The TRUTH: QBs Part 2 + Playoff Reactions!

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More TRUTH about the QB position on today’s fantasy football podcast! Get a closer look into 2023 performances from C.J. Stroud, Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, and others! Plus, reactions to an exciting Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for January 23rd, 2024.

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Reacting to the Playoff Games 00:00

  • The hosts discuss their reactions to the divisional round of playoff football.
  • They mention that all the games were close at halftime but highlight the Ravens’ dominant performance against the Texans.

“The Ravens disposed of the Texans, heck of a year for Houston”

Discussing the Truth about Quarterbacks 00:05

  • The hosts mention that they will be discussing the second part of the “truth” about quarterbacks.
  • They tease that there will be some interesting names discussed in this episode.

“We break down the truth, the second part of the truth about quarterbacks, some more interesting names in this episode as well.”

Welcoming the Audience 00:38

  • The hosts welcome the audience to the show.

“Welcome in. It’s gonna be a good show.”

Reflecting on a Long Break 00:54

  • The hosts express that it feels like a long time since they last did a show.
  • They explain that they are transitioning to releasing shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, which has created a longer break between recordings.

“For whatever reason it feels like it’s been an eternity since we last did a show… We’re waiting from our last recording on Wednesday all the way to this morning on a Tuesday, and we’ve had quite a time in between.”

Banter about the Weather 01:26

  • The hosts engage in banter about the weather, specifically mentioning the rainy and cold conditions in Arizona.
  • They discuss differences in their preferences for clothing based on the temperature.

“It’s been crazy in Arizona because… It’s dark, it’s raining nonstop. Yes, I am in apparel dressed for the cold and the rain… Mike wants me to wear like sweatpants… If I wear that, if I am out in the snow in those, I am sweating.”

Recording Schedule 03:11

  • The hosts mention that they are recording this episode on January 23rd, which is earlier than their usual Tuesday, Thursday release schedule.
  • They apologize for the slight delay in the release time.

“We normally record our Tuesday, Thursday shows a day early… Apologies for a slight delay on the release time.”

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Playoff Game Analysis 03:32

  • The hosts briefly discuss the playoff games, mentioning the Ravens’ victory over the Texans and the Chiefs’ win against the Bills.
  • They note that the Bills had opportunities to win the game but struggled to adjust and lacked reliable pass catchers.

“The Ravens disposed of the Texans… Buffalo had every chance to win this ball game… They didn’t have the weapons… You’re going to need to retool this offense.”

Evaluating Stefon Diggs‘ Performance 05:15

  • The hosts analyze Stefan Diggs’ performance, stating that he has not been as productive as earlier in the season.
  • They mention missed opportunities and express concerns about his long-term outlook.

“You cannot view Stefan Diggs as a reliable star asset… He missed opportunities in that game… You could say it’s age, he’s slowing down… It is the new normal.”

“He didn’t come up with a big play… He’s worthy of the inverse reaction.”

Comparing Receiving Yards 06:40

  • The hosts compare the receiving yards of Khalil Shakir and Stefan Diggs in the last 10 games.
  • They highlight the stark difference in production despite Diggs having significantly more targets.

“Shakir had more receiving yards than Diggs… Shakir 37 digs 80… That’s well over double.”

Shakir’s Role in the Offense 08:18

  • The speaker believes that Shakir will continue to be a part of the offense in the future.
  • It is mentioned that discussions about Shakir’s role will likely happen during the draft season for fantasy football.

“I mean, I think Shakir will be a part of the offense moving forward where you’d have some, we’ll have discussions in draft season for sure.”

The Chiefs’ Performance 08:25

  • The Chiefs’ success in the game against the Buffalo Bills is acknowledged.
  • The speaker emphasizes that the Chiefs were able to get the job done.

“And then look at the chiefs, they got it done. They got it done.”

