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Are Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews worth their draft cost? Find out on today’s fantasy football podcast as we breakdown the top 10 TEs for the 2023 season! Which mid-round players have the best chance to breakout or bust? Plus, reactions and takeaways from the Week 1 preseason action! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 14th, 2023.

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UDK Giveaway Announcement 03:24

  • The hosts announce a special giveaway that includes a signed Derek Henry jersey, a signed T Higgins mini helmet, and the grand prize of the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK) for life. 03:24

“We have a big giveaway going on… the grand prize of all grand prizes, the ultimate draft kit for life… you can win not only a signed Derek Henry Jersey, not only a signed T Higgins mini helmet, but the grand prize of all grand prizes, the ultimate draft kit for life for the rest of your life.”

  • To enter the giveaway, participants need to order the 2023 UDK by Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern. 04:19

“All you have to do to be entered to win the UDK for life is order the 2023 ultimate draft kit by Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern.”

  • They mention that even those who pre-ordered the UDK in the past are entered to win. 04:43

“But if you want to get in on that giveaway… if you’ve pre-ordered it and you bought it in the past, you are entered to win as well.”

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  • The hosts encourage listeners to join their live stream on Friday at 6 PM Eastern for the giveaway announcement. 04:35

“We will be going live with a special UDK for life live stream on Friday at 6 PM Eastern… at the end of that live stream, we’re going to give it away.”

Preseason Takeaways 05:23

  • The hosts discuss their biggest reactions from Week 1 of the preseason. 05:23

“What were some of your biggest preseason Week 1 reactions?”

“I want to see what are the Jacksonville Jaguars wide receivers… Calvin Ridley being drafted so far as the number one wide receiver and Christian Kirk has… he was the third wide receiver… he played exclusively in the slot and that could be like maybe Kirk ends up being drafted too high.”

  • The hosts discuss Rashad Penny’s limited involvement in practice and his playing time in the preseason game. They speculate that he may be on the roster bubble. 06:49

“Rashad Penny was not really being very involved in practice… he was not utilized much… he’s on the roster bubble.”

  • They note that Kenny Gainwell and Boston Scott did not play in the preseason game, which adds to the uncertainty surrounding the running back situation for the team. 08:46

“Kenny Gainwell and Boston Scott were the two guys that didn’t play at all… there are still some answers I need from this team, but off to a bad start for Penny.”

“Thankfully he’s been like a steady ninth round… lower investment.”

Deuce Vaughn‘s Impressive Preseason Performance 09:09

  • Deuce Vaughn had an impressive preseason performance, particularly in the game against Dallas.
  • Despite his small stature, very few historically successful players have been able to achieve success at his size.
  • Vaughn’s speed and agility on the field are highly impressive.
  • Vaughn’s stature may look better in pads compared to without them.

“I’ll just bring up the most impressive player I saw, I think during the preseason, which was Deuce Vaughn and that performance in Dallas. He might be a real thing.” 09:04

Deuce Vaughn‘s Shiftiness and Lateral Movements 10:10

  • Vaughn excelled at making shifty and lateral movements reminiscent of players like Barry Sanders and Darren Sproles.
  • His quickness and elusiveness made it difficult for defenders to track him.
  • Vaughn’s ability to disappear behind the line of scrimmage showcases his exceptional shiftiness.

“He made several Barry Sanders ask lateral movements in this game that were, they were like Darren Sprouls… He’s so shifty, he disappears.” 10:10

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Deuce Vaughn‘s Potential Role in the Dallas Cowboys 10:19

  • Vaughn is a rookie running back for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • He will be competing with players like Rico Dowdle and the currently suspended Ronald Jones for snaps.
  • Running back is a position where rookies can often make a quick impact.

Deuce Vaughn rookie running back for the Dallas Cowboys… He’ll have a chance at the beginning of the year to have snaps. It’s possible… And running back is the one position where a rookie can come in and make a quick impact.” 10:16

Evaluating Tony Pollard and the Running Back Rotation in Dallas 10:34

  • There are doubts about Tony Pollard‘s ability to handle a heavy workload like Ezekiel Elliott or Derrick Henry.
  • Pollard may be best suited for around 20 opportunities in total between the passing and running game.
  • The Cowboys will likely figure out their running back rotation behind Pollard, which may affect Pollard’s overall ranking and value.
  • Despite this, it’s worth noting that Deuce Vaughn looked great in the preseason.

