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Week 6 start/sit advice! On today’s fantasy football podcast, Week 6 matchup previews, and Starts of the Week! Plus, NFL News, injury updates, and a very special edition of the Boom Boom Kicker! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for October 12th, 2023.

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Jeff Wilson‘s Return 07:40

  • Jeff Wilson returned to practice as a limited participant.
  • Offensive coordinator Frank Smith was asked if Wilson appears ready to play.
  • The quote suggests that if Wilson is active, he could be the second man up behind Rame Mostor.

Jeff Wilson appears ready to play.”

Saquon Barkley‘s Status 08:10

  • Saquon Barkley was limited in practice on Wednesday, and his status is still uncertain.

Saquon Barkley limited on Wednesday, still up in the air.”

Darren Waller‘s Expectations 08:13

  • Darren Waller expects to play on Sunday night.
  • However, starting him could be a risky move due to his injury concerns.

Darren Waller, he says he expects to play Sunday night.” “So you’re taking a risk.”

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Mike Evans‘ Injury Concerns 08:55

  • Mike Evans did not practice on Wednesday due to a hamstring injury.
  • Given his age and previous injury history, it may take longer for him to recover.
  • The Buccaneers will likely heavily rely on the passing game, making Evans’ absence a concern.

Mike Evans suffered a hamstring injury back in week four.” “The fact that he’s not going [to practice] on Wednesday, it is, you need to be paying attention.” “Yeah, and I was gonna say, like that is a, it’s a home game, but it would be a little concerning for the Bucks offense as a whole to not have Mike Evans against the Lions pass rush.” “So, we still have, still no Mike Evans.”

Keaontay Ingram‘s Return 10:16

  • Keaontay Ingram, Cardinals running back, returned to practice in a limited fashion.
  • He is listed as RB1 on the depth chart, but Emari Demercado is still favored by the analyst due to Ingram’s lackluster performance.

“Keontae Ingram, Cardinals running back Keontae Ingram, back at practice in a limited fashion.” “If Ingram is their guy.” “Yeah, I’m still betting on D. Markado.”

Ravens Offense Struggling 17:00

  • The Baltimore Ravens offense has been plagued by drops and injuries, leading to inconsistent performances.
  • Lamar Jackson was the highest graded quarterback last week, but the team still lost due to drops and a low-scoring game.
  • The drops have been especially egregious, to the point where catching just a couple more passes could have potentially changed the outcome of last week’s game.
  • The team’s offense is now a series of “ifs,” relying on factors like health, pass catching, and other variables to come together.

“The Baltimore Ravens offense is now becoming an every week series of ifs.”

Ravens Receivers and Drop Issues 18:59

  • Several of the Ravens’ receivers, including Rashad Bateman, Nelson Aguilar, and Odell Beckham, have a history of dropping passes.
  • Rookie Zay Flowers also made some costly mistakes last week.
  • Mark Andrews‘ drops have been particularly painful for the team.
  • The drops have been a major factor in the team’s offensive struggles.

“Rashad Bateman is the kind of guy that drops passes. Nelson Aguilar is the kind of guy that drops passes. Beckham is the kind of guy that drops passes.”

Ravens vs. Titans Matchup 18:59

  • The Baltimore Ravens (3-2) are facing the Tennessee Titans (2-3) in Week 6.
  • The game is on neutral ground, so there is no home field advantage.
  • The Titans have been playing better recently, and their quarterback Ryan Tannehill has improved.
  • Derrick Henry‘s performance will likely be influenced by whether the Titans are winning or not.
  • Game script will play a role in determining the usage of running back Ty’Son Williams.

“If you see a world where the Ravens are winning by two scores or so, then Ty’Son Williams is in play because he’ll be the one on the field. It won’t be Henry.”

Starting Tyjae Spears 19:38

  • Tajay Spears, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, has seen around 50% snap share in four out of five games.
  • He has had a few opportunities in each of those games.
  • His fantasy performance in Week 5 was decent, benefiting from involvement in the passing game and a rushing touchdown.
  • Spears is a dart throw in terms of game script, as his usage will depend on whether the Ravens are expected to win or lose the game.

“He is a dart throw because of game script. If the Ravens are winning, Spears would not be in consideration for me. But if you see a world where the Ravens are winning by two scores or so, then Tajay Spears is in play because he’ll be the one on the field.”