Questionable Decisions by the Buffalo Bills 08:29

  • The speaker criticizes the Buffalo Bills for making a fourth and six run on a punt play.
  • It is remarked that this decision was a ridiculous choice, especially considering the talent of the Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

“You have an MVP caliber quarterback, but a fourth and six run on a punt is ridiculous.”

Chiefs Capitalizing on Buffalo’s Mistakes 09:03

  • The speaker mentions that the Chiefs were able to take advantage of the gift that the Buffalo Bills gave them.
  • The Chiefs capitalized on the Bills’ mistakes and turned the game in their favor.

“And then the chiefs took the gift that the Buffalo bills gave them. I said, no, we don’t want this.”

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Jordan Love‘s Performance and the Packers’ Future 09:48

  • The speaker discusses Jordan Love‘s performance in the game and acknowledges that he played well throughout the playoffs, except for the end.
  • The Packers’ future is praised, highlighting their strong foundation with a great head coach, quarterback, and young talent.

“But the rest of that team is so young, they’re clicking, they’re driving, and the truth is always just how’s the quarterback?” “Jordan Love, he just looked legit through the entire playoffs until the very end.”

Importance of Deebo Samuel for the 49ers 11:38

  • The speaker emphasizes the significance of Deebo Samuel for the 49ers’ offense, mentioning that their performance suffered when he was absent.
  • The potential impact of Samuel’s absence in the conference championship game is discussed.

“The Niners, I want to go back in the season and just say how important Deebo is, when they lost three in a row. That was when they didn’t have Deebo three in a row.”

Lions’ Victory over Tampa Bay 12:12

  • The speaker congratulates the Detroit Lions and their fans on their victory over Tampa Bay.
  • The Lions’ quarterback, Zach Hurts, is acknowledged for his decision to join the Lions, despite not being currently on the field for them.

“Congratulations, Lions fans. You long suffering crew.” “What if he caught the game-winning touchdown for the Detroit Lions? Oh, what a good story for him.”

Future of Mike Evans in Tampa Bay 13:38

  • The speaker mentions that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will need to bring back quarterback and wide receiver Mike Evans.
  • Comments made by Evans after the game are discussed, where he expresses his desire to stay with the Buccaneers but also wants a substantial contract.

“I would like to be here, but also I would like a lot of money.”

Hiring of Brian Callahan as Titans’ Head Coach 15:06

  • The speaker expresses surprise at the Tennessee Titans‘ decision to hire Brian Callahan as their new head coach.
  • The Titans’ overall reputation as a well-run franchise is mentioned.

“I think the Titans have been a pretty well-run franchise over the long term and I don’t know, man. It just feels like you’re going from Mike Vrabel, who has been a very good coach.”

Wilson’s Performance 20:23

  • Russell Wilson had a disappointing season in terms of fantasy performance with a consistency rank of 20.
  • He didn’t have any great games, only 20% of his games were considered good, and 27% were busts.
  • His lack of consistency made him a mediocre option for fantasy teams.

“This is like generic. He’s the poster child for how bad quarterback play was this season in fantasy.”

Wilson’s Ranking 21:35

  • Despite his mediocre performance, Russell Wilson still ended the season as a top 12 quarterback.
  • People may argue that he was okay based on his end-of-season ranking, but it doesn’t reflect his lack of fantasy value.
  • Next year, there may still be someone who considers him a top 12 quarterback when he moves to a different team.

“This is a factual statement to say Russell Wilson was a top 12 quarterback and there will be somebody that makes that argument next year for Russell Wilson when he goes somewhere else.”

Wilson’s Future 22:04

  • It is unlikely that Russell Wilson will be the starting quarterback for the Broncos.
  • While the possibility of him returning still exists, it is doubtful.
  • It is expected that he will be cut and sign with another team.
  • It is advised not to draft him in fantasy.

“I don’t think we need to because he’s not going to be the Broncos starting quarterback. They’ve left the door ajar, that he could possibly come back, but it’s doubtful. I expect him to be cut. I expect him to sign somewhere and don’t draft him.”