“I think that they’re going to figure out that rotation behind Pollard, whether that means Pollard doesn’t deserve to be as high as he is… Deuce Vaughn looked great.” 10:40

Adam Trautman and Greg Dulcich‘s Performances 11:10

  • Adam Trautman caught a couple of passes and was the starter in the preseason game.
  • Greg Dulcich, on the other hand, primarily played on third downs and missed an opportunity on a big play.
  • Chapman’s performance may impact the potential breakout of Dulcich as a sleeper tight end option.

“And you know, Mike probably wanted to mention that Adam Chapman caught a couple of passes… Dulcich was missed on a big play… But if this is the blueprint, that’s a massive downgrade for the possibility of Greg Dulcich being an actual sleeper breakout tight end.” 11:10

Khalil Herbert‘s Impressive Preseason Performance 12:00

  • Khalil Herbert had an exciting preseason, taking every snap when the starters played.
  • He showcased his talent and versatility, including making plays on third and long situations.
  • Herbert’s ADP (Average Draft Position) is likely to rise due to his strong performance.

“It was the fact that Khalil took every snap that the starters played… So that’s pretty exciting that his ADP will certainly shift up because the normies are, are returning and they’re seeing these big types of plays…” 12:00

ADP Disparity and Fantasy Football Value 13:27

  • There is a significant ADP gap between Khalil Herbert and other players like Alexander Madison and Rashad White who are in similar situations.
  • Starting running backs like Herbert are going late in drafts, presenting excellent value for fantasy football managers.
  • Drafting running backs in mid to late rounds can be beneficial, especially in leagues that prioritize quarterbacks and tight ends early.

“I believe two things about Herbert. One, I think he’s more talented than Alexander Madison… And the second thing is I don’t understand the ADP disparity between the two… But my point being that there are starting running backs going extremely late.” 13:27

Late-Round Value and Opportunity for Running Backs 14:41

  • Late rounds of drafts present opportunities to find starting running backs who will likely have significant opportunities.
  • It is common during the season to struggle to find running backs on the waiver wire who receive playing time.
  • Investing in running backs in late rounds can be a valuable strategy.

“For those of you that want to invest in onesie positions, tight ends and quarterbacks early, wide receiver value drops to you… Here you have these running backs, eighth, ninth, 10th round that are going to have opportunities.” 14:41

Persuading the Team About Khalil Herbert 15:30

  • The team had initial doubts about Khalil Herbert, but his preseason performance may have changed their minds.
  • The team discusses the value and potential of late-round running backs.

“And, and look, we all know what it’s like in the middle of the season for fantasy… And look, we all know what it’s like in the middle of the season for fantasy… Let’s get into the news. News and notes from around the league…”

Evan Hull and Deon Jackson in Indianapolis 16:56

  • Evan Hull had the first opportunity in the backfield in Indianapolis during the preseason.
  • Deon Jackson also had some opportunities.

Evan Hull had the first opportunity in the backfield in Indianapolis. Deon Jackson got opportunities too.”

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Kenneth Walker‘s return and the impact on the Saints’ running back situation 17:21

  • Kenneth Walker returned to individual drills.
  • Kendry Miller, the Saints rookie running back, left the preseason game with a sprained knee and is expected to miss a weaker two.
  • There is optimism that Kendry Miller will be ready to get back in week one.
  • Miller had already missed a significant portion of the offseason program due to injury.

Kenneth Walker returned to individual drills. Kendry Miller left the preseason game with a sprained knee and is expected to miss a week or two. There is optimism he’ll be back for week one.”

Alvin Kamara‘s situation and his fantasy value 18:14

  • Alvin Kamara is coming back and the outlook for him has become more positive.
  • Kamara is a potential big contributor for the Saints.

