Top 10 QB Rankings + Evolving Opinions, Deshaun Warlock

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Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes? The Fantasy Footballers are back with a new episode! On today’s fantasy football podcast, we discuss our top 10 QB rankings! Which elite quarterbacks are worth the pick in fantasy football drafts? Plus, the latest NFL News & players we’re changing our opinion on lately. Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for August 13th, 2020.

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Alexander Tracy says:

On the pod, I believe it was Jason that mentioned it, there were some analytics that he saw which discussed the overall likelihood of Lamar Jackson getting injured being no greater than that of any other QB. Where did he see this? Is it from a website?

On a side note, last year was my very first year ever playing FFB, I needed to learn up on it and found your guy’s Pod. I got laughed at during the draft for some of my picks, but following your guy’s advice, I came in 3rd in our league, it’s a family league of my friend’s, and they’ve all been playing together for years. They were shocked at how well I finished the season. Thanks for all the help!

steve larson says:

would be curious for you guys to break down league formats you prefer……

Instead of straight PPR, we have gone to .5ppr for Rb’s, full ppr for WR, and 1.5 ppr for TE’s…..seems to work and smooth out and brings many WR’s into top players.

Also league format – we combine head to head play and overall rank…trying to reward consistency, and take the huge variable of head to head always seems….. do this in both 10 team and 12 team leagues: 2 pts for head to head win……then you get points for where you rate overall
1st – 13 pts (total of 15 with head to head win)
2nd – 11 pts
3rd – 10 pts
4th – 8 pts
5th – 7 pts
6th – 5pts
7th – 4pts
8th – 2pts
9th – 1 pt
10th – 0
then play all 17 weeks…..we do do playoffs for your entry fee back but majority of payout go to season long winners.

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