DeAndre Hopkins‘ Performance 21:09

  • DeAndre Hopkins had a strong performance last week, with 11 targets and 8 receptions for 140 yards.
  • However, he has yet to find the end zone this season.
  • His yardage has been consistently good over the past three weeks.
  • Hopkins looks promising for fantasy purposes, but his lack of touchdowns is a concern.

“His yards were completion the last three weeks. It’s been up at a place where you’re happy with it.”

DeAndre Hopkins target share 21:30

  • Hopkins is great if he consistently gets 11 targets every week.
  • He has a 30% target share.

“If you’re going to get 11 targets every single week, then Hopkins is great.”

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Zay Flowers and Rashod Bateman 21:45

  • Zay Flowers has only finished inside the top 24 once this year.
  • Rashod Bateman has had three targets in all four of his active games this year.
  • Zay Flowers has had more targets compared to Bateman.

Zay flowers has one finish inside the top 24 this year… Bateman has had three targets and all four of his active games this year, which pales in comparison to Mr. Zay flowers.”

Baltimore running back situation 22:40

  • Gus Edwards had 12 opportunities last week, all on the ground and no targets.
  • Justice Hill had higher snap percentage and scored a touchdown.
  • Both Edwards and Hill are in play, but Hill provides some receiving potential.

“I think that it is still primarily Gus Edwards as the… Both are in play. Both you’re really hoping for a touchdown, at least Justice Hill though, will get you a couple receptions.”

Derrick Henry‘s performance 23:41

“He is not what you wanted and expected and yet he’s the RB 15, you know, through five weeks with a couple of larger duds in there… This is his fourth game in London. The Tennessee Titans are not scoring a ton of points this year and when Tana Hill is played over there in London, he scored fewer than 10 points in three of five starts.”

Washington Commanders vs. Atlanta Falcons 24:24

  • Atlanta is favored by 2.5 points in this game.
  • The over/under is set at 42.5 points.
  • There was confusion between Bijan Robinson and Brian Robinson in regards to their Draft Kings lineup.

“The Washington Commanders at two and three take on the Atlanta Falcons who are three and two… I told these guys last night I was building my Draft King’s lineup and I was looking for a flex and all of a sudden I see this Washington Atlanta matchup and I say, oh my gosh, Bijan Robinson is 5,700. He’s in my lineup. It’s unbeatable… It was Brian Robinson.”

Brian Robinson‘s usage 25:49

  • Brian Robinson had a strong start to the season but his opportunities have decreased in the last three weeks.
  • Brian Robinson‘s playing time is dependent on the game script.
  • Antonio Gibson dominates playing time when Washington is trailing.

“The opportunities in weeks one and two for Brian Robinson were huge. He was kind of one of the breakout stars to start the year, the last three weeks it’s gone down… It’s a committee, but it’s a committee by game script… The point being, when they’re losing, it’s Antonio Gibson and when they’re winning it will be Brian Robinson.”

Rest of season outlook for Terry McLaurin 26:41

  • For the rest of the season, Terry McLaurin is expected to have big games but also some mediocre ones.
  • His quarterback, Taylor Heinicke, impacts McLaurin’s weekly performance.

“Three? Two-ish… Yeah, I think he’ll, he’s still Terry, he’s still great. He’ll have big games so that pushes him over… I mean, it’s not a disrespect to Drake. It’s just the confidence I have in the quarterback getting the ball near him.”

Desmond Ridder‘s performance 28:56

  • Ritter had a quiet game last week.

“This was the quiet down the Taylor-Heineke crew game for Desmond Ritter last week.”

Washington’s pass defense 29:01

  • Washington’s pass defense has been giving up points this season, ranking 28th overall and 23rd in schedule-adjusted performance against quarterbacks.
  • Washington also ranks 29th against wide receivers.

“And the matchup is like Washington, when it comes to passing the ball, they’re giving up points. You know, we have on the season, they’re 28th, but schedule adjusted 23rd against quarterbacks, 29th against wide receivers.”

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Kyle Pitts‘ performance 29:11

  • Kyle Pitts finished in the top 10 among tight ends for the third time in two seasons, recording seven receptions for 87 yards in the last game.
  • Pitts has not scored a touchdown yet this year.
  • Pitts has been frequently used as a wide receiver, which gives more confidence considering Washington’s vulnerability against wide receivers.

“That was the third time in two seasons that Kyle Pitts finished in the top 10 at the tight end position, seven for 87. Still hasn’t scored this year… I think that gives more confidence.” “They are bad against wide receivers, and Kyle Pitts has been playing frequently as a wide receiver, that gives me a little bit more confidence.”

