Top 10 Running Backs + Late Round Steals

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Top 10 RB Rankings and draft sleepers! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a number of players that can be true difference makers in 2023! How to choose between them? Plus, what impact will Kareem Hunt have on the Saints? Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 8th, 2023.

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Rockapella 01:51

  • The hosts make a reference to the band Rockapella and their iconic appearance.
  • They discuss the band’s connection to the game show “Carmen San Diego.”
  • The hosts joke about finding the whereabouts of Kyle Borganoni similar to the premise of “Carmen San Diego.”

“I’m going to see if anyone on Fiverr does Carmen San Diego riffs, and I can get where in the world is Kyle Borganoni.”

Top 10 running back rankings and late-round steals 02:52

  • The hosts announce the main topic for the episode: the top 10 running back rankings.
  • They mention that they will also discuss some late-round steals at the beginning of the show.
  • The hosts express their excitement about the upcoming discussion and promise an enjoyable episode.

“We got a busy show today. Top 10 running back rankings, continuing the countdown. We’re going to share some deeper running back picks as well at the top of the show.”

Introduction to Brian Robinson as a late-round steal 04:50

  • The hosts introduce Brian Robinson as a late-round steal in fantasy football drafts.
  • They highlight his role as the starting running back for the Washington commanders.
  • The hosts emphasize his potential for volume and goal-line touchdown opportunities.

Brian Robinson will 100% be a steal in your draft… He is the starter. He will touch the ball more than Antonio Gibson… I just think he’s discounted Najee.”

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Jason’s reticence about James Cook and the mention of another player 03:52

  • Jason expresses his cooling interest in James Cook due to insights from Buffalo training camp.
  • He mentions that Damian Harris and Latavius Murray split goal-line reps, which may limit Cook’s scoring opportunities.
  • Jason then introduces Brian Robinson as a noteworthy player in the fantasy football landscape.

“I was telling Jason this morning, like I was talking to a couple of the people that cover Buffalo, and I was asking him about what these training camp practices are looking like… The name I’d bring up right now is Brian Robinson.”

Analysis of Brian Robinson‘s potential 05:31

  • The hosts discuss Brian Robinson‘s potential impact as a late-round running back pick.
  • They highlight his impressive performance over the final five weeks of the previous season.
  • The hosts emphasize his volume and touchdown opportunities, making him a valuable fantasy asset.

“He’s going to be one of those guys that has a… total volume. Like if we’re talking about volume and you… draft him in the ninth round… I think he’s just discounted Najee.”

Tank Bigsby‘s Potential 08:13

  • Tank Bigsby is a late-round steal in fantasy football drafts 08:12.
  • He is currently being drafted around the 13th round 08:16.
  • Despite not being drafted in all leagues, he has been dominating in camp and has outperformed Travis Etienne 08:18.
  • Bigsby has shown great skills in terms of breaking tackles and making big plays, including a 70-yard breakaway touchdown in camp 08:36.
  • He has also excelled in red zone work and has the potential to be relevant as an RB three or flex option 08:48.

Tank Bigsby has been dominating camp and has been playing better than ETN.”

Tank Bigsby as Insurance 09:48

  • Tank Bigsby can also serve as insurance for Travis Etienne, especially if Etienne faces health issues 09:32.
  • Bigsby is one of the better backup running backs to roster in case Etienne gets injured 09:46.
  • He provides value as a late-round pick and can be added with confidence, particularly if the drafter already has Etienne on their team 09:53.

“Should something happen health-wise to ETN, I think Tank will be one of the better backup running backs to roster.”

Rashaad Penny Late-Round Value 11:20

  • Rashad Penny is a late-round value pick, going around the ninth round in drafts 11:20.
  • If Penny stays healthy, he has the potential to provide solid production similar to Miles Sanders 11:34.
  • Given his talent and potential opportunity, drafting Penny in the ninth round can be a massive win 12:12.

“Rashad Penny seems to be the Miles Sanders for the 49ers this year and is going in the ninth round.”

Miami Dolphins Running Back Situation 12:31

  • The Miami Dolphins‘ running back situation is uncertain, with no clear main option 12:31.
  • Devonta Freeman is a small, yet incredibly fast rookie who has dealt with his own injury, and Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson are also in contention 12:36.
  • While there may not be a clear winner for the entirety of the season, each running back could have weeks of high production 13:01.

“There may honestly not be a clear winner for the entirety of the season, but there will be weeks here and it could turn out that one of them actually is just the primary guy who’s going to see 12 to 15 opportunities a week.”