“All the stuff that sounds funny, like we found an imbalance between the muscles in his legs and we’ve corrected it. The winds have certainly shifted to be more positive for Kamara. I think he’s got a pretty big opportunity.”

Alvin Kamara‘s draft value in different platforms 19:07

  • Alvin Kamara is currently a late seventh-round pick on Yahoo, almost an eighth-round pick on Underdog, and a fifth-round pick on ESPN.
  • His draft value on ESPN is likely to decrease further.

“Kamara is a late seventh-round pick on Yahoo, almost an eighth-round pick on Underdog, and a fifth-round pick on ESPN.”

Considering Alvin Kamara in the sixth round of a draft 19:46

  • If Alvin Kamara is still available in the sixth round of a draft, he becomes a player worth considering.
  • However, it ultimately depends on the availability of other running backs that are preferred.

“If Kamara is sitting there in the sixth round of your draft, you’re gonna have to think about it. The problem is there are still a few guys that I’m not sure that I want to take the chance on if there’s someone else that I believe can be really special.”

Zach Ertz‘s return and impact on the Eagles’ offense 20:34

  • Zach Ertz has been cleared to practice and is expected to be ready for week one.
  • Ertz was a significant contributor to the Eagles’ roster last year, but his presence will affect the breakout potential of tight end Trey McBride.

Zach Ertz cleared to practice, expected to be ready for week one. He was very important to the roster last year. He hurts Trey McBride tremendously. That breakout season is not happening with Ertz on the field.”

Kareem Hunt‘s potential destinations and impact on fantasy teams 21:45

  • Kareem Hunt is visiting the Saints, Colts, and Vikings, indicating that teams are actively pursuing him.
  • The fact that teams are not actively pursuing other backs like Ezekiel Elliott or Leonard Fournette suggests that Hunt’s price tag may be more reasonable.

“Teams are actively pursuing Kareem Hunt right now. That tells you that Hunt has more in the tank than what these teams saw with other backs.”

Kareem Hunt is visiting the Saints, Colts, and Vikings. Maybe he’s a potential fit for our football team.”

The importance of versatile tight ends 23:45

  • Versatile tight ends are highly valued in the passing game.
  • The demand for versatile tight ends is because teams always need more versatility.

“Teams always need more versatile.”

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Preseason games and the risk of injury 24:12

  • Preseason games remind us of the risk of injuries.
  • Starters may get injured while third-string players can shine.

“There’s going to be the preseason injuries. It just, it’s unavoidable because things ramp up in camp and you start playing at a higher, higher speed.”

J.K. Dobbins‘ activation from the pup 24:56

  • J.K. Dobbins has been activated from the physically unable to perform (pup) list.
  • It is expected that he will be able to join the team.

J.K. Dobbins, AKA J.K two L is being, is being activated today off the pup.”

Expectations for J.K. Dobbins‘ presence in training camp 25:39

  • Since J.K. Dobbins has been activated from the pup, he is expected to be present in training camp.
  • If he doesn’t show up, he could face fines.

“So we expect him to be there. I would think so. Okay. Both legs.”

The challenge of predicting tight end performance 26:38

  • It is difficult to predict the performance of tight ends in fantasy football.
  • Only a few top tight ends consistently produce, while others may surprise.

“The problem is, is that you can see the future for about three of them. And then the other seven in the top 10 could be Moale Cox, right?”

Late-round tight end targets 28:02

  • Tyler Conklin is a late-round tight end target to consider.
  • Greg Dulcich, the second-year tight end for the Broncos, is another option.

“For me, it’s, it’s a hundred percent Tyler Conklin right now. Yeah. Um, I think that is a player that has been moving slowly up the ranks. I think Aaron Rogers is going to look to him in the red zone.”

David Njoku as a potential fantasy tight end 30:45

  • David Njoku is ranked as number 10 in the tight end rankings.
  • A solid option for fantasy teams due to his career-high receptions and the presence of Deshaun Watson in the Browns’ offense.

David Njoku is going to be the numbers you target to me.”

