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What to do with Derrick Henry and Josh Jacobs? On today’s fantasy football podcast, Andy, Mike, and Jason each pick players to trade for and trade away! Plus, a new “Hungry For More” segment, NFL News, and a Lions vs Packers Thursday Night preview! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for September 27th, 2023.

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Waiver Wire and Players Available 04:55

  • The hosts talk about the importance of browsing the waiver wire after waivers go through in fantasy leagues.
  • They mention several players who hit the waiver wire, including Dak Prescott, Sean Tucker, and Mike Williams.

“Players hitting the waiver wire after it runs is very important. You want to browse that… In fact, Dak Prescott just hit the waiver wire… Sean Tucker just hit the waiver wire… Mike Williams.”

Hungry for More: Wide Receiver Stashes 05:46

  • The hosts introduce the segment “Hungry for More,” where they discuss wide receivers who have shown potential but need to produce more consistently.
  • They mention selecting wide receivers for this week’s discussion.

“It’s quite the tail on that drop, Mike. It’s very nice… Well, we all chose wide receivers this week. Some players we’ve seen flashes of through the first three weeks of the season that we, you know, we’re hungry for more. We want to see more production. We’re expecting more production and they may be worthy stashes for your bench.”

Josh Downs: Rookie Wide Receiver 06:09

  • The hosts highlight the rookie wide receiver Josh Downs of the Indianapolis Colts.
  • They mention his involvement in the offense and his potential to demand targets throughout the season.

“For me, this is really PPR leagues only, but I would put this player on your bench and that is Josh Downs, rookie wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts… And to me, Josh Downs is a talented player that will demand targets the rest of the season.”

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Josh Downs‘ Performance and Outlook 07:17

  • The hosts discuss Josh Downs‘ performance and role in the Colts’ offense.
  • They mention his progress and how he has established himself as a significant part of the team.
  • They acknowledge the limited ceiling for Downs but compare him to Cole Beasley, who was relevant in fantasy for several years.

“So I completely agree with most everything you’re saying… It’s pretty much completely a green light situation… So the only place I disagree on, I don’t think it’s a disagreement at all, is just I do think the ceiling is limited… Like Josh Downs has got the same type of- I think the same type of player as Wondale is… Is he going to produce similar to maybe like a Michael Thomas does over the course of the year? It’s possible.”

Recap and Marvin Mims 09:08

  • The hosts discuss the players they covered in the “Hungry for More” segment and emphasize the potential of Marvin Memms.
  • They express excitement for Memms’ future performance.

“Oh boy. Yeah. So a lot’s going on. Let’s go ahead and jump in… Oh, if we’re talking about hungry for more, I’m sorry guys. I’ve got the dude. I’ve got the dude… Everyone is hungry for more Marvin Memms.”

Marvin Mims, a Talented Rookie 09:52

  • Marvin Mims is a talented rookie wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.
  • He has shown promise in limited snaps, even scoring a touchdown on a punt return.

“He’s now the wide receiver version of rookie year David Johnson.”

Opportunities for More Snaps 10:51

  • Brandon Johnson is currently getting 60% of the snaps, which indicates an opportunity for Marvin Mims to see more playing time.
  • The Broncos’ usage of 11 personnel on just 47% of snaps suggests they could benefit from having Mims as a 60% snap player like Johnson.

Marvin Mims will be someone that you could throw in your lineup every week and hope for a great play.”

Potential Increase in Opportunity 11:57

  • While Mims won’t surpass Cortland Sutton or Jerry Judy in the depth chart, an injury to either of those players could lead to an increase in Mims’ opportunity.
  • If Mims can become a 60% snap player like Johnson, he could be a consistent fantasy contributor.

“He is a special, talented rookie wide receiver.”

Romeo Doubs‘ Fantasy Potential 13:03

  • Romeo Dobbs of the Green Bay Packers has shown fantasy potential in the first three weeks.
  • Despite a down week in week two, his snaps have increased, and he has been involved in the passing game with 12 targets in week three.

“I want to know what is the truth for this player.”

Hype and Upside for Dobbs 14:18

  • Dobbs received offseason hype as Jordan Love‘s go-to target, and his physical attributes make him a potential top receiver.
  • The distribution of targets to other players on the team suggests there is opportunity for Dobbs to continue being involved in the passing game.

