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Which players are being undervalued in Dynasty leagues? Find out on today’s fantasy football podcast, as Andy, Mike, and Jason debate rankings and give dynasty tips! Plus, the latest NFL News and rookie draft decisions that are driving dynasty managers crazy! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for May 9th, 2023

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General banter and updates 00:42

  • The hosts introduce themselves.
  • They inform the audience that they are in the midst of creating ultimate draft kit player projections and rankings.
  • One of the hosts went on a rankings retreat and enjoyed the process.
  • They discuss a giveaway for a Justin Jefferson signed jersey, available at footclangiveaway.com.
  • The hosts mention the new dynasty podcast and that this week’s episode will be dynasty-focused.
  • They acknowledge that dynasty drafts are subjective and more challenging to predict over the long-term.
  • The hosts note that rookie drafts this year are more chaotic and less predictable than usual.

Quick Question of the Day: Tough draft decisions 07:41

  • The hosts discuss the tough dynasty draft decisions they have had to make.
  • One host struggles to choose between Devonta Smith and Zach Charbonnet due to Charbonnet’s second-round draft capital and team situation.

Mailbag: Dynasty draft questions 07:52

  • The hosts answer dynasty draft questions from the Mailbag.
  • They discuss the difficulty of predicting the longevity of players in dynasty leagues.

Two-quarterback rankings (334, 350, 363)

  • The hosts mention that they have added two-quarterback rankings to the ultimate draft kit this year.
  • They acknowledge that many new dynasty leagues use a two-quarterback or super flex format.
  • The hosts discuss the challenge of predicting quarterback value in dynasty leagues.

Giveaway: Justin Jefferson signed jersey (213, 222, 228, 261, 270, 273)

  • The hosts announce a giveaway for a Justin Jefferson signed jersey.
  • The giveaway is available at footclangiveaway.com.
  • The hosts express their excitement about giving away such a valuable prize.

Dynasty Draft Strategy 08:41

  • When drafting in dynasty leagues, it is important to consider the age of the player.
  • Young players with potential are often more valuable in dynasty leagues.
  • Consider taking a risk on young players with potential, even if they may not have immediate impact.

Undervalued Players in Rookie Drafts 10:25

  • When drafting in rookie drafts, it’s often worth looking beyond the top picks.
  • Look for undervalued players that have potential to produce in the future.
  • Consider players who weren’t highly touted in the draft, but may have landed in a good situation.

Examples of Undervalued Players (643, 645, 648)

  • Charlie Jones, slot receiver in Cincinnati.
  • Evan Halt, a player worth taking a couple of shots on.
  • Michael Wilson, third-round draft pick for the Arizona Cardinals.
  • While these players may not be highly rated, they may have potential to produce in the future.

Drafting Tight Ends in Dynasty Leagues 12:04

  • Historically, drafting tight ends in rookie drafts has been a waste of a pick.
  • There are very few tight ends who have panned out in the past decade.
  • Buffalo BillsDalton Kincaid is an exception to this trend.
  • Kincaid could be a valuable offensive weapon for the Bills and could potentially be a top tight end in dynasty leagues.

Potential of Dalton Kincaid (796, 808, 813)

  • Kincaid was the first tight end off the draft board, and the Bills traded up to get him.
  • Kincaid is an offensive weapon and can be used as a slot receiver.
  • He has a strong college career and a high dominated rating.
  • Kincaid could be the number two option on the Bills’ team and a valuable player in dynasty leagues.

Contrarian View on Dalton Kincaid (902, 906, 917)

  • While many people are high on Dalton Kincaid, some believe that drafting a tight end is still a risky move.
  • Kincaid could be a valuable player, but the odds historically are against him.
  • Kincaid may be overvalued due to hype, and a contrarian view is to avoid drafting him in rookie drafts.

Jordan Addison draft placement and Buffalo’s receiving options 15:24

  • The hosts discuss where Jordan Addison would have gone if he was picked by Buffalo.
  • It is mentioned that Addison would have gone high in rookie drafts.
  • They compare Addison to other rookie receivers like Jackson Smith and Jigba or Jameer Gibbs.
  • Buffalo’s current receiving options are discussed, including the possibility of Dalton Kincaid, a slot wide receiver, being drafted.
  • While Addison is a good wide receiver and route runner, Kincaid is a good blocker and could be a better fit for Buffalo in the short term.