David Njoku and Evan Engram 31:35

  • Njoku’s lack of consistency and his history in the league make it unlikely that he will have a breakout season.
  • Njoku’s athleticism and potentially improved passing volume in the Browns’ offense could make him a good target.
  • In contrast, Engram’s target hierarchy and the presence of other playmakers in the Giants’ offense may limit his consistency.

“I like Njoku better than Ingram this year. The target hierarchy, I think, benefits Njoku better than it benefits Ingram.”

Njoku’s Potential Breakout 32:32

  • Njoku had a strong stretch last year, averaging 5.5 catches and nearly 70 yards per week.
  • However, Njoku hasn’t lived up to expectations over his career.

“This is the Jokobi percent games, but it just shows he had a stretch of last year where he looked like he was about to finish as a top 10 tight end.”

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Ingram’s Potential 33:16

  • Ingram and Njoku were both highly touted coming into the league, but they have yet to break out.
  • While the Jaguars’ offense may be better overall, Ingram may struggle for consistency due to other playmakers in the offense.
  • Ingram’s highs may be higher, but his lows may be lower compared to Njoku.

“The highs will be higher with Ingram because it’s a better offense. It’s big. He’s probably a bigger play guy, but the lows will be lower with Ingram.”

Pat Freiermuth 35:51

  • Freiermuth’s touchdown struggles last year may have hidden his potential.
  • He is a talented tight end with a high target share in an offense that is expected to improve.

“He’s the truth at the position. The muth is loose.”

Dallas Goedert 38:03

  • Goedert has the potential to break out this season.
  • He had a strong connection with Jalen Hurts in training camp and is projected to have a significant target share.

“There’s just a great connection that Dallas Goedert‘s targeted like crazy by Jalen Hurts.”

“Maybe you have a top three tight end.”

Tight End Rankings 39:42

  • The discussion revolves around rankings and strategies related to tight ends in fantasy football.
  • There is a debate on whether it is beneficial to have both Dallas Goedert and one of the other mid-round tight ends like Devonta Smith or A.J. Brown on the same fantasy team.
  • The consensus is to try to avoid having both Goedert and another mid-round player on the same team.

“I would personally try to avoid it.” 39:51

George Kittle 40:23

  • The hosts discuss George Kittle‘s value and his perception in the fantasy football community.
  • Despite being a great player, Kittle’s draft price in the fifth round is considered too high due to the inconsistent nature of his performances.
  • It is mentioned that in certain leagues where others are also low on Kittle, he could become a value pick if he falls to the later rounds.

“He’s a great player, but unfortunately just the way that the market goes for the tight end position and the way that fantasy works, probably out on him.” 41:09

Darren Waller 41:39

  • Darren Waller is discussed as a rising tight end in the rankings.
  • The hosts highlight the other weapons on the team and explain that Waller is expected to be the primary target in the Giants’ offense.
  • Waller’s past performances with the Las Vegas Raiders and his camp reports are cited as reasons for his rising value.
  • He is considered a strong trade target if other primary targets on the team get injured.

“He can come in and like back when we were having those huge years for Waller for the Las Vegas Raiders, we’re talking a 24% target share, a 28% target share. That’s why I like him more than Goedert.” 43:44

Kyle Pitts 45:33

  • The hosts express differing opinions on Kyle Pitts‘ rankings.
  • Some argue that Pitts’ potential for big plays and his athletic ability make him a higher-ranked tight end.
  • Others, however, express concerns about the inconsistency of big plays in his career and the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback and offensive philosophy.
  • His ranking differs from the previous years due to these factors.

“Here’s what we know. Kyle Pitts is a freak athletically and is always capable of a big play.” 45:46

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Reaction to Kyle Pitts‘ Performance 47:07

  • The host mentions that they have watched Kyle Pitts for two years and have noticed that if he misses a target, it takes a while for him to get another one.
  • They acknowledge that Kyle Pitts is a talented player and still young, but there are concerns about his ability to catch passes.
  • Despite these concerns, they are still willing to take shares of Kyle Pitts in fantasy football drafts this year because of his potential to be a top tight end.

“I’ve watched enough Kyle Pitts over two years to know that if you miss your couple of chances, I just walk out of the room.”