“I think Romeo Dobbs can be very good as well.”

“There is a world where Watson is getting the six targets a week and just hitting on two to three huge plays.”

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Doubs Opens Opportunities for Others 14:33

  • When Dobbs is on the field, Christian Watson could potentially benefit from a decrease in double coverage.
  • Both Watson and Dobbs have the potential to contribute to the Packers’ passing game.

“The targets distributed to Don Tavion Wicks, Luke Musgrave show that there should be enough to go around.”

Potential Trade Target 15:19

  • Christian Watson could be considered a trade target due to his potential and the expectation that Dobbs will continue to be involved in the offense.

“To me, he is a trade for target.”

“I think Christian Watson is going to be very good.”

Trade Targets and Value Debates 17:14

  • The hosts discuss their trade strategies in their fantasy football league.

“You can play up the rookie narrative.”

Saquon Barkley Injury Update 17:30

  • Saquon Barkley is listed as day-to-day with a high ankle sprain, according to Brian Dable.
  • The hosts question the validity of the day-to-day status.
  • They mention that high ankle sprains usually result in either zero missed games or three missed games.

“So I don’t expect this day-to-day.”

Potential Replacement for Saquon Barkley 19:06

  • The hosts discuss the impact of Saquon Barkley‘s injury on the team’s game plan.
  • They mention Matt Burrida as a potential replacement, but caution that he did not receive much playing time in the previous game.

“So yeah, they did basically split the work.”

Kyler Murray‘s Expected Return 20:51

  • The hosts discuss Jonathan Gannon’s remarks about Kyler Murray‘s potential return from injury.
  • Gannon suggests that Murray is not ready physically and mentally and will need a few weeks of practice before being activated.
  • The hosts believe it could be another one to two months before Murray returns.

“So I think you’re talking about a month and a half, two months before you see Kyler.”

Importance of Kyler Murray‘s Return for Fantasy Football 22:17

  • The hosts highlight the significance of Kyler Murray‘s return for fantasy football.
  • They mention considering Hollywood as a trade target based on the assumption of Murray’s early return, but realize it may not happen for another few months.

“That’s, yeah, yeah, you’re right.”

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“This quote means Kyler is not back for another month or two.”

Sam Laporta: Worth Picking Up 24:07

  • Sam Laporta is a tight end player who is worth pursuing.
  • He may already be rostered by someone in your league who has multiple tight ends.
  • He was picked up as a free agent option and could be available for you to pick up.
  • Laporta is a valuable addition to your roster and should be started every week.

“He’s worth picking up. He’s worth putting on your roster. I think he’s an every week start.”

Garrett Wilson: Trade Target 25:05

  • Garrett Wilson is another player to consider trading for.
  • The situation in New York is currently challenging for Wilson.
  • The team is struggling with quarterback accuracy and there is friction in the locker room.
  • Despite these obstacles, Wilson is a top-five talent at the wide receiver position.
  • Look for a trade opportunity to acquire Wilson at a discounted price.

“I actively went and traded for Garrett Wilson this morning… I think it gets better… I think you can go trade somebody that’s had a really juicy or pretty good three weeks and then go make the trade offer for Garrett Wilson.”

Josh Jacobs: Buy Low 27:55

  • Josh Jacobs, currently ranked as running back 25, is a buy-low candidate.
  • He has had a slow start to the season with low fantasy point production.
  • However, his opportunities per game have increased compared to last year.
  • The running back landscape is currently weak, making Jacobs a valuable volume play.
  • Managers who have Jacobs might be willing to sell him cheap due to his recent performance.

Josh Jacobs, this is the worst stretch of his season… he’s a quality volume play that is not going anywhere… And managers who have him, I think are willing to sell him cheap right now.”

Zach Charbonnet: Play for the Future 31:19

  • Zach Charbonnet, a rookie running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is a trade target for the future.
  • This trade is based on the potential of Charbonnet in the long term.
  • The trade is a play for the future rather than an immediate impact.

Zach Charbonnet of the Seattle Seahawks… this is a play for the future.”