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CJ Stroud‘s Performance 23:06

  • In the second half of the season, CJ Stroud had a game where he didn’t play much and got injured, which affected his score. 23:06
  • He had a disastrous game against the Jets. 23:14
  • Despite the ups and downs, it was apparent early on in the season that CJ Stroud is the real deal. He sees the field well, puts the ball where he wants it, and hits receivers in stride. 23:33

CJ Stroud does that as good as anybody.”

“I mean, didn’t he literally lead the league in yards per game?”

  • CJ Stroud had 4,100 yards and 23 touchdowns, with better performances at home and against weaker defenses. He also had to overcome injuries and offensive line issues. 24:06

“He, for, we talk about, you know, the ups and downs of the pocket passers of we, you find a magical year every now and then, but I just want people to be careful connecting CJ Stroud‘s, I mean, I don’t know if it’s the best rookie season we’ve ever seen, but it’s one of, but will that translate immediately into, he’s a sophomore and he’s going to be worth the draft capital because people, people are going to be very, very excited to draft CJ Stroud.”

CJ Stroud‘s Quarterback Skills 23:33

  • CJ Stroud‘s greatest asset is his ability to stay calm in a collapsing pocket. He is evasive, but also stands in with his eyes downfield, waiting for the play to develop. 24:35

“To me, his greatest asset is that he is unflinching in a collapsing pocket.”

“He’ll take a hit on incredible arm talent.”

Fantasy Outlook for CJ Stroud 25:40

“The truth of rookie CJ Stroud was 13% of his games were great. 40% were good.”

  • CJ Stroud will likely be considered in the same tier as other pocket passers like Herbert, Burrow, and Tua in terms of touchdown potential. However, his lack of top-tier weapons like Jamar Chase and Tee Higgins may be a concern. 26:29

“That’s where my concern for CJ Stroud is despite my love form is people are going to be really excited to draft CJ Stroud coming into the, to next year. We don’t know if he may not be on our teams. They may, yes. And I agree with that. Have maybe they, but the Texans may add someone like I’m not going to put it past them to, to go out, be really aggressive. T Higgins. Yeah. Like G Higgins. I mean, you put, you put T Higgins on the team with Nico and Tank. Now, okay. Now we’re talking, but he, for, we talk about, you know, the ups and downs of the pocket passers of we, you find a magical year every now and then, but I just want people to be careful connecting CJ Stroud‘s, I mean, I don’t know if it’s the best rookie season we’ve ever seen, but it’s one of, but will that translate immediately into, he’s a sophomore and he’s going to be worth the draft capital because people, people are going to be very, very excited to draft CJ Stroud.”

  • CJ Stroud‘s performance will depend on the matchup. He has had larger splits in performance than Jared Goff, so in favorable matchups, he could excel, but in tough matchups, he may not be reliable. 28:19

“We don’t know if it’s the best rookie season we’ve ever seen, but it’s one of, but will that translate immediately into, he’s a sophomore and he’s going to be worth the draft capital because people, people are going to be very, very excited to draft CJ Stroud.”

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CJ Stroud‘s Performance 30:10

  • CJ Stroud is being compared to other quarterbacks to determine his performance tier.
  • He is considered to be in the same tier as some quarterbacks, but also compared to Dak Prescott.

“Is he in the tier with those guys or is he in the tier with the, with the, the Dak level?”

Exciting Playing Style of CJ Stroud 30:14

  • CJ Stroud is known for his willingness to throw the ball deep.
  • He ranks second in air yards per pass attempt and second in completion percentage.

“He’s also very exciting to watch because he’s willing to throw the ball deep, second most air yards per pass attempt, second highest completion.”

Comparison of CJ Stroud and Bryce Young 30:21

  • CJ Stroud‘s playing style is compared to Bryce Young.
  • While Young played like a rookie, Stroud looked like a veteran.

“It was the inverse Bryce Young genuinely, like watching the two of them play. One look like a rookie and one look like a veteran.”