Age and Upside of Kyle Pitts 47:49

  • The host emphasizes that Kyle Pitts is only 22 years old and is a crazy athletic player.
  • They believe that there is a chance for him to take a big leap forward in the Atlanta Falcons‘ offense this season.
  • While there are fears about his ability to catch passes, the host still sees value in drafting him, especially if he is available in the later rounds.

“He is 22 years old… If you are spending a sixth round, it doesn’t cost you that much to take the swing for the upside.”

Concerns and Upside of Kyle Pitts 48:37

  • The host acknowledges the concerns about Kyle Pitts‘ performance last year, but still sees potential for him to succeed.
  • They believe that if the Falcons have a good offense and Pitts can perform well, he could end up as the number two tight end in fantasy.
  • The host advises fantasy managers to take the risk on Pitts if they can get him in the later rounds.

“This is a ceiling pick that if Kyle Pitts hits, tight end three, tight end two is in the range of outcomes.”

Evaluating the Risk of Drafting Kyle Pitts 51:14

  • The host discusses the high bust rate of Kyle Pitts and the possibility of needing to play a different tight end if he doesn’t perform well.
  • They highlight the importance of considering the draft cost when deciding whether to draft Pitts.
  • While there are concerns about his performance, the host acknowledges that taking the risk on Pitts is a gamble that could pay off.

“The sixth round is too high of a place to draft the player that you might not want to even play at the position week to week.”

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Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews as Top Tight Ends 53:42

  • The host discusses Travis Kelce reclaiming the number one spot in fantasy tight end rankings.
  • They highlight the consistency and safety of both Kelce and Mark Andrews as top tight end options.
  • The host mentions that while Kelce’s ADP dropped last year, he is once again seen as the best tight end option.

“Both of these players are extremely safe… Kelsey should finish as the number one tight end on the year.”

Drafting Mark Andrews in the Third Round 55:27

  • The chances of getting Mark Andrews in the third round decrease as the draft progresses.
  • Some may need to reach too early for him if they are at the very back of the third round.
  • It’s preferable to have other positional players instead of reaching for Andrews.

“What if you’re slotted that you’re the three. Oh wait you’re the 309 that your chance of actually getting Mark Andrews is goes down dramatically the further you go along in the third round.”

Value of Mark Andrews in the Third Round 56:01

  • Andrews is valuable because of the value you get by having your first two picks ahead of him.
  • He is often available in the middle of the third round.
  • Starting with a stud running back or wide receiver and adding Andrews as the third player can be a strong start to a fantasy football team.

“If you look at 80p and I get him in the in the third almost always. You often times in the middle.”

Potential for Mark Andrews to Outscore Travis Kelce 56:36

  • If Andrews and Kelsey both play 17 games with healthy quarterbacks, Andrews has a chance to outscore Kelsey.
  • Andrews has outperformed Kelsey in the past with his healthy quarterbacks.
  • The new offensive system in Baltimore favors throwing the ball, which could benefit Andrews.

“There is a legitimate chance that Mark Andrews has more fantasy points than Travis Kelsey… Mark Andrews has already beaten Kelsey when they’ve both been healthy with my homes and with Lamar Jackson.”

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The Value of Travis Kelce as a Consistent Producer 59:37

  • Kelce is a consistent fantasy producer, and he rarely has bust games.
  • He finished as a top tight end in every week except one during the 2022 season.
  • Choosing Kelce ensures that you don’t mess up your first-round pick, as many first-round picks are busts.

“What you get with Kelsey… his worst games of the year were the best games for most tight ends… If you want to be if you’re the guy that’s like man I just don’t want to look dumb. Take Travis Kelsey and just like figure the rest out.”

Wrapping Up and Upcoming Episodes 01:00:41

  • The upcoming episodes will include changing opinions on certain players, mailbag questions, tips and tricks, and a mock draft episode.
  • The “my guys” episode is highly anticipated.
  • Listeners are encouraged to join the fantasy football community, follow the podcast on social media, and attend live events.

“That is our top 10 tight end. We’ve got a show tomorrow where we will be talking about our changing opinions on certain players. We have a year-round podcast… We’re in the thick of it… go to ballers live dot com.”


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