Trade Targets and Value Debates 31:31

“Like look, Walker has been great.”

  • The host thinks it would be easier to trade for Zach Charbonnet by showcasing what Walker is doing.

“I think that’s what makes trading for Zach Charbonnet an even easier proposition right now.”

  • Kenneth Walker has had more snaps than Charbonnet in previous games.

“Meanwhile, the snaps for Kenneth Walker, 63, 61, 51, the snaps for Charbonnet, 24, 26, 43.”

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  • The host predicts that the running back position will turn into a timeshare between Walker and Charbonnet.

“I think that this is going to morph into a timeshare sooner rather than later.”

  • The production of Charbonnet does not match the opportunities he’s been given.

“And right now, you don’t have production that is matching the outside peripherals looking at the opportunities that Charbonnet is getting each week.”

  • Charbonnet is the go-to guy for passing plays and has been part of a high-scoring offense.

“And Charbonnet is going to be the guy they turn to when they need to pass the ball and they’re scoring 37 points each of the past two weeks.”

Trading Kenneth Walker 33:07

  • The host suggests that trading Kenneth Walker might be difficult due to his current performance.

“If a manager is in love with Walker right now, it’s going to be pretty hard to go get him.”

  • The host acknowledges that Charbonnet is not performing as well as Walker.

“Meanwhile, Charbonnet is not doing a ton.”

  • The host believes that the value of Charbonnet will increase in the future.

“And I think that the arrow is going to be pointing up.”

“Would you trade Kenneth Walker for Josh Jacobs and Garrett Wilson if the manager had that?”

  • Both hosts agree that they would make the mentioned trade.

“Yes. Okay. I would. That’s very… I would as well.”

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“That’s not what we’re saying. This is not a saying Kenneth Walker is going to stink. You should trade them away. This is saying he’s at probably a peak value that you can capitalize on…”

Derrick Henry Trade Concerns 39:26

  • The Tennessee Titans are facing a tough upcoming schedule, including a game against the favored Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Derrick Henry performs better in wins, especially on the road, and this game may result in a home loss.
  • If the Titans continue to struggle and come out of their bye week without many wins, there is a risk of future calamity for Derrick Henry.
  • Holding on to Derrick Henry may not be wise if his performance declines and his trade value diminishes.

“The risk to me in holding on to Derrick Henry is that he could be done soon and you don’t want to be holding that bag, especially when it’s a valuable bag you can get something for right now.”

Trade Targets and Value Debates 40:20

  • Josh Jacobs is a better trade option than Derrick Henry for the rest of the season, even though he hasn’t performed well so far.
  • Depending on team strength and the willingness to take a gamble, it may be possible to trade for players like Saquon Barkley or package Derek Henry with another player to trade up.
  • There are trade options out there for those who believe Derrick Henry will return to form and the Titans will compete.

“I would rather have Josh Jacobs than Derrick Henry rest of season.”

Damian Pierce Trade Concerns 41:31

  • Damian Pierce of the Houston Texans faces a challenging situation for his skill set.
  • His yards after contact are only 2.38, the same as AJ Dillon, who has been criticized this season.
  • The offensive line’s poor performance is impacting Damian Pierce’s production.
  • The upcoming schedule for the Texans includes tough matchups against teams with strong run defenses.
  • Damian Pierce’s end of season playoff schedule is particularly depressing.

“He’s currently the running back 29 and I still believe in the player of Damian Pierce, but I believe that he is in close to an impossible situation for his skill set.”

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Damian Pierce’s performance 45:44

  • If Damian Pierce is not a workhorse back, there will be disappointment and fewer great games.
  • His fantasy production in the first two weeks was only five points and four points.
  • The yards per carry is terrible.

“I think you’re at least going to have some volume from him.”

Trade options for Dameon Pierce 47:24

  • It could be difficult to find a trade partner for Damian Pierce.
  • Considering trading Damian Pierce for Isaiah Pacheco or Najee Harris.
  • Breece Hall could be a preferable option for trade.
  • Devon Achan is also a volatile move but has potential upside.

“This is kind of, you’re, you’re either bailing out right now and maybe you’re not getting a full return on the trade or you’re fully committed to Damian Pierce because it’s going to be a rough three weeks.”