Accuracy and Touch of CJ Stroud‘s Throws 30:29

  • CJ Stroud is praised for his accurate and well-placed throws, especially when on the move.
  • It is mentioned that he puts touch on the ball.

“Also, I’ve just never seen someone throw a more accurate ball in the move. When I see him roll out of the pocket and he’s running to his right and he throws it, I know that ball is going to go, despite him running, I know the ball is going to go exactly where he’s wanting. Yeah. And he’s willing to put touch on the ball.”

Potential Impact of Losing Bobby Sloak 31:14

  • It is noted that the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Offensive Coordinator, Bobby Sloak, might leave for a head coaching opportunity in the NFL.
  • Losing Sloak could have an impact on the offensive strategy and playcalling for CJ Stroud.

“They could be losing Bobby Sloak as well. They’re OC. He is one of the hot names for the head coaching opportunities that are out there. So that will factor in.”

Cautious Approach for CJ Stroud in Fantasy Football 31:32

  • Despite his impressive performance, a cautious approach is suggested when considering CJ Stroud for fantasy football purposes.
  • The possibility of Stroud being selected later in drafts is mentioned.

“I think that the summary of this is, CJ Stroud is great and very excited to watch him moving forward. But I’m going to, for fantasy purposes, be just a little bit cautious. Maybe we’re all really surprised and CJ Stroud is like a seventh or eighth round pick.”

Evaluating Sam Howell 32:26

  • Sam Howell is discussed as a quarterback who had an impressive first half of the year, but underperformed in the second half.
  • The inconsistency of his performance is highlighted.

“We don’t need to analyze the 30th most consistent quarterback in the second half of the year, the 28th on the year. Empty calories. This man. He was awesome the first half. If you played him, enjoy the ride, get the howl out of here.”

Trevor Lawrence‘s Performance and Appearance 34:52

  • Trevor Lawrence‘s performance is evaluated as not being at the level of a great quarterback.
  • His statistics and consistency are not impressive.
  • A humorous discussion about his hairstyle and ability to grow a beard is included.

“The question is, and this is the question I have about Trevor Lawrence. Is he a great quarterback? Yes, yes, Jason. Yes. Because I don’t think he is. Good. He is currently slotted in as a, can have a great game quarterback. Yeah. The consistency thus far in his career is, it’s, you know. Hashtag not good. No, it’s not.”

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Trevor Lawrence‘s Performance 36:08

  • Trevor Lawrence had a consistency rank of 18 this year, which is considered low.
  • His performance was disappointing and he was regarded as a wasted pick in the fifth round.
  • Despite his poor performance, Lawrence has the potential to be a top quarterback on any given week.
  • He had some good fantasy games, but also lost some of his weapons throughout the season.

“He’s not a great quarterback yet, but he is capable of being the number one on any given week with the right matchup and situation.”

Concerns about Trevor Lawrence‘s Potential 36:56

  • There were many missed touchdown opportunities for Trevor Lawrence due to various factors, including missed throws and mistakes by his wide receivers.
  • While Lawrence has the necessary tools and skills, there are doubts about his overall ability to become a great quarterback.
  • These concerns extend beyond fantasy football and apply to his potential in the NFL.

“But we’ve got enough games where I just don’t think he’s a great quarterback. I don’t think he’s going to be a great quarterback.”

Matthew Stafford‘s Performance 38:25

  • Matthew Stafford finished 15th among quarterbacks this year and had a consistency rank of 13.
  • In the second half of the season, he performed much better, becoming the fourth most consistent quarterback.
  • Stafford’s performance was heavily influenced by the presence of his key offensive weapons, such as Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr.
  • However, injuries and the overall wear and tear on Stafford’s body may limit his upside in fantasy football.

“Moving forward, he’s not somebody that has the upside to be more than a streamer.”

High Upside Potential for Justin Herbert 42:00

  • Justin Herbert had an impressive first half of the season, ranking fifth in consistency.
  • Despite missing four games and facing challenges such as injuries to his supporting cast, Herbert still performed well.
  • A healthy and fully-equipped Justin Herbert is a reliable option for fantasy football.
  • The Chargers may need to address their wide receiver position, particularly with Mike Williams becoming a free agent.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that a healthy Justin Herbert is a healthy option for fantasy.”