Drafting a tight end in the first round and the hit rate 18:22

  • The hosts discuss the hit rate for drafting a tight end in the first round of rookie drafts.
  • They mention that it is historically a bad bet with a low hit rate, and that taking a 10 or 12% bet is not worth it.
  • However, they acknowledge that the 108 to 208 picks are all 12% bets, making it a wild draft.
  • They also talk about the upcoming release of the ultimate draft kit.

Injury updates on Isiah Pacheco 19:30

  • The hosts mention that Isiah Pacheco had a couple of off-season surgeries.
  • He broke a bone in his thumb during the AFC title game and played through it, but has had surgery for it.
  • He also played through a torn labrum in his shoulder for a lot of the season and had surgery for it two weeks after the Super Bowl.
  • His injuries are something to keep an eye on throughout the off-season.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire and dynasty rosters 19:58

  • The hosts discuss how painful it is for one of them to have Clyde Edwards-Helaire on their dynasty roster.
  • They mention that they are still over by two players on their roster and can’t make any waiver additions.
  • They joke about how it is impossible for one of the hosts to be into Edwards-Helaire this off-season.

Sam Howell and Washington’s Quarterback Situation 21:41

  • Sam Howell is a second-year quarterback for Washington.
  • According to ESPN’s John Keim, he has shown enough potential to be Washington’s starting quarterback.
  • The Fantasy Footballers discuss the fact that Washington has had a lot of quarterbacks in the past few years and that the team tends to change quarterbacks when things get tough.
  • However, for fantasy purposes, Howell could be a good pick as a mobile quarterback who adds value on the ground.
  • Howell’s one start last year resulted in a top 10 quarterback performance.
  • The team’s lack of depth at wide receiver could be an issue for Howell’s success.

Corey Davis on the New York Jets 25:37

  • Corey Davis is a wide receiver for the New York Jets.
  • The Fantasy Footballers discuss how Davis has played well for the Jets.
  • Davis is considered a good receiver, but was labeled a bust because he was a top 10 draft pick.
  • The team’s lack of depth at wide receiver makes Davis a valuable asset.

Other Topics

  • The Fantasy Footballers briefly discuss players like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Pacheco.
  • They also discuss the idea of “rage dropping” a player and how it can be therapeutic for frustrated fantasy football managers.
  • The hosts mention that they will have more information on undervalued players and dynasty drafts in future episodes.

Players that are undervalued 27:28

  • Many players in the NFL fit into a category of “fatigue” for the fantasy world. These players have been around the block, and maybe their ceiling isn’t what it once was. However, they still have valuable roles on their teams.
  • Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is one of these players. He is almost 30 years old and has never had fewer than a thousand receiving yards every single year of his career. Even in his worst season, he was on pace for 1,100 yards.
  • Although he may not be the same player he was five years ago, he is still capable of giving fantasy owners some burst games and consistent production along the way. He may not be drafted at his regular price this year, so he could be a steal.

Mike Evans‘ performance 28:25

  • Mike Evans had 1,100 receiving yards in 15 games last year, and he ended the season with a 200-yard, three-touchdown game.
  • His stats were a bit juiced by that final game, but even before that, he was still on pace for 1,100 yards. He was putting up five receptions for 65 yards per game, which is still impressive.
  • He may not be scoring as many touchdowns as he once did, but he is still a valuable player on the Buccaneers’ offense.

Concerns about Mike Evans 30:23

  • Although Mike Evans is almost 30 years old, age is not necessarily a barrier for him. He still has juice and is capable of putting up big numbers in individual games.
  • However, the situation around him has changed with the Buccaneers’ quarterback situation. If he has a dud season, he may not be as valuable in the future. Additionally, some teams may be reluctant to sign an aging wide receiver.

Mike Evans‘ Dynasty Value 32:45

  • Mike Evans‘ value in dynasty leagues is being questioned due to his age 00:29 and other factors.
  • It’s suggested that unless a high-end first-round pick can be obtained for him in a trade, it’s best to keep him on the roster and enjoy his fantasy points.
  • The hosts discuss their personal experiences with trying to trade Evans and not receiving enough value in return.
  • They compare him to Larry Fitzgerald, who continued to produce fantasy points well into his 30s before eventually retiring.

Tyreek Hill‘s Dynasty Value 35:20

  • Despite being 29 years old, Tyreek Hill is seen as a valuable asset for dynasty leagues due to his elite speed and expected performance for the next three years.
  • The hosts recommend trading for Hill if possible, as they believe he will dominate for several more years.
  • Hill is ranked as the third-best player in redraft leagues this year.