Comparing Dameon Pierce and De’von Achane 48:37

  • Damian Pierce may have lots of opportunities to run for two yards, while Devon Achan may have minimal opportunities but a chance to run for more.

“Talk about a completely different type of player in a different level of utilization.”

Choosing between De’von Achane and Zack Moss 49:27

  • The decision to prefer Devon Achan or Zach Moss is challenging.
  • If Jonathan Taylor comes back, Zach Moss may be affected, but Jonathan Taylor is a better player.
  • Miami Dolphins have multiple running back options as well.
  • Zach Moss is currently a valuable player with potential for the rest of the season.

“I think it is a very fair thing to bring up because it’s if Jonathan Taylor comes back week five, I think he goes right into what Zach Moss is doing right now.”

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Zack Moss as a top running back 52:04

  • Zach Moss has potential to be a top 15 running back if Jonathan Taylor does not return.
  • He becomes a better player and the preferred choice over Devon Achan.
  • The Miami Dolphins may have multiple running back options due to injuries.

“Zach Moss is what rest of season? Top 15 running back.”

“If there’s no Jonathan Taylor, you get a 100% snap player.”

Miami Dolphins‘ Trade for Jonathan Taylor 52:55

  • It would be difficult for the Miami Dolphins to trade for Jonathan Taylor after their recent issues. They would have to give up draft capital and a contract. 53:00
  • However, one of the hosts disagrees and suggests that if a situation arises where Jonathan Taylor becomes available, the Dolphins may go for him. 53:07

“I think it would be difficult for them to trade for Jonathan Taylor to give up draft capital and a contract… They’re going to grab them.”

Jordan Love‘s Fantasy Value 54:45

  • Jordan Love has had a productive season so far, but it may not be sustainable due to a high touchdown rate and low completion percentage. 54:53
  • The hosts believe Love has the potential to improve his accuracy when Aaron Jones and Christian Watson return to the offense. 55:36
  • Despite facing a middle-of-the-pack Lions defense, Love is expected to have a good fantasy matchup. 57:47

“The Packers kind of hedged their bet on is Jordan Love the guy with the way that they reworked the contract for him? And he should succeed.”

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Start/Sit Decisions: Jared Goff or Jordan Love 58:21

  • Jared Goff has had one good game and two disappointments this season. His historical road performances suggest caution. 58:45
  • On the other hand, Jordan Love has been running the ball effectively and has a nice home matchup. 58:31

Jordan Love, Justin Fields this week. It’s the number one question on our start sit tool…”

Justin Fields as a Fantasy Football Starter 01:00:17

  • The speaker suggests that they would choose Justin Fields as a starting quarterback in their fantasy football team.
  • Another speaker assumes that both of them would choose Jordan, implying that Jordan might be a better option.

“Um, I would go Justin Fields.”

Concerns about Starting Justin Fields 01:00:21

  • One speaker decides not to choose Justin Fields because they need to give their heart a break.
  • The other speaker understands this decision and mentions that sometimes watching Fields play can cause blood pressure issues.

“Yeah, I’m not going to, I’m going to give my heart a break.”

Choosing another Quarterback over Justin Fields 01:00:50

  • The speaker understands why someone would choose a different starting quarterback instead of Justin Fields.
  • They mention that the matchup against the Denver Broncos makes them lean towards a different option.

“So I don’t blame anyone for, for taking any other starter over Fields.”

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Assessing the Fantasy Value of Jahmyr Gibbs 01:01:57

  • The speakers discuss Jameer Gibbs, a running back, and express concerns about his fantasy performance.
  • They mention that Gibbs has not met expectations in the last two weeks but has not been disastrous either.

“He’s been the running back 24 and 23 the last two weeks, which is not meeting expectations and also not destroying you.”

Discussion about Potential Trades Involving Kirk Cousins 01:04:04

  • The speakers discuss the possibility of trading Kirk Cousins, a quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.
  • They mention rumors about Cousins possibly being traded to teams like the Jets or Washington.

“Before we close out, you think her cousins get traded?” “Like New York?” “When I say where, I mean, aside from the one team that really needs a quarterback right now is Washington.”

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