“These guys are all going in the double-digit rounds and could provide value.”

Taking Shots on Miami Dolphins Running Backs 13:13

  • Taking shots on Miami Dolphins‘ running backs, such as Devonta Freeman or Jeff Wilson, can be a worthwhile strategy in fantasy drafts 13:13.
  • Each of these players has the potential to emerge as the primary option for the team 13:29.
  • By selecting one of them in the draft, fantasy managers can seize the opportunity for a valuable starting running back at a late-round cost 13:38.

“Taking shots on players with uncertain roles in the draft can prove to be valuable.”

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“Just don’t take all the shots—call your shot and pick the guy you like.”

The Alvin Kamara, Jamaal Williams, Kendre Miller, Kareem Hunt Committee 15:23

  • The New Orleans backfield now consists of Alvin Camara, Jamal Williams, Kendra Miller, and Karim Hunt.
  • The addition of Karim Hunt raises concerns for the other running backs, especially Kendra Miller.
  • Karim Hunt is a great pass catcher, providing the team with another versatile option.
  • Reports from training camp suggest that Alvin Camara is back in form and performing impressively.
  • Alvin Camara’s current ADP in the fourth round might not be accurate due to the three-game suspension.
  • Karim Hunt’s presence in the backfield could impact Kendra Miller’s opportunities in his rookie year.

“And the biggest problem is Karim Hunt’s a great pass catcher. So like you have another versatile option there where, look, all the camp reports with Alvin Camara have been just fire.” 16:01

Khalil Herbert – Underrated Running Back 24:10

  • Khalil Herbert, who is expected to be the backup running back for the Chicago Bears, has the potential to outperform his draft position.
  • He is currently being drafted in the ninth round, along with players like Brian Robinson and Rashad Penny. 26:49
  • Herbert is seen as a massive value in drafts, especially considering his upside and the opportunity he could have if the starter gets injured. 27:06

“He’s a massive value.” 27:06

Factors for Top 10 Running Backs 27:10

  • Over the past five years, top 10 running backs in half-point PPR leagues have averaged 20.6 opportunities per game, 17.8 fantasy points per game, 13 total touchdowns, and 1589 total yards. 27:19
  • Being involved in the passing game is important, as very few running backs rush for over 1500 yards in a season. 27:44

“If you want to be top 10, get over that 20 opportunity mark.” 27:19

Jonathan Taylor‘s Uncertain Situation 28:00

  • Jonathan Taylor‘s ranking at number 11 is in question due to his excused absence from the team. 28:00
  • There are concerns about Taylor’s injury history, especially regarding his ankle. 28:52
  • It’s unclear when Taylor will return and if he will regain his dominant form. 28:59

“He’s in between shows. He’s saying I’m in between shows guys disappear smoke bomb.” 28:46

Jonathan Taylor‘s Ankle Issues 29:32

  • There are contract issues and concerns about Jonathan Taylor‘s ankle.
  • It is unclear whether his ankle issues are related to his past surgery.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Taylor’s health is worrisome.

“It scares me… my risk meter goes up with Jonathan Taylor because if he’s still dealing with this ankle… we’re four weeks away from the start of real NFL football… that’s just, that’s not a great situation… if he’s not ready to go, very, very scary.”

Mobile Quarterbacks and Running Backs 30:24

  • Running backs can be impacted by mobile quarterbacks.
  • The running back’s role in catching passes might be affected.
  • Quarterbacks can choose to run instead of passing to the running back.

“It’s difficult to have a running back with a super mobile quarterback… look at the running backs for the Baltimore Ravens… is he going to dump the ball off or is he going to use his superpower and go run the ball… it’s like this is Jonathan Taylor is such a difficult player to gauge.”

Red Flags for Jonathan Taylor 30:58

  • Jonathan Taylor has several red flags, including injury, contract disputes, a mobile quarterback, and a rookie quarterback.
  • Historically, it is not favorable for rookie quarterbacks to start the year with running backs.
  • His uncertain situation makes it challenging to confidently draft him.

Jonathan Taylor is such a difficult player to gauge because he has basically all the red flags that we could think of right now… it is historically terrible for these running backs… I’m just willing to be wrong… I expect Jonathan Taylor to have a great season, but I’m not going to inherit that risk on my team.”

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Rhamondre Stevenson‘s Rankings 32:41

  • Rhamondre Stevenson‘s rankings among the podcast hosts vary significantly.
  • He is ranked between 3rd and 12th.
  • There is a significant debate about his value and potential.