Logan Thomas vs Kyle Pitts 29:49

  • Logan Thomas is a better option than Kyle Pitts for this game.
  • However, Pitts is still considered in play and could have a good performance.

“I’m not jamming Kyle Pitts into the lineup, but I think that he is in play.” “I’d go Logan Thomas there, but not by a wide margin.”

Falcons’ vulnerability against tight ends 30:04

  • The Falcons have been giving up the most points to opposing tight ends.

“The matchup is very good on that side. The Falcons giving up almost the most points opposing tight ends.”

Justin Fields‘ performance 32:29

  • Justin Fields is considered a must-start quarterback.
  • He has been putting up impressive numbers and was the number one fantasy quarterback last week and the number three the week before.

“Where are you at with Justin Fields? Must start.” “He was in, I mean, kind of subterfuge of my own plans here, but I thought about sending some offers out to Al Borland this week. Oh, interesting. Which would have involved sending Tua away. But just, you know, Justin Fields, the last two weeks, you brought it up. He’s got it, the numbers of Patrick Mahomes this year, it’s just all coming two weeks. Yeah. Number one fantasy quarterback last week, number three the week before. Yeah.”

Chicago Bears‘ running game 33:20

“Right now you have Khalil Herbert that’s set to miss the game. You have Artavis Pierce and Ryan Nall who got hurt in that game. So Deontae Foreman right now looks like the first man up, but now, oh, he’s first man up and last man standing. Both, yeah, but Artavis Pierce could play. He could, he is in the concussion protocol still… Yeah, let us know if you hear anything on Thursday, Brooks.” “But we don’t know for sure what this split is gonna be. Like, of all the options, none of them would surprise me.”

Justin Fields‘ Concerns in Week 6 35:48

  • Justin Fields may struggle if the ground game is not productive.
  • The play action game will be crucial for Fields’ success.
  • Without Khalil Herbert, if the play action game is shut down, it may impact Fields’ ability to avoid interceptions.
  • Still, Fields is the preferred option over Cousins.

“Here’s my concern. My concern with Justin Fields this week is that he may not be able to reprise the role if they have nothing on the ground.”

Values of Players in Chicago Bears 36:14

“I’m still gonna go Fields there. DJ Moore, you must start him. Darnell Mooney, send him to waivers. Cole Kmet. Sure. It’s been really good. Touchdown, three touchdowns in the last two weeks.”

Alexander Mattison as a Start in Week 6 36:30

  • Alexander Mattison is suggested as a strong RB2 start for Week 6.
  • Despite fewer snaps due to the addition of Cam Akers, Mattison’s performance has been solid.
  • The Chicago Bears defense is weak against running backs.

“I play him over Foreman. I play him over all the kind of like committee messes. Yeah, I think Madison’s a strong RB2 start still.”

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Improvement in Alexander Mattison‘s Performance 37:00

  • Mattison has shown improvements in his running style and ability to break tackles in the last couple of weeks.
  • The offensive line has also progressed, benefiting Mattison’s performance.

“I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t think he looked good, but the last couple of weeks, he’s running pretty hard, breaking some tackles. He actually has looked better than he looked to start the year. And their offensive line has figured some things out.”

Joe Burrow‘s Performance and Matchup in Week 6 37:22

  • Joe Burrow‘s performance improved against the Cardinals due to the lack of pressure from the opposing defense.
  • Cincinnati Bengals‘ matchup against the Seattle Seahawks is more challenging.
  • Seattle predominantly uses zone coverage, which could benefit Jamar Chase and the passing game.
  • Tyler Boyd is a potential peripheral wide receiver option if T. Higgins is unable to play.

“When playing a Jim Schwartz defense, [Kyle Shanahan] is one and eight historically in his team’s average 15 points a game.”

Tee Higgins‘ Injury Concerns 39:01

  • T. Higgins may be a game-time decision due to broken ribs.
  • His status for Week 6 is uncertain, and he could potentially miss one more game before the team’s bye week.
  • Higgins has been inconsistent in playing despite being active and has disappointed fantasy owners in the past.
  • If Higgins is out, Boyd or Irwin can be considered as desperate options.

“So with T. Higgins, broken ribs, he probably will be a game-time decision. He was out there at least a practice, you know, saw one short video of him next to Jamar Chase doing the, the simulated run and catching passes, which he had to, you know, at least raise the arms.”