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Mike Williams Experience 42:53

  • Mike Williams is often injured, but fans expect it as part of the “Mike Williams experience.”
  • Despite the injuries, fans hope that Williams will start the season strong based on his talent.

“But that’s part of the Mike Williams experience.”

Justin Herbert‘s Performance 43:07

  • Justin Herbert started the year outstandingly, making fantasy football managers feel good about drafting him.
  • However, injuries to Herbert and other players affected his performance as the season progressed.
  • There is uncertainty about the future of the team, with a potential new head coach and offensive coordinator.

“Obviously, when everybody got injured, including Justin Herbert, it fell apart for him.” “You won’t have a consistent running back situation, because Eckler’s a free agent.” “And I could see a world where Herbert, you know, exceeds an appropriate draft spot because of that.”

Evaluating Justin Fields 44:13

  • Justin Fields had a mixed performance with both elite and disastrous games throughout the season.
  • A significant portion of Fields’ fantasy points come from his rushing ability.
  • Consistency has been a concern for Fields, who sometimes struggles against tougher opponents.
  • Fields’ athleticism is undeniable, but the team needs to decide if he is part of their long-term plans.

“Athletically, one of the most gifted in the game that we’ve seen in a long, long time.” “Justin Fields was hit and miss.” “It’s the fact that Justin Fields was hit and miss.” “And that can mask a lot of problems.” “But the team has to decide is Justin Fields part of their future.” “And then someone like Atlanta has to decide, do they want them to be part of their future?”

Justin Fields‘ Potential Destinations 46:07

  • Potential destinations for Fields include Las Vegas and Atlanta.
  • Las Vegas, with their focus on running the ball and desire for defense, could be an interesting fit.
  • Atlanta, with weapons like Drake London and Kyle Pitts, would offer a good offensive environment for Fields.

“It’s a huge part of the equation.” “And that is a part of his game that has led to injuries in consecutive years.” “So, you know, it’s interesting if you look at what percentage of his fantasy points in his career come from rushing the football.” “But yeah. I mean, honestly, Atlanta would be, I think, a good spot.” “If you get like someone like Sloak to come in, I would like to see the weapons are there, you know, with Drake London and Kyle Pitts and Bijan to be able to have, if you’ve got a good offensive mind come in.”

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“He’s still only 24 years old and he’s one of the best athletes at the position.” “I’ll still take my shot.” “Yeah.”

Derek Carr‘s Consistency 50:32

  • Derek Carr ranked 18th among quarterbacks in terms of consistency.
  • It means that Carr’s performances were consistent throughout the season.
  • Keeping the wind blowing refers to Carr’s ability to perform consistently 50:35.

Derek Carr at 18, consistency of 30. Keep the wind blowing, my friend.”

Geno Smith‘s Performance 50:37

  • Geno Smith had a poor season and was not a reliable fantasy quarterback.
  • Smith was drafted as the 15th quarterback but ranked 23rd in terms of consistency.
  • The term “pumpkin” refers to his disappointing performance.

Geno Smith. Pumpkin. Yeah. This is not a good year. He was drafted as the quarterback 15, but his consistency was 23rd.”

Comparison between Baker Mayfield and Geno Smith 50:51

  • Baker Mayfield had a similar disappointing season like Geno Smith.
  • Mayfield was expected to perform well, but his consistency was not up to the mark.

Baker Mayfield was this year’s Geno Smith. Remember we talked about that early in the offseason? And he was. In other words, Baker might pumpkin if he comes back to the Buccaneers.”

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Kirk Cousins‘ Performance and Injury 51:02

  • Kirk Cousins ranked 24th in terms of consistency.
  • He missed a significant part of the season due to injury, despite playing fantastic before that.
  • There is a comparison between Cousins and two quarterbacks who will be returning from Achilles injuries.
  • It will be interesting to see how they perform and if they can maintain their previous performance level.