“Mike has him at three still… that’s a lot of respect… Jason and I have him at 11 and 12… I feel like this is Hodor… we’re giving him so much respect… He’s really, really good.”

Ramondre Stevenson’s Potential Role 33:12

  • Ramondre Stevenson has the potential for a workhorse role.
  • The Patriots’ offense is expected to improve under Bill O’ Brien.
  • Stevenson’s ability to catch the ball is an added advantage.

“You’ve got a workhorse role, a depth chart with nobody there… he’s a player that can actually catch the ball very, very well… the New England Patriots offense should be better… Let’s talk him into moving him to four… It’s a pretty big should.”

Concerns about Ramondre Stevenson 35:04

  • The Patriots’ offensive system may limit Ramondre Stevenson’s pass-catching opportunities.
  • There are doubts about his ability to maintain a high target share.
  • The arrival of another player could further impact his role.

“I think that part of the reason that he was just constantly targeted with these little targets is because the offense was not good… the offense was not good… someone else could sign and sure, maybe they’re going to try to go… Did I get you to four?… no… maybe they’re going to try another strategy.”

Ramondray Stevenson’s Potential 36:30

  • Ramondray Stevenson has the potential to finish higher than his current ranking.
  • Even if the team adds another running back, Stevenson could still outperform expectations.
  • ADP shows Stevenson being drafted in the third round.
  • He has the potential to be a late-round steal.

“But they don’t, Ramondray has the potential to finish higher than where I have him ranked.”

Tony Pollard‘s Value 43:13

  • Tony Pollard is being drafted at a good position based on his potential finish in fantasy football.
  • He has the ability to deliver on his draft value and provide spike weeks of high production.

“I mean, that is delivering on draft value.”

Bijan Robinson‘s Potential 43:51

  • B John Robinson is being drafted as the RB three.
  • The equation with B John Robinson is simple for fantasy: he has the potential to be a true difference maker.
  • His draft capital and potential workload make him a valuable pick.

“He has the potential to be the number one player in fantasy this year.”

Josh Jacobs‘ Performance 48:19

  • Josh Jacobs had an impressive performance last year, proving his abilities as a top running back.
  • His efficiency and productivity were consistent throughout the season.
  • He received recognition from his peers, being voted as the 12th best player in the NFL by fellow players.

“You can’t rush for 4.9 a carry on that many chances.”

Confidence in Drafting Josh Jacobs 49:52

  • Josh Jacobs‘ ADP is currently at the back of the second round, making him a favorable pick.
  • He is expected to play for the Raiders and continue his success as a reliable running back.

“Scoop him up. That’s my opinion.”

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Late Round Steals in Fantasy Football 50:00

  • The speaker believes that selecting a running back in the 12th round is a great value.
  • If this running back becomes the starting RB for the entire season without any injuries, they will be a valuable asset.
  • The speaker emphasizes that the team will not want to split playing time with this RB, as they are on a franchise tag and not a long-term investment.
  • This player is the best option to win games, so the team will heavily utilize him.
  • The player’s snap percentages last year increased over time, indicating that he became the lead back.
  • The speaker believes that the team will continue to utilize him in a similar manner.

“And if that’s, if that is your belief, as it is my belief, then the back of the 12th is a screaming value because if that comes to fruition and he is the starting running back… they’re going to just do it again.” 50:00

Concerns about Josh Jacobs in Fantasy Football 51:00

  • Some fantasy football players believe that Josh Jacobs‘ elite performance in 2020 was an outlier and that he won’t be as good this year.
  • Others even argue that he is not a good player overall.
  • The longer he holds out of training camp, the more concerned the speaker becomes that another RB, Samir White, will have a greater role this year.
  • Samir White has been performing well during camp and has the opportunity to impress the coaches and earn more playing time.

“And I have my concerns that maybe that was just a magic season because that… does happen in the NFL players who are good… have one outlier incredible season where everything bounced their way.” 51:33

Saquon Barkley‘s Outlook in Fantasy Football 52:53

  • Saquon Barkley is back in camp after signing a contract and has no competition for the starting RB position.
  • He is a versatile player who catches the ball well and has proven talent.
  • The speaker believes that he will have over 350 touches throughout the season, making him a reliable workhorse back.
  • Despite concerns about his previous injuries, the speaker sees very little to worry about regarding Saquon Barkley.