Bleak Fantasy Outlook for 49ers vs. Browns Game 41:03

  • The matchup between the 49ers and Browns does not hold much relevance for fantasy decisions.
  • Browns’ defense is one of the best in the league coming out of the bye.
  • The lack of a reliable quarterback may hamper the 49ers’ offensive production.

“I think they’re going to lose, but I think it’s going to be because they don’t have a quarterback. They will be victims of their offense.”

Impact of Watson’s absence on Amari Cooper 42:35

  • Without Watson, there is a lack of confidence in Cooper going up against the 49ers’ defense.

“With no Watson, there is a lack of confidence in Cooper going up against the 49ers’ defense.”

Discussion on DeShaun Watson‘s injury status 45:38

  • Watson’s injury status is uncertain, and he is doing everything he can to be available against the 49ers.

“Watson’s injury status is uncertain, but he is doing everything he can to be available.”

Analysis of Brock Purdy‘s potential in NFL 46:40

  • Purdy is considered a stud, but it is suggested that the system in San Francisco has elevated his performance.
  • There is a debate on whether Purdy landed in the right situation.

“Purdy is considered a stud, but there is a debate on whether he landed in the right situation.”

Insight on Adam Thielen‘s fantasy performance 47:54

  • Regardless of the outcome of the game, Thielen is expected to have a good performance, accumulating catches and potentially a garbage touchdown.

“Regardless of the outcome of the game, Thielen is expected to have a good performance.”

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Update on Miles Sanders‘ practice status 48:38

  • Miles Sanders did not practice, making it unlikely that he will be playable.
  • Chuba Hubbard is seen as an interesting alternative.

Miles Sanders did not practice, making it unlikely that he will be playable.”

Overall assessment of Amari Cooper‘s performance without Watson 44:12

  • Cooper is not a must-bench player, but expectations should be tempered.
  • It is doubtful that he will achieve a ceiling performance or score multiple touchdowns in the game.

“Cooper is not a must-bench player, but expectations should be tempered.”

Miles Sanders injury 48:50

  • Miles Sanders did not practice with a shoulder injury.
  • This is a new injury for him, as he has been dealing with a groin injury.
  • The speaker states that they are not dropping Sanders but will bench him until they see him perform well in a game.

“So this is a new injury, because he’s been dealing with the groin.”

Miles Sanders‘ performance 49:02

  • The speaker mentions that Sanders has been disappointing this season, except for a game where he scored a touchdown.
  • The Carolina Panthers game is highlighted as an opportunity for Sanders to prove himself.

“Otherwise, he’s been pretty disappointing, dealing with injury.”

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Chuba Hubbard 49:21

  • The speaker agrees with a previous point that Chuba Hubbard has looked better than Miles Sanders.
  • They mention that there could be opportunities for Hubbard against the Miami Dolphins defense, which ranks 26th against opposing running backs.
  • Hubbard is considered a flex-worthy surprise start for the week.

“Yeah, Chuba has looked better than Miles.”

DJ Chark and Jonathan Mingo 49:51

  • The speaker considers both DJ Chark and Jonathan Mingo as dart throws that they don’t want to play.
  • Mingo had his best game last week, but the speaker does not have confidence in starting him.

“To me, he’s as much of a dart throw as Jonathan Mingo.”

Jeff Wilson and Salvon Ahmed 50:23

  • The speaker discusses the situation with Jeff Wilson and Salvon Ahmed.
  • They mention that if Wilson sits, Ahmed could be considered a flex play.
  • But if Wilson plays, both Wilson and Ahmed might split the workload, making it a problem for fantasy owners.
  • The speaker leans towards starting Ahmed and sees Wilson as a potential low-end flex option.

“If Wilson sat, then you could play Ahmed as a flex.”

Christian Kirk and Zay Jones 53:18

  • The status of Zay Jones is mentioned, as he did not practice due to a knee injury.
  • If Jones is out, then Christian Kirk becomes a full-confidence play.
  • Even if Jones plays, the speaker still recommends starting Kirk.

“If Jones is out, then Christian Kirk is a full confidence play.”

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Jacksonville offense and Trevor Lawrence 52:44

  • The Jacksonville offense showed signs of life last week and had an impressive upset.
  • Trevor Lawrence, Calvin Ridley, and Travis Etienne are mentioned as players who have looked great.
  • Christian Kirk is settling into wide receiver two or three territory.
  • Zay Jones was a part of the game plan but left the game due to a knee injury.