“Kurt Cousins at 24, but he missed obviously a huge part of the year. He was playing fantastic. He was the quarterback six. Not just real-life football, but fantasy-wise, this was like, it was happening. The Kurt Cousins season was happening, tearing the Achilles. I guess we get to have a fun science experiment here of we have two quarterbacks who will be returning from Achilles injuries and we get to see how they perform.”

Jefferson, Addison, and Hawkinson as Receivers for Cousins 52:03

  • There is a discussion about whether Minnesota Vikings have a better trifecta of receivers than Jefferson, Addison, and Hawkinson.
  • If all of them are healthy, they can complement Cousins’ performance as a quarterback.

“Is there a better trifecta of receivers than Jefferson, Addison, Hawkinson if they’re all healthy? With a team that right now doesn’t have a huge running threat and will definitely put it in the hands of their quarterback in the games on the line, Cousins might not go back, but if he was back in Minnesota, he’s old enough to go real late in drafts no matter what.”

Joe Burrow‘s Performance and Injuries 52:45

  • Joe Burrow had a disastrous start to the season and did not meet expectations.
  • He struggled in the first four weeks, and the offense couldn’t get going.
  • Burrow played through a calf injury, which partly contributed to his poor performance.
  • He later injured his wrist, further impacting his season.
  • Despite the setbacks, Burrow ranked fourth among quarterbacks in 2022 and showed potential.

“And then Joe Burrow was not awesome. Now, Joe Burrow started to show some signs of life after the bye week, but people drafted him in the fourth round and he was more of a bust than even Justin Fields was in that stretch. A disastrous first four weeks. The offense couldn’t get it going. He was playing through the calf injury. Oh, yes he was. Poorly. We blamed the calf injury and I’m fine to still blame it and just say, look, he was injured, he was playing poor. He got it together and then unfortunately got injured again with his wrist, right? He’ll be back. It’ll be great. A reminder. He was worried about him. He was a quarterback four in 2022 with 4,400 yards and 35 touchdowns.”

Kyler Murray‘s Performance 53:39

  • Kyler Murray‘s performance was average.
  • The Truth metric rated him highly as he didn’t significantly harm fantasy teams.
  • Murray didn’t have any outstanding game but also didn’t disappoint.
  • Frustration arose because he left a lot of opportunities on the field.

“Kyle Murray comes in at 26. When he played football, 50% of good games, 25% bust, never had a great game by our 26 point definition, but was okay. Yeah, he was okay. I mean, the truth metric likes Kyler quite a bit because he really didn’t hurt your team. I think people who had him were just disappointed by two things. One, you know, the fact that you never had a great game, you just never had a monstrous performance. But two, if you actually watched the games, it’s really frustrating. There was a lot left on the field.”

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Anticipation for Kyler Murray‘s Future Performance 54:43

  • It is anticipated that Kyler Murray‘s performance will improve in the future.
  • The speculation is based on the assumption that the Cardinals will provide him with better weapons, such as wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.
  • Murray’s running ability combined with a talented receiver could make him a valuable fantasy asset.

“I think Kyler with his legs and a young stud like that, that he’ll be a really valuable fantasy. Yeah, it could be really, really sneaky in drafts. And ultimately, I think Arizona ends up with Marvin Harrison or neighbors at four. So I think a wide receiver might be the right way to look at that in terms of like Arizona is going to probably equip Kyler. They have to.”

Anthony Richardson‘s Performance 55:34

  • Anthony Richardson only played four games but performed well.
  • He ranked as the 10th quarterback during that stretch and showed a lot of potential, especially in running the football.
  • It is suggested that Richardson may be undervalued in future drafts.

“And then the last name to mention is Anthony Richardson, who we gave him a full rookie breakdown on the Dynasty podcast. He only played four games. He’s a quarterback 10 in that stretch. He was awesome. He showed a lot of potential, obviously can run the football.”

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