“He doesn’t have question marks now that he’s in camp… He has no competition… He’s very talented… He’s good head coach… He’s going to touch the ball 350 plus times for sure.” 53:11

Evaluating Derrick Henry in Fantasy Football 54:20

  • Derek Henry is a polarizing draft pick due to his age (turning 30) and the team’s performance.
  • However, he had a breakout year in 2020 and even saw an increase in targets, which is uncommon for him.
  • The speaker believes that Henry still has another year to perform at a high level, making him a worthwhile choice.
  • A backup RB, Todd J Spears, was drafted by the team, which may impact Henry’s workload.

“You have to make your decision of this guy who’s going to turn 30 on a team… I have them winning the division… he is going to be a polarizing draft pick because it’s just you have to make your decision of this guy who’s going to turn 30 on a team… I have them winning the division.” 55:31

Nick Chubb‘s Potential in Fantasy Football 55:49

  • Nick Chubb is a proven runner and has the ability to break away for big plays.
  • There are hopes that the offense will improve, giving Chubb more opportunities.
  • The speaker acknowledges that Chubb isn’t known for his receiving skills, but if he can ramp up his involvement in the passing game, his value will increase even more.

Nick Chubb is as proven as it gets on the ground… he’s going to get a chunk plays, breakaway plays… The question is, can he ramp up that receiving work?… But if those opportunities come, like he proved last year.” 56:09

Nick Chubb‘s Value as a Running Back 56:31

  • Even without a strong team supporting him, Nick Chubb was considered the best pick in fantasy at running back for the first 9-11 weeks.
  • He struggled with touchdowns after that point due to his team’s difficulty around the goal line.

“He’s the Browns’ last year with the struggle at quarterback at the end of the season for a good example of what could be a red flag for a Bijon.”

Pass Catching Ability of Nick Chubb 57:05

  • Chubb’s pass-catching skills are exciting for the 2023 season.
  • He has the potential to fill the receiving targets left by Kareem Hunt, who had over 40 targets.
  • Observations from camp show that he is being involved in the passing game, which is a positive sign.

“You keep seeing a video out of camp right now, catching the pass out of the backfield. And it’s just nice to see that they are involving him in that way in camp right now.”

Austin Ekeler‘s Dominance 58:13

  • Austin Ekeler has been dominant for the past two years, with 36 red zone touchdowns.
  • He is highly motivated for the upcoming season, as he is looking to secure a lucrative contract.
  • The change in offensive coordinator might affect his touchdown efficiency, resulting in a potential regression.

“He’s done it for his basically his entire career, but just betting on a little return down to more of a league average.”

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Christian McCaffrey‘s Versatility and Expectations 01:01:20

  • McCaffrey’s mastery of the 49ers’ offense and their dedication to throwing to their tailbacks make him a strong fantasy pick.
  • He is projected to have a productive season and potentially record large numbers both as a rusher and a receiver.
  • His performance in games with Elijah Mitchell present shows that McCaffrey still outperformed other running backs.

“They do not, that does not concern me at all. There is touchdown variables that were in play in those games. He is going to be so incredibly dominant.”

Top Running Backs in Fantasy Football 01:02:56

  • The 49ers team believed in the importance of acquiring the best player at the running back position for their fantasy football team.

“Let’s go get the best player in the game at the position and just put them on our football team.” 01:03:08

Upcoming Fantasy Football Content 01:03:16

  • This episode concludes the discussion on the top running backs with Christian McCaffrey ranked number one.
  • The next episode will focus on quarterback rankings.
  • Preseason power-ups will be analyzed.
  • A week of preseason football will provide insights on rookies and opportunities for players like Tajie Spears and Roshan Johnson.
  • A Mock Draft will be shared on Friday.
  • A live show in LA is scheduled for August 26th.

“We’re into preseason power up… We’re going into a full week of preseason football… you’re going to see the Tajie Spears and other backs like that… Mock Draft on Friday as well… Live show in LA on August 26th.” 01:03:23

Additional Fantasy Football Resources 01:03:56

  • The ultimate draft kit is recommended for further support beyond the episode.

“And then check out the ultimate draft kit if this wasn’t enough for you today, which I know it wasn’t.” 01:04:01

Conclusion and Acknowledgments 01:04:16

  • The episode concludes with a farewell and appreciation to the listeners.
  • Listeners are invited to join the fantasy football community and follow the hosts on Twitter.

“Thank you for listening to another episode of the Fantasy Footballers podcast… Join our fantasy football community… and follow us on Twitter at theFFballers.” 01:04:16


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