return 29:26

  • Puka is currently an outside wide receiver, but his role may change when Cooper Kupp returns.
  • Cooper Kupp is expected to play in the slot.

“And it’ll be interesting to see if two, two can keep that going.” 29:44

Puka’s Output Against Strong Defenses 30:01

  • Puka’s performance may be affected by the strong pass rush of the upcoming game against Matthew Stafford.
  • Puka’s output could potentially change drastically due to the pressure from the defense.

“When Joey Bosen company, or I’m sorry, Nick Bosen company are bearing down on you, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a, like a complete 180 for Puka’s output.” 30:23

Jacoby Meyers and the Denver Defense 30:43

  • Jacoby Meyers faced a tough Denver defense in his recent game.
  • Jacoby Meyers’ potential could be influenced by the defense he faced.

“Jacoby, I get it. You’re trying to capture your renfro of days of old in this offense with, with Groppolo. They also faced a pretty tough Denver defense.” 30:43

Rashid Shaheed and Michael Thomas 31:07

  • Rashid Shahid showed promise in his recent performance.
  • Michael Thomas‘ return may affect Rashid Shahid’s opportunities.

“Rashid Shahid would be the name that I would look at just because he, he showed flashes.” 31:11

Running Back Options: Zay Jones and Carlos Hyde 32:13

“It’s a Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars who ran 89 or he was on 89% of the snaps, seven targets, five for 55.” 32:13

Wide Receivers in the Texans Offense 32:50

  • Nico Collins and Anthony Miller are potential wide receiver options in the Houston Texans offense.
  • Both receivers are expected to have a high target volume due to the negative game scripts the team may face.

“And it’s going to be Nico Collins, 11 targets, six for 80, going to be out there every play.” 32:57

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Evaluating Wide Receivers 33:58

“I don’t want to say it out loud, but with the Deontay Johnson injury, there was a man who got eight targets and his target volume might go up and his name is Allen Robinson.” 33:24

Running Back Waiver Options 34:55

  • Kenny Gainwell, Raheem Mostert, and Ty’Son Williams are running backs that are worth considering on the waiver wire.
  • Gainwell is the top pick, while Mostert’s availability should be double-checked.

“My top three pickups are Kenny Gainwell at number one, Raheem Mostert at two, and Ty’Son Williams at three.” 35:01

Waiver Wire Strategies 35:41

  • Bijon Robinson is likely to gain more snaps over Algiers throughout the season.
  • Algiers will see a decrease in opportunities and scoring potential.

“Bijon’s going to get more. Algiers will get less. He will not score twice a week.”

Running Back Options 36:12

  • Gainwell is the most widely owned, with 18 opportunities in a good offense.
  • Concerns about Gainwell’s rib injury.
  • Moster and Algiers are preferred over Gainwell.

“I would rather have Moster and Algiers ahead of them.”

Baltimore Running Back Situation 37:50

  • Justin Hill expected to replace JK Dobbins.
  • Justice Hill involved in the passing game.
  • Uncertainty due to potential three-headed timeshare.

“I believe it will be Justice Hill…running backs will be a little more involved in the passing game.”

Other Running Back Options 39:16

  • Joshua Kelly is a must-pickup.
  • Zach Moss might be a temporary option against weaker opponents.
  • Consider dropping Antonio Gibson for better options.

“Joshua Kelly is a mandatory pickup…Zach Moss, if he is ready to go against Houston, just that one start…I am moving on from Antonio Gibson.”

Roschon Johnson as a Stash 41:12

  • Roshan Johnson is seen as the best running back on the roster.
  • He is a stash option with the potential for late-season contribution.

“I think he’s the best running back on the roster…you might have…a rookie running back making a late season contribution that actually matters for your fantasy team.”

Tampa Bay running backs 42:26

  • Sean Tucker remains an interesting stash for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he is a long-term stash candidate. 42:26
  • Sean Tucker is the best running back on the roster and could play his way into the starting role. 42:44
  • Roshan numbers in Week 1 were not just garbage time, as he had the most snaps of any running back on the team. 43:16

Sean Tucker remains an interesting stash for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

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Comparing Roshan and Kyren Williams 43:28

  • Roshan is a good pickup and could potentially play his way into the starting role, while Kyren has more guaranteed volume for this week. 43:36
  • It depends on whether you need to start a guy this week or if you’re looking to the future. Kyren has a great matchup against San Francisco. 43:42

“Kyren’s a great pickup and is right in the mix there.”

Zach Ertz‘s targets 44:21

  • Zach Ertz had the most targets among tight ends in Week 1 with 10 targets. 44:31
  • Despite the lack of production, Zach Ertz is still worth considering due to his target volume and the Cardinals being in negative game scripts. 45:28

“Take the 10 targets.”

Hunter Henry as a streaming option 46:17

Hunter Henry is like 80% of every league should be dropping whoever their tight end is.”

Sam LaPorta vs. Hunter Henry 47:25

  • Sam LaPorta has a higher ceiling, but as a rookie tight end, he may be less reliable. 47:44
  • If you want a longer view and hope for something magical to happen, LaPorta is worth considering. 48:04

“If you want a longer view and you hope that something magical happens, that’s LaPorta.”

Jared Goff as a QB Streaming Option 54:53

  • Jared Goff is recommended as a waiver wire streaming option for the quarterback position.
  • He is currently available in around 70% of Yahoo leagues, making him a viable pickup.
  • Goff has the potential to provide production in fantasy football this week.

“It is the correct pick… Jared Goff.”


Jared Goff as a QB Streaming Option 55:26

  • Jared Goff is a good streaming option for Week 2.
  • He may not be available on the waiver wire, but if he is, he’s worth picking up.

Jared Goff, if he’s on your waiver wire or if he’s your QB two in a single quarterback league, I’m going to be rolling with him this week.” 56:32

Brock Purdy as a Potential Streaming Option 56:52

  • Brock Purdy could be a good streaming option in the right matchup.
  • He hasn’t been considered for fantasy football yet, but he has potential.
  • San Francisco has a favorable matchup against Chicago.

“And I don’t think we’ve entertained Brock Purdy could actually be at minimum a good streaming option in the right matchup.” 57:23

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Ian Book‘s Visit to the 49ers 57:47

  • The 49ers brought in Ian Book for a visit.
  • It may not mean much, as teams can hold three quarterbacks on their game day roster.
  • It’s worth monitoring if there are any issues with Brock Purdy‘s elbow.

“When they brought him in the day after, you know, it’s like, okay, how’s that elbow, Brock?” 58:07

Baker Mayfield as a Streaming Option 58:56

  • Baker Mayfield had a solid performance in Week 1.
  • He has good passing options and a favorable matchup against Chicago.

Baker Mayfield has that matchup at home. The Bucks are three point favorites. So I’m not worried about Chicago’s defense.” 59:24

Assessing Sean Tucker and Rachaad White 59:48

  • Sean Tucker did not impress in his first game.
  • Rashad White’s performance was even worse.

“I thought he looked like a very well-rounded player who doesn’t have the explosive athleticism that you need in the NFL.” 01:00:03 “Still better than Rashad White.” 01:00:08

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