Comparing Mike Evans and Tyreek Hill 37:13

  • While Evans’ value is being questioned due to his age, Hill’s value is still high despite being only a few months younger.
  • The hosts discuss the perception of Evans being “old” while Hill is not, despite the small age difference.
  • They also compare Evans and Hill’s performance in the previous year, with Evans averaging 14.6 yards per catch.

Undervalued Player: Terry McLaurin 38:15

  • Terry McLaurin is a player that the hosts believe is undervalued in dynasty leagues.
  • He is a talented player who is under contract for three more years.
  • One of the hosts mentions trading McLaurin, but they still believe he is a valuable asset for dynasty leagues.

Terry McLaurin‘s undervalued status 38:41

  • Terry McLaurin had the 9th most receiving yards and 4th most deep targets in the previous season.
  • He is considered a breakout candidate and a really good wide receiver.
  • However, his situation is not very fun, and he has not become a foundational roster piece due to the unpredictable quarterback problem.
  • McLaurin is not valued the way he should be, given his situation.
  • He has had over a thousand yards in two of the last three years, but his touchdowns have been limited.
  • He will continue to be limited by his quarterbacks.

McLaurin’s trade value 40:15

  • The hosts discuss McLaurin’s trade value, and whether they would trade for him.
  • They would trade a late first-round pick or a first and second-round pick for him.
  • McLaurin is consistent, but his quarterback situation limits his value.

Dotson vs McLaurin 41:15

  • There is a lot of excitement around Johan Dotson, but not as much around Terry McLaurin.
  • The hosts compare McLaurin’s value to Dotson’s value.
  • McLaurin is ranked at 22 and expected to have a high target market share.
  • Dotson’s target market share is expected to be high as well, but there is uncertainty about his performance.

Mailbag question 43:50

  • A listener asks a question about Jason’s rankings, but the hosts do not get the chance to answer it.

Rebuilding a Bad Team 44:11

  • When taking over an orphaned dynasty roster that is bad, it’s important to mentally accept the amount of time it will take to turn it around.
  • The quickest way to rebuild is to look at blue-chip players and try to trade them for picks or young players.
  • Trading blue-chip players is difficult, but it can be done.
  • Accumulating picks and youth is important when rebuilding because undervalued players who are older will not be able to help you when you are years away from competing.
  • The shotgun approach to rookie drafts is recommended to increase the chances of hitting on a few good players.
  • It’s important to tear your team down to the nubs and acquire as many first-round picks as possible to increase your chances of drafting a foundational player.
  • Rebuilding is not a perfect science – there will be hits and misses, but the more ammunition you have, the better chances of success.

Owl’s Rebuilding Strategy 47:02

  • Owl has been mediocre for the past four to eight years, but his actual rebuild started last year with a fire sale of players.
  • The previous years were more pre-rebuild.
  • When rebuilding, it’s important to accumulate assets while younger assets are big and make the best decisions possible at the time.
  • The shotgun approach to rookie drafts is recommended to increase the chances of hitting on a few good players.

Excitement for Future Rookies 48:44

  • Jaxon Smith-Njigba was a highly anticipated rookie this year, but not at the level of Jamar Chase.
  • Next year, Marvin Harrison Jr. is expected to be drafted in the top 10 and is predicted to be a Jamar Chase level of wide receiver.
  • The more ammunition you have in the draft, the better chances of success.

Treylon Burks vs 1.07 rookie pick 50:09

  • Instagram question from SpinJohn24 asking whether to choose Treylon Burks or the 1.07 rookie pick in a single quarterback league.
  • Jason believes that Traylin Burks is the better choice, citing his good targets per route run and performance on the field, even though he didn’t have great stats.
  • Tennessee Titans have the worst wide receiver depth chart that Jason has ever seen.

Dynasty RB1 51:52

  • Instagram question from Philovavia asking who the dynasty RB1 is.
  • Bijan is the pick, despite not having played an NFL game yet, due to his draft capital, talent, and age.
  • Mike lists Jonathan Taylor and Christian McCaffrey as acceptable 1st overall picks, but Jason would never take them ahead of Bijan Robinson.
  • There is a discussion of the value of drafting a 27-year-old running back in dynasty leagues, with the consensus being that Christian McCaffrey is an outlier player who could be a top 5 RB in the next three years.

Leaving room for subjectivity in dynasty drafts 55:26

  • The hosts caution against locking into just one player as the dynasty 1st overall pick.
  • They give examples of Saquon Barkley and Jonathan Taylor, who were once considered locks for the 1st overall pick in dynasty leagues, but whose situations have changed.
  • It is suggested to leave room for subjectivity in choosing a dynasty 1st overall pick, and to follow one’s gut feeling.
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