“Signs of life last week from the Jacksonville offense.”

Gardner Minshew and Josh Downs 53:46

  • Gardner Minshew‘s presence at quarterback gives more confidence to both Michael Pittman Jr. and Josh Downs.
  • Josh Downs had 25% of the targets from Minshew and is considered a great DFS play.
  • Both Pittman and Downs will receive targets in this divisional matchup.

“When Minshew plays quarterback, it gives him more confidence in both Pittman and Josh Downs.”

Start Jonathan Taylor or Zack Moss? 54:05

  • The speaker admits uncertainty regarding the decision to start Jonathan Taylor or Zach Moss.
  • The matchup is not favorable for Taylor as the Jaguars rank second against fantasy running backs.
  • The speaker mentions the possibility of Taylor’s workload increasing, but the outcome is uncertain.

“The matchup is a stinky one as the Jags are second when adjusting for schedule against fantasy running backs.”

Starts of the Week Introduction 55:44

  • Introduction to the segment “Starts of the Week.”
  • Mention of Purina Pro Plan as the presenter.

“Welcome to Starts of the Week, presented by Purina Pro Plan.”

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Matthew Stafford as Start of the Week 56:28

  • Choice of Matthew Stafford as the start of the week for the quarterback position.
  • Favorable statistics for the Los Angeles Rams offense in terms of pass rate, number of plays, and potential yards gained.
  • Anticipation of increased touchdowns with the return of Cooper Kupp.

“I’m going with Matthew Stafford. From my streamer to my start of the week.”

Kirk Cousins as Start of the Week 56:53

  • Selection of Kirk Cousins as the start of the week for the quarterback position.
  • Emphasis on the Buffalo Bills‘ defense giving up a significant number of points and passing touchdowns.
  • Acknowledgment of concerns regarding the absence of Justin Jefferson but highlighting Minnesota’s high passing volume.

“I’m going with Kirk Cousins. Bills giving up so many points.”

Isiah Pacheco as Start of the Week 57:24

  • Recommendation of Isaiah Pacheco as the start of the week for the running back position.
  • Positive ranking of Pacheco as RB13 based on season performance.
  • Highlighting Denver’s vulnerability in terms of yards per carry allowed.

“I’m going with Isaiah Pacheco versus the Broncos.”

Raheem Mostert as Start of the Week 58:17

  • Choice of Raheem Mostert as the start of the week for the running back position.
  • Noteworthy number of rushing touchdowns allowed by the Carolina Panthers.
  • Mention of Mostert’s high number of rushing touchdowns.
  • Carolina’s low ranking in terms of rush defense grades.

“My running back start of the week, it’s Raheem Mostert.”

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Chris Godwin as Start of the Week 59:03

  • Selection of Chris Godwin as the start of the week for the wide receiver position.
  • Strong performance by Godwin in a previous game when Mike Evans was absent.
  • Emphasis on the Detroit Lions‘ defense forcing teams to pass.
  • Mention of the Lions’ vulnerability to wide receivers.

“My wide receiver start, it is Chris Godwin. Against the Detroit Lions.”

Calvin Ridley as Start of the Week 01:00:11

  • Choice of Calvin Ridley as the start of the week for the wide receiver position.
  • Noteworthy percentage of long catches by Ridley.
  • Indianapolis Colts‘ susceptibility to giving up big plays.

“My wide receiver is Calvin Ridley against the Colts.”

Zach Ertz as Start of the Week 01:00:47

  • Recommendation of Zach Ertz as the start of the week for the tight end position.
  • Ertz receiving a significant number of targets.
  • Stating the favorable matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

“Is Zach Ertz. It is Jar But he keeps getting targeted.”

Starts of the Week + Week 6 Breakdown 01:01:04

  • The hosts discuss throwing the ball to Zach and Erz. 01:01:04
  • Hollywood is sick but hopefully will be playing. 01:01:09
  • They mention the backfield with DeMarcato, Ingram, and Rondell Moore. 01:01:13
  • Rondell Moore is getting five carries per game. 01:01:20
  • Logan Thomas is the start of the week at tight end. 01:01:23
  • Thomas is facing Atlanta and averaging over six targets a game. 01:01:28

“If I were trying to tank, I’d be throwing the ball to Zach.” – The Fantasy Footballers 01:01:04

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